Today is 22 months since you left this world.

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Ronan. 22 months seems impossible. 22 months seems like a joke. 22 months does not seem real. We all miss you so much.

Today, is also Macy’s birthday. I know you would not want me to be sad on this day. I know if you were here, we would have woken Macy up by calling her on the phone and singing, “Happy Birthday,” to her. I will have your brothers do this. I’ll think of you, while they are doing so. I know how much you love your Macy. How much we all love her. She misses you so much.

I love you, Ronan. Happy Birthday, Macy. You are my other soul mate in life. The sister I never had. Thank you for always making us smile and laugh, even on the hardest days. I always say you are one of the most special gifts that Ronan left us.

We love you so much.


13 responses to “Today is 22 months since you left this world.”

  1. I know this doesn’t matter at all– but I can’t help saying that neither of you look a day over 25. Beautiful inside and out. xx

  2. Thinking of you RoMama & Rockstar Ro!
    Fucancer. Ronan should be here! XO

    Happy birthday Macy!

    Always rolove
    Maya’s mafia

  3. Happy birthday, Macy. Miss you Ronan!

  4. I’ve been watching many of the YouTube videos of Ronan and my heart breaks all over again for you. Praying for you so much right now. big hugs ❤

  5. Happy Birthday Macy! Thank you for being such a wonderful gift to the Thompson family!


  6. Happy Birthday Macy.

  7. F u cancer, 22 months is insanity. Happy Birthday, Miss Macy!

  8. I read your blog all the time. I’m so sorry.
    It shouldn’t be like this. It’s so unfair.
    I work with people affected by cancer. Unfortunately it knows no boundaries, there is no discrimination in race or age. I have a son and couldn’t imagine. But because of my job I am in constant fear for him. I whole heartedly believe that YOU and RONAN will change the world of Childhood cancer.
    FU Cancer, and 22 months SUCKS. I am so very sorry

  9. WE love you so much …
    22 months without Ronan, and so much love for him

    take care !

  10. Abdul in New Zealand Avatar
    Abdul in New Zealand

    i know your feeling , its hard you lose someone you loved

  11. Happy birthday to macy, she seems like a little sweetie and a ray of sunshine to be around!!! Macy is good medicine for you maya!!

    It was mothers day in Ireland today! Usually my daughter would go off with daddy for an hour or two and I would go get pampered, nope not today spent every single second with her and loved it to bits!! Thanks for making sure I cherish every single second with my munchkin!!

    Kisses to you maya… Xxxx

  12. Maya,
    This is a little random (especially since I don’t know you, haha), but last night I had a dream that I was looking into the woods behind my house, and you and Ronan were out there looking for something. I didn’t talk to you, but for some reason, I’m pretty sure you were on a scavenger hunt =P You never did find what you were looking for, but neither of you got frustrated because you kept cracking each other up and laughing.

    I don’t know if this silly story helps or hurts, or what. I just want you to know that even complete strangers think about you and cherish your relationship with Ronan every single day.

    Thanks for giving us Ronan.

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