Look what you made her do.

Ronan. I could not be more proud right now. Of the person Taylor is and always has been. Her new song. This video. The way she is so self aware and has taken everything that has been thrown at her and turned it into a masterpiece. Not only does she continue to evolve as an artist but as person as well. The levels of depth she has, the layers of herself that she is revealing… I am in constant awe of her but I am never surprised. I’ve known since the first time I looked her in the eyes that not only is she one of the kindest souls on the planet, but she has this inner strength that will take her wherever she wants to fucking go in life. Nobody can stop this girl. And the ones who try are fools. She has a fire in her soul that cannot be contained and a love in her heart that is pure and good.  Those two things are unstoppable and so incredibly inspiring. I am so glad Poppy has her to look up to in this life and I am so thankful for the beautiful love story between you and Taylor that I often tell Poppy at night as a bedtime story. It is one of the sweetest stories I have ever known.

I have to run to a meeting little man. I’ll write more later. I miss you. I love you. I hope you are safe.

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  1. II will check out the video in a moment. From the pic, it looks cool. A review I read about the new song was cool especially when she says ” the old taylor is dead” meaning she’s not gonna let people like kayne and kim and katy perry trample all over her and ruin her spirit.

  2. Can’t wait for Taylor’s new album and your book! I am hoping that no one can stop either of you – thank you both for being such amazing role models.

  3. I can’t wait for Taylor’s new album and your book! I don’t think anyone can stop either of you. Thank you both for being such amazing role models.

  4. I just watched Taylor’s performance of Ronan at the 1989 tour and wanted to come on here and tell you that I love your blog. Ronan is remembered by so many of us through you sharing his memories with the world, and through the beautiful song that you wrote with Taylor. Thank you <3

  5. Hello, Maya, my name is Bruna. I will be honest with you, I knew your story and little Ronan because of Taylor Swift. After everything that happened I always wanted to tell you something, to write something that could comfort your heart, but I always felt so small in the face of the immeasurable pain that you felt, I thought, what a complete stranger could do? I did not want to be inconvenient, I preferred to follow from afar, but I always thought of you and transmitted you good feelings. I always followed your blog, from the beginning, I like your posts, and I think you write very well, I always cry. Well… is because of one of his posts that I am here, to be more specific, because of the last post. When I started to read, tears rolled down my face, and I found myself thrilled and crying until now. I always get excited about the way you talk about Ronan, I always get excited about how you talk to him, and today I was thrilled by the beautiful way you talked about Taylor to him. You conveyed such a beautiful, pure and true feeling, You have managed with beautiful words express everything I think and feel about our Taylor, and thrilled me with your love so true. I’m so happy to know, that you tell Poppy, the beautiful story between Ronan and Taylor, this makes me so happy, I honestly do not have the words to describe. Thank you for transforming my feeling and the feelings of thousands of people into words. Thank you for bringing Ronan into this world, thank you because thanks to you, this little angel made Taylor an even better person than she already was. Believe me, when I say he did a lot for her. You are a brave woman, fearless and strong, you are graceful, beautiful inside and out, you are so special that God has given you the opportunity to spend a few years of your life with the best person in the world, the little angel Whom you called, Ronan. I’m pretty sure that today you’re a much better woman than I ever, I’m sure Ronan has taught you a lot, and I’m sure Rona’s life makes itself present every day through yours. Always be happy, keep living because it is through you that he will live forever. I not want to extend me a lot, I wish you much happiness, health and love. Stay well, always take care of yourself, and please, continue to enchant us with your beautiful texts, they improve my day and always encourage me.

    With love: Bruna (from Brazil)

    PS: Sorry for my bad english.

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