Look at the stars and how they shine for you



Ro baby is doing well. His ANC is still at 0, but his spirits are great. Sarah came this morning so I could run home and shower which is always a treat. Ronan and I have been playing a lot in his bed. I put on a puppet show with him with his Curious George Monkey and his Sock Monkey. He really giggled the entire time. Just as I was in the middle of this, Dr. Maze came up to say Hi. He played with Ronan and Ro was loving it. He was so happy and playful with him. Made me so happy to see him giggling and smiling. That man has the magic touch with my baby. We talked a little bit about how Ronan is so much older than his 3 years. He really is an old soul and has been so happy these past few days.

Sharon came up from the clinic and changed his broviac dressing for me because he only wants her to do it. Spoiled boy. Our roommate, who has the window view is leaving soon so I’ve requested for us to move over to that side of the room. I’ll seriously go crazy if I can’t have my window view for the entire week. Ronan is not even allowed to leave the room due to his cough. It’s hard being stuck in here all day and night without being able to go and play or at least walk the halls. BRUTAL beyond words. Ronan seems to be fine with just playing in his bed, bossing me around, and eating his 10,000 popsicles. He’s starting to eat again which is great. He is getting better, slowly but surely.

The room move was a bit of a fiasco. Well, not really. After being shut down by 2 different nurses when I asked if we could please move to the window side since our roommate was leaving, due to his diarrhea being gone, (what I wouldn’t give for that problem) they kept telling me no, that it couldn’t happen. Ummm…. excuse me. I was not having that and asked to please speak to the charge nurse. I very politely told her that if we could please move to the window side of the room, that would really mean so much to me. I told her that we are here so much and a window view really helps to keep me sane. She listened and gave in. I guess she took one look at Ro’s bald head and felt bad for us. Good thing. You’d be amazed at what a difference it makes to have a window view here. As soon as we moved over, the sun was setting and Ronan was so excited to see it. We are sooooo spoiled on the 2nd floor from being there all the time and knowing everyone so well. Everyone is more than happy to give me a window view room, even if it’s in the middle of the night and one becomes available. This 3rd floor stuff is for the birds. We have had a really sweet nurse though and she’s even a Sundevil. Gotta love that.

My little boy is back to his old self, as much as that is possible, and has been cracking me up with the things that are coming out of his mouth. Some appropriate and some not so appropriate things which makes his little words even funnier. Laughing has never felt better in my life. This past weekend was hard due to Ronan not feeling well. This hospital stay actually has not been that bad because Ronan has been pretty happy. His happiness equals my happiness. So simple and sweet.

Our goals are pretty simple to get us out of here. Ronan has to stay fever free and his ANC counts have to come up to around 200. I have a good feeling tomorrow that they will be higher than 0. He looks great and has a ton of energy. I would love to be out of here by Friday. The weekend at home would be so nice.

That’s all for tonight. Xanex kicking in, sleep may actually come tonight. G’nite dear, sweet friends. Hope you all had a beautiful day today.















I’ve always thought this about people. It says a lot about who you are in the way to treat others; especially strangers. Everyone needs to just be nice.