Katie Show Update

We filmed the segment today, but it won’t air until next week. I thought I was going to be so nervous, but I was not at all! It was a breeze and Katie and her staff were so amazing! I also had a long talk with Ronan, beforehand about how much I needed him today. I know he was right by my side. It’s the only way to explain the amazing calmness I felt while being on stage, talking about him. I am beyond honored for this opportunity and so amazed at all the things Ronan is doing in this world.

Back to AZ today, but turning around on Saturday to come back to New York. Thank you all for being so supportive and loving. I know I made Ronan proud today!


22 responses to “Katie Show Update”

  1. Hey Maya, can’t wait to watch your segment next week! You are changing the world in the most amazing way in the name of the most amazing boy! I read your blog and check on you every day. I live in Miami, if there is anything I can do from here please let me know!

  2. Can’t wait to see it on YouTube. I don’t live in the US so won’t be able to see it any other way. You are an inspiration.

  3. Congrats Maya – looking forward to the segment next week!! And Ronan is always by your side ๐Ÿ™‚ Spreading the word – FU Cancer!!!

  4. Romama,

    So glad that Ronan was right there beside you and you were very calm. Rockstar Ro is always right there with you. You are both changing this world. Moving mountains! Two spicy monkey’s ๐Ÿ™‚ Loved your sparly shoes! Rockstar Mama ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have my DVR set for the Katie Show so I will see it whenever it airs. #mayasmafia

    Safe travels back to AZ and can’t wait to hear about your adventures in NYC (big things are coming) (I know) ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. One perfect love! Go b.a.i.m.!! Bad ass inca maya…

  6. ps – the pic at the top of this blog never fails to hit me right in my heart – Ronan has the most beautiful eyes – looking in to them, how could you not want to kick the crap out of cancer for what it’s done to him!!! We’re fighting for you Ronan – with your momma – gonna make a difference lil man.

  7. It is wonderful that so many doors have opened for you and Ronan’s Foundation. I pray daily for you and your family and the wonderful things happening. It is RoMazing isnt it? Good luck, I will will watching!!!! xoxo, Cheryl

  8. I’m so proud of you. I was talking to a “soccer mom” this weekend about cancer. She has stage 4 cervical cancer that’s moved to her brain. I told her about you, and how mad I was at childhood cancer. She said “you should be!”. She’s sick & tired of hearing about breast cancer research & funding. Thank you so much for being so strong and creating awareness. I’m trying to do my little part to increase awareness about childhood cancer too.

  9. Congrats on the show. Ro has to be so proud of what you two are accomlishing. It’s great to feel your energy and you are off and running with this. We are all so proud of Ro & you!

  10. Way to go!!! i will be in NYC the next two weeks if you want to get togehter. Keep up the great work!!!

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  11. Hi Maya…I have set my DVR to tape Katie everyday. I can’t wait to watch and see how wonderfully brave you were. Good things are happening because of Ro, but also because of your strength and passion. He lives on through you…I hope Poppy is doing well and that the twins are happy and healthy…its almost basketball season here so my boys are getting excited about practice…it makes me think of your family often. As always I’m sending you big hugs from Arkansas.

  12. I know I will be watching! Thank you for being so strong and fighting for these kids! Ronan has forever changed my life.

  13. Maya, you don’t know me, but I have been following your amazing story. I’m sure you make all your boys proud every day.

  14. hello my name is Helena, I am Brazilian and wanted to say that your story touched me so much … I do not know what to say about his fight … is really exciting ….
    Sorry for your loss but know that Ronan served as an example for many people.

  15. Great job Maya! Ronan was definitely guiding you through this! Please let us all know what day next week your interview with Katie will air. I will set my DVR! Keep up the amazing work!

  16. I will watch your interview next week. I’m know you will be fantastic. An 8yo boy named Sawyer died yesterday, Sunday, of glioblastoma. Like Ronan and others before him, he was brave and fought until the end. I know your voice will help the Mothers of these boys and will help in the fight to conquer childhood cancer.

  17. Haha i brought my mac to work today and everything ready to watch your segment on my lunchbreak. Will do the same thing next week!!! xo

  18. I’ll watch it too! So awesome that your doing great things Maya, with Ronan helping you along the way!!! You rock too! Thinking of your beautiful family, and keeping you close to my heart!

  19. There are so many rockstar Ronan accounts on f.b. Are they all legit? Just wondering

  20. Hi Rockstar Mama, I have been following your blogs an I heart all of your postings. I am looking forward to watching you on Katie’s show.
    I am an American from Paris through work at our Embassy and read that you got engaged here at the Eiffel Tower? Well, why don’ t you guys come over and relived that glorious moment? I am inviting you. You guys can be my guests here at my humble home. I have two children – ages 17 and 15. We will be here till June.2013. It will be fun to have you and your family over.


  21. Sabrina Maldonado Avatar
    Sabrina Maldonado

    So happy to hear that you had a good time! Can’t wait to see the episode! Ronan is the greatest angel helping you guys get all these great opportunities! God bless you and your family ๐Ÿ™‚ p.s I signed up for run like a rock star! I will be representing Ronan in Los Angeles ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Rock on Maya!!! You are changing the face of childhood cancer all over the world, not just in the U.S.!!! I’ll be watching from Germany via the internet. FU Cancer!!!

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