35 responses to “Rockstar Ronan Merchandise”

  1. im so sorry long live rockstar ro my prairs are with you

    1. I have no experience with any kind of cancer,but i know enough to realise how much it hurts people.
      Ronan you are a Rockstar let the heavens treat you well.

  2. I had cancer at age 14, bone cancer. I’m 24 now and this fight is not unbeatable! You’ve got millions of people on your side and Swifties don’t give up, and neither do #survivors! My prayers are with you!

  3. Where can I get a FU Cancer shirt or bracelet?

  4. Hi, I am an 11 year old girl. When I was around 5 my brother was diegnost with leukemia. For 3 years he struggled with chemo.He is now a happy 14 year old living the life to the fullest! Just this summer my dad was diegnost with stage 2 Colon cancer! He is recovering and has only 4 weeks of chemo left! My dog was also added to the bunch! I guess all i wanted to say is I know how you feel and felt. I know it’s tough but you WILL eventually get through it

    1. You are an inspiration being so young with such an uplifting positive attitude God bless you and your family I hope they beat this awful disease

  5. Hey i will be praying for you and your family. i have a brain tumor that can cause cancer. i was born with it and still have it. it’s scary. just know i will be praying.

  6. Hiya, in a swiftie and I just wanted to say how much respect I have for you standing up for what you believe in and doing ronan proud he will be so happy that you are doing this for him and making a difference.

  7. Hey, I am a swiftie and my grandma has cancer, I know it is different but still. I want to say that the respect that I have for mama maya and her family and beyond me. I cannot even begin to IMAGINE what she is going through. I love them not just because Taylor has brought him to me but because the loss of a child cannot be explained in words. I pray for Ronan’s family and all families with cancer patients everyday. If Mama Maya reads this I would just like to let her know that I think you are amazing and Poppy is lucky to have such a wonderful Mum.

  8. Ronan you were an angel when you were alive and you still are R.I.P little blue eyed angel

  9. Maya your an angel for taking it head on Ronan loves you and so do i

  10. praying for Maya and Ronan love yuo guys and love the song Ronan

  11. I’m a swiftie and I can’t listen to RONAN without crying. Im so so sorry. I’ll keep u I’m my prayers.

  12. Makyla Rosina Avatar
    Makyla Rosina

    hi im a 11 year old girl and i love your son only if i could meet him i want to try to bring the awarness into my country and school and everything but do you know were i can first start to help im only 11 and i want to go far with this i want to meet maya and the other thompsons to be able to know how i can help i told my mom and she said you are never to young to start helping i just dont know were to start . but i think no matter how old i might just be able to do it if i can just focus on it so if you can email me to help me get started or what i can do to help it would meean the world to me and the cancer helping foundations because what ever money i recieve will go as donations so plase heklp me maya becausse i am inspired on how you are a N.E.G.U cancer mama and a idmire it about you

    1. Hi Makyla!
      I just read your comment & thought that maybe I could help you on where to start! In my opinion, Rockstar Ronans number one goal is to beat cancer! The only way we are able to do that is by getting tons of support and bringing awareness of the disease! Once that’s done donations are highly needed and always appreciated! Theres tons of ways you can raise money for the Rockstar Ronan foundation! You can talk to your school about having a spirit day where everyone donates $1 to wear a hat (or whatever kind of spirit day you would like to have) and all the money goes directly to the Rockstar Ronan foundation. You may have to give it a few tries to get it approved through the school but schools are usually all for charity work. If you have a hard time getting the spirit day approved, don’t give up, show how much you truly care and how much it would mean to you to be able to do this! Also, my cousin does a fundraiser for St. Jude. We go music studios who give kids lessons and advertise our St. Jude night! We rent a hall and charge $3 for kids and $5 for adults. We raised over $1,000 our first year! Also remember, its not about how much money you raise its about you stepping up to help in our fight against childhood cancer. Every penny you raise is greatly appreciated by everyone! I really hoped I helped you & if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask! I don’t personally know Ronans family but I love to help out as much as I can when it comes to fighting cancer! Thank you so much for everything your fighting for because its greatly appreciated by so many people(: Keep it up!

  13. I have so much respect for you , you are all so strong , im 14 and my dad has had dormant terminal cancer for about a 9 months now , seeing your story has inspired me , there is not a day since I first heard that song I don’t think of you all and little ronan especially! heaven gained one beautiful little angel , and im sure that each day he smiles down on you all . Im going to share his story with all my friends and I will do what ever I can to raise money for your cause. I think you are all truly brilliant

  14. Kelly Touchie Avatar
    Kelly Touchie

    Maya I wrote this for a school project for you and Ro. We all miss him dearly.

    A beautiful little boy around four years old
    With big, beautiful, bright blue eyes
    And a heart made out of the purest gold
    Who breaks your heart every time he cries

    He smiles because he’s too young to understand
    And you shed a silent tear every night behind a door
    And there’s no way to know what God has planned
    For that precious little boy you’ll soon see no more

    You’ve both fought so hard for four short years
    You can feel him slipping and then he lets go
    Now the hardest thing to do is holding back tears
    Because now everyone will know

    The story of a little boy named Ronan
    Who was born and just like that gone again.

  15. I am excited about the monkey hats, and I’m planning to get my 4 year old with cancer one. They are super adorable, and Inc I get it I’ll be sure to post a pic of my daughter with it on on my blog!

  16. Maya I admire you more than words can describe. You have been through so much and have such a wonderful family which supports you so much I’m sorry for your loss Ro was a beautiful boy which died way too early. Also I’d like to know where to get wrist bands and other merchandise. And also I follow @mamamaya on Instagram (@alicemerga)

  17. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since he was diagnosed. It seems like it has been a lifetime. I’m so sorry maya. Rip Ronan. Our little man

  18. i love the story of ronan he is so cute.Happy holidays. 🎅🎄~Emily~

  19. I’m so sorry for your loss when I was only 9 years old I lost my best friend to leukemia just know that you are always in my prayers and long live the legacy of rockstar ronan

  20. Hi Maya, I’m so sorry for your loss. Ronan must have been somthing magical. i can’t listen to the song without crying. Thanks so much for bringing such a wonderful little boy into this world.

    lots of love
    -Breanne ❤

  21. I’m so sorry for your lost of Ronan . I’m young but planing my future and I decided to have a kid when I get older named Ronan . I’m going to but the song on iTunes and I’ve watched all your interviews and I wanna buy a rockstar Ronan bracelet . I can’t imagine the pain . I haven’t cryed sing I was almost 9 when my great grandpa died . I didn’t cry at his funeral either . I waited to cry when I was alone . He was like my dad I never knew who my dad was or who he really was . He had cancer . It’s 2:39am right now. I’m on Texas . Ronan has very pretty eyes . He was very young when he went but I bet he’s looking down on you and your husband and kids . You’ve tryed not to cry in the interviews and the sound in your voice just made me cry . I’m a song writer and I would like to write a song for him . You probably won’t read this comment but I just wanted to let you know . And I know Ronan will be in lots of people’s hearts especially yours . And I just wanted to say that I’m here for you along with the other millions of people

  22. Michaela Pikey Avatar
    Michaela Pikey

    This breaks my heart into a million peices. Never in a million years should you have had to go through this. I’m so sorry. If I could do anything in this world to bring your baby boy back, I would in a heartbeat. It’s not fair he’s not here. I can’t stop crying. He was so beautiful. He deserves life more than anyone I know. I know for a fact he’s a beautiful angel up there with god, and Ronan is watching over you. All of you. He wants y’all to smile. Oh lord, Ronan was so beautiful. I can’t even explain how hard this story hit my heart, I’m only 16 years old, I hate cancer. Why does it have to exist. Why isn’t your beautiful baby here, this is killing me. He fought so hard, he was a soldier in my eyes. I just wish he was here. He could be anything he wanted in life. Anything. He. Wanted. This really hurts my heart. And I wish I could something to ease the pain, but I can’t and it hurts. I’m so so sorry. Prayers go out to y’all in every way possible. I love you all, and I love Ronan, he’s my inspiration, and my rock star. ❤

  23. You’re such a brave, strong family. Ronan was blessed to have you as his mother and so are his brothers! You have all been through so much and you don’t deserve it. I don’t think I could have coped with everything you have gone through. God bless you and your family, sending my prayers and love from Scotland.

  24. Hi maya. I just want to let you know I am a ro lovie and I am raising money for the Ronan Thompson foundation and I support you. i also just ordered my rockstar Ronan bracelets and i cannot wait until they come. i do not think i will ever take them off 🙂

  25. i also want to say i love your son Ro he is beautiful. i can’t believe he is gone. fu cancer!!!!!!! 😦 i love you to the moon and back, ro

  26. Ellie Swiftie Avatar
    Ellie Swiftie

    Swifties are here for you. They always will be. Taylor Swifts song will be and unforgettable, time to blast the music and sing along song forever. I’ll always love you to the non and back

  27. Ronan, I love your beautiful blue eyes! I know that so many people here on Earth miss you and will never forget you! You are in a better place I know that, with Jesus guiding you along the way in Heaven! Taylor Swift was very nice to write a song especially for you, I couldn’t stop crying! And I still have tears in my eyes while writing this right now! I love you to the moon and back!

  28. I am sixteen and i know what its like. I lost my twin sister to stage iv as well in 2002. Some days its rough, knowing that your other half isnt with you, and i want all of the tompsons to know that they arnt alone. Ronan, i know that my sisters watching over you until your family makes it to heaven with you. I love you.

  29. I have no personal experience with any kind of cancer, but i know enough to grasp and understand how much it can hurt people. I am reading this blog a little after some activity but i guess i wanted to make my mark and show that i will support in all the ways possible.Ronan you are a Rockstar,never forget that and let heaven treat you well. As Annabeth said your family are watching over you until they join you.

  30. Jennifer Burton Avatar
    Jennifer Burton

    My grandson, Robert Jr. (AKA Bubba), has a very severe case of CGD. He’s on bone marrow transplant #2. I don’t know if he’s gonna make it. He’s only 19 months old and was diagnosed at 6 weeks of age. Seeing him suffer is the WORST!!!!!! It’s soooo hard not to cry . He’s an angel on earth. FUCK YOU CANCER AND CGD!!!!!

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