A Rock and Ro Marathon and The Day Dr. Sholler Almost Died




Ronan. This was another whirlwind of a weekend. So much so that my body/mind hit a wall today and I almost passed out at the dentist’s office where I had to take Quinn to get his first filling. I have never been through a pregnancy where I have been this busy. I have never felt the level of exhaustion that I am feeling. We made it through Quinn’s dentist appointment and I got us home and went straight to bed for the rest of the day. As much as I didn’t want to do this… I also do not want to go into labor anytime soon so I made myself listen to my body and your Poppy sister. My body is acting like it is pissed off at me and screaming at me to slow down. Ugh. I do not do well with slowing down.

I spent the weekend gearing up for all things marathon. Dr. Sholler was in town so much of the weekend was spent with her which you know I loved. I had the chance to introduce her to Dr. Jo. One of the highlights of my life! Getting to spend time with the two of them, together was really amazing. They both deserve the noble peace prize as they are two woman who are doing extraordinary things in the world. We had a nice dinner at Chelsea’s Kitchen, your favorite restaurant. You had the best taste for a 3-year-old. I miss taking you there, so much. After our dinner we had to run over to California Pizza Kitchen as they hosted our “Carb Load,” night before the race. So awesome of them to do. I had the chance to meet many of the people who came in from out-of-town to run for you. It was so amazing to hear where everyone was from. I met people from all over and could not get over how many out-of-town runners we had. You are inspiring so many people, Ronan and it really is amazing to see.

The next morning, I got up super early to head down to the race. We had a booth set up at the end of the race and I wanted to be there to tell our runners thank you despite how tired I felt. I am so glad I went and spent the day and was able to meet some of your RoLovies who ran for you. I had a family who decided to skip their trip to Disneyland this year so the dad could come and run the full marathon for you, Ronan. Can you believe that?! They had 3 kids, and they skipped Disneyland this year because running for you meant so much to them. I don’t even have words for that, only tears. I had one girl who ran with your pictures on her back. Oh.My.God. I really tried my hardest not to cry about this, but it was no use. I was bawling. She was bawling. Becca was bawling. Stacy was bawling. Melissa, too. Our rad junior board, was also in a hot mess of tears. (Hi! Yes, we have a junior board now. It’s not official or anything yet, but they are LEGIT. Thank you girls for all your help) Dr. Trent from TGen ran for you, Ronan. I adore that man. I was so excited for him to be doing something so wonderful for you. Dr. Sholler had a great time running for you. I know I say this over and over and over, but I cannot even explain how amazing she is. I wish so much that she would have known you. I’m trying not to play that little game in my head that I often do called, “Ronan would still be here if…” If Dr. Sholler had taken care of you. I don’t know if this is true. I hate the fact that I will never know. What I can do is work with her, support her, tell everyone I know about her, so that I can help her do the only thing she wants to do which is save kids lives who are here now. As Dr. Trent put it on the night we all had dinner together, “Many people talk the talk, but do not walk the walk. Giselle walks the walk like I’ve never seen anyone before. And she gets beaten up for it sometimes. She is a pioneer.” She is indeed a badass pioneer who will change the face of this ugly disease. And she will do it in a way where you know she is not just another mad scientist playing God. She truly cares about the patients she is taking care of, as much as her work if not more.

We might be the first foundation to have almost killed our dream doctor, by the way. I was not a part of this, but between my two board members, Stacy, Melissa, and Dr. Sholler, they had quite a story for me. After the race, Dr. Sholler needed to get back to her hotel. I could not take her as I didn’t have a car and was still needing to stay at the event to tell some people thank you. I put the precious life of Dr. Sholler in the hands of my two very responsible friends and board members. The walk back to the car was long and one of those rickshaw bicycle guys was peddling around. The 3 of them decided to hop in so they wouldn’t have to walk so far to the car. Rickshaw bike ride gone bad! From the story I got a traffic light turned red in a major intersection and the bike guy decided not to stop, but to speed up! I know all 3 of them saw their lives flash in front of their eyes and Dr. Sholler was almost thrown from the bike. I about died when I heard this story. I cannot imagine if something would have actually happened. Stacy has decided we need a reality camera to follow us around at all times due to stuff like this always happening. It is so true. Even at our most serious times, funny things seem to always be surrounding us. I tell myself a lot that it is your way of reminding us not to forget to laugh once in a while even though what we are doing is for a very sad reason. You know we need a lot of laughter to help us through this, otherwise it would be a constant stream of tears. I am very thankful that we can look back and laugh at the little Rickshaw bike ride and nobody ended up being roadkill. Geez. Thank you, Ro!

I had a dream about you the other night. You were sick but instead of cancer, you had some gashing wound on your head. I didn’t care. I was just walking about the hospital, talking to your Mr. Sparkly Eyes all calmly like nothing was the matter. I, of course knew you were dying, but I was just thankful to have you in my arms. As soon as I woke up from that one, I fell back asleep and dreamed of your Poppy sister. Your Sparkly was in this one too. It seems to be a pattern whenever my dreams involve you, he is always there. In my Poppy dream, she was about 3 or 4 and looked so much like you. Your Mr. Sparkly Eyes was chasing her about and they were both laughing. Her little face looked so much like you. I woke up from that dream, smiling. I can’t wait to see this in real life. Your Sparkly is just as excited for your baby sister as I am. A lady passed us the other day, carrying a infant carrier and he just looked at me and said, “I can’t wait for that to be you.” I know why. He knows how much I need your sister. He knows I need to smile more and he knows she is going to help so much with this. He is right. As always.

Alright little man. I’m going to end this before your brothers get home. I miss you. I love you. I hope you are safe.


P.S. Dear Rock and Ro Marathon Runners, Donators, and Helpers,

Thank you. Truly. What an amazing thing it is to see the way Ronan has impacted your lives. So much so that you are letting him make you the most beautiful, selfless souls that exist. Thank you for believing in him so much that you have allowed your lives to be changed, for the better. It is one of the most beautiful gifts that he has left. I am so thankful and honored for all of you. I can’t wait to see you all next year and run the race with you.

Magic Meg. You forking rock. This was all you. Thank you for taking over and making this marathon such a huge success. This would not have happened without all of your badass hard work. Ronan thanks you, too. I love you.

P.P.S. We are accepting donations until January 31st so feel free to keep them rolling in! Thank you all.



9 thoughts on “A Rock and Ro Marathon and The Day Dr. Sholler Almost Died”

  1. So happy to hear the marathon went to well (& of course that no one died on a crazy bicycle ride!!) I am running my first half in May, here in Delaware & I plan to be out there next year to run like a rockstar and I can not wait. This was my inspiration to start running, as soon as I found out about this race I knew I needed to start training so that I could be a part of it next year. I also thought, why the hell am I not running every day already? Just because I can & there are so many kids out there who can not. I am running for Ro & for all of the other kids who should be playing outside and running around.

    Also, I had a dream the other night about the race. I got to meet you and I felt so honored. Baby Poppy was also there and I got to meet her. She was about a year old and she looked so much like you except she had big blue sparkling eyes just like her big brother. She was a little beauty in my dream and I know she will be once she is here too!

    Keep up the hard work, Maya. You are doing amazing things for these kids. Remember to listen to you body and to not work yourself to hard. You need and deserve a break sometimes too.

    Take care,

  2. So happy to hear that the marathon went so beautifully, I knew it would with Ro in charge 🙂 I am so inspired and can’t wait to run in it next year, when I’m not pregnant anymore. I’m not a runner, but I will run 26 miles and love it for all the kids who can’t.
    I’m glad to hear you are listening to your body and resting when you need it. Even rockstars need rest sometimes!

  3. RoMama,

    I’m so happy that you had a dream with Ro and Poppy. I definitely agree with Mr. Sparkly about PopStar. Poppy will be a spicy badass monkey like Rockstar Ro and her RoMama 🙂

    Did you get the check I mailed 12/22 for a donation to Ronan’s foundation? My check has not cleared. 😦 Please let me know… I emailed you too but I haven’t heard back from you.
    Always RoLove xo

  4. Maya, i was so honored to meet you at CPK. I had three months to think about what I would say to you if I met you at the marathon. How I would be able to tell you all the important things without making you think I was a complete crazy person. After careful thought for three months, I think I said something like, “I need a sharpie.” OMG…my husband kept making fun of me. He suggested I say something like, “it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Haha…are you kidding…no way does that fully capture all of my emotions while respecting yours…..so I went with the “marker” thing….

    I just want you to know that I know what being there meant. It meant that Ronan died. And I couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t say it was a pleasure to meet you, I wasn’t necessarily “happy” to be there because I know what that all means. And I am so sorry. But I ran the marathon for Ronan and finished in 6 hours. I was beaten by a blind man, a woman with one arm, a juggler, and a speed walker. Oh, and about 20,000 other people. But I crossed the finish line. I listen to music I download from your blog until my nano battery ran out. I wrote FU CANCER down my arm and watched as people nodded their heads in agreement.

    I’m in….I will keep doing what I can do for the foundation because all these kids matter, because Ronan matters. Thank you for all that you are doing!!

  5. How amazing is that forker, Meghan?! The race packs looked amazing – almost made me want to run a marathon…almost. I’ll stick with donating for now I think! Looked like an amazing day, Maya, even if it was for the worst possible reason.
    Keep looking after that Poppy girl xo

  6. I represented ro here in Venice ca! I beat my time goal and my goal of $500.00! I got a shirt made with his picture on it 🙂 I sent pics of it so I hope you see it I got many compliments on it 🙂 I am saving money to hopefully join you next year in az! Ronan inspires me everyday to be a better person thank you so much for sharing your love and story

  7. Dear Maya, My name is Lina Garcia and I’m a Jehovah’s
    Witness, I’m so sorry about your beautiful boy. I was reading your
    blogs and I noticed that you said “why would God take away
    something I love very much?” And it doesn’t necessarily mean that
    God is bad. In fact, he hates seeing us suffer and he has promised
    us something that will bring joy and happiness to every one of us.
    And we have hope of seeing our loved ones who had passed away, like
    your son. In John 5:28,29 says: “all those in the memorial tombs
    will hear his [Jesus’] voice and come out”. What a beautiful
    promise, isn’t it? And when God promises something, he does it. So
    if we do what God likes, and does what he says, we will receive the
    promise. Also another scripture I wanted to show you is Acts 24:15
    which says: “there is going to be a resurrection of both righteous
    and unrighteous”. Here it says that no matter what they did, or
    what they went through, they will be able to live again. I hope
    these scriptures helped you, if you have any questions or doubts
    please feel free to write back. May Jehovah our God be with you
    Sincerely, Lina Garcia

  8. I only heard about Ronan about a week ago and he is all I can think about now. My heart breaks everyday thinking about the loss of the most beautiful boy and the pain that cancer – the most evil thing in the world – has caused you and your family. I cannot stop listening to the song and watching the videos of Ronan and his amazingly brave big brothers. You and your husband are doing a fantastic job and keeping Ronan’s memory alive and we all thank you for allowing us into your lives to experience Ronan and feel pain with you. And Ronan’s memory is being kept alive as I am a 17 year old girl in England who feels the loss of a beautiful boy. I wish you, Woody, Liam, Quinn and little Poppy all the happiness in the world and pray for you and your family. We love Ronan and are so proud of him. Lots of love xxx

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