Thanks for all the Dr. JoRo Love!!!


Here’s how you can help her. See below. Thanks lovies. You all are the best. Thank you from the both of us!

Dear Joanne Cacciatore,

I read your post earlier this morning on bereavement. Brent Robbins, who is on my committee, sent it to me. It is wonderful. So touching and so human… I’m so glad our paths have crossed.

Thanks for your article and for referencing our effort.
Our petition website┬áhas now collected more than 12,000 signatures, plus more than 40 “mental health” organizations have endorsed it, including the
British Psychological Society (nearly 50K members) and 14 Divisions of the American Psychological Association. The DSM-5 Reform effort will be the cornerstone of the Division 32,
Society for Humanistic Psychology, program at the annual APA conference in Orlando, Florida, this coming August. We have three program events focused on these concerns.

I don’t know whether we will have any influence in bringing about substantive changes or not — but we are doing our best. If you care to give out our petition website link and encourage professionals to read our “open letter” and sign the petition if they agree with it, we would be soooo appreciated. The hot link is:

Response from Dr. David Elkins