5 thoughts on “Stay Gold…”

  1. That article is great! Gave me the chills! Keep the gold coming! I’m gonna be in New York on Saturday, but unfortunately I work till 3 😦 so I can’t make it for the run. Hope to meet you though! πŸ™‚

    ALWAYS thinkin of you and your family and all the sweet souls out there, including your Ronan! Love you all!

  2. I am just finding out about this little boy’s story today, and I have cried so much. But the more I think about it and look at his picture, I have to say, he looks like an angel; I’m not religious at all, but he does. That kind of perfection just isn’t possible for normal people. So, I think, he wasn’t a normal person. He was meant to come down and touch millions and millions of hearts, that was his mission, and his mother’s mission is to continue with it. The most beautiful, purest hearts are often the ones chosen for the most terrible pain, because their strength is not something from this world. They are SO much bigger than this, they are meant for SO much more. And Ronan is meant for much bigger things and better places. All my love to him and his family.

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