Ronan’s world

Ro and I spent our morning with Lauren. She stopped by after dropping W off at school (shed a tear, Ro and W were going to be in the same preschool class). She brought me a coffee from my favorite place, Hava Java, and came over to check in on us. Ronan was in a “mood” and would not even look at Lauren for the first hour. She helped me fold laundry(never-ending) and gave me a big hug that I needed. We played hide and go seek with R after he started to warm up a bit. I think he is skeptical of anyone that comes to our house, thinking that I am either going to leave or somebody is here to poke/prod at him. It may take him awhile to get used to being at home, where things are normal and most of the hospital stuff does not exist. Lauren gave me the instructions on what they are doing in school so we could practice today. The color they are working on is yellow and  the shape is a circle.  Lauren also set up Skype with me so R and W can interact though the computer. He is very excited to see Winston and can’t wait to try it for the first time. After Lauren left we played school for about a half an hour. By the end he was rebelling against me and everything I was trying to teach him. Pretty par for the course with Ronan. He likes to push my buttons when I am trying to be the authority figure. He looks so strong and healthy, and is acting it too. He has been eating and drinking like normal. I made him a huge breakfast of eggs, sausage, and bacon. He ate all of it. We have set up his Star Wars compound on the couch. He has all 500 of his Star Wars guys and ships surrounding him at all times. So cute. My other friend, Susan, stopped by to say hi and bring me Sushi. YUM. My fav and I have not had it in months! Felt good to see her. It’s been way too long. She brought Ronan a new R2-D2 which he of course loved. She stayed for a couple of hours and Ronan loved having her here and played peek a boo with her for a long time. He giggled a lot which was music to my ears. Ronan also bossed me around a lot today. I feel like I’m living with two Woody’s instead of one:) I went to put something away and he goes, “That does not go there, it goes, there!” The kitchen was a little messy and he goes, “It’s messy in here, you need to clean this up!” He knows he’s in charge and when his daddy is at work, he has decided to take over. Cracked me up:)

The twins left with their Mimi Kay and Papa to go to Texas. They will be back on Monday. It sure will be quiet without him. They looked so cute and big as they walked out the door pulling their suitcases. We are going to miss them soooo much. It will be nice to have some quiet time with Ronan and Wood though. This weekends plans are pretty quiet. Woody will be going to the ASU football game on Sat.(Goooo DEVILS) We have a suite this year and I am a little sad that Ronan won’t be able to go. He loves football games. Hopefully, it will be on T.V. so we can watch it. My friend, Lindsey is supposed to come over and keep us company while Mark goes to the game with Woody and the boys. Auntie Karen offered to come and watch Ronan for a few hours so Woody and I can go on a date. How sweet is she!?!? The BEST! I am excited to spend some time with Woody. We have always been pretty consistent with our once a week date nights. Although everything has changed, and it’s easy to find excuses not to go…. I know that these times together are more important now, than ever. We have to nurture each other and really make the time and the effort. Otherwise, all of this is going to be much harder to survive.

Tonight, Lauren brought over an amazing Chicken Piccata, broccoli, and a yummy salad that she slaved over all day. It was to die for. About an hour after dinner she came by with chocolate ice cream and whipped cream for Ronan. She had Winston in the car and they got to have a kind of mini reunion, except W had to stay in the car and R could only look at him while Wood held him. Broke my heart. Winston was really curious about the incision on Ronan’s head. I think Ronan is feeling a little insecure about it so he kept putting his head on Woody’s shoulder and would not really look W in the eye. Hoping Skype will keep those two connected. It’s going to be hard for Ronan not to see his friend. He misses his friends Jack and Laely too. Tonight, tried to ride my bike down to my neighbor, Niki’s house to have a little couch time with her. He was not having it at all. He knows he has me wrapped around his little finger. Smart boy. He than told me he wanted to go and have a sleepover at Laeley’s. I can’t wait for the day that him and her are at the bus stop together, holding hands. Ronan and I also went on a little walk while it was dark out. He hasn’t been outside much so tonight was extra special. I carried him and we found a star to wish on. We both wished that he would be all better soon. ** Even though he tells me 10 times a day that he is all better**

Our night at home was peaceful and cozy. We all cuddled on the couch together and Woody built a bunch of Legos for Ronan. Every once in a while I would catch Woody just watching Ronan play. I hate to see the pain in his eyes and know exactly what he is thinking and feeling. Even something as simple as watching Ronan play has such a different meaning now. Every day, every minute, every second is so precious with him. Nothing in our lives will ever be taken for granted again.