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  1. Maya,

    For so long I’ve followed your blog and never wanted to comment, fearing I was intruding on such a painful time in your life. I just want you to know that your fearless efforts sharing your unbelievably traumatic and exquisitely painful journey have made many mothers stop, take a real look at their little angels, and dedicate themselves to being better mothers – not taking one day with their children for granted. Me included. I have three boys like you and one of them very near Ronan’s age – I don’t look at him once during the day when I don’t think of your angel.

    I’ll keep this short as you have SO much wonderful activity on your blog, but please know your willingness to share the raw emotions that have come with your tragedy is nothing less than a gift to those of us reading. Thank you.

    I hope you find comfort in the fact that Ronan is very much alive now – his spirit is like a hand that wore a glove for a little while, but laid that little glove down now to do more important work that needed his very own personal touch that just couldn’t be done with a glove on. You will see your angel again – and he is SO proud of his brave mommy.

    Thank you again, and know you have an army of mothers lifting you up when you just can’t breathe…


    1. I just want to say how much I love you’re story and I have been reading your blog. I am so sorry for your loss but I know that you can make it through and roman would be an amazing kid and I am sure he was god bless you I will be praying. ❤ Taylor

      1. Hi I am so so sorry for your lose I read all about Ronan and I can’t believe that, that happend to a wonderful boy like Ronan I wish I could meet him but I thing I already did god bless you.

      2. Hi i feel rally bad for your lose i read about him and watched taylors video of him and did a lot of research on his death. but most of all i just wanted to say that no matter what bad goes on in life there will always be something in the world that will cheer you up

  2. i have trouble processing all of the thoughts and feelings, for your blog is new to me today…i am numb and in awe of what i am reading…i “know” your life so much so it is chilling…i grew up in your neighborhood, ,’the village’ was my second home as a swimmer, our daughter shares your twins exact birthday and our son was born 2 days after your Ronan…our nephew, max, is a child cancer survivor. it doesn’t even begin to end there…we have dear, dear family in the san juan islands (one of our favorite places to visit) and have spent countless summers (including this past) on coronado island (i suppose that is the least rare or the similarities as a fellow zonie ;o) but the most RAW connection, of course, is that of a mother…i will never be the same and will be a better mommy, without question, because of you and your Rock star (yes, we call our little guy “Rock star” too!) Your angel has touched another today…and we are forever blessed by both of you. Thank You.

  3. Exactly!! Thank you Maya for making us all better mothers. I know you have been an incredible mother since you became one. We all wish we knew you and your courageous heart personally. You are amazing to all of us!
    My new motto is “What would Maya do?”

      1. Dear Maya,
        I also sent this to you on the contact page for the Ronan Thompson Foundation, but I thought that I should make sure. When I first heard the song, it struck me. I loved Taylor and thought that, if she was emotionally invested in this beautiful little boy then surely there must have been more people. I became so interested in Ronan and read previous posts on the blog every night. I told my friends about him and, instead of having a different song in my head every day, I was subconsciously singing it to myself.
        Eventually more and more of the year (mostly the girls) started supporting this idea of remembering Ronan, because, who else can we remember, who else can everybody (whether a relative has cancer or not) join together to remember. The day after me, Annabelle and Alannah wrote this letter, my geography teacher did an assembly on a 4 year old who died of cancer, we all thought it was going to be Ronan but, sadly it wasn’t. I don’t know if Mr Carter knows how much we love Ronan or not, or even if he has heard about him. But it still shows that the whole school is ready and willing to support this wonderful charity.
        Our school chooses a different charity every year and this year, they let the students chose the charity. We (Daisy and Annabelle) decided, after learning more about Ronan’s story, that we would love for this foundation to be our 2016-17 (starting from September) charity. In 2015, our charity was York Food Bank and we raised a massive amount of money plus food and clothes. Imagine how much we could raise for the Ronan Thompson Foundation, seeing that it’s student chosen and is something that a lot of us care about.
        Unfortunately our school is in York, England and the charity that we support is usually based in Yorkshire. Therefore it may be hard. However, the teacher who is in charge of this sort of thing seems really interested in the concept of how we seem so passionate about it and that it goes with a beautiful story. So we were wondering if you have anyone in the family in or around Yorkshire or if it is possible to help us convince our Headmaster to support your charity.
        Thank you for reading this all the way through. We hope you consider our offer.
        Lots of love to you and your family,
        Daisy , Annabelle and Alannah xxxx

  4. Hi Maya,

    So much I want to say but can’t seem to articulate any of it. I’m grateful that our paths have crossed and at the same time sorry for the reason. You’ve become such an enormous inspiration to me and have helped me change my life for the better. Tremendous amount of gratitude and LOVE for you, Ro, Liam, Quinn and Woody.

    Hugs ❤

  5. Hi maya,
    Its hard to tell if you get these messages or not, but I am the mom of Noah who wrote you last week about my sons blue eyes, “mama” and moon and back. Anyway, I am also a librarian, not sure if I mentioned that last week or not. Anyway, here’s the thing…you are making a difference and because of you…now so am I. Noah does not have cancer and I am beyond grateful….after reading your blog for sometime now…I have gotten motivated. Yesterday I called the American Family Childrens’ Hospital in Madison, WI (where I live) and asked if I could come in and do a story time with the kids, and/or an art project. I am waiting to hear back from them. Right now I am cutting out teddy bears and hearts and gluing them to construction paper so that next week for my library time, the kids are making cards for the “Make a Child Smile” organization (an org to cheer up sick kids), and we are also going to bring some of these cards to the UW for the kids. I am also asking parents to donate any type of art supply so we can split them between these two organizations. I know its such little stuff, but as you have mentioned….its all the little stuff that adds up….and its because of you that I have gotten motivated to help. I also wanted to let you know that yes I do kiss my Noah a lot longer each night…..and I no longer fret if I fall asleep in his bed holding him……many many gifts because of you and Ronan.

    Sara Knilans

  6. Hi Maya, its me again…the Madison Library mom….

    So because of your blog…..

    -My sons handprints on the windows and walls now make me smile instead of sigh
    -Stepping on a match box car, fire engine, or any other small vehicle no longers makes me yell and swear in anger…I smile and try to laugh
    Because of you…
    -When it takes me 15 minutes to find a dollar in my purse because my purse is filled with wipes and snacks and more trucks and cars, I count my blessings for each of these items that take up my entire purse!.
    Because of you my son has learned how to make sick kids smile, he had his first trip to the Madison Childrens Hospital today to donate toys and cards.
    Because of you, I read that “one more book” at night, and I go in for that “one more kiss” and I don’t stress if I fall asleep in his bed holding him.
    Because of you I appreciate each day just a little bit more than I used to, and I am trying each day to be a better person than yesterday.

    Thanks Maya

    1. May the peace of knowing he is now living his new life, full of health, living, loving and knowing one day you two will be together again. Playing, laughing, dancing and singing together. No one can ever express your loss, only pray for better days for you to help go on. Your story has made so many people know that life is never granted forever, and thank you for helping all of us to realize, that life we say is HARD, is just a ripple in an ocean. You we all know have cried an ocean of tears for your little one, but, now knowing he is living his new life, as you would want him too. Peace of God be with you, and may your life find that knowing one day he will meet you again, and share all the wonderful times, again. I want to share your story with so many people who take life for granted, and pray that someday, soon, they will know life is not to be taken for granted, but, is a Blessing.
      Thank you for being the mother that you are, and I pray for your peace and comfort.

  7. Maya–I recognized you and your family on the video screen at Taylor Swift. The four of you were a beautiful bunch, and I wished I could run down a hug you all too. Of course, it made me thankful for my healthy kids and I thought of all 5 of you for the rest of the night. That is all…haven’t written here before, but send you my hugs every day. Your Ro is making me a better parent.

  8. Hello!
    I just found your website through Tumblr when one of the Taylor Swift blogs I follow re-blogged something from your website. I’m only 15 but I just want to say that you have inspired me today so much. Never stop doing what you do, you have changed so many lives, I can just tell by all those comments! Your son was so beautiful and your strength is inspiring!!
    Thank you 🙂

  9. Hi Maya – I saw this on Dateline Nightly News last night and immediately thought of you. Here is the basics and a link to the YouTube video. Peace, Love and Strenth to you always!

    Mini’s Mission to “Burn Rubber to Help Another,” was created to assist Timmy “Mini” Tyrrell with raising money for charity through Go-Kart racing. Mini is raising money during his 2011 Go-Kart season to help fight childhood cancer. All funds collected through Mini’s Mission will be donated to the Jeffrey Virostek Memorial Fund, a component of the Northern Virginia Community Foundation and affiliated with the Angel Kisses 5K Run/2K Fun Run and Walk. The Jeffrey Virostek Memorial Fund was founded after Jeffrey Virostek, a resident of Northern Virginia, lost his battle with leukemia in 2003 at the age of 4.

    About Mini: Timmy “Mini” Tyrrell was born in September 2004 and currently resides in Manassas, Virginia. Beginning at a very early age, Mini demonstrated that he was extremely compassionate. From age 3 to the present, Mini has collected and donated both new and used toys to those less fortunate, and now Mini has taken the initiative to start a new venture; Mini’s Mission, “Burn Rubber to Help Another.”

    Much of Mini’s inspiration comes from his family. Both his Aunt Tara and his Grandfather are confined to wheelchairs. But their positive outlooks and inspiring examples have helped Mini to be conscientious of those with disabilities. Additionally, in 2010, two of Mini’s friends underwent cancer treatment therapies. Both girls were only 6 years old when they began their battles with cancer. Watching his friends undergo treatments, and witnessing their fight with these life-altering diseases, has inspired Mini to help make a difference in the lives of children combating cancer.

    To achieve his goal of helping children battle cancer, Mini has combined his passion of helping others with one of his favorite activities: racing Go-Karts! Mini began racing Go- Karts at Old Dominion Speedway in Manassas, Virginia, in 2009 at 4 years of age. He began his racing career in the middle of the season, competing in the Kid Kart I Series. Despite his late entry into the season, he quickly took to the track, coming in 1st place in five consecutive races! Mini finished third overall in his first season of racing. 2011 will be Mini’s third year racing Go-Karts. With the help of Inspired Athletes, and Mini’s Mission, Mini is on his way to making difference in the world!

    How to Help: Mini is seeking to raise donations for the Jeffrey Virostek Memorial Fund in one of two ways: (1) With each race lap that Mini completes, his fans can pledge to donate money; or (2) fans can make a single monetary donation for any amount they choose. These funds will be collected through the help of Inspired Athletes Inc., a tax exempt, 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All donations to Mini’s Mission are tax deductible in accordance with § 170 of the IRS’ Internal Revenue Code.

    Donations to Mini’s Mission can be made through the Inspired Athletes’ website by clicking on the Donate link, listed at the top of the homepage. Make sure to type in “Mini’s Mission” under the ‘Designation’ field, to ensure the donation is properly allocated.

  10. Maya–You fucking rock! I can’t even imagine the things I would say if I had been through the kind of pain your family is still going through. That picture from the last post is so heartbreaking, I almost couldn’t look, but fuck that–I need to look, so I can help you change the way things are. I need an F U Cancer bracelet, I know that for sure!

  11. Hi Maya,
    I hope the fashion show went well!! Can’t wait to read all about it.
    I saw this article about a new reasearch paper published by your Dr. Mosse at CHOP and thought you may like to know how hard she (and others) are working to find new ways to stop this fucking hideous disease.
    I love your blog, the way you write, your family, and your precious Ronan.
    Keep fighting, girl…you and Ronan inspire me every day!!!

  12. Hi Maya, FIrst I want to tell you, you are amazing!! Your family is amazing and sweet little Ronan is incredibly amazing! I was invited to and attended the fashion show last Thursday night. I made a donation because I knew it was a fundraiser that I was attending. BUT, I didn’t know much beyond that. When I got home, I started reading your ROCKSTAR RONAN blog- I started from the very beginning – and I just finished. I’m sure my neighbors heard me sobbing (FUCK THEM) uncontrollably the past couple of days as I relived what was/is your reality. Little beautiful Ronan stole my heart and I miss him already!!! You’re a great mom and an inspiration to the rest of us moms out here. Also, where can I get a Rockstar Ronan bracelet?? I want to wear one in honor of Ronan and to help further the cause of pediatric cancer. Count me in!!!

  13. Maya–
    I’m new to Arizona (job transfer brought us here in Aug) and found out about Ronan through our lovely dry cleaner lady, Hallie. I saw Ronan’s story there and cried. He has been on my mind for weeks and his eyes have reawakened my anger as to why this disease hasn’t been stopped.
    Maya, I have an 8 year old daughter who has been on the NB IV journey of hell and I so relate to what you’ve gone through. We were blessed to have made it through with her still in our lives. I too am a runner (seems you are from what I’ve read) and ran the NY Marathon last year to honor my daughter and those who have fought this horrendous disease. I still run to celebrate life, fight the anger and worry, and keep those endorphins flowing. I so admire what you’re doing to raise awareness and money. Love to meet you and join your fight here in Az. Please reach out if you have time. Apparently, we live within a couple of miles of each other.


    I remember reading somewhere on the blog about you being concerned about people soliciting money etc. which were not directly tied to you or your foundatioin(s). I saw this being advertised on facebook I don’t know if it is legit or not but I wanted to bring it to your attention. In posts under the add they claim they are giving 15% of the sales to your foundation again I don’t know if that is true or not. My way of looking at it is they are still making 85% profit from the use of your name and your horrible circumstances. I tried to find an email address to send this non-publicly but I couldn’t find one. Sorry if this is the wrong forum to bring this to your attention.

  15. Dear Maya,

    I’ve read your blog for a few months, since a friend of mine suggested it after my son died on July 31st. Tonight I just feel compelled to write to you…I get it. The crappy Thanksgiving, feeling like an actress half the time for your other children, wanting to punch people in the face for their stupid comments, not sleeping, feeling like you are actually losing your mind, shocked that you wake up everyday to face it all again, not knowing how you will make it through the next week, sickened that you know you will,feeling like throwing up constantly, I get it. I just wanted you to feel not so alone. know there is a mother in CA feeling many of the same feelings you are feeling. Our pain is different yet similar. I, too, am trying to honor my son’s life, trying to find a way to serve the world. My heart shatters everytime I hear of a family suffering in the way ours have. Thank you for helping me feel less insane and for proving to me how much a mama can fight…I know i’m not alone. Sending strength.

  16. dear Maya,

    by way of Palmer Cash, I met Ronan today and have been reading his story for the last couple of hours. I wish I’d learned of him & your family sooner. not that I could have offered any more support and encouragement than those before me.. I ordered my t-shirt.. I’ve forwarded the email to many many others.. and I plan to do my part. but the one thing I’d like to say personally to you – besides commending you for your strength and courage to get up in the morning & face the day – is just to be where you are. there is no wrong or right. and there certainly is no handbook on life, let alone how to cope with something so tragic. it’s ok to be a changed person. it’s ok to have good days and bad days…ups and downs…’thank you’ moments and ‘fuck you’ moments. no one can tell you how to get through your day but you. yes, this too shall pass. but don’t let anyone else’s expectations or opinions get into your head or change the way you’re handling things. fuck them & fuck cancer — you will get through this exactly how you’re meant to. one day at a time.

    at the risk of offering some cheesy unsoliciated advice, I’ve found Elizabeth Lesser’s ‘Broken Open’ to be comforting at times..perhaps you’re already familiar. it won’t change anything you’re enduring — but I can appreciate her perspective.

    I wish you & yours well this holiday season. remember, the days will hold as much meaning as you give them. if you want Christmas to be just another low-key Sunday this year, then so be it. next year will be different…and so will the year after. make it what you want it to be and screw everyone else.


  17. HI Maya,
    I just want you to know that I read your blog all the time. I cry with EVERY one of your posts that I read. Ronan should have never been ripped away from your life like that. Thats bull! I have been following your blog since before he passed. And I will continue to forever. I recently made my first donation to Ronan. Sorry it took me so long. But, I will make a habit of it from now on; and I hope others do the same. I have a 9 month old son and losing him would cause me to turn to drugs and alcohol. Im sure of it. Sorry I know that is disgustingly honest.
    I admire your strenght and intelligence. Ronan is proud of you…I just wish he was here on this earth to see how awesome his mama is.
    My hat goes off to you while I am on one knee.
    You are amazing.
    And you and your family including Ronan (always Ronan); hold a very special place in my heart.

  18. Maya,
    I would like to send Mia more than a letter, but a few things to helpBrighten her day, and hopefully cheer her up. Would it be ok to send
    Something like this? Please email me if you get the chance. Thank you, Tasha

  19. Dear Maya,
    This is a gift that comes at a price. I was reading your post today when a former colleague from Arcadia called to say Troy Gray had died. I did not know much about Troy since his graduating from Arcadia in 2000 when I left teaching there. He was klnd, thoughtful, athletic, true. Sincerely an all American kid. He married another former student, Kelly Tyndall. Again, the sweetest of sweet. Having been truly out of touch wih their lives, I was stunned to hear about his loss today. He died of cancer. He and Kelly created a beautiful son, Garrison, and I have come to see he inspired countless lives as a Young LIfe leader of leaders. I will attend his funeral in the next few days as I have with other former students. It is a heavy hearted day. When called to donate platlets, I scheduled for Friday and will be mindful of Ronan and Elizabeth Brooklyn who attends my son’s school, Madison Simis. Sending our love during this most diffucult time. Sara Reimer

  20. I am one of the lucky ones. I have a kid who is now 23 and never had to spend time with in a hospital for more than one day!
    I am battling Breast Cancer but had immediate resources upon diagnosis. I have been given a chance.
    My Daughter is the one who just recently told me about Ronan.

    Why are Children and Parent’s dealing with “THIS FUCKING SHIT” not given the same path of information?
    My FULL support in your Cause is my NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION FOR 2012.

    I wear the purple bracelet.


  21. Mama Maya, you know what? You rock. Every single tooth you brush, every time you drive somewhere, every time you wipe your own nose or ass is a victory and something you should be applauded for doing. Please remember that. You move, you put your feet on the floor, you run, you shower. It’s enough for now. You’re a warrior. I’m proud of you. Keep goong

  22. * keep going. (continued) I’m sending your princess Mia some sparkles in the mail. I’m a sparkle girl too and hope that connects us so you can feel the love and strength I’m sending you. You FUCKING rock!!!!!!!

  23. I am not a parent yet I am affected by this blog just the same – I dont know what to say yet I want to say something. No amount of, “stay strongs or we love yous” changes a fucking thing – and closure is a myth made up by people who make television – but you know this already. I will say this, I am convinced God gives people who are strong enough to teach the most sadness and hurt. “Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”.My thoughts are with you, your two wonderful sons and your husband and that the message you now have to teach the world is heard by many and makes a difference.

  24. You are not alone. I know this doesn’t matter and you probably don’t give a shit. I understand. I share your anger, and your loneliness. I read your comments and it could be me writing every word, but your other children need you and hopefully they are still healthy and stay healthy. I lost my 18 year year old ( diagnosed at 16) to a spinal cord tumor. I thought my world had ended, until my only surviving child,a son, at sixteen was diagnosed with stage 4 thyroid cancer ten months later. Ronan will never be forgotten or far from your heart which i know is broken, but your other children aren’t a given, like i thought. Life sucks, it’s not fair, don’t take a second for granted. Keep up your fight but somehow don’t let it waste a second of their lives either. Enjoy them, I’m sure you do, but never take it for granted or think it can’t get worse. I only wish there was a way to ease your pain or make things better, but it is going on two years for me and it might as well be yesterday.

  25. sally,
    I am sorry for the loss of your daughter – did your son survive his cancer ? I have to comment on your post as I was thinking the same thing you were regarding the surviving kids – I am struck by the rage and hurt the death of ronan has caused his mother but I cant help how the kids and husband are doing with all of this – I wont pretend to understand this kind of loss but I am concerned how a mother’s grief affects the children who are still alive – I dont envy the position of trying to find the balance between the grief and loss yet the surviving children – they need 100 percent of their parents – I am very affected by this blog and the dilemmas loss can cause – I hope you understand and I hope ronans mom finds her way through this and is able to focus on the sons and husband who have lost the same little angel.

  26. we would like to run an event for the Ronan Thompson Foundation, but there is no information posted on the site to host a 3rd party event. Can you please let me know how we can do this in Ronan’s honor? I recently told her Ronan’s story and told her that I could never have your strength in your position. She said, “Well, we will make Ronan our Rockstar, too, Mama.” Her 7th Birthday is coming up and she wants to have her friends give donations for your foundation instead of presents…a Diva Rockstar party where they will Party for a Cure. So, we are looking to purchase the Rockstar Ronan skull tees in kids sizes. Anyway, thank you for inspiring all of us and for sharing your story. Please let me know how to contact a member of your board. You are amazing…

  27. I have been a silent follower of this blog for awhile now. I just wanted to say that I am sorry that you have to go thru this. I am a mommy too and the sheer thought of losing my little boy pains me like no other so I can only imagine that actually going thru it is THAT pain times a bazillion. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you and Ronan. I only wish I had the magic words to make this better for you but I just wanted you to know that I admire who you are and never feel guilty for grieving the way that you do. I was telling my husband that there are times when you wish you could meet someone or have someone as a friend and I know this may sound silly but I wish I could meet you. I wish I could give you a hug. I wish I could sit with you and learn even more things about your wonderful boy. Although you are going thru this horrible time you are a crusader to bring attention to this nightmare called cancer and that is truly admired. I have never had to experience knowing personally someone with pediatric cancer but I several years ago stumbled on a little girl named Layla Grace. Her mom and dad kept a blog such as yours while she was battling cancer. The day she passed away I cried and cried and my life has never been the same. That day I vowed that I would not sit back and just walk away from something that needs to be brought to peoples attention. Before knowing layla Grace I was guilty of being that parent that never thought about it because it wasn’t affecting MY family. Unfortunatley people don’t start using their voice until it hits home. I will never be silent again. I will do whatever I can to bring it to everyone’s attention that we can’t just sit back and let this take our children away. If there is anything I can ever do to help you in any way please let me know. I know we live in different states but I would be willing to help you guys out any way I can. Please know that there are alot of people out there that are fighting for you…fighting for Ronan in hopes that someday families won’t have to go thru what you are doing now. Ronan was a special boy and he will NEVER be forgotten. Stay who you are Maya!

  28. How are you surviving? I find myself randomly going through the day, some how continuing. My son passed in October from stage 4 neuroblastoma. Well actually the bone marrow transplant killed him. He was cancer free. I never truly worried about the FUCKING thing that was supposed to CURE him to KILL him. I don’t even know what to do anymore. I have even lost who I am.

  29. Your blog has moved me so deeply but I am so deeply sorry that you’ve had to suffer this tragic loss to write it. It’s not fair that Ro died. There’s no sense in something so senseless. My nephew died 2 months before his 3rd birthday, I can relate to a lot of what you say…but in a different way. In the last 3 years, I’ve had 12 deaths in my life. Thank you for being you…for being honest…for not sugar coating the pain…it’s given me courage to do the same. I wrote this, and thought of you…because it took the kind of balls you have to write it and publish it to the world. I hope you’ll read it. GRIM REAPER GIRL – Part I:

  30. Maya. Where do I start? Well I can start by letting you know that I am crying right now. I read your blog entries as soon as you post them. I stay up late and every time I read them, I can’t even breathe because I am so heartbroken. I have two girls. Ages 2 and almost 5. I have always been scared of cancer. I never knew what it actually did though besides the obvious. :/ I think about you and Ronan all the time. I talk about you and Ronan all the time. I even told a few friends about your blog one day. One of them told me that she didn’t even want to hear about it.. It pissed me off.. I told her what you are ALWAYS saying.. Its REAL. Don’t ignore it because you are scared and it’s too sad. It could happen to YOU! I didn’t understand what you meant by that; by people thinking its too sad, until she told me she didn’t want to hear about it.. I was so hurt. I would never tell someone to not show me something like this. So real. I have always been so supportive of things like this.. Even before reading your blog, I would try to help with donations for childhood cancer and other charities- even when I was 12. I was young and couldn’t help much, but I felt better for it, hoping that I could make someone in need happy. And after reading your blog, every time I go to the stores I look for the donations.. I am starting to see more for childhood cancer!! I believe this has something to do with you- or Ronan! I honestly never saw many donations until after reading your blog. I can name a few off hand..I know I went to CVS and they asked me if I would like to donate toward childhood cancer research- of course I did. Marshall’s had it also. Do you know how happy it made me feel?? I instantly thought of you.. I have even been helping with the St. Jude Hospital.. I am changing Maya. Because of you, because of Ronan.. Not just with money, but with trying to be a better person, a better mom. I read your posts and then cry, and go upstairs and lay in bed with my kids that are already sleeping.. and I kiss them over and over and cry and cry and hold them and tell them how much I love them and I even fall asleep. I just want you to know that you have truly made me count my blessings. You have made me realize what matters in this life.
    it’s not about your house being spotless all the time, or all of the things you can buy for yourself.. I have learned to spend more time with my kids and not worry about the household chores. I am thankful to have my children. Life sucks. Shitty things happen to some of the best people. It truly makes me sick to my stomach, Maya. I ache for you, I cry for you, I wish I could be there for you. To be pissed off with you, because this is so unfair. SO UNFUCKING FAIR. There is so much more I could say, but I know it won’t help a thing.. I just continue to read your posts and cry for you and hurt for you- because I truly ACHE inside my chest- my heart hurts- like PHYSICALLY hurts when I read what you go through. Because the pain you describe is so unbearable that I can’t possibly comprehend what you feel. As a mother, it kills me to see another mother hurt for the loss of their baby. How does that even happen?! WHY???!!!! WHY!?!!!!!!! I do not get it Maya, I don’t think I ever will. It is so wrong. I am sorry that you & Ronan and every other child and parent are suffering out there, but I do believe that you and Ronan are so very powerful and you can change the world, because you already have!!

  31. Maya,
    First let me say that I can not in any way understand what you have gone through and what you are still going through. As a father to two of the greatest kids, and yes one of them is an incredible little boy like yours, I don’t know what I would do in your situation. G-D bless you and your son. I will preface what I am about to say by telling you that I am a friend of Andrew Becker and his family and have known them for some time. And while I can not understand the grief that you are going through I also can not understand how as an adult you could verbally assault someone like you have. Doesn’t seem like that would be a good role model for your other children. Just to give you some info. Andrew and his wife and family are the nicest most caring people I have ever met. And while I like to think that I am a pretty good father, I hold Andrew up as one of the best I know. I think it really is a shame to attack someone like you have while also dragging his three wonderful kids into your personal battle. I know that Andrew cares much more than you think and much more than you will ever know. He is someone who cares deeply for children and I can tell you, he would never respond to you like you did to him. I hope you can take a step back and look at this and maybe see how bad this makes you look. And last but not least, this comment was posted by me and was done without the knowledge of Andrew Becker.

  32. Maya I think of you and Ronan daily and I have never met you. Which is both amazing and twisted because he had to get sick for me to know about you. I follow your blog and honestly make choices during my day after thinking what would Maya do? I can’t have a bad day anymore because I clearly have no idea what a bad day is.
    It won’t make the foundation rich but sells stamps and you could put Ro’s picture and website on it. Everyone needs stamps right? and think of all the people that could spread to! It just another idea 🙂 love you Maya and Ro.

  33. Hi Maya – have been following your blog for some time now. I am so sorry for your loss and think of you, Ronan and your family every day. I am always brainstorming on what might be a unique, yet worthwhile fundraising effort for your foundation as I know the dollars will be used exactly how they should be – to find a cure. Just a quick idea that I wanted to share after seeing a little bit of the Barrett Jackson car auction in Scottsdale this weekend. Not to put all eggs in the Bret Michaels’ basket, but he was mentioned on the coverage as being a big car collector/buff and seems to be active with the Barrett Jackson event with buying and selling. Also in the 30-40 minutes that I watched, I saw that several cars were auctioned off, each for a different charity. Each car brought in over $200K! Some were donated by Ford, some by musicians including signed guitars, etc. All I could think of was a totally tricked out, purple, Rockstar car that could be auctioned off to benefit your foundation. Barrett Jackson is committed to charity – see the list of foundations they have supported and childhood cancer is something they heavily support. They interviewed one of the founders after one of the cars was auctioned off for one of the Barrett Jackson founders and he was so choked up and touched by the generosity and he said cancer has taken several people from his family – he could hardly speak. It’s a huge priority for them.
    Just seems like some stars could be aligning – local event, Bret Michael’s connection, Barrett Jackson’s track record of supporting childhood cancer, the rock n roll feel that could be included, huge national televised visibility, lots of money raised, etc.

    Keep on truckin.’ I love what you are doing. FU Cancer!

  34. Hey Maya,
    I just wanted to let you know that your conversation with Taylor Swift about Ronan left such an impact on her that she went to the NYC Ronald McDonald house in January. There, Taylor befriended a little girl Brooke, that has the same Stage 4, high risk, neuroblastoma that Ronan had. Brooke mom posted on her facebook page about the visit and what caught my eye is that she mentioned that Taylor had talked to you back in October.
    “We know that last October, Taylor was visited by a mother we know who lost her son to the same kind of cancer Brooke has, and we know they had a special conversation about childhood cancer. It must have left an impact on Taylor’s heart, and now it has left it on ours forever. She not only sang songs to the kids on her personal, songwriting guitar… and interacted with each of them… I honestly don’t think she wanted to leave!”
    Brooke’s Blossoms Facebook (if you want to read the rest):
    It made me so happy to hear that YOU and Ro impacted Taylor so much.
    I thought this would make you smile and know how much your story is helping others.

    Even though I have never met you, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now after I learned about it from my friend Ally (the one who you talked to on the phone & wrote her college essay about Ronan) and I admire you so much for what you do. Who knew that a little boy from Arizona could have so much impact on a high school junior from New Jersey.
    Keep doin’ what you do. FUCK CANCER.

  35. Rockstar Mama Maya, I was so thrilled to see you write in one of your recent posts that you know you are a good Mama. So nice to “hear” you say it. I also noticed that you didn’t mention throwing up after eating lately. I don’t know you but still feel proud of you. One of my friends recently lost his Dad to cancer and got a tattoo with ashes mixed into the ink so his dad would always be with him not just in his mind and heart but his body too. Thought of you and how bad ass that is. Keep trucking!!! You’re doing great!!!

  36. Maya, a friend of mine posted your blog website on fb last May and I have been hooked ever since. I am a pharmacist for a company that services cancer patients both young and old in the Buffalo area. I am unfortunately aware of the possibilty of childhood cancer. Even so, I have been deeply touched by your blog. I pray that if I am ever unfortunate enough for cancer to touch one of my 4 precious children, I am as proactive and forceful as you and your husband. YOU ROCK!!

  37. You are truely an inspiration to all parents as well as people everywhere who think they alone can’t make a difference. You are an amazingly strong mama!

  38. I’ve been reading your blog cover to cover for the last couple of months. My heart goes out to you and your family. My cousin lost her son also in 2009. He was 4 almost 5. She was just accepted into the 46 mommas shaving their heads. I thought it might be right up your alley. Here is the link if you haven’t already heard of it.

  39. My grand daughter changed that particular saying to “You are kind. you are smart, you re brave and you are important!!! Pretty smart for a five year old. I think that fits your world better.

  40. Maya! Sound the horn! Make noise like only you can. Saw on the news tonight that drug companies have a shortage of a drug that treats ALL leukemia. Only a 2 week supply is left as of now. Not only were there there manufacturing problems but the companies are making more of the more expensive drugs and less of the older drugs. So scary!!!! Youre our warrior.

  41. Hi Maya,
    I saw this video – It made me smile – I think it will make you smile too 🙂

    In case it doesn’t attach properly It is: Lily Allen “Fuck You” 🙂

  42. The other day at work I was listening to the radio and in between songs they were interviewing a woman who’s child died from Neuroblastoma. She started an organization called CCA, which raises money to make children’s lives a little happier while they’re in hospitals going through treatment. I thought of you. NPR radio has a program where once a week they interview someone random that has a story to tell. I think that would be a great way to spread the word about your foundation. I follow your blog and I can’t fathom what you’re going through. I have a little one and it’s heartbreaking that this happens. I’m sorry this happened to you! He’s a beautiful little boy!

  43. Maya I want to get involved in the cause. I want to donate my time to the children. I don’t know how to get started. Your story inspires me and you absolutely amaze me. We don’t know each other but I love you. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

    I am googling how to be a volunteer and be with these beautiful children. If you have any suggestions I need all the help I can get.

  44. Please email me. I have a few questions. Currently a good friend of mine lost a little girl to neuroblastoma. What a horrible disease. I have been following your blog for a long time. Please email me i have a few questions


  45. HI Maya,
    Opened my sons mail from school today to hear that they are hosting a pj day to raise money for childhood cancer next week, due to how under funded this disease. Seems like the word is spreading!
    Kimberly from Canada

  46. Maya and Ronan,
    You are inspiring! You have helped me to change things in my life that are not right!

  47. Beautiful mamma Maya, just spent most of my nite shift getting caught up on your blog- got through feb and now want to catch up jan. so sorry to be so far behind! Just want to send my love because you deserve so much love. I FUCKING LOVE you!!! You are one of the most amazing mommas on this planet, this I know for certain even never having met you. Being a mom was/is my only ambition in life and is the only thing worth doing to me. Your pure, deep, excruciatingly beautiful love for your boys moves me, moves me. I see those AMAZING Ronan eyes in my boy every day and they make me pause and soak up EVERY second of him! One of my main goals in life is to meet you and hug you like there’s no tomorrow. Maybe one day our mutual friend Jo can help me out! I am so so so so so ( there are not enough so’s) sorry Ro is not in your arms every second of every day. I want him back to you. I want all the babies to stay, every single one. FUCK!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!

  48. Maya, my friend showed me your blog last year and I have been inspired by you ever since, even though I am only 17 and have no children. I thought I’d share something that happened to me the other day. I was in venice beach a few days ago walking on the boardwalk when I noticed a little boy, couldn’t have been more than 2 1/2 years old running freely ahead of his mother and spinning around with his arms out wide like an airplane. For some reason that I can’t explain, I immediately thought about Ronan and the little boy reminded me of him, so beautiful and innocent. I know I never meant Ronan but I just had this strange, unexplainable feeling that Ronan was just like this little boy, so happy and loveable. The instant I thought about your rockstar, his mother shouted his name, Roman. I don’t exactly know what any of this means, but i feel like I saw a glimse of Ronan in that boy and I wanted to tell you how lovely he is.

  49. I’ve debated on writing to you and adding fuel to your anger or cause you any more pain. You are the one person who may understand what I am going through but if you chose to ignor my outstretched hand I will understand. Our foster son Riven who we are in the process of adopting was diagnosed at 14 months with Nueroblastoma. He is the love of our lives. We have just began the journey. We are sitting here in Doernbechers as I write while on our third cycle of Chemo. I have wept many tears for you and the anger you have hung onto and pray I never reach that point. I cling to hope still but realize his life is not in my hands. The large tumor above his right eye is nearly gone. We pray that the tumor in his abdomen is doing the same. It is in his bone marrow and covers his cranium. He has bright blue eyes just like your Ronan. After reading your blogs I wonder if there is something wrong with me. Why am I so calm? Yes I have shed many tears but not to the point of puking. I haven’t blamed God or shook my fist at the world. Do I not love my son with the same intensity? Our two older children are soaking up every little second with him and don’t want to lose him either. We have cried together as a family but have not lost heart. Why has God put you in
    my path when you don’t even believe in Him? You may not want to pray for our family. I respect that but know that I pray for yours. I hate the unknown but I trust the one who holds our future no matter the outcome. Not to say I won’t kick, and scream at a later time. Thank you for listening. Valerie

    1. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. There is no need to compare. I’m just very sorry for what your family is going through. I will pray to my Ronan, for you.

  50. Hi Maya
    I am new to your blog and I have been riveted for 3 days reading it. I am so so sorry. Ronan is the most beautiful little boy. You are an amazing, inspirational woman. I started searching for Neuroblastoma blogs as my very good friends’ little 3 yr boy has recently been diagnosed (also stage 4). I am trying to find ways to help her, support her and just try to soften the road (although I feel totally helpless). She does not want to read any blogs or websites at the moment as she is trying to focus on the day to day (surviving). Just couldn’t read your blog without a message to let you know how very sorry I am and how inspired I am by the strength and courage of mamas such as yourself and my beautiful friend who have found themselves on this path. Its like a world that we all knew was there but never wanted to know about, the door has now been opened and it has taught me (and many many people) how to appreciate the small, important things in life. Just wanted to let you know.
    Thank you

  51. Dear Maya, God bless you and your family. I am so sorry you are going through this hell. Please be CAREFUL with the Ambien. I was prescribed this during a traumatic family experience and it kept being prescribed. Finally I stopped it after a bad week or two of titrating. Take care of yourself. Thank you for sharing Ronan with everyone through this beatufiul site. It is a loving tribute to him from his loving mother. In San Diego we will celebrate Ronan’s day of love on May 12th. You are in my prayers. Maria and Family

  52. Sending love, peace and strength your way to you and your amazing family today. Don’t give up the fight, you are changing the world in the name of RONAN the Rockstar. XOXOXO

  53. Maya, In case you haven’t heard, IT’S RAINING IN SCOTTSDALE, PHOENIX, ETC TODAY. We got rain when it wasn’t even forcasted for us! Just had to spread the Ronan Rain to you all!
    Thinking of all of you!

  54. I know that there is nothing I can say to make anything any better for you, but I thought you should know that I think of Ronan at least once a day. It makes me want to do something nice for someone else when I think of him. There has to be thousands and eventually millions more people out there like me wanting to be better because of him. His life was truly worthwhile and has had a ripple effect that I know will last well beyond his time. Thank you for continuing to fight and open your eyes every day.

  55. I think of Ronan and you and your family often. He had already died by the time I found your blog. The first picture I saw of Ronan was the one of him holding a flower, looking right into the camera with those huge blue eyes. He’s so beautiful. My kids all have those big blue eyes, and my youngest (of 3) will be 4 on May 19. As she nears her 4th birthday, I think of your family often, and what your world was like in the days before Ronan’s 4th birthday, and the days since.  My almost-4-year-old, Audrey, is so smart and independent and, honestly, pretty impulsive and naughty. But whenever I start to get frustrated with some new thing she has destroyed, I think of Ronan.  Every time she comes up with some new crazy, sassy idea, I’m just so grateful to be her Mama. Although I didn’t know him, I imagine Ronan to be a lot like Audrey. And I am so sorry he isn’t here to do all those things.  You and Ronan remind me on a daily basis to appreciate every day I get to have my kids.   I get so angry, because no one should have to go through what you are going through, what HE went through. It’s so wrong.  And I’m so sorry.  I know you and Ronan are going to change things. I know you are making a difference.  I wish you didn’t have to. I wish you had all your boys.  But, thank you for all you are doing for all the children in this world.

  56. I just heard about Ronan and your family last night…. I stayed up til 3am reading your blog, I kissed my son (3 1/2yo) while he slept with tears pouring down my face so thankful to have him, I cried myself to sleep thinking of what You had to go thru! I want you to know that even over a year after Ronan has passed from this evil fucking cancer, He is still touching hearts like mine! I also have 2 stepsons that we have custody of, I love them like they are my own, even though they dont think so….. Today, when my baby woke up I held him and hugged him tighter than I ever have, and kissed him all over his still sleepy lil body as long as he would let me before running off to play!! Today when he brought me the stupid Transformer that I can never “fix”, I tried a little harder to transform it…. Today when he brought me the same book that I have read 1000 times, instead of saying No, I read it again….. Today, I appreciate my Kids more than I ever have!!! After the older kids got out of school and the friends came over to play, the screaming didnt bother me, the fighting didnt bother me….. The arguing over who gets to sit by baby didnt bother me!!!! Today, I have had Your Family and Rockstar Ronan, and Lil Ava, and Blake Appleton, and all the other Children and their Families that are fighting this fight on my mind and in my heart……. And Today and EVERY DAY from here on out, I will NOT sweat the small stuff! I will appreciate my kids more than I ever have!! Thank You Maya for sharing your story, and please continue to do so!! I will be forever a fan of You and your Rockstar!!!! <3<3

  57. Hi–My name is Rich Ronan…..yes Ronan. I’m a spiritual person and I believe there no such thing as coincidences. I run a martial arts studio south of Boston…….mainly kids. One of the little girls who’s a student of mine came to me the other day..her name is Keana….and she handed me something. She was at a birthday party. One of her little friends won a prize from thoses arcade machines. She didn’t want it….so she gave it to Keana innocently. It was one of your purple wristbands that says “Rock it like Ronan”. Keana knew that was my last name so she gave it to me. I was very moved by this……and intrigued by the wristband(which I’m wearing now btw). I couldn’t identify my feelings……but I sensed something special about this wristband. So I went to your website……read about Ronan…..and started to cry. My heart breaks for you. What a beautiful little boy. I have 3 healthy sons who I adore……so I can’t imagine what you’ve had to endure.
    This website is a fitting tribute to Ronan. I believe I was led to it… you… Ronan…..for some reason. So here I am. I want to be a part of this…..and help. How can I help?
    Most respectfully—Rich Ronan.

  58. Hi Maya,

    My name is Erica. I am Charisma’s neighbor. We have never met but I have been hearing about you and your boys long before Ronan was ever sick. I have read you blog for over a year and am so moved by it. I am touched by your openness, your truth, your willingness to lay it all out there. I wish that i knew you were here so I could do more than wave from the car. Although I know there is not anything that makes it better .. I wish there were. I am glad you guys had some happy, fun times. nothing like the sights of Venice boardwalk to distract and delight 🙂 Safe Travels.


  59. I stumbled across this blog today as a young girl in my home town just passed away from neuroblastoma.The way you articulate your emotions and thoughts is amazing to read and also very difficult. I have a young daughter and reading this has made me realise I need to help. I want to help. Every night I look at my daughter and think of those who lost their children, in this sense, those who have been lost will never truly leave us. You are doing great things with your life and inspiring others to do the same. By exposing the truth of the disease and not hiding behind ‘happily ever afters’ more people will come to realise the devastation childhood cancer causes and you will be able to change the future. I agree, FUCK YOU CANCER, I’m in for the fight.

  60. This bill was passed and ready for the President’s signature. Pediatric Cancer incentives for drug companies 🙂 It’s a start!

    WASHINGTON – When all else failed, the promise of corporate profits for pediatric cancer drugs did what cajoling to save children could not.

    Legislation by Texas Rep. Michael McCaul, soon to be signed by President Barack Obama, will offer drug companies multimillion-dollar incentives to pioneer medications for rare childhood diseases that afflict too few kids to make a profit.

    The legislation is meant to remedy a chronic mismatch in which the FDA has approved dozens of new drugs to combat adult cancers since 1980 – and only one for the treatment of childhood cancer.

    “We’re giving companies incentives to make money because the free market has failed to develop these medications,” says McCaul, a five-term Austin Republican and father of five who founded the 94-member Congressional Childhood Cancer Caucus.

    The measure “fundamentally transforms the way drug companies look at rare pediatric diseases and compensates for market failures that have prevented any new treatment for pediatric cancer from being developed in a generation,” he added.

    Dr. Eugenie Kleinerman, head of pediatrics at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, said clinicians have been frustrated for years by the absence of state-of-the-art anti-cancer medications tailored to children. M.D. Anderson treats 2,000 pediatric patients a year including 200 in clinical trials.

    “But this is absolutely a move forward,” says Kleinerman. “It will shine a light on the fact that we really haven’t had access to the latest new therapies.”

    Development of such drugs still will take five to seven years.

    Some 12,500 children up to the age of 18 are diagnosed with cancer each year – a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of adults who confront cancer diagnoses each year.

    Helping other families

    Families hit by childhood cancer embraced the promise of tailor-made drugs even though it is too late for their own kids.

    “There’s been no excuse for having no drugs to treat children because there’s more money to be made treating adults,” says Donna Culliver, of Brenham, whose 4-year-old son, Adam, died in 2003 from fast moving acute myelogenous leukemia.

    She and her husband started Adam’s Angels Ministry to help families and began lobbying for ways to encourage drug companies to do more.

  61. Dear Maya,

    I wanted to ask your permission to use the Ronan Thompson logo on a patch. I do Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and as well as teaching locally in Phoenix, I also teach seminars in around the country (I was just in Tulsa this past weekend) and I also compete at different tournaments (I took 2nd place at this year’s European Championships). We wear a thick cotton uniform (called a gi) and on it there are generally patches. There is almost always a team patch, and for some of us we have sponsors who support us and we will sport those as well. In this case, I would like to add a patch that is not about a sponsor, but about a cause.

    I would like to make up a patch of The Ronan Thompson Foundation logo and wear that as well. I am not one of the elites in the sport, but a few people do pay attention to me, and I have a lot of friends who are elite. I would like to do something to raise awareness, even if it is just a bit. If I get one more person to do something about pediatric cancer, I will feel like I accomplished a worthy goal, and something that is more important than another medal.

  62. I just heard about you, and your son, and…I’m sorry for your loss, it had to hurt, and the power you show is really, very encouraging to the whole entire world. Thank You

  63. Maya, I don’t know you, I work on longview with mandy. I started reading your blogquite some time ago. I never thought I would comment, but after that beautiful song tonight, and reading your plan of a cancer center for these beautiful children, I knew I had tl comment. You are an amazing woman, who I believe will change the world of cancer. You and ronans story has changed my life. You are taking your pain, and using it to make things better for others. That is the greatest gift. You are an inspiration to many. God bless you in all you do.

  64. Thank you soo much! I can not imagine the PAIN and SORROW you go through everyday. Our baby boy is about to turn 11months and the thought of someone having to lose a child that means the universe to them is unbearable. My wife and I will be followers forever. THANK YOU AGAIN!

  65. Hi Maya it’s ida from smart and final I been trying to contact u… I sent u my email a while back… I am glad everything is a lil better for u… Congrats on it new baby… Ronan is a Ronan is a rock star… I always believed in that… Please contact me at 602 374 4830 or my cell 818 426 5024

  66. Hi, my name is Elissa, I am in 9th grade and my aunt just had ovarian cancer and my freinds mom just died of breast cancer and her kids were in 4th and 6th grade. When I was in 7th grade I had another freind in my school die of cancer. When I was 4 I had a freind that was 4 and he died from the same cancer. I HATE cancer. Especially childhood cancer. I am TERRIBLY sorry for your loss. I have listened to the Taylor swift song and cried and prayed for you. I will continue to pray for you and your family maya.

  67. Maya you are such a brave woman. I am only 14 years old and I lost my 4 month old baby boy cousin. He died of SIDS and I was devastated. It is very hard losing a baby. I don’t totally understand from your point of view but I know it is very hard. Every time I hear the song from his funeral I just cry and cry and cry. So I send all my blessings to you and your family.

  68. I lost my little girl to a medical mistake in 2002 but know that this life is not the end and that you will one day be with your Ronan again. So be strong for him, he’s closer to you than you realize, and look forward to that day when you’ll be reunited because while we can’t take our money or material things from this life into the next, we do take our relationships and our families. May God bless you while you endure.

  69. Maya,
    Our hearts go out you you and your family. We are very sorry, that we did not know. Our prayers are there.

  70. I heard about your story and had to write to you and tell you how wonderful I think your family is and how your beautiful little boy touched my heart. Your pain and loss is unimaginable, I am so very sorry. I am the mother of an 8 year old boy; at the age of 4 he had to undergo some testing for leukemia and just the thought of him having cancer brought me to my knees. How you have remained so strong and so brave is truly remarkable. I tell as many people as I can to support childhood cancer research (it makes me sick how little money goes to it every year!!) I will never forget your story and your little Ronan; I pray for you and hope that you find peace somehow in knowing that you are changing the world for the better by standing up and fighting to end childhood cancer. I stand with you.

    Vickie M from Skippack, PA

  71. This is in today’s London’s Daily Mirror:

    U.K. Home

    U.S. Showbiz
    News Home Arts Headlines Pictures Most read News Board Login Find a Job M&S Wine Our Papers Feedback Wednesday, Sep 12 2012 3PM 69°F 6PM 78°F 5-Day Forecast
    Revealed: The heart-breaking story of four-year-old’s battle with cancer that inspired Taylor Swift’s latest hit ‘Ronan’

    PUBLISHED: 13:08 EST, 11 September 2012 | UPDATED: 15:09 EST, 11 September 2012

    Comments (238)

    Taylor Swift broke down as she performed her chart-topping new single ‘Ronan’ on Friday night.

    But even more emotional was the mother of the beautiful, blue-eyed four-year-old whose heart-breaking battle with cancer inspired the star’s hit song.

    ‘I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house. I’m surprised I wasn’t on the floor bawling,’ Maya Thompson said after watching the performance during a Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon.


    Devastated: Taylor Swift used poems Maya Thompson, pictured right with her little boy Ronan, wrote on her blog for her new ballad

    Swift’s lyrics were based entirely on a blog Thompson, 33, starting writing in August 2010, when her son Ronan was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

    Her bubbly, wide-eyed little boy fought the illness for nine months before passing away in May 2011, just three days before his fourth birthday.

    Thompson used the blog as a way to work through her grief at the loss of her child, something she describes as ‘the worst thing that could happen to a family.’

    Taylor Swift breaks down as she debuts song Ronan about young cancer victim at charity event
    Boy, 12, dies after rusting swing set topples onto him in own backyard
    The mother, who has nine-year-old twin boys and another baby due in April, met Swift in October 2011 when she was invited to the singer’s concert in Phoenix.

    ‘She had been reading my blog for a while and heard that Ronan had passed away,’ Thompson told ‘And she was just devastated by it.’

    But Thompson was unaware quite how much Ronan’s story had affected the singer until she received a surprise voice mail from her.

    Emotional: Taylor Swift, pictured, was emotional after singing the track at the cancer telethon

    Life cut short: Ronan, pictured, died in May 2011 after a nine month battle with cancer

    ‘My calmness soon turned to complete and utter frozen shock when these words came out of her mouth. ‘I wrote a song for Ronan,’ she wrote on her blog, Rockstar Ronan.

    ‘The tears started pouring down my cheeks as soon as I heard her say those words.

    ‘But her words didn’t stop there. Not only did she write a song for you, but she wanted to know if it would be alright to perform it on the nationally televised show.’

    Friday was the first time the mother heard Swift’s tear-jerking dedication to Ronan.

    ‘It was pretty emotional,’ she said, adding that hearing her own words set to music was ‘kind of like reliving it again, but it’s something I’ll probably always relive.’

    Gaping hole: Thompson, pictured with husband Woody, Ronan and one of their twins, struggles every day without her little boy

    Fight: Ronan, pictured, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in August 2010 but finally succumbed in May last year

    Little battler: Listening to Swift’s song about Ronan, pictured, brought back sad memories for Thompson

    Swift was clearly shaken while she performed the song at the telethon, accompanied only by a finger-picking guitar.

    ‘I remember your bare feet down the hallway,’ she sang.

    ‘I remember your little laugh, race cars on the kitchen floor, plastic dinosaurs, I love you to the moon and back.’

    ‘She took my words and tweaked them in the most beautiful way,’ Thompson said, tears welling in her eyes.

    The song is available on iTunes where it is topping the charts, replacing another Swift hit, ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.’

    Proceeds from those sales are going 100 per cent to cancer-related charities.

    Awareness: Maya Thompson believes the song for Ronan, pictured, will raise awareness about childhood cancer

    Tears: Swift wearing a red floral dress was emotional after her tribute to Ronan, right with mom Maya

    ‘I’ve been pinching myself ever since,’ Thompson said of the ballad’s popularity, which has also driven more people to her son’s charity The Ronan Thompson Foundation.

    ‘It’s … putting a face to childhood cancer that we didn’t have before. Nobody wants to talk about childhood cancer. It’s too sad. But the sad thing is there are 46 kids diagnosed a day and seven of those kids will die a day.

    ‘It’s sad that no one wants to pay attention to that. And I think now that she’s taken this stand, it’s just going to do incredible things for the awareness.’

    I remember your bare feet/ Down the hallway/ I remember your little laugh/ Race cars on the kitchen floor/ Plastic dinosaurs/ I love you to the moon and back

    I remember your blue eyes/ Looking into mine/ Like we had our own secret club
    I remember your dancing before bedtime/ Then jumping on me waking me up

    I can still feel you hold my hand/ Little man/ And even in the moment I knew/ You fought it hard like an army guard/ Remember I, leaned in and whispered to you

    Come on baby with me/ We’re gonna fly away from here/ You were my best four years

    I remember the drive home/ When the blind hope/ Turned to crying and screaming why
    Flowers pile up in the worst way/ No one knows what to say/ About a beautiful boy who died
    And its about to be Halloween/ You could be anything you wanted if you were still here

    I remember the last day/ When I kissed your face/ And I whispered in your ear

    Come on baby with me/ We’re gonna fly away from here/ Out of this curtained room
    And this hospital grey will just disappear

    Come on baby with me/ We’re gonna fly away from here/ You were my best four years

    What if I’m standing in your closet/ Trying to talk to you?/ And what if I kept your hand-me-downs
    You won’t grow in to?/ And what if I really thought some miracle/ Would see us through?
    And what if the miracle was even getting/ One moment with you?

    Come on baby with me/ We’re gonna fly away from here/ Come on baby with me
    We’re gonna fly away from here/ You were my best four years

    I remember you bare feet/ Down the hallway/ I love you to the moon and back…

    Ronan. My heart is still heavy. My mind is still a mess. I didn’t cry today though.

    I have no doubt that my pillow will be soaked tonight when all is quiet and the memories of you trickle in. Night time is hard. I fall asleep and wish for you to wake me up with one of your famous, ‘Good morning, Mom!’ You were always so excited for our days.

    Back when you were healthy I would pretend I was still asleep just so I could listen to you run to my room after you had woken up to give me a kiss and tell me good morning. It was one of my favorite things in the world.

    You would never want to get in bed with me and cuddle; instead you would demand that I get up to make your breakfast and wake up your brothers for school. I was always happy to do this for you.

    Everyday with you was the best day of my life. I can’t believe I will never have that again. I would give anything for you, Ronan.

    I remember how when I would take you out, how many people would stop me to tell me you were the most beautiful boy they had ever seen.

    I used to joke with Tricia that I felt like I was with a celebrity when I was with you. We called you our mini Brad Pitt baby. You had an impact on everyone even before you were sick just because of the beauty that people saw from the outside. They didn’t even know the beauty you possessed on the inside.

    I still can’t believe you aren’t mine anymore. I still don’t understand why you had to leave. I asked Dr. Maze if he thought that you heard me as I was talking to you before you went… those last few minutes when I told you it was time to go.

    When I told you to come with me, because we were getting out of this place. He says he thinks you did, as many people say a persons hearing is the last thing to go.

    I wish I would have said more to you. I wish I could have told you everything I was feeling in my heart but that would have been impossible. I know you know how much I love you. I will never get over the fact that I alone couldn’t save you.

    I’ll always think that I let you down because I couldn’t fix you. I know there was nothing I could do as your disease was so uncontrollable but that guilt will never go away. I am so, so, sorry Ronan. I would have traded my life a million times over for yours. I think about this every single day…


    Read more:

  72. Hello rockstars!!
    I am new to your blog but found you through Taylor Swift. I am so thankful that I did. You are an inspiration and I am in awe of your strength and courage. I’ve never had a love like the one I share with my daughter but you have put that love in a whole new perspective. I feel like it is now my duty to stand up with you on the battle line in the war of childhood cancer. I’m convinced there is and never will be a harder fight than this. I feel like I must take a stand in some way so that I never have to know the pain you will carry for the rest of your life.
    Ronan will forever live on in all of the many people he has touched with his beautiful life you have shared with us. Thank you Maya and Ronan for showing me how beautiful life is. Thank you for showing me that there is nothing we can’t do through unconditional love.
    Please keep doing what you are doing. You have my support and soon I hope the support of the entire world.
    We can beat this, we can overcome!
    You are the best kind of Rockstars!!!

  73. Maya thank you so much for providing the inspiration I needed in my life! I am a mother of 3 beautiful children. I will Always have Roman in my heart! You changed my life!

  74. I heard Taylor Swift’s song about your beautiful boy on ITunes the other day which of course brought me here. I know how horrible it is to watch a loved one slip away and you are powerless to stop it. My father lost his long battle with cancer about a two years ago. Towards the end he was in so much pain and so miserable and I would have done anything to take away some of his burden but I had no choice to put a strong face on for him and my family. I know what it’s like to think you could have done more or something different and maybe your loved one would still be with you. I guess the hardest part is to realize that we will spend our whole lives missing them and a part of our heart will always be aching for them but that we did the best we could and gave them all we had to give while they were still with us. and we just have to learn to smile when we think of them and be thankful for the time we did have, and hopefully one day when we think of them peace will be in our hearts instead of sadness. I know nothing can compare to a mother losing her child and some days will be harder than the others but just know you’re not alone in the struggle and your beautiful Ronan will be with you always. xoxo

  75. Bless your heart Maya.
    I’ve been reading your blog all day and crying profoundly over it. I have never been more affected by anything like I have with Ronan’s story. You are an amazingly strong person and I admire you for putting yourself out there like you have for the past couple years.

  76. Maya……….
    I’m so in awe of you……..your amazing strength, your zest for GOING ON….for Ronan, for your family…..for being EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE in words on a page…..honoring your child like you have…… I could just go on and on! I will be giving to Ronan’s Foundation. I have two teenage boys and reading your blog has opened my eyes to what matters most in this world – love, family, friends….. I am about to turn 46, mother of a 14 and almost 17 year old boys…..married for almost 23 years. I lost my dad to brain cancer – he was 54….a “long” far cry of life compared to Ronan. That pain was so bad, still to this day, and it is about to be 22 years ago on the 29th of this month. I absolutely cannot fathom the pain you have endured with the lost of Ronan. I want you to know you TRULY ARE an inspiration to the world. I can FEEL the emotions you express….and I am so happy you write them all out!!!!!!! You are simply an amazing person. I am thankful I came across your story…. You ROCK!!!! Your family is so lucky to have you as their mother and wife! Keep on keepin’ on and live your life to its fullest!!!!!!!!! Meeting you would be an honor!!!!
    Texas sends out a TEXAS SIZE HUG to you!!!! xoxoxo

  77. God bless you! Thank you for telling me your story about your precious little Rockstar Ronan. I agree with you — the best 4 years of your life — will give you a lifetime of memories. I am so happy that Ronan was a part of your life and now a part of so many others. Susan A.

  78. Maya, I just want to thank you for coming up with the most perfect song. I know this song was meant for Ronan, But this song goes deeper then you can ever imagine, I lost my 4 year old RYLAN on may 3rd of this year. Rylans death was extremely sudden and I just found out WHY on August 28th. My son was only sick for 2 days and I brought him to the doctors and at first he asked me if Rylan was asthmatic i responded with NO! Not that i am aware of. he began to check his lungs and told me he believed that he may have walking pneumonia but he needed to get an xray to be sure. he then left the room. There laid my son who was completely lethargic asking me “momma am i gonna be dead” Doctor returned to the room and said im gonna write him a script for antibiotics IT’S VIRAL. he said. my last words to the doctor was is, this going to make him feel better and he said “if he becomes more lifeless bring him back in” the last words i heard my son say was I FEEL DIZZY that was 12 hours later when my son, my beautiful little boy died in my arms. My days have become dark, and my heart empty. our last project him and i worked on together was a huge stencil that him and i did that read. I love you to the cookie moon and back. that was something him and i said to each other every day for 3 years. That one simple xray and my son could still be here. come to find out he passed from cardiac arrhythmia do to the effects of acute myocarditis and acute phneumonia. your song as touched my heart and my families hearts. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT!!!

  79. I look up to you so much. I have so much you respect towards you. Ronan was such a handsome little boy, and nobody should go through that you your family and ronan. I dont even know you but i dont think you desreved to have lost your son. My goes to you and your family, stay strong he is still around by soul. One day you get to see him soon. Also when ever i hear the song Ronan i cry every time, i was even reading your blog from begining to your latest post balling my eyes outhope for the best of you and your nd hope for you new baby to be perfectly healthy and happy

  80. How adorable
    Look at those big blue eyes, eyes as big as sand dollars

    Eyes as blue as the sky
    You are my favorite guy

    I miss you so much
    I’m always blowing kisses to the sky
    because you really are my favorite guy

    I honestly don’t know how to go on without you
    but some how I have to find a way
    so all I do is pray

    I miss you so much.
    I’m always blowing kisses to the sky
    because you really are my favorite guy

    I don’t know why you had to go away
    but in my heart is where you will always stay
    because you really are my favorite guy.

  81. I don’t know even how to put my emotions into words, I read you’re blog about two weeks ago.. I had to leave the computer screen in complete sobs and have my mom hug me for about an hour as she said everything will be okay, and we will find something to do for the kids who go through something like this. Being 16 and seeing a lot of friends from the hospital go through cancer or an illness was really tough, and reading your beautiful words brought all the hurt and sorrow I had flooding back. So as I said i read this a few weeks ago.. and for some reason I feel compelled to come back here every night, to see how you and your family are doing and every time I think of writing my thoughts to you and I thought no words could ever fix the hurt you are going through, but I thought that every comment shows how everyone is in love with little Ronan, and how this connects us too your beautiful little boy… I haven’t known what to say but this week I was looking to the sky and just burst into tears this bright clear blue sky bluer than blue. I thought to myself thats Ronan that blue sky with not a cloud in sight that’s where we see him every time with think of him, every time you miss him, that sky comes out and everything becomes better,, that awful day I was having was better. Thank you Ro for making my day better, even though i did not know you but for some reason I feel like I was so close to you and every tear people shed for you is a chance for you to become closer to us. I want to thank you maya, you have a beautiful way with words and bring me too tears with every blog. Ronan will live on in everyones hearts and will never be forgotten. And thank you ro. We ALL love you here in Andover, you’re our little hero!!


  82. Hello Maya,

    I learned of your blog and Ronan thru Taylor Swift. I spent all day and night reading and reading and crying and hugging my babies tight. I’m sorry for the loss of your baby blue eyes. I wish I could have the words to erase the pain in your heart. I can’t imagine the life you are living. I pray for you and your family to find piece and slowly be able to move on, with Ronan always present in your hearts of course. You are an inspiration and a breath of fresh air. I will no longer complain of things that don’t matter and live everyday as I’d it’s my last. I will continue to read and support you and your foundation. God bless & best wishes from a small town in south Texas, Crystal City.

    Maria 🙂

  83. Maya,
    I recently learned about your story through Taylor Swift and the Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon and it has already made the biggest impact in my life. I have become more and more intrigued with reading your blog and along with it I’ve been listening to the song Ronan on repeat. Ronan’s story brings out this emotion in me that just aches for these little kids, and I don’t know what it is but when I read your blog it’s like I can really feel what you feel. I’m 18 and my biggest passion in life has always been kids and that is what my life practically revolves around. I work in childcare and at a preschool and am touched everyday by these little kids, it’s almost like a connection to another world, like kids are really the ones that show me what life is about more than adults ever have. I feel like Ronan’s story has touched me in a way that nothing else has really been able to, I feel more empowered to live each moment to the fullest and love the little ones around me with so much more compassion. Tonight I showed my boyfriend just a few of your posts and watched as he fought back tears and eventually just let them loose, he lost both of his parents at a young age, including his dad to cancer when he was 8. He has a really hard time expressing his emotion and I tell him over and over that the pain of losing his dad will never go away and that it is okay to be upset, even though I will never truly understand, I will never stop trying to. I don’t know why but I felt so compelled to tell you this, but I think reading your words, and reading how you accept those emotions and are completely real with yourself really touched him. We read about how you want to inspire people to go into pediatric oncology and he smiled real big when he saw that, his dream is to one day be that pediatric oncologist that changes kids lives. He wants to be that passionate doctor that is willing to fight, and he wants to more importantly help those kids. I am actually considering venturing into the field of becoming a child life specialist and reading this has definitely compelled me want to put smiles on those kids faces like Ronan, because nothing is more beautiful to me. You and Ronan have touched my heart and I just wanted you to know that.
    You are an amazing mother, role model, and inspiration to people everywhere to stop and look at the truly important things in life. Thank you so much.

  84. Maya, I have thought of you so many times during this week since I heard Taylor Swift sing about your beloved son. I cried through the song on the video(I didn’t see the show that night as I wasn’t home) and had to pause it so many times so I could breathe. I was crying and smiling because someone finally was able to not only write the words but to send the message of how it is to live after your child dies. The reminders of the toys and all other triggers that hit me daily as I listened made me feel like an new door was being opened for the ones behind us.
    My son Alex was diagnosed with a brain stem glioma when he was 4. He had the blond hair and blue eyes and through my tears they looked like the same child! Even the lips… We were told in 1998 there was no hope and he had 6 weeks to live. He was diagnosed after a fall but had no other symptoms. After many tests and many months we were later told by Sloan Kettering in New York that his brain tumor was dormant and Alex proves that people are born with brain tumors and that the new studies would be on why they start to grow on children through adulthood. We were also told that he could live a “normal” life and we probably would not see it grow in our lifetime if it hadn’t started by now. The day after Alex turned 10, he had a “stroke” and he died 2 months later in 2004. It is almost 8 years since that day and I relive it everyday. Before he died, we talked about how I would need to know he was ok, and he told me he would try to show me. Two days later my dreams started and they have never ended! He doesn’t tell me he’s ok anymore, he tells me he is always with me and I have four books of dreams where he is different ages and wearing his clothes. Three years after Alex died, my husband died instantly in a car accident. He knew how important those dreams were to us and so many of the times they are together now in my dreams. I hope this helps you and comforts you as your story does to me. We are not alone and Taylor Swift is telling that to everyone and hopefully someday the other children will not go through what our children have. I hope you have found Compassionate Friends in Phoenix like I have in Omaha and you have people to talk to besides on your blog. God bless you and your family… Mary

  85. At school thursday my choir teacher showed us the song Ronan. He told us about the whole reason it was made and how. My class was touched! We all were cring bbut when i got home i looked up this blog. I really dont know how your feeling now or before but a person in my family just got stage 4 cancer and i am devistated. I am only in 7th grade and you dont have to waiste your time reading this. He was the cutest boy ever and if i lost someone in my family that age and that cute i would feel horrible about my self but he was your child and i have no idea what its like! Have you ever thought that anything in your life you changed your mind about or you didnt change your mind about, all the mistakes you made have gave you this chance to have a good beautiful child? i understand he had cancer but still he was part of your life and that couldnt be better! i hope you have a good life and i listen to that song every day just tinking of what you feel and i could imagine when we heard the song in class almost every one was crying. 5 of my friends and i had to take 15 minutes off of the next class we were crying so hard…. well thanks if you read the whole thing!


  86. I’m sure you get a thousand replys everday but when I heard Taylor’s song Ronan I coundn’t just sit here and not say anything. I knew the first time I heard the song it was made for someone special. I got on your blog and when I was reading I wanted to say so much but I can’t find the words because I can’t even begin imagine what it must feel like. I’m not Ronan’s mom and I never knew him but when I see pictures it makes me want to pick him up and just hold on. He’s got the bluest eyes I have ever seen and his little laugh is a bit of heaven. There is no way I can understand what you’re feeling but I just wanted you to know that Ronan’s been on my heart. I’m praying for you!

  87. Maya,
    My friends and i are doing a social studies project called pay it forward! We are going to make an event to raise money for Ronan and his organization! I hope it will work out! We are going to send the money to you or donate to your organization! I really want to try to do all I can to help you and your family out! I admire you guys and how brave and strong you are! I know you hate this fame and stuff but I really want to raise money for you and Ronan’s organization! Your blog is wonderful and your baby is beautiful! All of my friends are going to help me out and raise money!! I hope I made you feel a little bit better!!

  88. Sending you lots of love from Wales, U.K Really touched by your story and appriciate my boys even more now, Ronan’s legacy to thousands I’m sure xxxxxxx

  89. this little boy has touched my heart in so many ways i never thought possible, is there any way i can help? please email me, i’d love to talk to you and know more about this beautiful boy.

  90. wow. i hear your words and they echo as if mine. i get angry and confused most days but i have to hide my fear. i have a 3 year old with high risk ALL , its been a year and nine months hes been fighting. he goes through ups and downs and loses weight and gains it. so many set backs and so many side effects, no chemo for weeks and then chemo all at once. i know it may not be worth much but you have just given me strength for a bit longer …. thanks

  91. This is my first time reading your blog. I am amazed that someone actually feels the way I do in this world. I lost my Son who was 8 two years ago. People assume that the grieving period should be over by now. Little do they know it is never over. I feel the way you do. Thank you for telling the world what it feels like to have your child die in your arms. And what that does to a Mommy for the rest of her life.

  92. Hi Maya, Letting you know that you are not alone. I feel like I spent years in bed staring at a dot on the wall, abandoning a full cart of groceries in the middle of the store because I felt so alone without my son and needing to run back to my car to scream and cry. It has been ten years and I have grown to accept that the sun will continue to shine, but it will never be as bright as it once was. Many days I felt like a boiling pot on the stove. I would sob and then be ok like I let it all out and could go back to a simmer. In the beginning this was a continuous cycle, but it got better. After ten years, those times come back the weeks and month of my son’s birthday. I am reminded how mothers can love so deeply and intensely and how we will never be the same. I am wishing you peace in your heart, so that you will see and feel the sunshine again.
    Sonny’s mom

  93. Maya,

    Most people could not live 120 years and have the impact on the lives of others the way your sweet baby Ronan has in his nearly 4 years. Ronan’s story is and will continue leave an impression on our hearts. I know that mother’s are reading your blog remembering that crayola on a wall or a dirty little face is a priceless blessing. I am sure a future doctor or nurse will be inspired and I pray a cure will be found. I believe Ronan is looking down from heaven with a big smile on his face, proud of what he and you are accomplishing for others.

    God Bless your family and keep fighting to kick cancer.
    Love and Prayers

  94. Just came across your blog today via the NY Times. One of my daughters is a childhood cancer survivor (Wilm’s Tumor) so I’ve experienced some of what you’ve gone through. I don’t have the words to tell you what I’ve felt reading your blog. I bookmarked it but still can’t bring myself to close the tab – I’ve kept going back to it during the course of the day. Both you and Ronan have impacted many lives and I hope knowing that brings you some comfort.

  95. Hello Maya,

    I just found out about Ronan from Kathy at Music Together in Phoenix. I’m so happy to have been a part of Rockstar Ronan’s life, and that I had the opportunity to experience Ronan’s boundless energy and love for music in my class each week. Rock on, Ronan!

  96. Hi! I just started reading your blog not too long ago and I am already so inspired! I am 13 years old, and I just wanted to know that I think you are so strong and inspiring. Your baby boy is so beautiful. I am so sorry to hear about you lose. xo

  97. Hello Maya,
    i would like to thank you and your husband for creating such an adorable cute little boy, i’ve seen like 2 little clips of Ronan, I would like to see more. Do you know where i could see videos of sweet Ronan?

  98. i first heard about Ronan’s fight through Taylor swift’s song ‘Roan’ and to be honest I’m really glad that I heard it. It is an amazing song. But not because Taylor sounds amazing singing it but because it’s real. Ronan is real. His fight is real.His death is real.The pain his family is feeling is real and it breaks my heart to think of such an innocent boy with so much to live for being robbed of life.

    The saddest thing is that it is never over for as long as cancer is killing our children it will never be over. Maya is such an inspirational person, I have a two year old little boy and to think of loosing him- I get weak at the thought. But Maya is strong and she is fighting back at the murderer who took her son in the memory of Ronan. Only a mothers love could do that.

    I just wated to tell Maya, Woody, Liam and Quinn that even though we may have never met that I feel love for them in ways that one can not explain. Ronan is loved by the world and we will not stop fighting for Ronan until we rid this world of the disease that took his childhood. No matter what it takes.


  99. Maya I have been reading your blog this past week (after I saw the news story online about Taylor Swifts song for Ronan) every night I read some of your blog and every morning I try and make my eyes look less puffy as I get ready for work because I’ve been balling so much. Your story is like an accident that I can’t look away from, it’s like a love story that became a tragedy and I’m hanging on for a happy ending. Your story is so raw, so exposed, and is one that cuts deep to the core. Since I’ve been reading it my emotions are in my throat, I feel I will start crying at any moment for a beautiful mama and her precious little man whom I’ve never met. Maybe it’s because I have a son who is 5 and I couldn’t imagine the magnitude of the pain of life without him. Since I’ve been reading your blog my hugs are tighter, I linger longer in my sons room after tucking him in, and the petty conversations and worries seem just that, petty…..thank you for sharing so I can be better. Life can change so fast, so unfairly, little Ronan was BEAUTIFUL my heart hurts for you both. Your connection was beautiful. I wish you peace in this suck ass hand you were dealt. Ronan – I’m so sorry little man. FU Cancer….FU. You stole a beautiful love story of a mama and her boy.

  100. Maya,
    There are so many lives you have touched by sharing this story that is your life. My life was SHATTERED by the loss of our son in the NICU due to premature birth at 26 weeks 5 days. I have struggled and struggled on how to explain my emotions and by reading this story you have put words to my feelings. How you explain that even though other people may have lost children or have had other losses in their life but no one but you knew what it was like to be Ronans Mommy. That right there gave me a gift of WORDS and explanation that I have needed for 2 and half years now. How things get better, how it gets easier…bla bla bla…. You explain it all and you’ve helped me! Your little boy is so beautiful and he did not deserve to go through any of the horrifying days, but he did it with such grace and that is all because he had such amazing parents. I pray for you and your family. Nothing anyone can say or do will make this better or go away, but the end of the day, just KNOW in your heart, you and Ronan and your whole family are changing lives.
    Leann Snyder

  101. I heard this song and it reminded me of you and ronan so much.You are an amazing woman. SO brave and it kills me not to know you and be able to comfort you.Everything will never be the same but you he is still with you.He will always be with you. i pray for you every morning and night.


  102. Maya,

    I became aware of this blog and Ronan on HLN news when a small report was made on Taylor Swift’s song and her inspiration-Ronan. I immediately decided to check out your blog and as I read “A love letter to Taylor” I fought back tears which are still trying to fall from my eyes even as I write this comment. I just want you to know that I am DEEPLY moved by your story and I will follow your steps in “How to Live Like a Rockstar”. Something inside is telling me to do more to help others-particularly children, and I’d like to believe it is your little angel that is urging me to do so. I would just like you to know that your message is heard and it will surely inspire others to do more to bring about awareness to the fight against Cancer-at least that’s what it has done for me. So thank you Maya, Thank you for inspiring me to do more than I have been doing for others and thank you for never giving up on all those little children that are suffering from such a heartbreaking and terrible sickeness. My prayers are with you!

    Never forget that God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers and you Maya, are certainly a very strong and inspirational person!

    God Bless!

    Jenny P.

  103. I am interested in doing a boot camp where all proceeds will go to your foundation. Please let me know if you are interested!

    Thank you,

  104. Hi Maya,

    I came across your blog as I was both doing homework and surfing Facebook. I want to let you know how sorry I am that your little boy Ronan was taken from you before he really ever had the chance to really live. It is because of children like Ronan that I aspire to become first a pediatric/obstetric nurse, then eventually a physician. There are no words to say that could ever take away the pain you feel in your heart every day that Ronan is not here with you, but even though he didn’t get the chance to live his life they way that you would have wanted, his short life truly is an inspiration to not only me, but I am sure countless others. Thank you so much for sharing the short time that you and you family were able to spend with Ronan with me and everyone else his story has touched.

  105. I always hated cancer but I never hated it this much until I read your story. This a really good cause and I am so happy that everyone is doing all they can to help this foundation and these poor kids.

  106. Hi, just wanted to let you know how strong I think you are, and we all think you are. I know you probably get that on a daily basis and it probably is starting to annoy you but just wanted to say that I am a teenage girl who practically never cries. While reading your blog and your little notes to Ronan, I have never cried harder before. I now have a severe migraine from crying so hard. I felt your pain of losing a child even though I know nothing about what it feels like or what you’re going through. I lost my baby brother to a heart defect when I was just 5 years old and your anger reminded me of the anger, frustration and sadness my mom had to go through when she lost him. I can relate to how the twins felt although the pain they have to go through is probably far much worse than mine. It’s so true how we’re supposed to accept the fact that God takes His little children back for a reason but it seems like utter bullsh*t when you have to watch a precious little one suffer like that.

  107. I’m so sorry for your loss. I just came across the song by Taylor swift and was completely in tears.
    Your new baby will have the most amazing angel on its shoulder. Continue to remember all the good times, and sometimes the not so good ones- either way its the beginning of healing (to a point)
    thank you for sharing this unimaginable time your family is going through and I hope you continue to bring us along on your journey.

    Stay strong,

    Tela XOXO

  108. “Life here on earth is only the title and cover page. Then begins the greatest story of all, one that no one on earth has ever read in which each chapter is better than the last.”
    C.S. Lewis

    Love Always to Ronan and his brave Mommy!


  109. Maya, so excited to see you on Katie. Watching the Long Island Medium that is on her show today. I know how you feel about God and heaven, and noticed that the medium focuses on saying the same thing you do, that they are in a better safer place. When you feel Ronan and already know he has a hand in everything you do, do you ever have a desire to see a medium? Also, would love to hear your reaction to the bullies that said your friend Talia was “faking cancer.” keep on rockin on Maya, you’re incredible!

  110. Maya,

    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story of Ronan with the world. Even though I’ve never met you, I can tell by your story you loved that boy like crazy and I’m sure you’re an awesome mom. And Ronan…he is ADORABLE and it sickens me that he had to go through such a horrible thing but I can tell he gave cancer a run for its money (and he still is!) While I cried a lot reading your blog, I laughed like crazy when you mentioned his “asspole” haha. You’re awesome, keep on doing what you’re doing and FUCK YOU CANCER!!! Oh and btw, the story about your marathon was really inspiring…I loved looking at your pictures! I’m looking to do one soon in memory of my brother who had cerebral palsy.

  111. Maya,
    When I first heard the song by Taylor Swift written in behalf of your precious son Ronan, I cried.I looked into your son’s eyes and he got me with the most amazing eyes I have ever seen in any human being. And I cried again remembering the littlest hero (Papi Chulo) he was only two years and 10 months old when he left us on February 20, 2007. My Papi was my world, just when we had made the most memories as grandson and grammy he died from kidney disease. Nobody knew he had a problem with his kidneys not even the doctors. They told us One Saturday afternoon I was watching him and his sister at my home playing outdoors. Then next day he was ill with fever. My son hesitated to take him to the doctor only because he frequently got colds and the flu, he also had a doctor appointment for the following Monday, unfortunately he never lived to make that appointment. Seemed he was fragile to colds and flus from an early age. He was even hospitalized at 2 yrs of age for a swollen belly. The doctors took test and believed he had a twisted intestine. But after a few days in the hospital the fever disappeared he was much better and sent home. We lost Papi Chulo on the early morning hours of February 20, 2007…and my whole world changed. I had to seek help because I fell into a bad depression. I cried each time I saw a little boy and the memories just flooded my mind once again. Thankfully, I have recovered and it has been five years since we lost our littlest hero. Not a day goes by that he is not in my mind and heart. It is truly hard to live with out a day being reminded of our losses, but as you have done I find that in my heart I do as well and that is to talk about him and keep his memories alive …that is very important! Maya my prayers and my love goes your way…may you continue to be held up high in your journey in life; in behalf of your precious Ronan. I am thankful for the opportunity to write you on your Rockstar Ronan blog.
    Rock On!!

  112. Maya,
    When I first heard the song by Taylor Swift written in behalf of your precious son Ronan, I cried.I looked into your son’s eyes and he got me with the most amazing eyes I have ever seen in any human being. And I cried again remembering our littlest hero (Papi Chulo) he was only two years and 10 months old when he left us on February 20, 2007. Our Papi was my world, just when we had made the most memories as grandson and grammy he died from kidney disease. Nobody knew he had a problem with his kidneys not even the doctors. One Saturday afternoon I was watching him and his sister at my home playing outdoors. Then next day he was ill with fever. My son hesitated to take him to the doctor only because he frequently got colds and the flu, he also had a doctor appointment for the following Monday, unfortunately he never lived to make that appointment. Seemed he was fragile to colds and flus from an early age. He was even hospitalized at 2 yrs of age for a swollen belly. The doctors took test and believed he had a twisted intestine. But after a few days in the hospital the fever disappeared he was much better and sent home. We lost him on the early morning hours of February 20, 2007…and my whole world changed. I had to seek help because I fell into a bad depression. I cried each time I saw a little boy and the memories just flooded my mind once again. Thankfully, I have recovered and it has been five years since we lost our littlest hero our Papi. Not a day goes by that he is not in my mind and heart. It is truly hard to live with out a day being reminded of our losses, but as you have done I find that in my heart I do as well and that is to talk about him and keep his memories alive …that is very important! Maya my prayers and my love goes your way…may you continue to be held up high in your journey in life; in behalf of your precious Ronan. I am thankful for the opportunity to write you on your Rockstar Ronan blog.
    Rock On!!

  113. Maya,

    Ever since I heard “Ronan” by Taylor Swift, I have constantly kept you and your family in my prayers. You were truly blessed with a son who would want you to continue what you have done. He is truly blessed to have a mother, father, and siblings who love him more than anything. I think this blog is such a great idea to get the awareness out their. Ronan’s eyes are so beautiful and you should always know you have friends and family and those on this blog who you can count on for support and help through out this hard time. He is truly a ROCKSTAR, he fought hard and will NEVER be FORGOTTEN!

    ROCK ON!!!!!

  114. I am so sorry for your lost. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what u are going thru. My 10 year old was diagnosed. With a brain tumor in aug2009 he had surgery in Sept 2009. We stayed in icu for 3 months before going to the floor for another 2 months. We finally came home. He has a permanent shunt. I am so thankful he is well now but my worse fear is to loose one of my children. You are a wonderful person and he put up a good fight. He is a wonderful and beautiful angel. Again I am so sorry. I have cried for you and your family. My heart is heavy for you and your family.

  115. Dearest Maya.
    I’m writing to you from Australia and I just wanted to let you know how amazing I think you are. I’m 22 years old and up until yesterday I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. However, after staying up most of the night reading your story and learning about your precious Ronan, I have realized that I want to do something important with my life. I WANT to become something important. Life is too precious to waste and up until yesterday I had been wasting mine. So, I’m not going to work at a supermarket for the rest of my life. I am going to go to university and I’m going to become a pediatric nurse so I can do my very best to help support the familes who are suffering in the same, heart wrenching way that you had to. I know it wont fix things, but maybe — just maybe I can help put just one little smile on a sick child’s face, and that one smile will be enough for me to know that at least I’m doing something good, even if it wont make everything else better.
    Maya, I think you are an amazing person and you are doing the most amazing things. I’m so proud of you for everything you’ve done and all the awareness you’ve raised. I’m not a mother, I’ve never had a child, but I want you to know that one day when I do have a baby I’ll remember your story and I’ll remember to cherish every single moment with my children. Thank you so much. You are an inspiration to everyone.

  116. I have learned recently about you from following superty for the past 2 years. Of course as it always is I added another beautiful boy to a deep place in my heart Ronan and he definitely is most beautiful. I have no clue how you do that but I admire that you are so strong and angry and use curses and don’t sugar coat. Right now I’m watching and rewatching video of Ty suffering and I didn’t just cry I scream I hurt and I don’t get it how come adult,s come before kids. It’s not possible we are nobodies in comparison to our kids how can we not have cure yet or any more advanced gentler treatments for our babies. I admire what you do. And I wish I had a chance to meet your precious blue eye baby.

  117. Dear, Maya.
    This is some words from Sweden.
    I’m sorry about your loss. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through or how hard it is. I’ve never lost anyone, yet. Everytime I hear the song Taylor Swift wrote to your dearest Ronan, I cry a little bit and trying to imagine what you’re going through. But how hard I try, I will never do. You’re strong, very strong. And I admire you for that.

    And I’m sure, that if Ronan was alive, he would be a true, real rockstar. But why think like that… He already is.

    Hugs from Sweden!

  118. Taylor your song is so inspiring to me I just want to get up and help kids and their families.
    Maya I am so sorry for your loss. I know that if Ronan was alive he would be a great little boy.
    Love Nikki from Michigan

  119. Hello, my name is Tali. I’m 13 years old and I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I heard about Ronan’s story because of Taylor’s song. A friend of mine told me about you and it made me feel really sad. I can’t understand how you must really feel because I don’t have a son, but my grandmother died of cancer, so I know you are suffering.

    When I heard the song about your son, it made me think of my mother, and how much I care for her, and how much I would miss her.

    I just wanted to say I’m so sorry for your loss, and I hope my small donation from buying the song will help you and the fight against cancer.


  120. hiyaa maya
    ronan is such an angel and he was a brave boy!
    he was always a little RockStar!!!
    i cant belive he died tho with cancer its really sad but God is taking care of him now!
    i just wanna say i’m showing all my love to you’re beautiful son ronan and i wish i could bring him back for you if only magic was real!
    and that song by taylor swift about ronan i always cry listening to it and i look into ronans eyes and he makes me smile because he is the bravest boy in this world he is such a gorgeous boy and me and my boyfriend Adam send our love

    Amie xxxxxxx ❤ ❤

  121. Hey Maya,
    My name is Jill, and I was curious if I could donate some of the hats, scarves I made to your organization, and you could sell them for profit? Just thought. I hope all is well, and that you keep making not only this blog, but your life as spicy as possible. Also, FUCK CANCER


  122. Dear Ms. Maya,

    As I take the time to finally write down what I feel, despite how I have been thinking about this moment constantly, I don’t know exactly how to explain what you have done. You are SUCH AN INSPIRATION I just want to cry. Everything that you say is spot on. No children, or no anybody for that matter, should have to die for something that is so UNNECESSARY!! They shouldn’t have to sacrifice themselves for nothing. They shouldn’t have to die. But they do. And that’s why you, your friends, and Ronan have sparked a flame. Thanks to Maya, Ronan and Co., I am trying to create a micro finance where I make goodies and sell them, making most of the profits going towards research for cures of Neuroblastoma. I am trying to educate myself by writing a self-assigned essay on Neuroblastoma. I am featuring symptoms, what it essentially is, and a story of a boy whose future was stripped from his grasp, Ronan. Thank you for your strength. Remember that Ronan wouldn’t want you to grieve. Remember that you have inspired a youth, me, to involve myself in things that are irrelevant to me, just because the fire that you ignited burns long and hard in my soul. Remember your goal: to save the children who are suffering. And remember how well you are doing all of this. You and Ronan’s story will forever be tattooed in my heart. Stay strong ❤

    -ME 🙂

  123. Maya,
    I am an eighteen year old college freshman in tennessee. I don’t have children and I have absolutely no idea how your heart feels, but i know how your sons life has made me feel. I want to do everything in my power to help families like yours and sweet angels like Ronan. I have decided to be a Child Life Specialist in a children’s hospital so that I can work closely with all of the little angels that need help. I am a college kid like I said, so I dont have any money to offer you but if there is anything in this world I can do to help th Ronan Thompson Foundation please contact me and let me know! Your story has made me so inspired and I would truly love to help all the families I can! I hope you have such a blessed day and continue to share your amazing story with the world!!!
    -Aleshia Rosenbalm

  124. maya if your reading this I just want you too know that I’m going to try my hardest to follow my dreams and find the cure to cancer, for you and anyone who knew someone that had to battle cancer.

    – Leah, Age 10

  125. Thank you for sharing the story of this beautiful little boy! Perhaps he is having a good time in heaven with our beautiful little boy (grandson) that we lost at the age of 28 months. He, too, suffered a devastating disease. I tell people that as painful as it is, I am the luckiest “Nana” in the world for having had him in my life. Somehow the Lord makes these little guys so very, very special and they are never forgotten. Please accept our love and prayers and know that a lot of love comes your way. May God Bless you all…..

  126. Dear Maya (and Family),
    My name is Chloe. I am 16 years old and my grandma died of cancer. I know this is NOTHING compared to what you lost. Not being a mother, I have no idea what it is like, but I am deeply saddened by your loss. I fully believe Ronan is in heaven now smiling down on you and your family. Because of my grandma’s death, My family and I watch Stand up to Cancer and donate regularly. When watching it, I heard Taylor Swift’s song about your little boy. I had absolutely no idea until yesterday it was based on a real life child! I don’t know if I zoned out or what! (Which happens a lot!) Anyway, I have never been a HUGE fan of Taylor Swift. She is amazing and very talented, but her lyrics never did much for me. There are worse things to worry about that losing a boyfriend in my opinion; which could be why I loved Ronan so much! The song was actually about something far more important than a high school relationship-it was about the bond between a mother and a son. I just wanted to say I don’t think I could do what you have done. I could never watch my baby get sick and NOT be able to do anything about it! I don’t cry a lot. I am very tough, but let me say I cried reading your blog. The love for your children is so wonderful! If/When I have children, I hope I will be as good of a mom as you. I also love that you are not afraid to just scream FUCK CANCER! Because I do it all the time! I hate cancer! I actually want to be a Pediatric Oncologist/Oncologist Nurse of some sort. Cancer took my grandma away far before she was ready to leave just like it did your son. No one should ever have to lose a loved one before their time has come! Cancer sucks! There is no better way to put it! It is horrible.My family and I donate money, time, anything to get rid of cancer. It is a tragic disease. My parents donate blood, bone marrow, and are organ donors. I have not donated blood or bone marrow, because I don’t think you can until 18? I am not sure, but if I can, I will. I am also an organ donor. I need a heart valve replacement sometime in the future, which is why I am so passionate about donation! If it can save lives why not do it! I am sorry. I am sort of rambling on now. Anyway, God bless you and your family! Ronan is smiling down on your family, I am sure. Money will be sent to your foundation from my family very soon! God bless! Don’t lose hope for a cure; and remember: Never be afraid to cry, scream, or swear. It helps! I promise! Have a great day!.
    Chloe 🙂

  127. dear Maya & Family
    My girlfriend has a 8 year old son that I have helped raise. he is the world to me I have helped raise him since he was 6 months old. He had a Glioblastoma almost 2 years ago it was removed and gone but had returned 6 months ago just about the time he was getting off treatment. They tried changing treatment but it did not work and we were told 1 and 1/2 months ago that he had 1 to 3 months too live. He lived 1 month and 4 days . They used the song Ronan at his funeral with a small video and it is amazing how the words fit him. I feel so attached to Ronan now and know how difficult it is to lose someone so loved i watch and listen to my little boys pic show with the words to the song behind it and think of them both. Thank you for the geat song it touches everyone. His Mom his having a hard time coping but I pray for her to get thru.

  128. I too learned about Ronan while watching Stand up to Cancer and hearing Taylor sing his song with his precious picture behind her! I froze and couldn’t believe my ears because it was as if she was singing about my own precious little boy with ice blue eyes and sandy blonde hair that also lost his brave battle with Cancer 17 years ago. I broke down and those memories came back as if it were yesterday! I immediately downloaded the song on itunes and told all my family and close friends about Ronan. Fast forward to yesterday, i was home alone watching Katie and couldn’t believe you and Woody were on the show telling your story! I was blown away at how similar our story is to yours! Clayton was diagnosed at 5 and only lived another 7 months because he was stage 4 at diagnosis too. His was Rhabdomyosarcoma. At diagnosis he had a tumor in his abdomen and spots on his lungs and spine. We were devastated! At the time we had two other children as well. I also describe the next months as the most amazing time of our lives because of Clayton’s strength and courage! He enjoyed each day and each new person he met despite being in excruciating pain! He was our strength during this difficult time.

    I was also struck by your Love in being able to know when it was time to let Ronan go! i had that same moment and said those same things to Clayton! I couldn’t stand for him to have another day in that much pain! I knew he deserved peace even though i would have to say goodbye for now.

    After he died we also started a foundation called The Clayton Dabney Foundation for kids with Cancer. It has helped us keep Clayton’s memory alive and help other families that are experiencing losing their precious child to cancer.

    Another similarity to your story is that we too had another child and felt that bittersweet feeling you described! Our precious gift came to us also in April!

    I couldn’t wait to contact you after the show yesterday to let you know that i’ve been in your shoes and you can go on living even though you can’t imagine it! When you said that your other boys lost the love of their life i remembered Clayton’s brother Michael and sister Christina lost their best friend and it seemed as if our family was broken. We are proof that we too have learned to put it back together. All these years later, Clayton would now be 23, My older kids and their friends that knew Clayton have now started a young professional arm of our foundation called the Halo Group and are carrying on Clayton’s legacy into the future.

    I wish your family all the love and healing that you deserve and wish you all the luck with your foundation in the future! I am sure you get so many people reaching out to you but I would love to share more of my Clayton stories that i feel may be of some comfort to you. There are so many more similarities! Feel free to contact me at or through the foundation. Love, Shelby Dabney

  129. Every time I read your blog I cry and cry. It’s not what you think though … I cry from anger. I never really realize how pissed off I am until I read your stuff. I will say I feel selfish sharing in your pain because I have my son. He was diagnosed with high risk ALL at 22 months he will turn 4 in January, which means he has fought cancer about half his life. He has had so many set backs sometimes I think God is picking on me. I know we don’t have the same beliefs but I know we share the same kind of love. I have said before Evan, my son, is my heart and I can’t live without my heart. It explains why you feel all you do. How does one live without a heart , I guess it’s the other around you , your boys that help revive yours. The shock your heart needs to beat and go on…but sometimes that doesn’t mean the rest of you wakes up. I have two little girls 8 and 6 that adore their little brother. He loves to mess with them and is complete because of them. I just wonder what kind of mom I am because all I think about is Evan . I walk around with a “chip,” as some call it because people sometimes say and do the most insensitive shit! They whine about their kids and the baseball team they want them to be on. How they are fundraising for them to play all stars or get new uniforms … The sad thing is I feel this way and they are family. Family that seems not to notice Evan , his bald head or skinny little weak body in the room. Should everyone feel my pain ?? I guess not but have some damn sense . Don’t judge , just don’t say shit… My son has cancer. I have often thought about making a shirt that says that. My son has a year and a half of treatment left and we recently had to check his bone marrow for relapse. I hate cancer .. I hate when people tell me I hope he gets better… I hate people liking my status about saying a prayer for Evan because we are in the hospital , I hate how the doctors are so wonderful but can’t hide the coldness , the reality of cancer …when things go wrong , but most of all I just hate people , I don’t think I expect a lot I just know how I would respond and I guess I feel let down . Evan is my son , my heart and he’s what keeps me sane and steers me towards the beautiful things in life. I cherish it all in our little bubble , our home … Just us . No one knows how brave my girls are either and they dont get what they need from me a lot of days… I am proud of them. I needed to write this . And let out my tears … I feel refreshed and grateful . Thank you for putting yourself out there for us …

  130. Dear Maya,
    My 23 yr. old daughter Casey told me your story. I feel like we are kindred spirits. We lost our son Jordan on June 27, 2011 from leukemia. He was 14 years old. He had the same sparkling eyes as Ronan. His zest for life was unequivocal. His love for our family had no boundaries. He was the central piece to our families puzzle. He also showed subtle symptoms and was playing football and swimming the day before his diagnosis. He battled the demon for one year. We were so sure he had won. He passed unexpectantly of idiopathic pneumonia syndrome due to the chemo and radiation. He was the light of our lives. The rest of us are still trying to pick up the pieces. We have a 24 year old daughter, a 23 year old daughter and a 13 year old son. It has been so hard watching them suffer this loss also. I know Jordan”s spirit is with us, but my body still aches for him daily. Just looking at Ronan I could see Jordan’s face. They both have beautiful sparkling eyes that peer you into their old souls. I am so sorry that you have gone through this also. I know your pain and the suffering your family is going through. God could not have taken better souls. I often feel as though no one understands the pain we have endured, pain that will get better with time but never leave. I know you understand this loss and I want you to know that I am sure that my Jordan is up in Heaven taking care of all the babies we have lost to cancer. He always was the strongest, most courageous and most caring person I have ever known!! If you ever need to talk you can reach me at Congratulations to you also! I know this is bittersweet as I became a grandma recently to Olivia Jordan. It has been hard, but has helped our family to heal! I hope this new life will do the same for your family! And just maybe a little piece of your Ronan will come back to you! Take care! Melanie Addis

  131. “This Is War”

    Our young warriors might wear uniforms that are hospital gowns instead of camouflage, and the battlefield might be a hospital not a desert, but the children who were killed on the front line and those currently battling Childhood Cancer are still soldiers in every sense of the word. The blood, death, screams, and carnage I have seen in the year and a half of my five year old son Cole’s battle with Neuroblastoma Cancer would rival any military combat. Through it all my son and the other children I have met on this journey have showed strength and courage in the line of duty worthy of the highest medals and honor. The moment my wife and I were told that Cole had cancer was when the first bomb exploded in the middle of our family. The “Cancer Bomb” eventually took my son Cole, but not before he fought heroically to squeeze every moment of joy out of his short life.

    The enemy that is Childhood Cancer attacked Cole with poison chemotherapy and powerful drugs, burning radiation, intrusive surgeries, and hundreds of needles that were like bullets to him. The enemy tortured him by confining him to claustrophobic hospital rooms for long periods of time with broviac lines implanted into his chest restricting his movement. The enemy stole his freedom to be a normal healthy child. The enemy inflicted excruciating pain on Cole as it spread thoughout his body attaching itself to his bones, organs and brain. And yet he fought on through the assault, enjoying the simple things of childhood as best he could. He still somehow found the strength to make others laugh and smile through his suffering. The enemy eventually won the battle against Cole, but he gave it one hell of a fight!

    During Cole’s clash with cancer I saw too much horror, I witnessed children bleeding, experiencing seizures, their little bodies deformed by the cancer and its toxic treatments, and children with limbs amputated, things most people would only see in a natural disaster or in war. I spent many sleepless nights next to Cole in the hospital while medical helicopters constantly landed, ambulance sirens wailed, and children screamed in pain and fear. I have no doubt, This Is War. This war killed my son and many other young warriors that we have met along the way. No mother or father should have to bury there young child but we did, and we met too many other parents who were forced to also.

    We were drafted into this war and there would have been no dishonor to any child or family who could have deserted if given a choice. The only choice was to fight. This war is underfunded, there is a lack of sufficient troops helping us, and the weapons we are given are inadequate and obsolete. When Cole died my wife Michelle and I could have dropped out of this war, but in honor of our brave son we have decided to stick with it and fight on to increase Childhood Cancer Awareness. Our army is growing daily but we still need reinforcements. To all active military personnel and retired veterans, please join us. We ask for your help because we know our military when given a mission gets things done. My efforts to reach out to our elected officials, major league sports teams, and various other organizations has fallen on too many deaf ears, I know they will listen to you! Our children need you in this war against Childhood Cancer. Help us spread “Childhood Cancer Awareness” Awareness = Funding = Research = A Cure! This September we will color our country in gold to raise awareness! We will defeat the enemy that is Childhood Cancer! “This Is War”

    Thank you,

    Tony Stoddard – In Memory Of Cole, My Son, My Hero (6/3/2006 – 1/20/2012)

    Join us at: “A Day of Yellow and Gold to Fight Childhood Cancer”

  132. Maya, I wanted to share this. My community and an entire local high school recently rallied around a young boy dying of leukemia. And then it was discovered that it was a giant hoax. There was no financial fraud but an entire community was duped. I thought, maybe this is an opportunity to spread the word. Maybe all people need is a face to attach the devastating story to? So, I posted on my facebook page that people might turn their outrage into action. I posted links to your Ronan’s blog and to Ty’s. And I recommended that people DONATE to pediatric cancer foundations! Because in my mind, if everyone is going to freak out over the hoax, then why not freak out over the deaths that happen in appalling numbers because there hasn’t been a new pediatric cancer drug developed in 25 years. I tell you this because your story deeply touched me and I want you to know Ronan didn’t die in vain. Good will come. People will know. xo

  133. God Bless your heart and your family. Cancer affected my family as well, the best comfort to me is knowing they are in heaven and i know they are only a thought away. I pray that the new addition to your family is healthy and happy. Thank you for being a strong force.

  134. Hello Maya,
    I listened to taylors song and saw pictures of ronan im soo sorry for your loss but i am also proud of him and you for making a serious note of cancer and the fact that you have the strength and determination to make his spirit carry on and share your emotions aswell as raising awareness of cancer and not giving up on anything im sure your little boy and the rest of your family are so very proud of you everything will be alright and one day you will be together again just keep your head high and carry on what you are do it is amazing how strong you and your family are R.I.P Ronan<3<3

    From Charleigh

  135. Dear Maya. I am extremely proud of you. You are brave, honest, strong and a true fighter – but most of all, you are a wonderful, kind, caring and compasionate mother and human being. I wished I had a mother like you – no shit! You did everything possible that any mother who loves their child, would and could do. I’ve read a lot of your blog and I know that you question yourself with the could have’s, should have’s, didnt do.. did do and all the scenarios that might have played differently if perhaps things had been this or that way…. I am so, so terribly sorry that Ronan lost his fight for life – please do not think that you failed Ronan, because as an outsider looking in, all I can see is that you both fought an incredibly brave battle together. Even though you are surrounded by family and friends who love you, I know your grief and emptiness – it will take lots of time, but it will be your healer. I hope Liam and Quinn are doing well along with your husband and your soon-to-be daughter, who is waiting to merge into the world to give you an added meaning to your life. Life is a god damned bitch sometimes and we all dealt with a hand to deal with -some more than others- but you are strong and courageous Maya and you have so much love and kindness. Cancer fucking sucks!!! God Bless you Maya, Quinn, Liam, Sparkly and Poppy… and may you forever RIP Ronan. Love and hugs to you all… xxxx

  136. Maya,

    One of my employers showed me your blog. I’m working at my school to bring an event, Up til Dawn, to the students and to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Seeing first hand the pain and suffering that this brings is heartbreaking, and I am hoping that my small part in the grand scheme of things helps in some way. I wanted to say that you are an inspiration to so many for putting your story out there and being so strong in your battle. I just wanted you to know that. Bless you and your family.


  137. Maya and family, I am so sorry for your loss of Ronan! Those words just do not express my deep sympathy for you; Mom and your family, you all lost an important part of your family structure. When I say LOST you lost the physical contact with Ronan, I know you must experience his presence everyday at the strangest of times.
    When I was 9 years old, a friends Mom died. I could not concieve how this could happen to Margaret, her Mother was young. Years later when I was 40 years old, my Mom(Mary)lost her battle with breast cancer. I was so fortunate to have my Mom for 40 years, she saw me grow up, go to prom, get married and give her three grandchildren. I was so sad, beyond sad, I didn’t think I could make it through another minute.
    Then it came to me, my classmate, Margaret was only a child when she LOST her Mom, if a child could go on why was I having such a difficult time??
    Call it whatever you want, I call it Divine intervention. After a spinal surgery, I woke up with a new believe, a new KNOW! I know our loved ones never leave us, they are not physically here on earth, but they are with us. We have to quite our lives and listen, they come to us in song, in a sunset, in a breeze in a simple ‘hi’ from a stranger.
    Maya, I know so many people have shared their experiences with you…..I felt compeled to share with you. My daughter, Danielle, is a respiratory therapist at Mass General Hospital in Boston, MA. Danielle called me one day and asked me to download “Ronan’s” song. Danielle works in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit and Pediatric Unit at Mass General. She could relate to you and your family, Danielle helps families embrace the moments how short they may be with their children. Ironically, Danielle and our Family embraced her baby girl Willow Ellyce, who wasn’t ready to be born April 10, 2011. At 17 weeks gestation, Willow didn’t have a chance outside her mothers’ womb. Willow is Danielle’s first child, and only child the Doctors have told her she can not concieve, I pray they are wrong.
    I am so sorry I have gone on..but my point is we have LOST too but gained! We see Willow in every sunset, butterfly and bubble that we blow. Danielle is learning to live without Willow, she will never GET OVER Willow(as some have suggested).
    I am praying for strength and peace for you and your family!
    Catherine Doucette

  138. i am sooooo sry about ur lose of Ronan!
    my friend told me about ur aong that you and Taylor Swift made, and i could NOT stop watching it ALL day long!
    My friends and i were all watching it and i am a HUGE cancer freak. I LOVE learning about cancer, and i was just wondering wat kind of cancer he died of?
    I am only 11 but… yea. if you would like you call me my # is 515 571 9520 thank you and sry to bother you and also sry for ur lose! :/
    I also noticed that u had VERY Green eyes and he had VERY blue eyes! Sooooo cute!

    1. He died of neuroblastoma. (I would explain it, but I fear I would misinterpret it so I recommend you look it up.) Not to be mean or anything, but don’t put your phone number because anyone on this site can call it now. You don’t know who these people are, they could be stalkers. : / 😀

      Loss, not lose. Loss is something that someone lost; lose is to lose a game; loose is like a loose tooth. I know it can be confusing. 🙂

  139. HI Maya
    I have been following your blog since reading about Ronan a couple of months ago in a newspaper here in England after Taylor Swift wrote her beautiful song. Since then there has not been a day that has gone by where I haven’t had you and all your family and especially your unbelievably beautiful and inspiring Ronan in my thoughts. So many times I have wanted to comment but just haven’t had the words. Not only am I so very very sorry for what happened to Ronan (that doesn’t even begin to sum up how your story has left me feeling) but I also find you so incredibly strong, inspiring (there’s that word again) and just generally wonderful. Like so many others have said before me you have really made me stop and appreciate everything I have and realise that I should never take anything, not anything, in my life for granted. You have made me stop and think before moaning about having a bad day, you have made me hold my children (4 year old son and 20 month girl) more, watch them more, tell them more about the bad things that happen. You have made me want to live my life to the full and to ensure that my children and husband do the same. I have told everyone I know about you and Ronan and every night I make sure to say a goodnight and hope you are ok to that little boy who the world would be so much brighter were he still here. Reading your blog has also made me a better friend (I hope) to my best friend whose little boy was at the beginning of the year diagnosed with a Wilms Tumor, but who thankfully has now been given the all clear. Without your blog I don’t think I ever would have realised just how much she has been going through.
    Thank you so much for telling us all your story and for allowing us to get to know Ronan and what a shining star he was and still is. I will never stop thinking of you all and reading your brilliant blog – and neither will I stop telling people your story or supporting the cause for childhood cancer.
    WIth all my love

  140. You inspire each & every one of us, i would never have the kind of balls you have to open up public and tell people WORLD WIDE about what you & your poor baby boy Ronan have been through, OMFG my heart nearly came up into my mouth when i read about you describing him dying, i never left out as many tears in my entire life i really didn’t, your courage your strength your dignity i love it all about you , i wish there was more people in this world that were like you then that’s when i would call the world “A Better Place” nothing is good about this world & won’t ever be till children stop going through this pain, it’s not fair, and we think we had it rough growing up, we should be thankful we got the chance to grow up, you changed my life, now when i am having bad times I think to my self, Really i call this a bad time? This is nothing compared to what Ronan went through, i have you Ronan Quinn Liam & Woody in my prayers & thoughts for now and for ever, this might sound silly, but i really would love to have a chat with you sometime in the future it would be so great, if your ever thinking of coming to Ireland somehow let me know and we could meet up, or if i am ever going to go to Arizona i will let you know, your already after changing this world just with your blog & i truly believe your going to change it even more, lots more, your an inspiration to loads of people, you and your baby boy Ronan, and some comments saying i hope your feeling better etc, unfortunately this isn’t ever going to get better, there is nothing stronger than a mothers love for her child, no matter how long it is it never gets easier, the broken heart never heals, the only time this will get easier and i hate to say it but will be the day you and Ronan are reunited, life goes on and that’s just the way it is, and since Ronan is gone, sorry but things will never be the same and im sure you would agree..
    I love you so much your making a change in this world for the better and are making a change in us for the good, i love you, your strong loving family, and of course Ronan, i don’t know if you want to think of it like this, but you could think of it this way it sounds selfish but it’s true i don’t know if you will get what i mean by this but you could say “A DAY WITHOUT SEEN RONAN IS A DAY CLOSER TO BEEN WITH RONAN”
    Lots of love sent to you and your family and your baby boy Ronan ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  141. Maya,
    I heard of Ronan from watching your interview as well as Taylor Swift’s song “Ronan”.
    I read your blogs every night. I for one, in no way think you are being dramatic for saying you are allergic to your house. It makes sense, actually. I also saw where you mentioned that childhood cancer is ignored and gold ribbons aren’t everywhere like those for breast cancer. I am a senior in high school. In my county we have to do a senior project and I chose to do mine in honor of Ronan. ❤ I chose to do a powerpoint presentation to my school on Childhood cancer to bring awareness to the cause. A lot of people DO ignore pediatric cancer. I also had a teddy bear and children's book drive where people donated stuffed animals & childrens books to hand out to a local children's hospital. I played the song "Ronan" during my presentation, as well as shared a little part of his story. I know, one person in a small town didn't change much when trying to raise awareness but your blog and your son inspired me to do this. To do a presentation on childhood cancer, to start a teddy bear and book drive to donate to the kids and to volunteer with cancer patients. You made me open my eyes and become thankful for my life and everyone in it. You're son was a beautiful boy and everyday is one day closer to you seeing him again and i guarantee that your little angel is watching over your family every moment. ❤ I hope you are doing as well as expected. He loves you, more than anything in the world. You are his mommy and i'm sure you were a superhero in his eyes. I wish you and your family the absolute best! Also if there is any way i could order a bracelet, I would love that. You can reach me at

  142. Dear Maya, i’m really sorry for your lost. Everytime i hear the song “ronan” my heart breaks. I really hope you and your family have found a way to move on but still keep Ronan in your heart. – Kajsa

  143. Hiya Maya

    I have mailed you but just in case you don’t get it I am writng to let you know my daughter Francesca is sending you a gift to brighten your day just for a little second. It will be with you form us in the UK very soon, hopefully in the next 10 days or so.

    Sending you much love and hugs

    Caroline and Francesca and Steve xxxxxxx

  144. Great news on your book deal. This will be an amazng way to take your mission forward, nobody will be able to ignore you or ever, ever forget little Ronan Rockstar. Sending you love and hugs from Uk

    Caroline, Francesca and Steve x

  145. It’s your 19th 9th day and my heart is heavy. I can only hope that the incredible pain, loss and sadness has begun to recede, if only by tiny little bits Just know there are thousands of us who hear your pain.We read your words and know how much Ronan is missed. Strangers, like me, who have met you and your family only through you blog. But we are all here supporting you. There’s so much unspoken love surrounding your family and we continue to try and be that for you-no matter what.


  146. the last couple of days i have read almost everything on here. i look up to you and can not believe how strong you are. I am only 14 and i have only been talking about this and how i want to help so many little kids that have cancer. The thing that makes me mad is i’m to young that’s all i keep hearing. So i look to the future and think this is what i’m going to do with my money. You are like a hero to me if something goes wrong i think to myself ” if a mother like her can get through stuff like this than i can get through this” . all i really want to say is you are truly amazing and just blew me away! I am so so sorry for everything that has happened. You are most definitely in my prayers.

    Love, Rissa

  147. Hi Maya, i realized even though im still a kid we make the biggest impact and i decided that i was going to stand up for pediatric cancer because 3.8 % is not enough these people in the world need to realize that 46 kids are diagnosed with cancer a day and seven will die that day its not cool. So im gonna right as many letters and talk to as many people and spread the word and i think you are an rock star yourself doing all this stuff and hopefully one day there will be a cure to childhood cancer

    Love ,

  148. Maya,

    Your writing has me so addicted I feel like a stalker, Ronan’s eyes and his spirit you depict in your blog has found a place in my heart. There is something about Ronan and Isabella Santos that from the moment I saw their picture….well, had me at hello! By the way you and Erin Santos should contact each other, if you havent done so already. You two together would be Amazing! I feel I know these wonderful children b/c of their mother’s never ending need to make this world right again. I so get that. Your pain and suffering has me so weak in the knees, gut wrenching mad. Mad for the fact that this is your life now, mad that peaople feel the need to judge, mad that any child should ever be faced with this. Your words are so raw and stripped down, I have so much emotion bursting from me, with ever entry. You will NEVER loose me as a reader! In fact I chuckle sometimes cuz you say things that I, SOOOO would say. You are alot like me and my circle of friends. You inspire me and am truly grateful that you choose to share yourself with us. Thank you and I hope to make Ronan proud of me very soon 🙂

    Tori Hartman

  149. Hi Maya,

    My name is Milena I live in Spain,I try to read your blog but while I’m reading I start to cry,because this really touch my heart,I know this is hard to you,my grandma’ had cancer and I was very worried about her,but I was not aware cause’ I was 8 and at that age I was worried about other things .Last year I went to Ecuador(Equator) to vist my family and the last image I have of my gradma’ is her crying in the hospital,she was almost to have a chemotherapy.My parents told me that she has no cancer now but she fell to concer 2 times.
    I want to donate, I think it won’t be a huge donation because I don’t have much money(I’m 12) and also, I don’t know how,its very difficult….I’m going to try to earn some money by doing chores at home to help you…Well,I’m not going to tell you more because if not I’m going to stay on the lap top all night long…



  150. Maya,
    I hate what you went through. I love your how to live like a rock star! I have been reading about Ronan since August of this year. I heard Taylor Swift’s song on the radio after a doctors appointment while I was pregnant for my third child. I have been so oddly drawn to your story and your son. I plan to donate, spread the word, live like a rockstar and follow your story and blog. I would love to be a part of the foundation if there is ever a need for support in the Midwest!
    I will end by saying that the best thing your blog has done is make me hug, kiss, and love my kids even more. I will never worry about the loads of laundry laying on my floor or the fact that my kids are eating a whirlwind dinner because we played a little longer outside, because all that matters in life is time spent with the ones you love. Here’s to more signs of your little Ronan

  151. Maya, I have been following up on your story ever since a friend of mine told me to listen to “Ronan” by Taylor Swift, and I cannot begin to explain to you how much you have inspired me. You are one of the strongest people I have ever seen. I listen to the song on a daily basis now because it is so beautiful. I have learned from reading your blogs to never take life for granted, and to love my family with every ounce of me, every day. Ronan is so beautiful, I wish he could still be here with you today, but he is not gone. He is a perfect angel who will never leave you. I wish you and your family the best. xoxo

  152. I just wanted u to know I share the link everyday. I am actually shocked we have not reached our goal. And i will Keep sharing until the deadline.
    What about creating an event in our facebooks. That way we know all our friends are seeing it , and we can put a deadline maybe it will reach more people this way. Let me know If we think this is a good idea

  153. Hello,

    My name is Kasey Kimball and I am a Junior at Montague High School in Michigan. My friend and I are producing the high schools annual Mock Rock. Mock Rock is a lip-syncing contest that is judged by the choreography and the overall performance. The event will be taking place this Saturday.

    Hearing Ronan’s story touched our hearts and we are going to be hosting a Miracle Minute during the show to help raise funds for your organization. A Miracle Minute is one minute where students will go around the auditorium for just one minute with buckets collecting money from the audience. The Miracle Minute will take place half way through the show. We will show a slideshow telling Ronan’s story along with his battle with cancer.

    The producers of Mock Rock feel that children with cancer is unacceptable and we need to be part of the change. Ronan’s story changed us and we hope to help be part of the cure for cancer so that no more children will go through what he did.

    -Kasey Rae Kimball

  154. Hey Maya,
    I just wanted to say that I read your blog all of the time and that you continue to inspire me and show me what it means to be a strong person 🙂 I am leaving this comment today to let you know that my uncle passed away from cancer eight years ago today. He passed away from lymphoma, and there is no cure what so ever. I watched what he had to go through and it was truly gut wrenching. We NEED to find a cure to this horrid disease so we can prevent others from having to suffer through the hell called cancer.

    You’re the best Maya. Keep on doing what you’re doing!

  155. Hi Maya,

    I am in bed and NOT next to my wife but next to Carson, my 4 year old son. We all have an agreement, Carson gets to ” snuggle” with Mommy and fall asleep and when I come to bed I normally put Carson into his bed where he spends the rest of the night. The past two nights this hasn’t happened, I didn’t see the need after being reintroduced to Ronan’s story, he’s just fine next to me, but I must draw the line with the 4 foot tall hippo he has brought to bed tonight.

    I was first introduced to your family’s story by Taylor Swift and Standup2Cancer. At that time I knew that I wanted to do something to help but I didn’t know how. I will be in Tempe on November 17th to compete in Ironman Arizona. Until then I will do all that I can to raise funding for Ronan’s foundation. I will dedicate my training to Ronan and your family in hopes of bringing more awareness to the horrible disease that took Roan away from you.

  156. I have watched the tribute video 7 times… And I have cried every time. The magazine article got me started and now I just can’t stop. I have been crying for an hour.. I really feel your pain. My uncle who I was very very close to, had brain cancer and passed the same year and month Ronan did.

  157. Maya,
    I love your story. I heard Taylors song about Ronan shortly after it came out and it just inspired me. I started reading your blog-starting with the letter to Taylor- and I just feel this special connection with you and with him. I even performed “Ronan” Last night at my church’s Cabaret. I take every oppertunity to tell people about him and about your story and your mission. I want to do everything I can for you and for him, I love you so much though I’ve never met you. I’m only 19, but I can’t even begin to imagine your loss and I never want anyone to have to go through this again. I want to thank you for sharing your story with the world, getting this out there. You are loved Maya, Ronan is loved and deeply missed. You are amazing and so strong and I wish I had the strength you do. You are a force to be reckoned with and an angel sent to earth. Ronan is precious and the inspiration behind a poem I wrote entitled “Taken too soon”. Stay strong, stay beautiful and keep on Rockin the world! You’re amazing ❤

  158. Maya, I wrote a poem for Ro and emailed it to you, I would be so grateful if you read it 🙂 I love you ❤

  159. Dear Thompson family,

    I’m very sorry to Hear to hear about your
    Loss. I have listened to the song about a Million times and it will never get old. Taylor is a real angel for what she did, you never know who will be that kind. I also like Taylor’s music very much, it just kind of speaks to me. I hope you will have the strength to live your life without your baby Ronan by your side.

    -Ashley monda

  160. Dear Maya,
    I found your blog yesterday and I couldn’t help thinking about death since then. I mean thoughts of death hunted me like every second, but in a positive way: I think of death so that I can live better and treasure everything I have at the very moment, especially my beloved family. Thank you so much for bringing such a huge inspiration to my life.

    I pray for Ronan and every kids fighting against cancer everyday from now on. And with all my effort, I would take action to somehow soothe their pains.
    I’m listening to a song and I feel like Ronan is speaking to us.

    One day, if I have the chance to visit America, I would love to meet him, my Little Soldier who fought hard to raise voice for the battle against cancer.

  161. Hi maya. I came across your blogs today. I have been reading them since. They are very touching&moving. I can’t even begin to explain how much you’re already impacting my thought processes, my way of thinking&how I’m spending my time with my kids; I have 3. 2 boys&1 daughter at the ages of 6,7&9. I have to say you really don’t realize the little moments that mean soo much, out of a busy normal day you just look past these monents&never really stop&think wow these moments mean soo much, you never really think about the little things your child does such as putting his shirt on backwards, eating cereal with a fork&not a spoon. You just focus on correcting it instead of ” wow, these are the moments I live for” in an everyday busy life. Today that changed after coming across your blogs. My youngest broke his bedroom lamp today bouncing a ball in his room, I normally would have been alittle upset. Today, it’s perfectly alright. You don’t get those moments back. You’ve touched me, maya. You&little Ronan’s story make me want to be a better mother, to cherish every moment; every silly, simple moments that one would past. I’m great full to have read your blogs. I feel very privileged to be let into your world&little Ronan’s. I feel great sorrow but happiness for you in that you’re impacting soo many lives soo positively in sharing Ronan’s story. I just want to say keep doing what you’re doing 🙂 you’re my idol. I shared your story with my boys today. Ronan is their hero. We don’t know you&we will probably never meet you, but we feel compassion for all that you do for all the kids out there who need a voice. You&ronan are angels sent to share a voice that needs to be heard. Stay strong maya, roman lives on in you& I strongly believe that. I believe that your journey will live on in everyone who has been touched. Thank you for being our idols. Xoxo

  162. I´ve just saw on German Televison your Story about your Son.I´m very touched and
    depply sorry for you…..such a cute Boy!!!!!
    I´m with you and very proud of you…..don´t break……LIVE!!!
    Greetings from Bremen,Germany

  163. Hey Maya,
    today we saw your story in the german televison. It makes my verry thoughtfully… i told the story my family and my friend and some of them were crying…..
    ronan was a very happy child, so it made the most impressive.

    All the best, we think of you & your fam.

    Stay Strong,
    All the best from Germany…


  164. Maya, I don’t know how to express my gratitude to you after reading your blog. You taught me how to treasure the things I have around me.
    Since the first day of reading your blog, I fell in love with Ronan. I don’t know why bad things happen to good people, but there MUST be a reason. I know nothing will take away your pain of losing your child, but THANK YOU so much, for being so inspiring; for continuing to fight this battle. You will never know just how many lives you have touched with this blog.
    Thank you again and just know that, Ronan, the boy with blue eyes will NEVER be forgotten.
    Lots of Love,

  165. sorrY to bother you, but I keep signing up for your blog and im not getting alerts and when I come on the site I have to sign up everytime.
    Ive been following your story for awhile so I dont know What keeps Happening.
    I miss getting your e-mail alerts 😦

  166. This quote is from a book about a grieving teenage girl…..but it reminds me of you, none the less- “My sister will die over and over again for the rest of my life. Grief is forever. It doesn’t go away; it becomes a part of you, step for step, breath for breath. I will never stop grieving Bailey because I will never stop loving her. That’s just how it is. Grief and love are conjoined, you don’t get one without the other. All I can do is love her, and love the world, emulate her by living with daring and spirit and joy.” ― Jandy Nelson, The Sky Is Everywhere

  167. I don’t even know what to say.
    I’m from Germany, and I saw your story in TV.
    I read your story, and just cry.
    I can’t even stop now. Why happens something like this?
    Diseases come into our live, and destroy our souls.
    It’s just sad.
    I think of you all, every day.
    Wish he could back again.


  168. Hey Maya & Woody and the boys

    I just found your blog last night by look at prayers for Emma on Facebook so I started reading your blog from the beginning and I’m still not finished the whole time I cried I can not even imagine the pain yall are going through I love looking at the pictures you have taken of him let me tell you & I know you already know this but he is so beautiful! His big blue eyes I just get to me so innocent! Just by looking at his pictures I can tell he was just so much fun to be around full of energy. Just breaks my heart. I have a 7 month old so when I read your story I just look at him and just like how could God do this? I know he has plans for us, but kids so innocent why? Why take them away from there parents. Will never know. I’m hoping there will be a cure for cancer! I just wanted y’all to know y’all’s story touched me and again I have not been through anything thing like this but it touched me I’m so sorry this has happened to y’all I wished it didn’t, I wished this didn’t happen to anybody. But Ronan is so beautiful and he’s watching over y’all. I just want to cry I could cry and cry for y’all as I’m typing this I’m trying not to cry! But I am thinking about y’all wishing y’all the best! And I will be following your blog from now on!

  169. I feel so sorry for your loss. Ronan seems like the sweetest little boy. If I could, I would donate my heart. Just so cancer is gone. Keep living your life, he is always there with you.

  170. After wiping away many tears, I thought about the right words to say to you. But I know that there are no words to ever ease any pain or heartache that you have daily. Those that say everyday gets easier are mistaken. It never does get easier just another day of coping and going on for our loved ones that still breathe. There are no words of strength that I can give you, for you are a so strong to have gone through everything that you have and to be by the side of your little warrior. I never thought that I would be shedding so many tears over my son typing in search engines his name, Ronan. It is sad fact to swallow that life here on earth is never guaranteed. All we can continue to do is love the ones we are with until our hearts are overfilled with love and joy, continue to spread awareness, and hope for a cure or better cure for all diseases. I know my Ronan is proud to say that he shares the name of such a warrior and rockstar. Love to your family and continued prayers.
    ~Anjul and Ronan

  171. R.I.P Ronan. We all love you.
    Maya and family, your in our prayers
    love, Allie Monaghan

  172. Happy Birthday to you, dear Ro, whereever you are – you are deeply missed and loved, even by the people that have never met you personally! Dear Maya and family, I think you all every day – stay strong! Love from Germany, Katja

  173. Maya,
    Just wanted to know if you have ever heard the song Angels on the Moon, by Thriving Ivory. If you haven’t, you should google it. Paragraph 5 reminds me of you.

    Do you dream, that the world will know your name
    So tell me your name
    Do you care, about all the little things or anything at all?
    I wanna feel, all the chemicals inside I wanna feel
    I wanna sunburn, just to know that I’m alive
    To know I’m alive

    Don’t tell me if I’m dying, cause I don’t wanna know
    If I can’t see the sun, maybe I should go
    Don’t wake me cause I’m dreaming, of angels on the moon
    Where everyone you know, never leaves too soon

    Do you believe, in the day that you were born
    Tell me do you believe?
    Do you know, that everyday’s the first of the rest of your life

    Don’t tell me if I’m dying, cause I don’t wanna know
    If I can’t see the sun, maybe I should go
    Don’t wake me cause I’m dreaming, of angels on the moon
    Where everyone you know, never leaves too soon

    This is to one last day in the shadows
    And to know a brother’s love
    This is to New York City angels
    And the rivers of our blood
    This is to all of us, to all of us

    Don’t tell me if I’m dying, cause I don’t wanna know
    If I can’t see the sun, maybe I should go
    Don’t wake me cause I’m dreaming, of angels on the moon
    Where everyone you know, never leaves too soon

    You can tell me all your thoughts, about the stars that fill polluted skies
    And show me where you run to, when no one’s left to take your side
    But don’t tell me where the road ends, cause I just don’t wanna know, No I don’t wanna know

    Don’t tell me if I’m dying
    Don’t tell me if I’m dying
    Don’t tell me if I’m dying

  174. Hello Maya,
    I know that you’ll probably never read this, but i just wanted to tell you somehow the impact that you had in my life. I’m from Brazil, and even here, so far away, i found strenght in your words everytime you posted. I had my own fears and losts, and i have never felt anything coming from you except strenght, and love. You are an amazing mother who inspired me to do my best to live my life completelly.
    Thanks to you and all the awereness you gave me, i’m a volunteer at a children hospital today. And i know that i’ll be a better person in the future. And become a better doctor if ever pass on the test to college. All i can say is that your posts have literally helped saving my life. It sounds crazy and delusional to say it here, like this. And even if you never read , it was something that i needed to try telling you. I always be gratefull for all the times you helped me understand some dark moments, and you helped me finding a way to light them up. Thank you for everything.

  175. Maya,
    I don’t know what to say. You’ve obviously gone through so much and youre so strong. I’m sorry that I’m not good with putting my thoughts into words, but I have so much I wish I could just tell you. My 5 year old cousin who i’ve watched grow up is suffering from neuroblastoma and this times just been so hard for me because i love her so much. im not sure why im posting this here idk its just been so painful but if you ever see this thank you for being that wonderful inspiration and letting me know i can get through this with her.

  176. Guys go like R.I.P Rockstar Ronan on Facebook and share it with all of your friends so other people will know about his strong story Thank you and God bless you people

  177. Maya, my little one was stillborn, but this song came out around the time I found out she could be born very poorly. This song tugged at my heart and is even more poignant now. (Nowhere near as heart wrenching, but I can relate to some of the lyircs.). I think what you are doing for Ronan is amazing. He will be so proud of his mummy, as will his big brothers. Much love to you from another broken hearted

  178. I used to read your blog and then I stopped when Ronan died. I don’t know what led me back, but know I’m voraciously reading every word since May 2011 that I’m not getting any work done!! I like how you say fuck a lot and hate everything – that’s how it should be. I’m wondering how/what you have been doing these last two years and can’t wait to catch up with your life, I hope you are doing better than surviving. Just surviving sucks.

  179. Hi Maya! I would to ask your permission to translate and publish your blog into Italian, of course I’ll say that is a translation and I’ll add the link of this blog. (Excuse me for the errors but i can translate very well from english to italian but i’m not good to translate from italian to english)

  180. Hi Maya and Family. Im Hayley. I am 11 and ever since Taylor Swift brought Ronan to my mind, he is all I can think about. I love so if you don’t mind, I will be asking to sing “Ronan” at by school talent show. I will be asking everyone to wear yellow and blir and purple so, this is just me saying hello to you Android popph Android have a great life!

  181. Maya you are amazing, words cant describe how brave you are, i hope you read our email, if you need anything just contact us your are a gem, im sure Ronan will be proud of you xxxxxxxx

  182. I’ve nominated you for the Blog of The Year award in the 2014 Bloggies because of the brilliant work that you do Maya, I really hope you get the award and want everyone to vote for you on Sat 1st March at 😉

  183. Dear Mrs. Thompson,
    My name is Taylor. I wanted to write and tell you what am inspiration you have been to me over the past year. Last year my friend and I wrote an article about your son and the song dedicated to him for a school newspaper. In researching we read every entry you have ever posted. Although I have not experienced losing a child as you, your thoughts hit hard, as we both only a few months later would lose a classmate and friend to cancer. I’ve never stopped reading your blog since I started. Thank you Maya.

  184. Hello Maya & Woody,

    I’m a new reader from New Zealand-may I say I was really thrilled to see the Lorde CD featuring on one of your latest instagram pics-ok-it was under a drink-but still! Good old Ella from little NZ!
    I love your blog Maya, I love what you do and wanted to let you know that you have touched people’s lives from all over the world with your honesty,love and compassion. Dear Ronan, what a precious,precious little soul. Keep up the awesome fight,the world needs more people like you in it.

  185. I just wanted to know did you really whisper in Ronan’s ear “c’mon baby with me we’re gonna fly away from hear”? I seriously listen to this song everyday it touches me how hard you fought for him and how how hard he fought

  186. Dear Maya,
    My name is Eleanor, I am a 16 year old schoolgirl in Oxford, England. I recently started reading your blog, and I am overwhelmed. I physically cannot comprehend what you have gone through. I just spent 3 hours reading your posts, and I have gone through a whole box of tissues. Your love for your family is gut wrenchingly beautiful but so painful.
    I know you must get hundreds of these messages a day, but I just couldn’t tear myself away without telling you how much I admire you. You have become my role model. Your strength is something I hope to come somewhere close to.
    Sorry to bother you,
    Eleanor Juckes,
    P.S – I am a runner too – 10km every 2 days, which in England is frigging cold! I need it to clear my head, you obviously need it for so much more.

  187. Hi Maya! My name is Francine and I am 15 years old. For the third year in a row, I walked 24 hours at Relay for Life. A few years ago, one of the best teachers at my school was diagnosed with lymphoma. It impacted the whole community and a Relay for Life team was formed to support him. A few months before my second 24 hour walk, my grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time, so I had extra motivation. Four days after the second 24 hour walk, the teacher that we walked for passed away. Our entire community mourned his loss. I finished the third 24 hour walk about 18 hours ago, and I am still feeling the pain!
    My point in all of this is to tell you what happened at this Relay for Life. I know you don’t support the American Cancer Society (and after reading your posts I’m not the biggest fan of it either), but I wanted to honor my teacher, my grandma, and of course Ronan somehow. Once it got dark, the DJ started playing some emotional songs, and the first one he played was Taylor Swift’s song for your son. I started to cry as I told your story to my friends and family that I was walking with. They were all amazed by what you do to finish the fight against cancer.
    As we walked around the track, we were supposed to pick up a bead for each lap and a colored star bead for every six laps, which was a mile. I chose to pick up pink beads for breast cancer (my grandma), green beads for lymphoma (my teacher), and gold beads for childhood cancer (Ronan). You and your son were on my mind the entire 24 hours, and I probably would have quit if I didn’t have that motivation.
    All in all, I walked 66 miles over the course of those 24 hours for my teacher, my grandma, and Ronan. I know this is nothing compared to what you and your family have done and will do, but I wanted to share with you my part in this fight against cancer. I hope you are okay with the fact that I supported the American Cancer Society and that they used Ronan’s song.
    Anyway, keep doing what you’re doing!! Fuck cancer!

  188. hi i am so sorry for the loss of your baby boy ronan i saw the song that taylor swift sang and it makes me cry when i listen to it i hope you have a great life

  189. hey Maya I am ten, one day I was on YouTube and I stumbled on one of Ronan’s videos on what kind of stuff happened I was really inspired because before that video I was sweating all of the little things like taking out the trash,cleaning off my dinner plate,and just arguing with my siblings but after the video it had a huge impact on my life,like one time after I watched the video I was in a starbucks and someone spilled coffee on someone and they started yelling and arguing but I just though if they had seen the video like I did they would have been arguing so as a community,city,town,state,and country I say we stop sweating the little thing when their are children out there in the world like ronan who have diseases and are dying from cancer everyday and SOCK IT TO CANCER👊💨.

  190. Dear Maya, I will carry your family’s story in my soul forever. I am deeply and profoundly touched by the love you all have for Ronan and the way that you honor him in your every day lives. Your blog was searingly painful, beautiful, soul-wrenching and I don’t think I am the same person I was before I read it. Wishing you and your family love and hope. I know in my heart that Ronan has never left your side.

  191. Maya,
    ive been touched by ronans amazing joyrney and i am glad to say he will forever be in my heart! he was such a beautiful young boy and he touched alot of hearts around the world! i hope all is well with the family<3
    -alexis s

  192. Maya,
    I want to start out by thanking you. For your fearlessness, your power and your motivation and drive to push the world to do things previously undone. You have shown me, a 17 year old girl, that with a fearless drive and motivated mind, I can in fact accomplish great things. Ronan has left such a huge legacy in this world on those he had never even met, including me. There are no words to apologize for your loss, as sorry will never cut it.
    I also don’t think there could ever be enough awareness, in fact there is no where near enough right now. I want to help in any way I can, more than I have. I don’t feel as if im doing enough to help in this fight, and I so desperately want to help more. Every opportunity I get I take, because this is something that has become so dear to my heart. If there is anyway I can spread more awareness or help this fight, please contact me. I am honored to be able to look up to you and I believe you’re one of the most powerful women out there.
    Thank you so much,

  193. 7/6/15
    Hello my name is Kaytline I’m 16. I found your blog about a year ago and I’ve been reading it since. I never knew the pain and loss of a loved one until recently. This Friday will make it a month since my father has passed. I don’t know how its been a month. It seems like I just got the news yesterday, I keep reliving it.
    I know that the loss of a father and the loss of a son are two totally different things but I think the grieving process is the same. My dad didn’t have cancer, we still don’t know what caused him to die but we think it might have been a massive heart attack or aneurism. It all happened so fast, he was here one minute and the next he’s gone. The paramedics say that he didn’t have any pain and I can’t thank god enough for that. I know the situations are different and I hope you don’t mind that I’m sharing all this with you but I feel like I need to get it out or ill go crazy, and if I can share it all to someone who can relate to me even the tiniest then just that would be a relief.
    I feel like I’m annoying everyone when I talk about him, like I talk about him too much but how can I not talk about him? I didn’t know he was going to leave me. We had so many plans and I just don’t know how to get over that. My whole world has changed and I’m not ready for it. I just want to talk to him one more time actually say goodbye, tell him what I’m doing, get his advice again.
    I just don’t know how to deal with this. I’d really appreciate it if I could just talk to you I know its not the same but just to talk to someone who’s gone through the loss of a close loved one is enough.

  194. I came across your blog today after reading an article on Taylor Swft. I cried listening to her talk about you and Ronan and couldn’t bear to listen to her sing your song. So I don’t know why I started reading this blog. Reading just your most recent post broke my heart. I have not been able to stop crying since seeing this. It almost feels like I am mourning the life of a beautiful little boy I never met. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss, words just fail me.

  195. Hi Maya thompson I feel sod bad that your son died of cancer even though I don’t know ronanso me he’s like my little brother he was so cute and so brave

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