Hey, Wanna Do Something Great?! Sign Our Petition and I Promise You, Good Things Will Happen!


Woody said tonight that there is no way that our petition is going to get enough signatures. He then said, “You are going to freak out, if it doesn’t.”

That might be an understatement. I have been working my ass off, trying to get people to sign this. Ummmm…. if you read this blog, and haven’t signed this, and you can because you live in this country, I fear for your soul. For real.

We have until February 6th. Please help us out. This is not just about Ronan. It is about ALL KIDS, PEOPLE! If you have signed, thank you so very much. Please continue to share this with anyone and everyone. If you have not signed this and are continuing to ignore this… What is your problem?!?! Too many puppies and unicorns, I guess.



You have to live in America in order to sign this. Sorry to all my international readers:( And you have to be 13 or older. Those are the only rules that apply.

61 responses to “Hey, Wanna Do Something Great?! Sign Our Petition and I Promise You, Good Things Will Happen!”

  1. Signed and shared. And shared. And shared!!

  2. I signed this in 2012 and it never reached 25,000 😦 I
    signed it again last week. Everyone put your money where your mouth
    is and SIGN! Maya has over 11 MILLION HITS here! Please just take 1
    minute out of your day to do this, please!!!

  3. I can’t believe out of over 11 million hits for this blog
    and there’s not enough signatures yet! I have signed and shared.
    Come on people! Sign the petition! I can’t believe this! Where’s
    the support for these children that deserve this?

  4. Signed and trying to get everyone I know Dk sign πŸ™‚ we can
    do this πŸ™‚

  5. Gilroy, CA January 18, 2013 Signature # 9,978

  6. I signed it! I have been reading this blog for a while, but
    never really knew what to say. I do know though, that I can’t go
    wrong with this one! πŸ™‚

  7. I signed it. And I shared it! I’m going to keep telling
    people about it!

  8. I just sent this to two hospitals that take care of kids.
    Hopefully they can pass it on to people too. And I sent it to a few
    other people who can help. And keep tweeting it every day. Not just
    once but a lot. The more you do the more people will see it. It’s
    almost at 10,000 signatures now so at least it’s getting

  9. 11million hits. We can get 25,000 signatures Lets do it!!!
    Mayasmafia Rolove Xo

  10. This has to happen! I promised a very special little boy
    that has cancer I’d take him to Washington to see the light house
    lit up gold for him he’s so excited he signed the petition too.
    I’ve been crushing skulls making everyone I come in contact with
    sign it.

  11. Signed already!!! xoxo

  12. With how many people view each of Maya’s blog posts, I
    really am wondering how it hasn’t hit 25,000 yet. Maya is on her
    knees begging and begging for the sake of these children, and some
    people don’t wanna even take 2 minutes to sign the thing. YOUR
    signature DOES make a difference and it WILL help! Please just sign
    it. These kids and these parents deserve this.

  13. Maybe you should send Obama a pict of both of his daughters
    with little bald heads hooked up to ivs saying what your kids would
    look like with cancer it’ll prob hit home hard then.

  14. I’ve been tweeting about this a lot. This evening I got
    people to retweet my tweet and together they have around 25,000
    followers. Hopefully doing that every day will get more signatures.
    Everyone should look up places like cancer organizations and
    hospitals and email them and ask if they can help. If you’re on
    Twitter tweet about this. A lot. Even if you only have a few
    followers maybe you can get a few signatures. It shouldn’t be too
    hard to get 25,000 signatures.

  15. hey people don’t just read SIGN!!!!!! it took 2
    mins…..#14888 πŸ™‚

  16. I’m right there with you Maya! I am THOROUGHLY DISGUSTED
    that there aren’t 25,000 people who don’t want cancer ravaging and
    murdering more innocent children. It sickens me to my soul that
    with all the sharing and posting we’ve done, people aren’t stepping
    up. WTFFFFFFFF? PEOPLE?! I guess it has to be their own kid and
    that is what’s wrong all over the world. No one wants to hear bad
    news. wah wah wah. But what if they could do something, ONE THING
    that can make a difference. A signature. Why is that so

  17. I have signed and shared. I’m trying to get everyone I know
    to sign it. I really hope you get the 25,000 signatures.

  18. I will not accept that we won’t get enough signatures. I am
    going to spend every second brainstorming until I figure out how to
    reach more people. Maya don’t lose hope we still have time ! For
    Ronan, all the other kids and families..we need to keep

    1. Ok so I just checked the stats on fb and only roughly 2700
      people are talking about this. There are 25,000 likes on the Ronan
      Thompson page so how do we reach the other 22,000? I

  19. I have a thought, there a few blogs out there written by
    parents of children with cancer. Can an email to sent, or a comment
    posted, with the link to the petition and a note asking the blogger
    to post it on their site as well? Send an email to some of the
    ‘mommy’ bloggers ask them is they will post

    1. A lot of pages for childhood cancer on FB are sharing it,
      too. πŸ™‚

  20. Sorry, I am not sure what happened to the end of my
    comment. What I was saying was if it is sent to the ‘mommy’
    bloggers, who might not have a child with cancer but write a blog.
    maybe they can write a blurb and post it on their sites, it will
    increase the awareness for people who may follow a different type
    of blog. It is all about raising awareness.

    1. Great idea!!

  21. rebecca lookingbill Avatar
    rebecca lookingbill

    Already signed and I post the link on my FB page daily. I really hope you can meet your numbers. There is no reason why you shouldnt since it takes 1 minute to fill out the info and sign. Keep up your head Mya you will make it!

  22. I am posting this on every site I have ever liked on facebook, and am in the process of private messaging anyone who is a mutual friend of my friends , Keller pickler Is a huge advocate for cancer so she’s on my list…I promise Maya I will put 100% in until we make this happen.

  23. I keep sharing!! I can’t believe it didn’t only take a day or two! Really ridiculous!! Send it to all those people that voted for that ship thing from star wars, and let them know how much Ronan liked star wars! #176 wish I could go vote again and again! Well I guess I will, use my husbands email! Haha!

  24. we did this for March for Babies in honor of preemies to have them light the white house purple for 1 day. We had more than enough signatures but they wouldn’t light it purple 😦 We got a letter from President Obama saying he appreciated our efforts and supported our cause. I sincerely hope they light it up gold in honor of Childhood cancer. I signed! πŸ™‚

  25. Shared every where I can think of πŸ™‚ All for Ro, Teddy, Ty and Ezra.

  26. Hey girl,
    I read your blog, I love your fire. I think you rock. I was thinking, I’m sure you feel Taylor swift has done so much for you already, but the girl has like 300 million “likes” on facebook. You should see if you can get her to write about it on her wall. I signed my name on the petition and shared on my Facebook. Good luck! It HAS to happen!

  27. Dear Maya,

    I would totally sign if I could. Stupid “being Canadian.”


  28. Michelle from MI Avatar
    Michelle from MI

    Signed (417 & 8466) and have been sharing…..I am
    surprised there hasn’t been more signatures……..breaks my

  29. Did you see that new White House petitions will require
    100,000 signatures as of January 15th? We HAVE to make this

  30. I am trying to sign it… Second time.. But it doesn’t send
    me an email to finish the final step… Lets home third time is a
    charm… I will also post on my Facebook for others to

    1. Third time was the charm! It’s signed!

      1. Ok I put this link on my Facebook urging people to sign
        it… I asked them to comment when they signed it… So we can keep
        track of how many people we get! I will post the final count!
        Fingers crossed!

  31. Maya…I signed it and shared it. I am certain you will
    move mountains…I respect what you do so much. I am a mom to 3…I
    am scared to death everyday that something (cancer) will happen to
    my family. My father passed 5 years ago from lung cancer…it
    affected me so much that I look at my kids daily and wonder…would
    it? Could it? I hate feeling that way…It sickens me…things have
    to change…I have lots of faith in you and what you are doing. You
    are a true blessing and Ronan is just like his Mama…I am sorry
    for what happened to your sweet, handsome, loveable, fiesty spicey
    monkey! I am sorry that this happened to your family…Ronan will
    show you the way…good luck to you always! ~Dena

  32. i signed it. i am R,K. from phoenix that just signed it

  33. I was just given permission by UCLA to post on a couple of
    their Facebook pages. Hopefully that will get some attention. They
    have a few thousand friends combined. One is the Mattel Children’s
    Hospital. I just posted on both. It’s almost up to 11,000
    signatures now too.

  34. I have signed this as my grandson died recently in Ryan in
    AZ house of ALL. I cannot Believe EVERYONE isn’t signing… it only
    takes a few minutes! Come on people! Cancer Is Murdering our
    children!! Please sign Our babies should NOT have to be

  35. I signed (#10,880) and shared here in Indy! This WILL get
    done…for Ro, you, and every child & family who knows what
    the color GOLD truly represents.

  36. Yay! 10,144! HA. I’m under 13! I realized that only after
    my dad let me sign it, and I did, but that makes it all the better,
    breaking that rule! I’m praying that we make it!

  37. I signed, sent it to everyone I know and asked them to send it to everyone they know. My fingers are crossed Maya. I have been reading your blog since I heard Taylor’s song about Ronan and have told everyone I know about your story, your blog and your cause. I am sending you warm thoughts and love always.

  38. Did it some time ago!!!! Suggestion: we should nominate you for unstoppable mom contest http://unstoppablemoms.livekellyandmichael.com/home !!!! What do you think? Great way to raise awareness !!

  39. People…seriously… Sign the petition. You can’t possibly be THAT busy!

  40. Maya, you don’t have to live in America to sign it. I don’t and I’ve signed it! It seriously takes no longer than 2 minutes, I don’t know what makes someone not want to sign this!

    Anyway, i’ve been following you for a long time and never left a comment here, so I’d just like to say you and Ro have changed my life – but I wish you hadn’t, I wish you didn’t have this blog, I wish he were still here, I wish kids never got cancer, I wish kids never got sick at all. But you managed to find a beautiful way to honor him, and that is by making us all love him too. But I mean, how could we not?? So I just wanna say I’m SO very sorry, and that I’ll be forever thankful to you for making me realize that things need to change. And they will. With someone like you putting so much time, work and effort on it, I’m sure I’ll live to see big, huge things accomplished.

    I can’t wait to see all of your dreams and plans come true. You are amazing and the world needs someone like you to fight for those who don’t have a voice but so desperately need to be heard.

    I’m gonna stop now before I run out of tears…

    Luisa, from Brazil.

  41. This is so easy! I signed it yesterday before school, 10 minutes before I needed to go! It was that fast. This blog has over 11,000,000 hits, I think at least half of that can take the 30 seconds it takes to sign this!

  42. I’m not even 13, and I signed it! Come on, I’m just a kid, and I know how important this is. Adults should be signing it if kids are. I just wish that we didn’t even have to sign it, I wish that that fuckwad cancer didn’t hurt so many people.

  43. I posted the link to sign, on cafemom.com. Got some signers in there for ya!!

  44. I live in Ireland and set up an account to sign this!!! It’s so important so I’m sharing it and trying to get people to sign! Good luck and really hope you get all the signatures

  45. I live in Canada and sent to all my US friends!

  46. Come on all you blog readers! Let get this petition signed! I have signed and shared…I have shared over and over…There are more than 11 million hits on this blog…I cannot believe there are not enough signatures on this petition yet! Let’s do this for Ronin, and all the children out there that deserve this…. ❀

    1. I’m so sorry I spelled Ronan wrong…. 😦

  47. I signed it even though I’m not in the US…not sure if it will count but I did it anyway

  48. Signed and shared πŸ™‚

  49. Half way done! The petition has past half of the votes it needs. But that’s not enough! Sign peeps sign!!!!
    I am 12 and I signed!

  50. Isabelle and Sophie Avatar
    Isabelle and Sophie

    That was so easy! My sister and I aren’t even thirteen, and we signed! Come on, people, there’s over 11,000,000 hits on this blog! Ummm…. There should be over 11,000,000 signatures here, c’mon peeps! There’s only about 16 more days! Do this for the kids who aren’t here anymore. They need it.

  51. When you state America do you mean the U.S.
    I’m pretty sure I signed the petition 7-8 days ago. I live north of Toronto; registered and signed – I wasn’t informed that my signature wouldn’t count.

    I took a look at the last 1,000 or so signatures on the petition trying to find mine…. Most included the City/State; some didn’t indicate place of residence.

    Don’t e discouraged if you live in Canada – go ahead and sign it! Your vote might just count! The Ronan Thompson Foundation and the awareness it has created will benefit children everywhere!

  52. Come on! Sign this petition peeps…I am so excited that it’s a good bit over the half way mark I could just bust lol. Yes, I am watching this petition on a daily basis. Post this to your facebook, email it to friends. Do this for Ro Baby and all the children that deserve this,and their parents and siblings. Maya is working so hard for this and all the children. Donkey Kong Is On! LOL

  53. Hi Maya, i’m so sad not to sign the petition. I’m brasilian. Sorry, sorry so much!! You’re a hero, so stronger! Your story moves me a lot. I fell in love for her and Ronan, and i cry everytime that i read this blog. Your iniciative is realy beautifull. I wish good luck.

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