Counting our blessings… twice!

Ro’s ANC counts came back and they are at 120 today. Yay! Great news for us! Dr. Wood said we should be able to go back home Friday. I slept at home last night and Wood stayed at the hospital. Woody’s banned me from the hospital for a couple of days due to me not feeling well. Mimi Kay is with Ronan now and I’m waiting to see my doctor…. Just wanting to confirm that I don’t have anything like strep throat, etc….. We can’t compromise Ronan in any way. I know I’m just run down. I’m going to rest at home today and tonight.

I saw Dr. Mengesha. He is such a kind man. He knew all about Ronan and just kept telling me how resilient kids are. He asked me if I wanted anything to help me sleep… I said no. Not going down that road. Woody would flip anyway. He just confirmed what I already knew…. A little bit of a cold and exhaustion. Mimi Kay and Karen have been taking turns with Ronan. Thank god for those two! Woody will sleep at the hospital tonight and I will stay home. It’s breaking my heart that I can’t see my baby. I just need to remember to take better care of myself…. Because if I don’t it’s Ronan who pays the price.

Trish and Marisa stopped by this morning. They brought a new big shoe basket for our front door(new rule, no shoes in house) and it was full of goodies. I really lucked out finding those two as my best friends. I’ve always known that you don’t get any better than them…..they are the sisters that I never had growing up… But now I do.

I am excited to spend some quality time with my twins today. I’m picking them up from a play date in just a bit. Liam asked me this morning if we could go and get him new school shoes tonight. I meant to take him right before all this started and it never happened. Poor kid! The twins seem o.k. I think this is hard for them to understand. Their entire world has changed in the blink of an eye. They are used to being with Ronan and I, all day everyday. I hate that we have to be apart as a family. It makes me sad that we have this beautiful house and their friends can’t come over to enjoy it. I love to be the mom who hosts the play dates, goes to their classroom, takes them to their sports, etc…. I love my house being full of kids, laughing, and playing. I just keep telling myself that this won’t be forever, and hopefully they really won’t remember any of this as they get older. And at least they have each other. It would be easy to think of all the negative things that come along with what we are going through. I’ve decided to count our blessings and count them twice!

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    "When a Queen wants gold confetti rain, Barkley, that's what a Queen gets. It's time to be bold go gold. Are you with me?" #ronan #fucancer #rtf #BeBoldGoGold #rebelwithacause @garageboutiqueforkids Welcome to the BE BOLD GO GOLD CHALLENGE 2015! Want to get involved and help us turn the world GOLD? Here are some ideas and guidelines that the lovies at The Ronan Thompson Foundation have come up with. Please help us make this September shine gold by being bold, brave and beautiful with us! Whatever you end up doing, please make sure to use the hashtag #beboldgogold

Post your submissions to: 
1. #BeBoldGoGold Dance Challenge:
-Deck yourself out in gold…the sparklier, the better!
-Turn on your favorite T-Swift jam, get your groove on & make your own personal flashmob! Dance like crazy at the store, in the park, at school or wherever you feel like spreading awareness. Bonus points if you lip synch… Tell random people why you are doing what you are doing, challenge them to do the same.
(Inspiration via Ellen: -Film it! Encourage people to give even just $5 to RTF. Tag us! We’re reposting our favorites. Can we make this go viral?! Why? Because you CAN get dressed in crazy amounts of gold & dance wherever you want. And kids fighting cancer often don't have the luxury of being kids as a lot of the time they are sick and stuck in hospitals.  Get out of your comfort zone, and draw attention to the worthiest cause of all! (Plus, who are we kidding? Random dance parties are the best). 2. Encourage businesses in your area to go gold for childhood cancer! Whether it is donating, displaying Who Is Ronan? cards, or letting you dance on their tables (that’d be awesome…). Donations can be made here:

3. Spread Ronan bracelets around! Chalk the sidewalk with childhood cancer statistics! Doing something super-awesome while dressed in your gold! Bonus points for pictures & videos.

4. Shop the cause: Get your gold on here!

5. Blast this all over social media. Turn your social media icons gold, to pictures of Ronan or any gold cancer fighter you want. This is our chance to make the world hear us and we can't do it without you!! I can't wait to see what you all come up with! Queen P is gearing up for September. #ronan #fucancer #rockstarronan #beboldgogold @ronanfoundation

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