A Gold White House!!! We are SO Close!!! Thank you ALL!


Ronan. I don’t ever watch things on YouTube about you because it is just too difficult for me. There are so many beautiful things on there and for that I am forever grateful, but I leave them for other people to enjoy. Today was different. Today, something came across my way that I could not ignore. I sat and watched it all, sobbing while doing so. I always cry due to missing you, Ronan, but today I also cried because I was so moved by this darling girl and the way she took it upon herself to a voice for you and all kids who are dealing with cancer.

Talk about inspiring. Talk about touching. Talk about watching the world change right before my very eyes and knowing it is all because of you. The youth of today will be different as well as so many others because of you. I don’t know how the White House can possibly say no to our petition. We are almost to 25k signatures and for that I am beyond thrilled! You all really didn’t think we would stop at 25k, did you?! No way. We are going to keep this thing going and get as many signatures as we can until February 6th. Let’s blow this out of the water and give the White House absolutely no reason, to say no. The more signatures the better.

Thank you, Chloe for your amazing YouTube video of Ronan. Thank you for understanding at such a young age, the right things to fight for. I know Ronan is so proud of you, as am I.

Thank you all for rocking this petition. I could not have done it without you. Thank you, Woodddawg, for doubting me. You know the best way to make me get things done is by saying telling me I can’t do it. I love you for that.



Keep signing and sharing. YAY!! Almost there!!


Our FIRST Photo! Keep em’ coming! Thanks, Christine!



SARAHCalling Adult Survivors / Cancer Fighters for LIGHT the WHITE HOUSE GOLD campaign!

We are consistently amazed by how much support we get from adults who have fought cancer, and say, “kids should never have to go through this.” We want to show the White House that raising awareness for kids’ cancer isn’t just important to the parents’ of our littlest cancer fighters – it is important to ALL OF US.

How you can help:

  1. Adult Survivors / Cancer Fighters – take a picture of yourself holding a sign template (below).
  2. You can hand-write the sign on poster board or have it printed. Make sure it’s large enough to read.
  3. Follow the template and keep it simple! We want the message to be loud, strong & clear.
  4. We will post the pictures on social media, and make a slideshow from the pictures. By sending us your picture, you are consenting to the dissemination of your photo.
  5. Send the photos to Rebecca@RonanThompson.org by MONDAY, January 28, midnight EST. (We wish we had more time, but the petition window ends on February 6.)

The Ronan Thompson Foundation


I’m [NAME]. I am a [type] cancer survivor. But I’m asking you to shine a light on pediatric cancer, the #1 killer of our kids. Mr. President, light the White House GOLD this September.

Please sign the petition: