30 responses to “American Cancer Society you make me want to VOMIT. So does your CEO and his 16 million dollar retirement package.”

  1. That is just sick! Lining their own pockets on the backs of those suffering with cancer, and begging for more and more money to do it with. Terrible!

  2. OMG, how does this happen? is our government that corrupt? How did we let this happen? All I can say is holy $$ck. well we just need to move our money elsewhere, like to Ronan. Are you all getting pressure from the “traditional” groups?
    Thanks to Ronan and you for fighting so hard for kids and cancer funding in general.

  3. I cannot believe I let them use my beautiful bald baby’s picture! Haven’t supported them since I found out what pond scum they are!

  4. That is sick! One of my friends wanted me to do the Relay with her, but there is simply NO WAY. I can’t believe that people go to all this crap, raising money, and not giving even helping kids and adults fighting cancer! My cousin recently did a fundraiser at her school for this shitload of a Cancer Society! If I had known how bad it was, I would have told her to support Ronan instead! Maya, I promise I will help change the cancer world, as a doctor working at your Neuroblastoma Care and Research Center, because I believe in Ronan. I promise that this ‘Society,’ and Cancer will get taken down. I will not break that promise.

  5. Is there any such organization left that is not run by money hungry corrupt people??? This is unbelievably depressing, especially when virtually everyone I know contributes in some way each year…. Don’t let it get you down or stop you Maya, let it ignite you, and propel you further, as Ronan does..

  6. Stopped giving to them 15 years ago when my so was dx with Rhabdo… and none of our kids or family participate in the Relays, which are scam. I have posted this on my FB and may make it a weekly posting. The Truth 365 is on a mission like you Maya…we just have to keep opening people’s eyes!!

  7. Susan g komen foundation is just as bad!!

  8. The American cancer Society is not run by the government.

    They are the ultimate shit stain organization – pulling at heart strings through relays and fundraising, only to pay their CEO $2,222,000 last year. That would have given a very sweet start to the Neuroblastima center, huh?


  9. I just want to throw up. My birth mother died of melanoma and I was going to do relay for her but I will put my energy, time and money elsewhere.

  10. This is the sadest thing I have heard. It pisses me off. My family was a big supporter for the relay. What a freaking joke. Its time we Americans demand that they use the mone to help cure cancer not line their freakin pockets…….Karma thats all i have to say.

  11. This makes me sick to my stomach.

  12. Everyone feel free to post this on ACS’s Facebook page so all their supporters can see where their donations are really going. I would do it myself, but it’s posts like these that made them ban me, he he!

  13. Keri Fredrickson Avatar
    Keri Fredrickson

    What the “F”!!! I am so pissed off! From now any time they ask me for a donation, it goes to Ronan!!!

  14. This makes want to get sick. For real. Thinking about everybody who has cancer. And thinking about people who donate who honestly think that their money is helping people, and it’s not. I’ve donated to them before, but NEVER AGAIN! It makes me sad to think that their are people out there who don’t feel guilty about lining their own pockets off of the money of hardworking Americans who are trying their best to help cancer patients and future cancer patients. I don’t how far my email will make it, but I emailed the CEO at the ACS and basically told him to fuck off, and that I would be telling everyone I know not to give to them anymore. I also posted your link on my FB page. I’m sorry Maya. I’m sorry that because of shit stains like the ACS that no cure could be found for Ronan. Or Ava. Or Teddy. Or Ty. The list goes on. But it needs to stop. The list cannot get any longer. Maybe if we start donating to trustworthy foundations, like the Ronan Thompson Foundation, actual cures can be found, instead of CEO’s getting a $2 billion salary.

    Oh, and FUCK YOU CANCER!!

  15. Thanks for posting this link. I’ve shared it on my facebook. More people need to know this.

  16. Maya, You are doing such good work! I’m glad that you posted this article, because maybe it will make more people aware of how greedy the cancer industry really is. A lot of people are just unaware of this. I think everyone here should re-post this article and spread the word. We also need to be aware of all the genetically modified food we are eating that may be contributing to cancer.

  17. Wow! What an eye opener! Disgusting!!

  18. Also, under the link Maya posted above, everyone should search a great article called Alternatives to Cancer, Inc. Great information that everyone should know about, but somehow always kept from the general public. FU Cancer!!!

  19. I’ve never really know what it is like to truly cry. I mean sure, I’ve cried millions of times. the Time I loss my teddybear, the time I scrawled my knee, the time I got bullied but after reading your blog I’ve cried. the first time I ever actually CRIED. I can’t even begin to imagine the Pain you,woody,Liam and Quinn must be going through.i hope someday gold childhood cancer ribbons wrap cans of soup, just like breast cancer ribbons do. These children are fighting as hard as they can, yet their voices are to quiet.thankyou maya for giving these poor children a voice. The children on earth and they children in the sky finally will have a voice, and maybe for once, it will be heard.
    With love and adoration,

  20. How can you turn this into an opportunity?? You and all the other amazing grass roots foundations should get your board members together and take over!!! The ACS already has a name. Instead of being sick about it, use it to figure out away to take their place!! You and Cyndi at the top!!!! There must be a way!!!!!

  21. hey maya i have a question to ask you and a statement first of all my co worker just came up to me and said lets climb to conquer cancer I asked her who supports it and she said American Cancer Society I told her no she said why i said because they only give one penny per dollar to childhood cancer she said ohhh wow i didnt know that with that being said do you know any events in the phoenix, metro area that does walks or climbs for childhood cancer if so can you send me information on it or tell me where i can go to find it..Just to let you know because of you or (Ro) I am now aware of childhood cancer and would like to parcipate in events I honestly didnt know anything until finding your blog….so I thank you….

  22. Maya, read this article about Susan G Koman…along the same lines as ACS.

  23. Wow, pardon the language but they fuckin suck. I knew they were bad, but I had NO idea they were this awful. This is not right. This is a reason I’m disillusioned with many of the large “charities” and will support the smaller non profits such as Ronan and Ty’s, as you have a very personal stake in fighting the evil monster that is pediatric cancer, and will put that money towards the most promising research.

    Thank you so much for the link. I’ll share this right now.

  24. Sickening. Absolutely sickening. Sharing this with everyone I know

  25. Maya,

    I’ve donated my time and money to the ACS through its local Relay for Life event and after reading this article I’m shocked and sick. If i was to donate to your foundation, what would my donation be used for? Big fan of your efforts and this blog. Take care

    -Michael Pate
    Burleson Texas

  26. It does suck that their CEO makes so much money. They do have good programs like Look Good Feel Better and their hotline offers cancer information and resources. You could ask that your donation goes toward a specific type of research, like breast research. It sucks for the employees that work there and barely make ends meet.

  27. When will people open they’re eyes and see the fucking truth.All they do today in society is brainwash the youth.run,shit,and piss for cancer to raise money for these bunch of corrupt cocksuckers at the top of the pile of shit.These motherfuckers will get theirs one day though.

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