My Dr. JoRo needs help saving the bereaved world.




This woman saved my life.  Truth be told, not many people out there are trained correctly when it comes to dealing with the bereaved.  Dr. Jo is trying to change this. Please pass along to anyone who you think might be interested. 


With so few providers who understand the depth and breadth of the loss of a baby/child: 

This is a rare opportunity to become a Certified Provider in Compassionate Bereavement Care (R), a MINDFULNESS based NON-MEDICALIZED approach, with trainings held in stunning Sedona, Arizona. Brought to you through a partnership between the MISS Foundation and the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Family trust, this four-day INTENSIVE training program will prepare mental and medical health providers to work with families experiencing traumatic grief.

Please share this opportunity with others in your community who may benefit.

TOGETHER, let’s change the way our bereaved families are treated after a child’s death around the world! 

Upcoming trainings in June 2014 and January 2015. Read more about the CBC program here: