All Good Things are Wild and Free

My friend, Samya, is amazingly talented. She has designed a tee-shirt, inspired by Ro, and children everywhere, sick or not.¬†¬†Until the end of the month 15% of sales will go to Ronan’s Foundation. You can order any shirt, any style. Support Ronan by wearing the raddest shirts around. She’ll even make an F U Cancer, one!!
Thanks Samya<3
Below is what she had to say about the new shirt and how she was inspired.
all good things are wild and free. -henry david thoreauIf we are lucky, as adults, we will still feel this way…we will still be this way. We will love wildly, we will give our hearts and be selfless. We won’t strive harder to drive a range rover than we will to dance in the rain with our children. We can make choices as adults to live this way. This is why this quote fills my heart…kind of like when I hear that’s it’s okay to march to the beat of a different drum…because that’s always how I’ve been. Always heard a different beat, always needed to be wild and free.But this quote also breaks my heart. Because if there is one thing that is certain, it’s that children should be able to be wild and free. They should be able to be careless, they should be able to jump in puddles and color on the walls. They should be able to be utterly wild, and free. This year I have been faced with three important women in my life whose children have been diagnosed with cancer. Two of their little girls, Mia and Elizabeth, are fighting for their lives. One, a little three year old named Ronan Thompson, lost his battle, and he is now an angel in heaven. Ronan’s mom Maya Thompson has a blog called, and she has made it her mission in life to raise awareness and funds for Childhood Cancer. Maya and Ronan, and Sandra and Mia, and Heidi and Elizabeth have changed my life. I work less, I play with my children more. I have less rules, I give more kisses. I know that ALL GOOD THINGS ARE WILD AND FREE, and I won’t take for granted that my children and I will always be able to live like that.

When you wear this shirt, I don’t want you to be sad, I don’t want you to think of Cancer, I just want you to try to live the words that Thoreau wrote. Forget what’s unimportant. Be nice, smile, let the other car go ahead of you in traffic. Be who you were meant to be before all the other stuff got in the way.

I handscreenprint Thoreau’s beautiful words onto a super soft, rather sexy backless flowy burnout tee. The tee is cropped in front and long in the back, and it is backless. Available in S,M,L,XL. I am wearing a Large in the photos, I like them extra flowy. The color is oatmeal heather and you can choose your ink color. I used lipstick pink on this one. *****In NOTES TO FIREDAUGHTER when you are checking out, please indicate desired size and ink color.