I have been watching this for days. And crying about this for days. This is why new, innovative research is so important. It’s time to think outside of the box.


I am so proud that the first thing you all helped us fund, went to CHOP. They are doing such groundbreaking, amazing things for the right reasons over there. Thank you all, for helping us support them.



47 responses to “I have been watching this for days. And crying about this for days. This is why new, innovative research is so important. It’s time to think outside of the box.”

  1. Holy shit, Maya. Research, baby. Donate, baby. I need to go watch this like 100 more times. Sharing everywhere. ❤ you. xoxo

  2. That is incredible Maya…I will continue to support this until there is a cure. This is truly remarkable and you have worked so hard to have the right people in your corner. This little girl is amazing and inspiring! I am passing his on to everyone i know – let’s blow up Childhood Cancer this year and make it known to everyone…there is a cure…it will happen!!

  3. Lauriefromfrance Avatar

    OMG this video is so amazing!!!
    So good doctors, with so big heart!
    We are going to kill cancer, Maya!!!! =)

  4. Wow, this is incredible. HIV going toe-to-toe with cancer, with success! What a great video too- really well done for a 3 minute piece that wraps you in and keeps you hooked till the end.

  5. I started crying like a baby when he says, Emma woke up and didn’t have leukemia. This is why groundbreaking research is so vital and people like you are making it happen!

  6. This is amazing.

  7. Romazing!!! Badass!!!


  8. Wow!! I am sharing! This totally kicks cancer to the mother fucking curb!!!

  9. Absolutely AMAZING!!!

  10. Who would’ve thought Hiv would be the one to kick Cancers ass?!

  11. Michelle from MI Avatar
    Michelle from MI

    This video is very inspiring…..I am a doner for life in this…

  12. This is awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! This is an inspiration to all cancer fundraising!!

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  13. http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/Jack-Andraka-the-Teen-Prodigy-of-Pancreatic-Cancer-179996151.html?c=y&page=1
    Hi. Would you take a look at this entire report about this young 15 year old genius? Perhaps he will be the one who can figure out how to test for other cancers as well. Right now, he has created a way to test for three different types so far. He is certainly thinking outside the box!
    I continue to follow and love your blog. I wish you all the very best! Romazing for sure! Love to little Poppy and your family and friends who are fighting the good fight.

    1. Charee Harrison Avatar
      Charee Harrison

      Wow. This kid is amazing! He has such potential. Hopefully he’ll be working for Maya one day, in 10 years when his plan comes to maturity.

  14. Thank you for sharing, I only wish Ronan’s story had an ending like that. I know of a little girl with relapsed neurblastoma at CHOP now. Those doctors are the true rockstarts of the world. Not Kim Kardashian 🙂

  15. Thank you for sharing! I am crying tears of joy for that beautiful girls family and for the HOPE that short documentary brings!

  16. Takes your breath away..there are brilliant, kind people who want to help children..Hope reigns amidst the desolation. Faith restoring. I lost my beautiful son due to a preventable accident in NYC related to the greed and laws that protects the landlords. I have a picture of my son where you can look into his beautiful soul, as I can when I look at Ronan. Your blog has been a friend to me during days I could not imagine you could live through….My thanks.

    1. I, too, lost my son recently. He too, would not have died had it not been for the selfishness of others.
      In addition to this wonderful blog, you can find other blogs and sites by and for bereaved parents at the site that I’ve been curating in memory of my son.

  17. Maya, I have emailed you a few times. Emma Whitehead in this video is one of Penn State’s THON kids. Penn State Dance Marathon STUDENTS have raised over $78 Million to treat and research cures for pediatric cancer, as well as financially support families with kids in treatment. Their big fundraiser is in just 2 weeks. http://www.THON.org. They raised over $10 Million last year alone. It would be great to show your readers that anyone can help fight this horrendous disease. This is an organization of students alone fighting the good fight.

  18. Wow! Crying here! What an incredibly precious video! I love Dr. June’s big smile at the beginning and his tears at the end. Wow. Beautiful.

  19. Holy Shit, Maya, you’re doing it! You’re making big fucking waves with Ronan and this stupid cancer bullshit. I don’t have a lot of faith in this world but I have a fuckton of faith in you and what you’re going to do to change this cancer killing babies bullshit. Safe travels to NYC, hope to bump into you!

  20. OMG – I got chills! My son is a high risk N.B warrior and to think of all the toxic sh*t we put his body through to get him to remission. If only……if only! Video very well done too & may be a model on how to balance the horror of cancer with the hope of the cure in a way the world can embrace. I’m with you, Maya & Ronan! You can do this!

  21. All I can say is WOW!!! I read about this a number of times and still I’m amazed. I cry each time I see the video of Emma!!!
    All this awareness is because of Maya and Ronan!!
    Thank you

  22. SO amazing. Gives me the chills. Thanks for sharing and thanks for all you’ve done to fight this disease.

  23. Marilyn Benjamin Avatar
    Marilyn Benjamin

    Maya-this is so incredible-thanks for sharing this-tears and chills-you are always in my thoughts!

  24. I am in absolute awe of what is possible with funding for cancer research. This treatment is so innovative and beyond our wildest dreams. You are doing remarkable, incredible things, all in honor of Ronan. I know that you will never stop fighting, thank you.

  25. Fantastic. Just….amazing. Tears

  26. OMG FUCKING AMAZING!!!!! I am sitting here in a puddle at work but amazing!!!!!!! Cancer you have been given notice!!!!!

  27. Hey Steve, Check out (click on) the “vimeo” website below. Dr. Grupp is one of the doctor’s who explains a new treatment for leukemia….thought you’d like to see. El PPF….

  28. The child I told you about in a previous comment had tcell treatment and it killed off NB. Sadly he got an infection he couldn’t fight as his body was too weak. These people are magic. It shows you what money can fund. That’s why awareness is crucial and the Whitehouse better light up gold for maximum awareness or I see a lot of angry people ahead!

  29. AMAZING! Definitely something starting here. You’re right, it’s time to think outside the box. Way to go science!!

  30. I am so happy to see you post this link. Emma Whitehead lives in a neighboring town to mine, and I have been following her story alongside of Ronan’s. Her mom also has a blog on this same sight called “Emily Whitehead’s Journal”. Both blogs are the only two I follow (or have ever followed in my life), and to see you post a link about her gave me chills. An earlier reply to this post mentioned THON. You should check it out. It is Romazing. There is a live 24 hr feed online to the dance marathon, and it is in about 2 weeks. Every year I am obsessed with watching through the day and nighttime hours. It is inspiring. The kids and families are amazing.

    Maybe you and Emma are meant to connect in this life….. http://www.thon.org

  31. My daughter survived leukemia the old fashioned way with 11 toxic drugs that nearly killed her….the cures are tortutous……these people are angels doing this work as u can see the passion in their eyes….keep working….ur romazing.

  32. Freakin’ amazeballs!!!!!! No one can tell me that there isn’t a cure for cancer…if only the big pharma companies, government and big cancer foundations worked together, we would have a cure available by now.

  33. Tears running down my face. Watched it, shared it, I BELIEVE. I have felt for so long that tricking/using the immune system was the key… Not all this toxic madness. Chemo worked on my kid, but it can’t be the only and best option. Thank God for these people and thank you again Maya and Ronan for your incredible fighting spirit!

  34. So incredible. My favorite part is the tears in the Dr’s eyes.

  35. InFuckingCredible. Thankful for Ronan, you, and the great minds who will make this better.

  36. I have shared this video two times in two days on my FB page, and I have donated to Dr. June’s research. If all of Maya’s followers were to give $50 each, think of what we could do!


  37. I saw this before you posted about it a little while ago…and I knew you had your hand in this:) So happy new things are being tried and tested, even if they seem crazy! Love you Maya!

  38. Reading your blog truly made me a better person. Instead of wasting my pocket money, I donate every month to help to cure this horrible disease. It’s not much but i hope it maybe helps a little bit. xx

  39. Amazing, wow, awesome.

  40. This is astronomically incredible. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  41. That’s amazing ! Give some news Maya ! Hope your great
    lots of rolove

  42. Hello, Maya.
    I just want to share my aunt’s story with you, because Ronan’s story reminded me of hers.
    My little cousin was born with leukemia. He was a little fighter, just like Ronan. I was like 6 years old and I didn’t know what was going on, but I can still remember visiting him at home.
    When he was two years old, he died.
    My sister got pregnant 2 years later, and it was a baby girl, just like yours.
    He would have turned 14 on the 1st of February, it’s been 12 years and I’m still really sad about it, we will never forget about him even though my little cousin was born. She’s 10 now.
    My aunt is like the strongest woman ever, she smiles all the time even though I know that, deep inside, she misses his son so much.
    You and Ronan have inspired me so much. Please, stay strong for Ronan, his brothers and the baby girl. I know it’s hard, but keep trying.
    Much love from Spain. ♥

  43. just saw this on facebook and your blog was nominated for Parents Magazine! People need to start voting for you!! I put my vote in:)


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