This is right after Ronan had his head cut open. Look at that smile. He was so happy just to be back in my arms again. That is the ONLY place he belongs, so please STOP saying otherwise. His smile says it all.

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  1. This picture is gorgeous. Ronan is beautiful and he belongs on earth with you and as a mother of 5 yr old twins and an almost 4 yr old son i would go nutzo if someone tried telling me they are better off anywhere other than with me on this earth. I have quietly read your blog for months. I admire you and I admire your beautiful sons strength. You are going to do amazing things and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. (A heart that is sad that you ever even had to do these incredible things)

  2. Oh Maya, i love you and your rants only because you are right! I like getting all fired up with you, for Ronan and for all that are fighting this fucked up disease. Continue to be you!

    Quick question and I am actually surprised that you have never mentioned this or that I haven’t noticed In your blog because I can’t tell you how many people I talk to about cancer and fundraising tell me this : “you know what I have heard?? I keep hearing that all of these doctors have cures for many cancers, diseases Etc but they wont release it because of all of the money feeding them” I have never heard that until recently when talking about my brothers battle, my friends sweet little Gavin who is fighting and Ronan… I even heard it from a cancer survivor!!! I almost want to tell them all to fuck off and that all of the researchers supposedly hiding these cures can go to death row for murder then! , I am getting there as you are helping me git rid of my oh so polite filter. Lol.

    Just wondered if anybody has ever had the nerve to tell you that? I would punch them too!!

  3. Maya, so many of those people use their faith to buffer the pain, to feel like they are doing something when they are not. You were afraid of the pain, but still felt it, because you know it was a better and right path. You are fighting and working towards making a difference in the world of childhood cancer because you can’t sit back powerless after Ronan was taken from you. YOU ARE DOING SO MUCH MORE THAN PRAYER. If those people won’t leave you alone, tell them you are doing MORE THAN PRAYER you are embodying the good and right thing and WORKING for the good, not just sitting there hoping something is going to change. I am from CT, and a lot of people around here and especially in Newtown will be taking your path, by doing something, going to D.C. and trying to make a change because we can’t sit back and pray and be powerless.
    You need to be surrounded by those type of people, and most of the people who read this blog are the those type. The ones who refuse to be powerless and will make a difference.
    You embody that idea, and you have already made a huge difference, you and Ronan of course.

  4. Mya, You are a Amazing Mother, with Unconditional love for her Family, and Children. I want to tell you how I admire you for saying what you do, adn keeping your posure as well. You are Amazing, with a Huge heart!! I want to wish you a very Mery Christmas, from all of us that look forward to your posts. We all Love and support you!!

  5. i heard taylor swifts song of Ronan<3 & it absolutely breaks my heart that you will not get to hold him in your arms from the holidays or any other regular day. I can't imagine what it is like losing a child for I am not a mother yet but over the passed week especially with the shooting that happened in connecticut I've learned not everything happens for a reason, sometimes things just happen. I love what your doing to keeping the memory of ronan alive & fighting for kids who are also fighting an ongoing battle with cancer. I admire you so much Maya. I hope you enjoy this christmas with your family nonetheless your twins & yr husband(:
    & soon you'll get to be with Ronan again<3

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