Rockstar Ronan Mission Statement

This is my personal voice and mission statement. What I write on here are my thoughts, opinions, rants, raves, and truth about the experience of losing the most important thing a mother could lose; her child. This mission statement is one I made up and in no way shape or form, reflects The Ronan Thompson Foundation. This is my own Rockstar Mission Statement. To me, this is about so much more than just raising money. I want to change the world. I want to be the reason you wake up in the morning and make the most of you life. I want to be the reason that you stand up for yourself and don’t take no for an answer. I want to be the reason you are the best mommy, father, son, daughter, sister, brother, friend, lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, aunt uncle, grandma, grandpa, or ROCKSTAR that you can possibly be. I want to be the reason you live your life the the fullest because that is how Ronan would have lived his. And he never got the chance. Which is fucking bullshit. You are here. You can do anything. So DO IT!

I am not here to raise a small amount of money for childhood cancer. But I am thankful for every penny that you give. I am here to raise millions and millions of dollars for a very big dream that we have. A dream that involves the best research, care and treatment that is possible to give to cancer patients and their families. Because it is what they deserve. They deserve to not feel like they are just another number, not just another statistic. They deserve to know that they matter and they are in the best hands possible, in every aspect of this horrific fight.

This is us. This is for Ronan. This is for all the kids fighting cancer who deserve better. Who deserve the best. Who deserve to have a voice and to stop being treated like lab rats. Ronan is the reason behind this movement that is about to take place. He is the reason that we will continue to fight this fight. No parent should have to outlive their child. People need to start paying attention because as we have learned, Childhood Cancer, does not discriminate. It is the NUMBER ONE disease killer of children in the word. It claims the lives of more children annually than any other disease – more than asthma, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis & AIDS combined. It can happen to anyone. Including the most beautiful, loving, happy, family…. like us. Ronan was our everything. We were his everything. It is not acceptable that we no longer can be together. Ronan fought this disease with everything he had and lived his entire life full of courage, laughter and love. As Ronan’s mama, I made Ronan a promise that I plan on keeping. I promised him that I would continue to fight for him until people start listening, survival rates improve, and one day, a cure is found. With your help, you can play an active role in this. It will be no easy feat: It is going to take an army of love and support. Ronan did not deserve to die. No child does. The fact that this is happening in this day and age is unacceptable.

Thank you for visiting Ronan’s blog. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for believing that there is more to life, than the everyday “stuff,” that we tend to get caught up in. Thank you for wanting to be a part this adventure.

Miss you Ronan. Love you forever. I won’t break my promise. FUCK YOU CANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maya Thompson

Ronan’s mama

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  1. ROnan you are an angel of GOD !! We will stop FUCKING childhood cancer for you and for all those other kids that are still fighting or have been taken away by this horrible disease! I LOVE YOU RONAN!

    1. i love you ronan, i miss you though i don’t know you, i never knew you, i wish i did, i wish i was a part of your life, i wish i was able to help you even by just making you smile, maya honey, you’re a fighter, iloveyou. please keep doing this, i’ve read all of ro’s blog, cried for 2 hours today for him. i wish crying worked that we can have him back in your arms, i love you so much i promise you i will help with my best, i’m just a 15 year old girl but my parents will help me too, remember, you haven’t lost it all yet, darling, life goes on, ronan would hate to see you like this, he’s safe honey don’t worry, he’s such an angel and nothing can happen to him now that he’s up there living another life, witch is much eaiser than the life we have here on earth, i love you okay? keep doing this you saved me, thank you, ily bye ❤

  2. Wow!

    I came across this site randomly…
    What drew me into it was Ronan’s beautiful eyes…. I had no idea what I was looking at…
    Now my eyes are filled with tears…
    I feel for you…Never even meeting you…I feel for me….that I can every even complain about my kids…. what a “dumbass” I am!!!!
    Your fire & strait forward approach is what needs to be heard. We all need a wake up call… your journey in life is just beginning….
    Thank you for sharing…. And letting me look into those beautiful blue eyes!

  3. You are a beautiful person. I can’t even begin to understand your pain. My son (Owen) just turned 5 and I will never take him for granted. You don’t know me from a hole in the wall. Just know that, I support all you say and do. I don’t have much money, but rest assured that when I do, I will undoubtably help yours and Ronan’s fight. All of my unknown love goes to you and everyother mother, father……all that you have been through and are going through in this soul bending fight.

    Forever love and support,
    Becca and Owen

  4. I have a Mother who has been fighting cancer for almost 12 years, I feel the anger, aggression and pain in this disease….I have been reading the rants on this blog after seeing it on Facebook regarding Chic-Fil-A, in which I find their donation’s shocking as well, and wondered what type of place this was. I was thinking it was some angry human looking to ramble on about this & that BUT to see it’s origin stems from trying to help cancer, especially for a sweet little child (as well as children in general), I was shocked at the language used (by other viewers and/or the blogger herein) and the place chosen to use it….I swear from time to time and know the appropriate and respectful time and place for it….don’t know if this place is it, bit of a turn away tactic if your asking me aka the possible helping public. I choose where to help carefully, it’s a shame the face of this place is no angry and offensive.
    Sincerely, Disappoint visitor & reader.

    1. I can’t even begin to imagine the kind of person that would choose, of all things, to criticize the language on this site. There may be no more appropriate place for swearing than here. You have a mother that’s been fighting cancer for 12 years? At least she’s still alive to fight. My mother died of cancer over 3 years ago on the day before Mother’s Day. I miss her every single day and even I recognize that does not compare to losing a child, let alone one so young, yet you clearly think that a battle still being fought by an adult that has lived a life somehow compares to that of a child that never got that chance. I see in Ronan my 2-year old son, Ryker. He is MY partner in crime, as Maya has described her boy. I cannot fathom the anger I would feel were he to experience anything remotely like Ronan endured, and I would never think to even concern myself with the language I was using to express it. And for you to so condescendingly criticize someone who has lost their baby for something as minor as swearing is the height of arrogance and pretentiousness. I was in tears as I read the words posted here until I came to your statement, at which point I was filled with nothing less than rage. You may think you know the “appropriate and respectful time and place” to swear, but in my opinion you have managed to demonstrate nothing more than a complete lack of understanding of the words appropriate and respectful.

      1. Amen Chris, I too was in complete break down tears after reading the blog and to too lost the tears and was filled with anger over this last post about the language. You are right, for God’s sake, a mother lost her baby and there is nothing she or anyone else can do about it. Have some compassion!! My sons Aidan and Andrew are my partners in crime too. So shut up about the language and put your existance to some good use and give some money to the charity to beat childhood cancer. Shut your mouth and open your heart and wallet.

      2. Very well said, Chris and Mindy! To “Sad Dad”: Seriously? You’re offended by Maya’s choice of words? This is a woman who watched cancer eat her child alive and you’re going to criticize her for using curse words to describe the fucking bastard disease that killed her son? Cancer should offend you. The word “fuck” in relation cancer should not offend you. It sickens me that you would even THINK to chastise Maya for telling cancer where it can go. Here’s a lesson for you:

        Words don’t kill. Cancer does.

        I’d stay here and argue the point further, but I’m too busy trying to spread awareness and raise money for childhood cancer research. Perhaps you might consider doing the same.


  5. this is amazing what youre doing for you son and for the other kids that are struggling with cancer. keep on going, youre doing amazingand dont ever stop. i will be spreading the word too and doing what i can to help out. you and your family are great for keeping his story on. dont ever forget he is always looking over you and with you and loves you so much.

  6. I am a high school student who came across this website because I was doing research on cancer. I am not signed up to attend several fundraisers and walks because I feel that I should be able to make a difference as well. I am so sorry for your loss and am certain as well that no one should have to go through this. The fact that it has happened to someone as dedicated and loving towards their child as yourself, does prove that this can happen to anyone. So thank you for your words of inspiration. You are helping many, many families. You have already made a difference in this world, but as I read in your statement, your mission is to accomplish much more. You and your family will be in my prayers. I want for you to succeed by putting a stop to this bullshit.

  7. Inspiring people like you and your family are the very reason I want to be a doctor..

  8. Valerie J. Peterspm Avatar
    Valerie J. Peterspm

    Thank you, Maya for sharing your story!! Just heard Ronan’s song and as the mom of four boys, two on this earth and two in heaven, I feel your heart. My sons didn’t leave this world because of cancer, I only met them while carrying them for nine months. My Benjamin and Nathan died in utero two weeks from their birthday, so I never heard their little feet down the hallway but I do know that I will walk with them on the golden streets in heaven one day. My first born, Seth was born two years before my twin sons, and then one and a half years after losing Ben and Nate, our son, Will was born. My sons our the joy of my life, you see I never thought that I would give birth to any children but were blessed with our first after 10 and a half years of trying. Children are a blessing and I wish I had known your son, Ronan, because he looks like he carried around the light of all that is beautiful. Blessings to you and your family and may you with others help chase the f–kin cancer way beyond the moon. Valerie j. Peterson

  9. I just listened to Taylor’s song, it’s amazing. But it was inspired by such an amazing and brave little boy<3 cancer is a horrible thing, something that nobody understands. I don't understand why it exists, why such beautiful and kind people are taken from us? I don't get why children are taken from their childhood, fighting a batle each day of their little lives. I lost my cousin a few years ago from cancer and I miss her everyday, nobody will ever replace her. It hurts trying to move on, but you never forget them. They live in your heart forever and remain there. Ronan was such a army man, a handsome little creation that was brave and never gave up. His story touched me and I don't think that will ever change. He will always be remembered as the little boy with the big, blue eyes..the little boy who became my hero. Heaven has become brighter baby. I'll love you to the moon and back..<3<3

  10. ronan is the beautifullest little boy ever i admire your strength maya i have been thinking about this blog day and night crying since ive read it…..

  11. I can’t tell you enough how much this has changed me. I’m truly inspired by you, Maya and your beautiful boy, Ronan. You’re doing a wonderful, selfless thing, I’m sure Ronan is very proud of his Mum.

    You’re changing the world, Maya, one step at a time.

    Thank you for opening my eyes. Xoxo

  12. Thank you Maya for your strength, courage and drive to fight this thing. I lost my 4 year old niece to this same disease She died on November 23rd, 2001 (the day after Thanksgiving), but I remember her fight like it was yesterday. Rest in peace little man. I hope that you and Madison have found each other.

  13. Maya,

    You were drafted into the war on cancer. You did not just decide one day to fight this enemy. You were forced to be a foot soldier and thrown into the trenches to battle a terrifying force. With grace, courage and honor you fought. When Ronan’s battle was over you did not walk from the battlefield with your head hung in defeat. Instead you promoted yourself to a commanding officer and raged back against the enemy.

    I first Googled your angle Ronan after I heard Taylor’s amazing song Friday night. By Tuesday evening I had read his story, your story, from the begining to now. I am left shocked, enraged, brokenhearted, empty and ready to fight.

    Your honesty, anger, joy, cursing, laughter, memories, dreams and drive are changing the world. Ronan has given a face to childhood cancer; you have given a voice and a heart to it.

    Thank you, to you and your family, for all you do! Ronan and his family of warriors are forever in my heart.


  14. I was drawn here because of Taylor Swift’s song, and I am so glad. I have been crying for the last four hours while I read your story and listened to that song, and I wanted to tell you how much I admire you. I am 19 years old. I am not married, I don’t have any kids, and I can’t even begin to imagine the pain you feel over this. One thing I do know, however, is that losing someone that you love to cancer is the worst. I lost an uncle to it just over a year ago, and it was devastating. Reading your blog has given me so much respect for you. You are such an incredibly strong person. You wouldn’t be able to share your pain with the world so easily if you weren’t. I admire you so much because even in the face of this tragedy, you only want to help other people by fighting this awful disease. You are an incredible person, Maya. Actually, your whole family is incredible, and I wish you luck in your future. Thank you for sharing this with us. God bless you, and fuck cancer.
    Love, Kayla Sue

  15. Ronan is so cute! I am so sorry for your lose!!! R.I.P. you didnt deserve to live a life so bad with cancer especially when he was 3 almost 4!! I feel so bad but you are in a better place now. Your son was so adorable. When I saw the videos on youtube I was literally bawling. Even though I never met him I will always remember him. I am so sorry, God bless everyone! xoxoxo

  16. Your son is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. My deepest sympathies towards you family. Even though I never knew Ronan, I promise you I will NEVER forget him. And when I get married, and have a kid, and it’s a boy I am going to name him Ronan, after your son. Because no kid should go threw what he went threw. Ronan RIP!

    God Bless,



  17. I am also the mother of a little boy named Ronan. I just wanted to say that I commend you for your bravery: you are doing an amazing and courageous thing in the name of your Ronan. God bless you and your family. I know your Little Seal is watching over all of you.

  18. Dan in Massachusetts, USA Avatar
    Dan in Massachusetts, USA

    I, like so many others, first learned of Ronan’s story after hearing Taylor Swift perform your song on Stand Up 2C. As I listened to the lyrics, my eyes began to well up because they could have easily been written about my two year old son Jack – bare feet down the hallway …race cars on the kitchen floor, plastic dinosaurs… your blue eyes, looking into mine like we had our own secret club.

    I want to wish your family peace and healing in your hearts.

    I wanted to thank you for sharing Ronan’s story and let you know that I now hug my son a little tighter each night before bed. I’ve also made a promise to myself to try and live in the moment more each day with him. He has been the best part of my life and I tell him every day I am proud of him and to be his dad – in a small way, I will be a better father to Jack because of Ronan and your story. For that I will always be thankful.

  19. You’re strong, Ronan is an angel and you surely know. Stay well, the baby will bring you happiness and Ronan will be happy to see you well, wherever he is, he is at peace in a good place, he deserves. Stay well that he will be happy! Big hug for you and for the dear little angel Ronan <3<3<3

  20. I found out about Ronan’s story this evening after a friend text me and told me to listen to Taylor Swifts song. I have listened to it continuously and cried my eyes out.I then found myself drawn to your blog.

    I had my first miscarriage two years ago and after a year of treatment I am currently six weeks pregnant. I have been petrified for the past few weeks that something will happen but after reading your blog you have changed me. You have made me realize that I should be grateful for any amount of time I get. So I had to write and thank you.

    Ronan is the most beauiful boy.

    Ar dheis De go raibh anam xxx

  21. Ronan I love you<3. I would do anything to have you back with your family. Although I cant I can put you in my prayers. I love you so much I actually made a music video to Taylor Swifts Biggest hit Ronan. I LOVE YOU SWEET BABY ❤

  22. Maya I just want you to know that you(& Ronan), have inspired me to be the best mommy, wife, person I can be & to live my life to its fullest. Your “mission statement” is coming true in me & many, many others! F U cancer, we will win, together as an army, behind you our courageous, awe inspiring, amazing leader who has the most Romazing love to guide her:)

  23. Maya I think of you often, and although I dont want to make this message about myself, I just want to say that I am a mom who has a child who has cancer! There I said it, because I hate saying it. I only want to share that because it explains why I think of you and your family often. There are no words that I can say that will give you comfort from that beautiful angel you lost, Ronan! But Ronan will make a difference, I can feel it! I too came to know you from that beautiful song that Taylor Swift dedicated to your boy. I have been reading your blog ever since. Maya you are not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well. Although I dont know you, I draw strength from you. So I have an idea , and maybe this is an idea you have thought of , or maybe one of your other readers but I just want to share it. As I was putting on my makeup today as I do everyday, i happened to look at the name of the eyeshadow I was using it was purple and it was called rockstar (by Urban Decay). I immediatley thought of your Rockstar… Ronan. and I thought well why cant someone reach out to Urban Decay or any makeup company and get them to sell a beautiful purple eyeshadow named Rockstar and have all the proceeds go to trying to find a cure for childhood cancer. I agree with you that although I dont want anyone to have cancer at all, breast cancer gets a whole lot… and maybe this will be something for our kids! I feel like this could be a great way to raise money….well thats just what I think…. Maya you are our voice if you think its a good idea, maybe you have resources to make it happen. Good luck Maya, and Thank you


  24. Mary from Massachusetts Avatar
    Mary from Massachusetts

    I too learned about Ronan & you after hearing Taylor Swift’s painful but beautiful song. I am the mother of a 3 yr old (with gorgeous blue eyes like Ronan) & 6 mth old and I am HORRIFIED & FURIOUS about the childhood cancer & funding (or lack there of!) statistics that you’re educating so many about. You are going to change that….I KNOW that & you’re going to change the world!

    I’m sending you a check & am encouraging the people I know to do the same. Thank you for opening my eyes. I’m PISSED & as you’re showing the world, a pissed off Mommy can move mountains!

    I’m also hugging my babies even tighter…..thank you also for reminding so many what’s really important.


  25. Ms Maya Thompson,
    I first wanna tell you that you are one of the STRONGEST women i have ever met in my entire life. As a little girl my little cousin Talasia Davis was diagnosed with leukemia, she has been fighting it for 10 years now. Listening to your song, and keeping up with your blogs has truely inspired Talasia to keep pusing and fighting. Little Ronan is her … OUR hero ! I applaud you for sharing his story, and helping others (: …

    Brittany 🙂

  26. I came across your site, while voting for another one of my favorite sites and I was completely drawn in. I have not been affected by childhood cancer but know several people who have and I thank God every day that my 3 angels are happy and healthy. I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like to lose a child but I have been keeping up with your blog and will continue to do so. I think what you do and are doing is amazing and I have no doubt that you can change the world!

  27. He will never truly be gone to me or you or anyone who truly knew him or just heard of him. He was a strong boy RIP Ronan and his family we will pray for you

  28. wow this story is heart braking but inspiring at the same time. Ronan is blessed in gods hands and even though the unfortune of his loss is tragic, Ronan is always here in your heart! keep fighting and always keep your promise to Ronan! you are a special person and what you are doing is a wonderful thing! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!

  29. glenda winternheimer Avatar
    glenda winternheimer

    I usually donate to the aspca or animal humane. Don’t get me wrong I am a supporter of cancer research but I always thought there is tons of funding for cancer research. Until I as a swimmer and runner with no family history got diagnosed earlier this year with breast cancer. And I am lucky because of all the funding and research and awareness. So when I watched stand up to cancer and found out about Ronan I made the decision to also donate to your foundation. I like your attitude and hopefully at some point there will be a cure and screening available so kids like Ronan have a better shot at beating this fucked up disease

  30. Presleigh Jordan Avatar
    Presleigh Jordan

    Hi maya my name is Presleigh. I have something I need to talk to you about. It’s for Ronan. If you could, please shoot me an email. Thanks Maya(:

  31. My teacher showed us this in school and i criedd he is and will always be a gorgeous child he fought foe us now we have to fight for him

  32. Wow my friend told me to look this up that when I read it I would probly cry and I did that is the sadest thing I have ever read and I feel so bad for you he is so adorable and you r a strong woman to be going through this
    Love ,
    Paige pollock & family

  33. This broke my heart!!!! I have never ever seen a angel on earth till I looked in Ronans eyes!!! God needed him back..Maya I am TRULY sorry for your loss!!! FUCK CANCER!!!

  34. This is the most beautiful blog and tribute to sweet sweet Ronan. I have no doubts that he is in Heaven looking over all of you. You are an inspiration to everyone and I know that because of Ronan and yourself lives will be changed forever. May Heavenly Father bless you and your sweet family. Thank you again for sharing something so special and powerful
    ❤ Paige Hall

  35. Maya, you are truly an inspiration. You and your family have been through hell and back, and nobody deserves the slightest amount of what you’ve dealt with. The fact that you are taking this horrible situation and turning into something beautiful is well…a beautiful. Your I will be praying for you and your family. I hope someday that I can meet Ronan in heaven and thank him for giving others something to fight for. God Bless.
    Love, Shannon Case.

  36. Dear Maya
    I learned about Ronan’s story from Taylor’s song which brought me to tears. I have a lil girl and all I could picture was if that was her, I don’t think I could remain as strong as you. You’re truely inspirational. I wanted you to know I’m going to be doing a cover of that song tomarrow for a club I’m in, before I start I’m going to show some pictures of Ronan and tell a little about his story and give them the URL to this site.My daughter may not have cancer (or at least hasn’t been diagnosed with it yet) but I still feel like it is soo important to let people know cancer sucks and people of all ages including children can be diagnosed with it. Stay strong…
    Love Janice Tanner

  37. Maya,
    You should travel around the country to schools telling your story and what it was like to go through that experience. It will inspire people and you can tell people about Ronan, some people don’t know who he is, you will inspire all the people that had no idea who he was. I hope all is well, We love you and your family. We LOVE Ronan.

  38. Maya u are my families insparation my 5 year old cousin is fighting cancer since he was 2 its been really hard his name is garret and when he heard ronan he cried my family LOVES YOU AND YOURE FAMILY WE PRAY FOR YOUR FAMILY EVERY DAY

  39. Ronan we love and miss you Avatar
    Ronan we love and miss you

    You Ronan are, were and still in everyone hearts.I will donate all I have to beat that awful disease that ended so many little kids lives. Ronan I never met you but you seemed like the best boy in the world. Keep rocking like a rock star little Ro .WE all miss YOU

  40. You are my hero. I miss you so much even tho I don’t know you. I read what ur mom puts on here and cry my eyes out. I can’t wait to go to heaven and meet you Ronan you are the strongest kid I know. I have lost 9 family member to cancer in the last 4 years. And I know there are up in heaven now watching over you and making sure you are safe. Your mom has helped me move on and know its ok to let go of a loved one. She is my hero to. If I could have had one wish it would have been me who was in your spot and not you. You were just a lilttle kid you shouldn’t have gone yet. I cry every night wishing it could have been me. I hate cancer so much!

  41. Ronan and Maya is my hero.

  42. Maya you and Ronan are the biggest blessing i have came across , your words I felt deep in my soul as I read all your blogs from when your fight started :-(.. I wish I could have helped so bad . I don’t know you but I wish I would have had the privilege to have you as a friend. You are truly amazing and inspire me
    To be the best mama I can be . Thank you so much I love you and Ronan forever and forever you will be in my prayers .. We can find the cure 🙂 thanks for being awareness.

  43. Maya,
    So sorry. I really wish that this was just a cruel nightmare, but as I look around our world, I see many of these stories, and I realize it isn’t. I know you probably didn’t see it coming. Nobody does. That is the problem. Cancer catches everyone by surprise. Especially the ones that are loved most. I may only be twelve, but I always donate all the money in my wallet to St. Judes. I do all I can, and it is because of Ronan and his beautiful eyes, and you and your fighting, and never giving up.
    Stay Strong,

  44. I love Ronan I is he a live shaft and happy I love you Robaby even those I don’t know you

  45. I am sad to admit that I hadn’t even known of your sweet little boy until today. I sat here crying for an hour over Ronan as if I actually knew him. The point I’m trying to make is please know that your son didn’t die in vain, and though of course he should be here on earth with you and your family, he’s helped so many by helping raise awareness of childhood cancer.

    All my love to your family and sweet little Ronan.

  46. Thankyou Maya.. you have inspired me. I don’t personally know you, but from reading your blog I feel like I know a part of you and so does the rest of the world. You have inspired me to really live and love those around me more than ever. You’re doing amazing things and I just can’t believe everything you’ve done, its so amazing… I roughly wrote about your blog on my blog and even though I just started my blog I hope it leads people to help you in your fight to fight against cancer. Milco.

  47. Olá, sou brasileira e a história do Ronan já chegou por aqui. Baixei a musica da Taylor e procurei no Google sobre o blog, é muito triste tudo isso mas desejo que a cada dia você consiga superar mas não esquecer desse seu lindo anjo. Força e fé porque todos estão com você.
    Beijos para a família que conheceu um verdadeiro ANJO.

  48. Maya you inspire me to live life and I give you and ronan my blessing lets find a cure and let’s find it quick

  49. Maya you inspire me and you teaches me to live life to the fullest . Lets beat cancer lets beat it quick IHATE U CANCER . I’m proud of you were right behind u defeating cancer were an army now and we will work together to defeat cancer lets find a cure and quick thank you for being an inspiration maya

  50. SO SAD =(
    Ronan and your Family …
    The World loves you …

  51. Hello, I want to say that both ronan like you are an example to me, I’m not American, but I hope I can help you with everything you need
    your going to change the world

  52. I think that what you are doing for this wonderful child is amazing. I read your blog a lot, ( I have it saved to the home screen of my iPod!) I don’t know what the world would be like without people like you that stand up for what the believe in. Ronan will forever be in our hearts. You are not alone, keep on fighting. For Ronan.

  53. I know in my heart that you did everything you could to make Ronan’s life the best possible. I myself lost a loved one to cancer, My Aunt Miriam had passed when she was 24 due to leukemia. My mother had decided to honor her when I was born, giving me her middle name of ‘Raquel’, to the fact that she passed two years before I got the chance to meet her. Every time I visit her resting place, I always cry, wishing she was here, wishing she could have traveled, became a mama, and done everything she ever wanted. But you have honestly changed my views, helping me to never take things for granted, and always tell my family how much they mean. You are an EXTREMELY strong mother, and I want you to know that we all should take a stand to finish of the battle of cancer, no matter which kind it may be. May you continue be amazing, kind, and a strong supporter as always, in the name of ending this terrible disease, for everyone, and especially for your beloved son. YOU are Ronan’s Rockstar Maya, and never forget how much he loves you, as he continues to be your guardian angel in heaven, watching over his family :):):) ❤

  54. Ronan was a true angel and I hope Ronan is in a good place smiling down on his wonderful family. I am Australian so the distance doesn’t help but I will do everything I can to help out with this amazing organisation. 🙂 xxxxxxx ❤

  55. Nicole Marshall Avatar
    Nicole Marshall

    I am a Mommy of a beautiful 4 -year-old little girl and I will live my entire life every day being grateful, God bless you

  56. I know you don’t know. I don’t know you to be perfectly honest. But I do know that you and Ronan are stronger than most humans that walk this Earth, me included. I’m only a child, yes, but I understand what cancer can inflict on each other. My Grandma had lung cancer, thankfully she didn’t die of it, though the cancer had a role to play as to why she’s above me and not with me. My cousin just died a mere three weeks ago, he was only four, he drowned in Lake Echo in Montana and I swear, everyone, even the toughest men, can’t ignore the fact that cancer is completely and utterly DEPRESSING. I can’t say I know what you’re going through and honest to God, I hope I never find out. But I hope you know how much support and online family you have made. Because of your baby, many others are trying to find a cure to cancer for children and adults alike. I know it feels as if God has somehow betryed your trust, my aunt felt that way, and that she didn’t understand why it was her baby. She couldn’t understand why it was her baby that was taken all too quickly. But, and I know this doesn’t compare to having your baby boy back in your arms, you’ve helped millions of other babies with cancer. My family and I, including my aunt, send our love to you and we hope to God you see your son in your dreams. Dreams can carry you a long way. ♥

  57. I would have loved to meet you Ronan! I wish there was something i could do. I couldn’t imagine losing my 4 year old brother. For all you others out there, keep fighting and being a rockstar just like Ronan!:)

  58. Hi, Maya,

    My name is Ashley Kessler and I am graduating from nursing school is less than a year. My dream is to work with children. My mother and I are in the beginning phases of making a foundation called MOM #2. (Our site is fairly new and amateur, but we really like how well yours is.) We have one purpose, to enhance child safety within communities, between parents and communities, parents and teachers, and most of all between parents and children. We have had our house as a safe haven for children and teens to go in time of need, but we’ve seen the lack of concern, funds and safety implementations. Your story and foundation is an inspiration to what we would like to accomplish but not just cancer but safety as a whole. We are sorry for your loss. God bless!

    Thank you,

    Ashley Kessler

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