This is an image for I hear these things, all of the time. If you read this blog and still say these things, I will punch you..


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  • Instagram is my BFF

    Going through my dad's things and I'm finding the most amazing photos he took of my mom. He had such an eye for photography and she was the most beautiful subject. #ronan #fucancer #hippies #pnwforever #missyoudad #legsfordays Dear Nana, 
Do you miss me yet? Thank you for allowing me to come to your very clean house this summer and not cringing too much when I would run though with dirty feet. I know you are not much of a pet person, so having me in your house was a big deal. I also know that you said I can never come back again, but I hope you will change your mind. I had the best summer of my little one year old life on your farm. I promise next year not to bite your crotch so much. Please tell your neighbors across the street hello for me. I'm sorry for stealing their dog's bone and I was never going to eat their chickens. I miss you so much. I also miss my other Master, Papa Jim. See you next summer!!! @243papajim @linn_stevens @quinn.thompson24 
Your other Grandson, 
Teddy (Asshole Teddy) 
#ronan #fucancer #assholeteddy #pnwdog #letteddycomeback #farmdog #hemissesyou #creeper Back to reality. #ronan #fucancer #arizona #hotasballs #pnwforever #princessproblems

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