2012 in review. Wow. These stats are AMAZING! Thank you for reading!!! xoxo

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

About 55,000 tourists visit Liechtenstein every year. This blog was viewed about 8,600,000 times in 2012. If it were Liechtenstein, it would take about 156 years for that many people to see it. Your blog had more visits than a small country in Europe!

Click here to see the complete report.

27 responses to “2012 in review. Wow. These stats are AMAZING! Thank you for reading!!! xoxo”

  1. That’s what happens when you’re Ro-mazing!!!!

  2. I’ve often thought what if we all donated one dollar every time we visited this blog. I personally would owe you a lot of money but it would be so worth it. Cancer wouldn’t stand a chance against $8,600,000 in one year alone.

    1. Charee Harrison Avatar
      Charee Harrison

      That is exactly what I just said to my husband..imagine the possibilities!!!

  3. Look how many people love you and Ronan! You are an inspiration to the whole world!
    Love you! ❤

  4. Haha YAY Ali Bee!!!!! Congrats Maya BadAss Thompson!!!!

  5. I went to the store today and there was a group raising money for breast and prostate cancer awareness. After following you for awhile now I know the statistics for funding. So I asked them when they were going to start raising money for childhood cancer. The guy was completely dumbfounded. He said he doesn’t know anything about childhood cancer. I started to rattle off everything I have learned from you. I told him these kids are our tommorrow. We should be helping them. Needless to say he is going back to his pastor to see how he can start collecting for your foundation. I gave him all the information. I had to do my part because it pisses me off that there is no awareness yet!

  6. This is awesome !!! May The Lord continue to bless you , I know you are such an amazing person !!!!

  7. Wow Maya!!! The power if a mother’s love is truly amazing. It can cross the ocean and reach far beyond the stars!!!
    September will be GOLDEN because of you!!

  8. I’m a proud to be in Maya’s Mafia!! I’m proud to follow, support and fight for this charity and its cause. Maya, I’m sorry you have to live this!! It’s just wrong!! I’m thankful for your blog, I’m glad you woke me up to the fucked up statistics of pediatric cancer!! It’s such bullshit!! As a parent I refuse to look away, I will not stop fighting for the cause until things change for our children!! It’s wrong and I want the world to know!! I will continue to share the petition, I will continue to write letters to news organizations, celebrities and whoever I think may help!!
    Today I got a purple star tattooed on my right shoulder!! I don’t have to tell any of you who this one is for!! This tattoo was earned!! I told myself first I had to raise the money and then I had to run the miles, all for Ro:) I succeeded:) Now I have a permanent mark, I’ll will never forget Ro or the cause, like I could ever forget that beautiful boy:) I can’t wait for people to ask me what my star is for, I’ll be happy to share!!

  9. Glenda, it’s on for the number one spot next year 😉

    1. Haha Ali !!!’

  10. I’m thirteen, I live in India and I’m soo happy that we got the required number of signatures. So many more in fact!! I’ve been sending out emails with the link for the petition and I’m happy to say that all my friends are as inspired by Ronan as I am, and have all signed. Looking forward to see the White House in September 😀

  11. Wow, you are everywhere! Even one person in Greenland reads it! That’s amazing. Even in the most remote little countries there are at least one or two readers, and all of them are doing their bit to raise awareness. This is great. I am proud to say I am one of the UK readers, and I didn’t actually think there was that many. Congratulations!

  12. I am so proud to be involved in all things Ronan! I can’t believe how unaware so many of us were before a pretty little singer shed light! I spread the word as much as I can and am so amazed at how many people love you and want so much for all your big plans to happen! Maya you have created the best team ever and I am so very proud to be on it! Team Maya for life!!! Xoxo

  13. Ro take care of these little fighters. They would make you so proud!
    http://ourlittlesilverlining.blogspot.com.ar/ .Everybody pray or send your love to this family, They really need it. #GoldWhiteHouseforthem

  14. Thank you for writing!

  15. Charee Harrison Avatar
    Charee Harrison

    Well shit. I started reading your blog on Dec.27… staying up til all hours of the night… anytime in between raising my own babies, even in the bath.. Now I’m all caught up : ( So wish you were a bestie so I don’t have to wait like everyone else to see what’s happening in you life lol. Readers, how do you do it?

  16. I have been reading your blog about the petition….and I noticed you have 11,209,389 hits…..That means you should have that many people signing this petition……. Congrats on getting to the goal of 25,000……But it just angers me that you don’t have at least a million!!!!!! Come on people we need all the signatures we can!! Sorry I had to say this.

    1. I agree Erica! ^ I wish more people would sign. I feel like people see the petition and just scroll right passed it like it doesn’t even matter. 😦 There are 26,986 signatures, I am going to keep posting it and keep asking people to sign until February 6th. 🙂

  17. You are amazing, and you and Ro Are an inspiration for me to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment. And whoever says” Ronan got his angel wings” well you know what?!” f@$* that saying, RO Was an ANGEL on Earth !!!” so why on earth did he have to go!

  18. You never really know how powerful you can get. It just means that one mom can make so much difference and influence others.. Good job and keep it up.. More power to you this 2013 🙂

  19. We loooooove ronan so much !

  20. heather trotter Avatar
    heather trotter

    Maya,Maya, Maya….you are amazing..RO’s light shines through you in everything you do!….so pleased we hit the amout of signatures needed.I pass the word to anyone who will listen….This will change, awareness will come, research will happen and Children’s lives will be saved..This should have started years ago………I have been blessed to have become a follower…Ro has changed my view on everything.I even dreamnt about your beautiful Ro…i love your brutal honesty!.keep up the Ro guided world changing good work…


    I have two boys…two spicy monkies!!!:)

  21. You are so amazing
    You always inspire
    No matter what, you’ll always be my hero

  22. Maya, check out the song “Stars” by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. It makes me think of you and Ro. I know you love music so maybe you’re already familiar with it. Anyway, just thought I’d share. Hope you’re doing well…. xoxoxo

  23. Isabella Bennett Avatar
    Isabella Bennett

    Hi, Maya! I am so sorry about Ronan. And that’s why I need to tell you this: I can hear Ronan. And I can feel him. But I only saw him once. We hang out together, and I feel like I’m his older sister. He said he misses you, but he’s having fun, and he likes his wings. I knew that I had to tell you, considering that he’s your son.

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