The whole Thompson Family takes NYC!

Writing from my iPhone so hang in there peeps!!

I cannot tell you how good it feels to have my family here. It has made such a difference in everything. The happiness that Liam and Quinn bring to all of our lives is so infectious and the way that my 3 boys love each other is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my life. I am so grateful for my in-laws for making the trip out here to bring the boys’ to us so we can all be together as a family. We are happy, peaceful, and enjoying every second we have together to the fullest.

We spent today enjoying the sunny NYC weather, even though it was still cold out; it was beautiful. We walked to Central Park and then over to The National History Museum. Ronan was able to get up and out a little bit, but nothing like before all of his pain. I pushed him in his stroller or carried him. His arm is still hurting him badly, but he seems to be in less pain and is trying to use it more. I bet it will be a good month or so before it is fully healed. I am just thankful for every new day, as it means his arm is healing more and I know he will soon be back to his old self. His spunk and spirit has not diminished at all, especially with his brothers here. He is just as feisty as ever which makes for a very happy mama.

Last night I had the chance to speak with Liam and Quinn’s first grade teacher, whom I adore. She has been so amazing to us this year with everything that is going on and I wanted to update her on our latest plan. She was very supportive of our decision to bring the boys’ out here so we could spend some time together. She gave me such peace of mind by telling me how well the twins are doing in school and what kind, good boys they are. It is such a weight off my shoulders to know that they are doing so well. It just shows how much the love that surrounds them and us is paying off. Even though their little lives have been turned upside down, it does not seem to be affecting them in school in the least bit. I could not be prouder of my two sweet boys. They are so tough and going through something like this is only going to make them out to be the best of men when they are older. They are learning the importance of family, being strong, and love. How when you stick together, you can get through anything…… no matter how hard or awful it may be. I am not pleased that they are learning these lessons this way, but I am determined to find some sort of beauty in the lessons that no sibling should have to learn.

I am just going to touch on the “Nurse Christine” ordeal for a few minutes on here, because I feel as if it needs to be addressed. I realized that when I started this blog…. I was putting myself out there, to everyone; crazies included, but it was a chance I was willing to take. Many times in the past, this person has written nasty comments on my blog but I have been able to catch them just in time to put them to spam. One of my reasons in doing so, was because I wanted to protect all of you from wasting your time and energy on this horrible person. I apologize to all of you for not catching her comments sooner, as I have been so busy that I have not had time to read anybody’s comments until this evening. When I saw the uproar, I had no idea what it was in regards to, until I backtracked to find that this person had used a different, but somewhat similar email to post something utterly disgusting, once again. I put her comment to spam again, but apparently there were a lot more comments made. I have erased them all as best I can, but I know there is only so much I can do. Everyone is not going to be a fan of mine and that is fine. But to not be a fan of our family who is fighting so hard for the life of our baby boy, and to say things like we’d better prepare ourselves for his death is just sick and twisted. We know what we are up against. We do not think we are better than anyone else and I’m sorry if my pretty much perfect life before this has offended you. We are good people, with good hearts, who work hard for what we have and the life that we live. I truly believe that Ronan was chosen for this path to make a difference in the world and his story will have a positive outcome. Those of you who know my son, you know that he is special beyond belief and there is a very good reason for all of this. To all the Nurse Christine Crazies out there who probably live alone, with 25 cats, and star on the A&E show, “Hoarders,” you need to go elsewhere. Your negativity and bad “juju” is not going to get me down. I pity you and you just make me feel sorry for you. In the words of my husband, you are just a bad person. The one thing I did learn through
all of this though, which I already knew before, is how badass Ronan’s fan club is. You all had me in stitches with your words and how fired up you were. After such a crummy few days, it was so nice to be laughing out loud again. I couldn’t be prouder to have you all as Rockstar Fans and family. You all melt my heart. One last thing to “Nurse Christine.” Your 15 minutes are up my love….. my 15 minutes will be up when there is a cure for Neuroblastoma and I will not stop until then. You need to go find a hobby, join a Bullies Anonymous Group, and go get some intense therapy. Your negativity is not welcome here.

I hope you are all having a beautiful weekend full of the love and beauty that you deserve. I hope you find a hundred things a day that you are thankful for will continue to spread your love around in your day to day lives. Thank you for sharing it with me daily by keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. I am beyond blessed to have you all on our side!!!