Bye Bye Little Sad House! We Have a New Home!

Ronan. Guess what? I had a good day. Another one of those crazy, good days where something so big happens, that I have seriously been jumping up and down all day long. Thanks to all of the amazing people you are just throwing my way, thanks to this blog, and thanks to the most kind hearted, generous people in the world, I now have a new home. As in The Ronan Thompson Foundation has an office! You know how important it is to me, not to spend the money that people are donating on administration stuff. This is why, I have been doing everything from our house. Our sad little house where I often work from our dining room table, our kitchen table, and even my bed. Our sad little house that leaves makes my skin crawl during the day because I miss you so much. I did not want to use our money, to rent an office space so I did the best with what we had, which was our house or one of the 5 Starbucks that I troll on a regular basis.That Starbucks music was about to make me slit my wrists. But now we have an office! And the people that work in this building, could not be lovelier! They are giving me access to all of their conference rooms, space, and my very own office with a door and all. They even have a COKE machine! Holla! (but don’t tell Poppy. We are almost totally off caffeine) It is the most beautiful building and it even has a basketball court which your brothers are so excited for! They just handed me over a key, and voila! Welcome to our new home! I took Becca and Stacy there today. They both cannot believe this. Carolyn called me and left me a message that said something like, “This is the yellow brick road and you are Dorothy!” That make me smile so big. It just tells me, once again, what we are doing, is so right. If it was not, things like this would not just continue to happen over and over again. Thank you, Amy for hooking this up. Thank you, V and K. For being so kind and generous today. I can not wait to have an actual place to go to where I will be a thousand times more productive. And maybe a little less sad. Watch out childhood cancer! I’m really going to kick your ass now! I promise to be the best little tenant ever.

I have been reading all of your comments today. I had forgotten about that story that happened while Woody and I were in a Nordstrom Rack in San Diego. The one where I was watching that little girl play in all the clothes racks. I was mesmerized by her. I had just lost you. I heard her mom call out her name. “Ireland!” I almost fell over. I went up to the mom. “What is your daughters’ name?” She just looked at me and said, “Ireland.” I smiled and said, “It’s beautiful.” That has been our girl name, for about 10 years. I wonder if that was a sign of what’s to come. I have a few more weeks before I will find out. Ireland Ronan. I think you would have loved that name. We shall see, right Ro baby. If this baby is a girl, I will fall over. I never thought I would have a girl, but have always felt like I was meant to have one. I will be just as happy if this is a boy, too. But oh, how much fun would a little baby girl be. My due date is April. I have a ways to go. I think I am starting to feel a little better and pie is still my best friend. Meat is still my enemy. So much so that I am wondering if I’ll become a vegetarian after this. The thought of this made me laugh due to Dr. Jo. She is a hard core vegetarian and has been so for over 20 years. I often give her crap about this. She would fall over if I became a vegetarian. I used to love my meat, but now I think I know how she feels. I don’t my hatred with meat will last, but as of now the thought of it makes me ill. Pie. I’ll just stick with pie for now.

Your brothers have a basketball game tomorrow. They are at practice now. We are going to go to dinner when they get home. We don’t have many plans for the weekend. Most of our weekends are low key. A lot of time at home, which is still hard for me. Our house still to me feels so empty and sad, without you here. I don’t understand how even watching your daddy and brothers, watch football is normal now. As in, this is exactly what they would be doing if you were here but you are not here, so how are we doing the exact same things? The exact same things feel so wrong and are so hard for me. I wonder if this will ever get easier. I often feel like after you died, we should have just up and moved to freaking Australia or somewhere crazy. So we would be doing all different things. I know that running away would not have solved my sadness, but living in the same house, without you is hard for me. It’s comforting to your daddy and brothers so this is why I stay here. I sacrifice myself, for them. Having my own office, is going to help so much. Having my own space without your little empty bedroom 10 feet away from where I am working is going to save me. Once again, I am so grateful and humbled by the kindness of strangers.

It’s late now. We went to dinner. I ended up throwing up in the bathroom. Quinn was eating a piece of steak beside me. I couldn’t take it. I tried my best. We are home now. I’m begging your daddy to go and get me a pie from the store. Because he is the best daddy ever, he will. I’m tired. It’s been a long and busy day. I missed you tonight, when we were riding in our old jeep to the restaurant. Oh, how you loved that thing. Kind of broke my heart, to be in it, without you. Ronan, do you want to know the one question I get asked, all the time? It’s so funny. It’s the “Who is Mr. Sparkly Eyes.” A lot of you, ask that in my comments. How do I even put into words, who he is? I could describe him in a thousand different ways. But the most important thing is he is someone who loved you so much, Ronan. He is someone you loved so much. You two had a bond and almost a secret language. I know he is connected to your soul and you are to his. He is doing such a good job, of watching over me for you. He is quite simply probably one of the few reasons that I am still alive. He has saved my life and for that, I have you to thank. Thank you for him. I thank you for him, every single day. Some things I like to keep private, like people’s real names. Same with our Fairy RoMo. I have to have some things I keep to myself. Those two, will always go by their nicknames.

I love you, my little seal. Ah, for those of you who have also been asking… the logo for Ronan’s Foundation is a little seal, because that is what his name means Irish and Gaelic. I love that so much. A little seal with the biggest eyes. So sweet. Goodnight baby doll. I miss you. I love you. I hope you are safe.


87 thoughts on “Bye Bye Little Sad House! We Have a New Home!

  1. Lisa

    You are the best. Your beautiful baby, your beautiful writing. Never stop. Thank you for telling everyone around. Ronan has forever changed me and I love him. Keep on rockin, rockstar mommy.

  2. Derek

    Delighted for you,Ireland what better name we live here ,thank you for making me appreciate my three boys more,they are all under 6 but know about rockstar ronan,so see you guys the next generation to kick the shit out of childhood cancer is getting prepared,believe

  3. Maureen

    Haha after your last post I was thinking of what you might name your baby girl, and “Ireland” popped into mind! Also “Erin” since I believe it means “from Ireland” in Gaelic. Now I have to wonder, what name would you pick for a boy? : )

    I always thought of Mr.Sparkly Eyes as being a sort of big brother role in your life. Just my impression from the conversations you’ve shared.

    Pie is awesome and far better than cake imo – I always have pie for birthdays and holidays. It’s been scientifically proven:

  4. rosemarykeller

    my last pregnancy i craved Burger King vanilla iced coffee and cherry pepsi ( not together). my midwife and my OBGYN named dr. scott both said ya cant ignore your cravings. so enjoy the pies and even indulge in caffeine. scott said to never drop caffeine cuz he said that kicking a habit while being pregnant is stupid. then again ya know that stuff.

    congrats on the new office !!!!!.

  5. Lucy in Ireland

    Just wanted to let you know that your beautiful Ronan is touching many lives here in Ireland. Even more so because I have my own Little Seal, my son Ronan, just turned 4, who also has 2 adoring older siblings and has been “our best four years”. We call him Roo. When I took his birthday pictures last month I could hardly see through my tears for thinking about your Ro who didn’t make it to his 4th birthday. I am a family doctor and Rockstar Ronan has inspired me to be the best children’s docotor that I can be. Whenever a child comes to see me now I am thinking to myself “This could be childhood cancer”. I am listening to parents when they tell me they think something is just not right. I vow to do my part to promote awareness and education. At home I am a better Mama too because of you, Maya. Thank you for sharing Rockstar Ronan with the world, it’s a better place because of Ro and his Mama. xxx

    1. deanlv

      It sounds as though you have turned the corner from being a doctor trying to “cure” people into something more. What you are describing is “healing” your patients. Some might wonder what is the difference, and I believe this… healing and curing are inherently different. Curing means “eliminating all evidence of disease,” while healing means “becoming whole.” It means that you have to go beyond treating the symptoms and find the root cause so that it can be eliminated. Too many times it seems that the large pharmaceutical companies only want to treat the symptom and maintain a constant cash flow.

      I think that is what Maya is stressing when she says that treatments are barbaric and like torture. Yes, they are necessary, but finding new ways to make the children whole again without destroying their little bodies is what still needs to take place. Showing compassion and becoming vested in the care of your patients has been beaten out of so many doctors. I believe they are taught this to keep them from becoming distraught when they cannot help someone. Guess what, that is a load of crap! When someone cares about something, then their entire heart goes into doing their best. Which one would people rather have when they or a loved one goes to find out what is wrong with them?

      So please, keep curing those that come to see you, but healing them as well. It sounds as though you are on that path, and the world needs more doctors that are really healers!

      Sorry, I am up on my soap box again. And Lucy, this was really meant to be supportive of how you are treating those that come to see you. Keep listening to the parents of the children, especially those that are very young. They know their children better than anyone else and have a sixth sense (especially mothers) when something is wrong with their children.

  6. Erica

    Will these kind strangers let you paint the walls in your new office?!? If so, I see glitter and maybe some glow-in-the-dark paint in your future πŸ˜‰

  7. sharon

    Great news about the office Maya, you deserve everything that comes your way. ireland is an awesome name im from the emerald isle so slightly biased. hope the sickness eases soon xx

  8. Thays

    As always, you can always make me cry. I’ve been telling Ronan’s story to so many people and he is continuing to change people’s lives.
    I really wanted some Rockstar Ronan bracelets and shirts but they don’t get delivered to Europe 😦
    Childhood cancer.. You better watch out because im going for you!

  9. alyselancaster

    I always love it when one of your posts makes me smile a genuine, “I’m-so-thrilled-for-her” smile. And this one did. Not just because you have your own office–which is amazing all by itself!–but because of what that office now represents both literally and symbolically…that you have a dedicated, bona-fide space in which to completely kick cancer’s sorry little ass. It’s an official battleground where you can stay completely focused on beating on this fucking beast into the ground once and for all. We all know from reading this blog that a focused Maya is no one to fuck around with. You were able to establish that reputation even with all of the distractions and heartache associated with working in your (Ro’s) house, and with all the pain that brought you. We all know that you are the epitome of strength and courage. Through this blog, we’ve agonizingly watched as you’ve somehow managed to put one foot in front of the other and push through the awful emotions you feel every single minute of every single day to keep fighting the bastard that took Ro. And you did all this from a house that serves as a constant reminder of the pain of losing him. But now? In an office completely, 100% dedicated to killing that fucking cancer beast in Ro’s name? Holy shit, cancer just took a major fucking blow. And I can’t wait to watch as you destroy it once and for all. You’re changing the world and you’ve got a huge fucking army behind you…so rock on, Maya. (P.S. For what it’s worth, I believe with every fiber of my being that you’re carrying a little girl named Ireland…I think Ro gave you a heads up that day at Nordstrom Rack.)

  10. dtine33

    Congratulations on the office space – that is so wonderful someone was able to donate the much needed space! I am a firm believer that if you put yourself out there in the world that good things will happen – yes there is unspeakable bad out there, you know better then anyone – but the only way to live life is to search out and believe in the good.

    And how wonderful if you did have a little girl – of course you’ll love this baby if it’s a boy, but what mom doesn’t have a secret desire one way or the other!! I love the comment from the momma from Ireland. You and Ronan are making a difference – every day someone new is getting the message about Childhood Cancers because of you guys. Always wishing your little seal was here with you – but may he rest in peace up in heaven looking down and guiding you always.

  11. Melanie

    Congratulations on your office! You are moving mountains! I’m still so sad for your sadness, but so hopeful that you will find a place where you will feel “ok”… of COURSE you’ll always hurt for Ronan… but I hope the joys that come your way will make it easier to bear, and that you will always know that Ronan is still with you, celebrating your triumphs with you… after all – these triumphs are all coming, thanks to his beautiful soul.

    As for the meat – I have been a life-long, card-carrying carnivore…until I was pregnant with….my GIRL. I never had a sweet tooth, always opting for cheesy, salty snacks….until I was pregnant with…my Girl πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I have a boy and a girl. They are both blessings, so full of love, and so so so different! We will all be happy for you if “poppy” is a boy, but, oh, baby girls! Nothing like it. Ireland is a gorgeous name. One of my girlfriends from college has an Ireland. I’ve always loved it… (and, for the record, I was pulling for the name Ronan while pregnant with my boy — who ended up being William…I never commit to baby names until I meet my babies.. William ended up being a William… much like my daughter was going to be Julia or Kayla, until I held her in my arms and realized her name is Ava! It drives my sisters crazy — both of them had all of their children named by halfway through their pregnancies…but I digress)

    Just wanted to pop in and share your joy, and tell you that so many of us think about and pray for you every day.

  12. Giovanna

    Hey Maya! My name is Giovanna, I’m 13 years old. I live in Brazil. I was reading your blog and was SO touched by you. I was in a bus, crying sooo hard, and everyone was looking at me. Fuck them all, I bet they don’t know how horrible cancer is. And I know this would not make you feel better but I am sure Ronan is safe and happy!
    P.S.: Sorry for my bad English…

  13. Chelsea

    Congrats on the new office space!!!!!! I’m so excited for you!!! Childhood cancer better watch out! It has no chance now πŸ™‚

  14. Tara Simko

    I’m tickled for you! And I do think this baby is a girl, if you’re taking votes! I did read that Ronan told you he wanted a baby sister- I started reading your blog all over again, in remembrance of Ronan, and I read that post a few weeks back– just so you know that your readers aren’t dreaming that part up!! All good wishes, Maya- so happy for you and how things are falling into place for all you’re doing. Always here to help in the NY area if you need me. xxx

  15. Azzy Cosgrove

    Im glad you didn’t run away when Ro died, but it would have been awesome if you moved to Australia!! We could be friends xD

  16. Katrina

    The other day, I told all of my friends and posted a picture on Instagram to write Ronan on their wrist with an infinity sign. I love reading your blog posts and look forward to them. Thank you. You and your lovely family are in my prayers.
    #1 Ronan Fan
    Katrina Marie

  17. LH

    Just wanted you to know you and Ronan have inspired me in so many ways. After learning so much about childhood cancer from you, I decided to direct my annual charitable donation to Childhood Cancer Canada and discovered that they are hosting the first annual “Purple Party” next month. Thought you might like to hear, since purple is such a kick-ass colour πŸ™‚

  18. Nicole

    Rock on!!!! Love that you found a new “home”! I am so excited for you:) Thank you for continuing to share your love story with all of us.

  19. JessicaGale

    Ireland Ronan is beautiful! I am so happy there’s been some progress for the foundation! That is excellent news. I truly hope you are feeling better sooner rather than later – so meat becomes pleasant again! Maya, I don’t know if this okay to (sorry if I say the wrong thing;) but if I have a son in the future I want to name him Ronan – is that okay? I’d love to honour your big blue-eyed rockstar; but I only will if that’s okay with you.

  20. Jera

    When I was pregnant with my third child I had a crazy aversion to soup. I LOVE SOUP! If I saw it at Safeway, Costco, anywhere, I was heading for the bathroom(or nearest trash can). I could not even think about soup, so irrational and weird. I have been reading about your nausea and wanted to share that I was sickest with my two girls. My son a little, but nothing compared to the girls. Estrogen is fierce! Reading about your strength coming forward is just heartwarming.
    P.S. I can eat soup again and do almost daily!

  21. Sarah

    I love to read your stories. I cry every time, happy or sad. You are such a strong woman, and your story has inspired me in so many different ways. I love you all and pray for you constantly.

  22. Lisa M

    What a beautiful name! Much love to you mama, so happy to see so many beautiful things coming your way in the name of the most beautiful boy. Congratulations on your new office and glad you are not the Starbucks hoochie anymore (I call one of my friends this who rotates different Starbucks because she doesn’t want anybody pick up on her habit) LOL! πŸ™‚

  23. Lolade Taylor - Martinez

    I am happy you will have a place to go and work this blessing of a new office defiantly came at the right time!! Keep smiling (:

  24. Alanna Mlakar

    Thanks again for sharing your story and spreading your wildfire! This is one fire that surely should continue to spread. You are an inferno and I pray there are many flamable souls out there to keep this going! PS- My daughter’s name is Lily Ireland…so clearly I am a huge fan of your little poppy’s potential name. It is perfect.

  25. Sheila


    I am so Happy to hear about your new office (how exciting). I worked in non-profit in Phx and seen some really wonderful office spaces that were donated (some people really do have such a kind heart,unfortunately NOT everyone in that world does) but sounds like you are BLESSED to have amazing people in your corner. I have given birth to my own baseball team in my life and “YES” I am insane….lol but I will tell you I was addicted to pie EVERY pregnancy! I like you was never a good pregnancy person (as far as being sick to my stomach) but boy could I eat me some pie! Being from Chicago, I ate BAKERS SQUARE PIES…YUM! Now being here in the east Valley I love Marie Calanders,only they took the last one I was aware of over here down. PROBABLY better for me having no more thyroid…haha. I want to be a part of helping yours and Ronans cause, as well as ALL the other kids that are losing their childhoods and lives due to this disgusting disease. I am trying to figure out what I can do to help raise money and awareness on my end.You inspire me to NEVER give up and to NOT sweat the small things any more…sending you so much LOVE!!!!!!

  26. Stephanie

    Hey Maya, I absolutely adore you! This post made me smile so much. I’m so happy that you now have you own little space to kick cancer’s butt! You are so strong and so inspiring. I’m so intrigued by your love for Irish names? Both my parents are Irish πŸ™‚ I think the name Ireland is beautiful. Ireland Ronan, Ireland Rose, or Ireland Roisin (meaning little rose) would be lovely.
    Keep doing what you’re doing! ❀ Ro is always with you and this is his little gift to his amazing mama and family. Lots of love from England xxx

  27. Ailish Ford

    To darling Maya, your golden heart beats for two, you and your precious Ronan, one of the most exquisite, brave, gorgeous boys ever in this world. Our hearts are broken for you and your family, and your unbearable loss. We think of you and Ronan everyday. We will help you any way we can. Congrats on your new office. You are unbelievable and amazing. xxxxx from your Irish Boston friends.

  28. Kenzi

    YOU GO MAYA GO SHOW CANCERE WHO IS BOSS!!!! You and Ro inspire so many people! Congrats on the new office!
    xxxxx To You and Ronan!

  29. Andrea

    I have been reading your blog regularly for the past few weeks and I was so thrilled to see that you got the blessing of an office. I just wanted to say that I can’t even begin to imagine how much pain you are in but that the things you are doing for childhood cancer are beyond amazing. It seems as if you were destined to make a change and make people aware. My sister is a pediatrician so I’ve heard the heartbreaking stories of childhood cancer for a while now, and she recently lost a 15 year old cousin-in-law to osteosarcoma–all of these things have made me more aware of how much something needs to be done. You truly are an angel on earth, Ronan is so proud I am sure. By the way, I too am pregnant (due in January with a little girl) and think that Ireland is a beautiful name. Hope that it’s a girl for you too πŸ™‚

  30. Stephanie N.

    Maya, I feel like i know you. You speak the truth, no fill-in’s, no fillers, no sugar coating. Thank you for being brave enough to do that. It’s a rare breath of fresh air. I wish that you were not writing about something so painful. I am so sorry that cancer took Ronan from you. A parent should NEVER have to lose a child. EVER. Period! I work for State Government in NC and we have our annual campaign for charities underway right now. Your foundation is not on the list but it should be. I don’t know how to get it on, but if you are interested. I’ll make the calls to see how you can be on there next year. I donated to you directly because I believe that a passionate person, especially a parent, will always keep their eye on the prize….keep their focus…and not be restricted by private or university required “indirect cost rates” that are sometimes 50%! Yes, 50%!!! Unbelievable 50% overhead. I will continue to follow you and support you. I am working with the NC Child Fatality Task Force to try to bring more awareness and funding to childhood cancer. I am at your service.

    On another note, I’m a Mom of two of the cutest girls around (yes, I’m partial, what can I say, I’m a Mom!). I have a 27 month old and a 7 month old and would bet my last dollar that you are having a girl! You are craving sweets, totally sick and can’t stand meat. It’s a girl!! Little Miss Ireland Ronan will bring you smiles and joy. She will never replace Ronan, nor should she but she is sent to you by him and she will have a piece of him in her. All your children are connected in a magical special way because they are part of you and your husband and the thousands of family members that branch out to from your family tree. Your children are loved. Always. I wish you strength, determination, peace, joy, happiness and the ability to remember every second or your beautiful son’s life always. I know that he is watching over you and he is with you always. Warmly, Stephanie

    PS – Now go eat some pie and ENJOY IT!! You can jump back into your killer workouts after little Poppy is here!

  31. Kaylei

    I am an avid reader and here I am working at a resort in central Florida reading this latest post when my coworker is giving a guest a balloon and the mom says “oh ronan will love this” I stopped and looked over and asked what she said her sons name was. She repeated and I told her what a beautiful name it was. I asked her if she had heard about your Ronan and you and, of course, she had. Ronan is being loved by Ronans all over the world. Congratulations on your new building! Thinking and praying for your family all the time.

  32. Melissa V

    Love you sweet, Mama! Thrilled beyond words that you have yourself a true office and your encounter with Ireland @ NR…WOW. Ro is with you always, truly. Bless him for helping you survive each and every day. While we blog readers will likely never put a face with Mr. Sparkly Eyes….I am grateful for the special place he has in your heart–it is clear the love you have for one another and what an amazing individual he is. .

  33. Ana

    Congratulations on the new office Maya! That’s awesome, I’m so happy for you all.

    I have a feeling that poppy is a girl. And the name you have for her (if it is a her!) is absolutely beautiful.

    Take care and enjoy those pies! I make some bomb apple pie, I wonder if theres a way to mail pie…

  34. Jenn

    So very happy for you Maya! You are making such a difference! Love hearing good news. Love, love, love! Thinking of you and your beautiful family as always.

  35. Asha

    It’s funny , I craved cherry pie in half of my pregnancies. I wonder what it is that our bodies need from pie???
    Ireland would be a beautiful name!
    Congrats on getting the office space- that’s wonderful of the people who made it possible!! Ro-magical!

  36. nicole mullins

    Maya, I have been meaning to write you for some time now. i have been following your blog for about a year. i stumbled upon it when i was searching for my own self help reading material after my niece died. she was just 6 months old and was born with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). The work you are doing is phenomenal! I am so proud of you for your continued strength. My family has just hid the fact that she lived for such a short amount of time, she died and now there is another one. He is the light of my life…but it was hard to be around him for that first year because he was doing so many “firsts” that baby Kyah never had the chance to do. all she knew was pain and hospitals. she never crawled, she never talked, she never walked but her smile could light up a room! Each of your blogs tug at my heart a little more and each time i have never had the courage to write. Our story seems so small compared to Ronan’s. and you are moving mountains while we continue to build small shrines, and watch a once loving family being pulled apart because of the death of Kyah. it is truly sad to see our lives now compared to a couple years ago. I am so glad there are strong people in this world who continue to fight. Ro deserves to still be here. Baby kyah deserves to still be here. But instead of fighting, once she died so did we. one day i’m hoping to have a sliver of your courage and strength to make a difference. keep doing what you are doing. i believe you WILL make a difference in childhood cancer!

  37. amourningmom

    Great news! Congratulations on the office space.
    Our son, Sawyer, died (not from cancer) at home. I have a lot of trouble being home alone and trying to get anything done so I am extra happy you have somewhere to go. You are doing so much already. FU Cancer!

  38. Crystal

    Yay on your new office! Let it be a mini sanctuary! And once again, a beautiful piece of writing. Your story has indeed touched many lives. Many hugs to you!

  39. summer

    I am so happy for you maya. You are moving mountains. Thank you for telling your story, it is so inspiring!! Your littile ronan is the most precious baby I have ever seen!!! Those beautiful blue eyes are sooo gourgeous!! I just know liam and quinn were the bestest big brothers ever. I am so happy for you and your family that you have a little poppy growing in your belly. I bet she is going to look like ro!! Thank you for all that you do!! I hope I can be half the blessing that you are!!! Love, summer

  40. Stephanie K.

    I’ve been laying in my bed for the past 3 hours, reading all of your posts. I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful little man’s story. I first heard about Ronan from Taylor Swift’s song. Instantly I was touched & immediately began crying the first time I listened to it. After reading your blog, I feel like I knew Ronan myself. I have been in tears, my heart aches for you & I hope someday you find peace. You were a wonderful mother to Ronan, & I can feel the love the both of you shared through your stories. I just purchased some purple bracelets that I will proudly be supporting & sharing with friends. No child should ever go through what your precious baby boy went through. You are such a strong woman, & Ronan was such a brave little guy. I admire your strength. My thoughts & prayers to your and your family.

  41. Kristine Hall

    Hi Maya,
    I have been following your blog for some time now. If I said I feel sad and heartbroken that would only be part of my emotions…I’m really pissed off!!! It’s crazy that so many children have cancer and are being tortured by medicine and disease. Since finding out about Ronan, I have found so many other heart wrenching stories…it’s not right…why does our country not want to fight this…it’s a silent killer and no one in power wants to take a stand.
    I have an idea to maybe get some awareness for Pediatric Cancer Research…I’m not sure it’s a great idea…just an idea. You know those plastic type billboards they put little toys in at fast food places so the kids can see what they might get in their meal?? What if parents of children with cancer placed an item of their childs in a billboard along with the child’s story and putting a header like Childhood Cancer is REAL…please read this true story. A donation box could be combined. These true life storyboards could be placed around the country in hospitals, cancer treatment centers, Targets, Walmarts, and in malls during the holidays (especially close to the picture area). I know it sounds awful, but so is Childhood Cancer.

    I was thinking that maybe McDonald’s would donate the construction since they already have the factory?? It could come empty then your team could choose which stories to tell and where to ship them (maybe UPS would donate the shipping) if you put donation boxes on them the places that you set them up at could collect the money (managers only) and weekly deposits could be made into a collection account where your staff could check all deposits made. This is maybe something to think about for next September…then again maybe this idea is already being used, or it could be just too hard to get off the ground…idk. I do know your probably thinking who is this person and what do they know about this??? And the answer is I am a mother of 2 healthy boys ages 8 & 11. However, they might not always stay heathy, or their babies might get cancer…life changes in a blink of an eye and I know I really want to help. Your journey has inspired so many…Ronan will always be missed.

  42. Whitney

    Yay for the new office! Maya, thank you for opening my eyes. I vow to never go through life, in a fog, not knowing how lucky I am to be a mama to my baby girl. I started reading your blog about a month ago. We (my husband and I) have run into some bad luck lately, and instead of getting worked up about it, I just blow it off, kiss my sweet girl, and smile. Nothing has been THAT bad. Nothing is comparable to what you’ve been through. I’ve read every single one of your posts, and I want to share it with the world. F off cancer!!!!!!!

    Also, if you type in “Who is Mr. Sparkly…” it will auto fill on Google to say “Who is Mr. Sparkly Eyes Ronan”. That’s pretty awesome, but then again you are pretty awesome and so is Ronan. πŸ˜‰

  43. Daniella

    I love love hearing about your good days πŸ™‚ As always, we are here for the good and the bad in whatever order or magnitude they come in. Sending you thoughts of love, happiness and appreciation (appreciation for your honesty and vulnerability in your writting).

  44. Sydney

    Maya: I just read through most of your blog posts. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing his story with the world. Ronan was such a beautiful boy, and I’m so sorry for your loss. I feel like I knew him; I just cried for an hour. You are so strong, and I really look up to you. Cancer fucking sucks. So many people suffer from it, we should all be putting money and resources into finding a cure for this awful thing. Good luck, you are so inspiring to me. Ronan will be missed.

  45. Dona

    I am always excited to hear about a good day for you and what a wonderful surprise to get an office. So glad you commented on Mr. Sparkly Eyes. I have been tempted to go back to the beginning to see when I missed who it was. It is nice that he is a secret, that he was and is special to you and Ronan, and to watch how he is always there for you. My prayers are always for you and the entire family.

  46. Pam

    Thank you for your beautiful words, for your honesty, for your love. You make the indescribable something real; an illusion, reality. I will be praying for you, Ronan and your family. Thank you

  47. Joelle

    Congrats on your new office!! ….. This is amazing, Ronan’s story, you and your website, just everything…its hard to describe it in words

  48. Melissa Behrendt

    Maya, I have not cried this hard in quite some time. My heart just aches for you as I read about the pain you, your family, and your beautiful little boy have had to go through. As a mother of 4, I cannot imagine losing one and still managing to keep my head above water. I wish your baby boy could still be here for you to hold and love so you would not have to experience this pain. But the impact you are having on the world since this horrible tragedy has struck is amazing. You are truly an inspiration as you continue to fight this war against childhood cancer with your family. I will be praying for your family, your Ronan, and your cause tonight, after I remember to sneak in and give my baby one last hug as he sleeps. Thank you for the reminder that life is so much more precious than we make it. Please know that there are so many of us out here sending our love and support your way!

  49. Adam Newman


    It’s 5:14 am here in Nashville and I don’t really know what happened tonight. I was on the internet, going down the rabbit hole, reading about some celebrity, when there was a link on whatever page I was on about Taylor Swift’s new single. I’m not even a Taylor fan, but I clicked out of curiosity–which then led me to seeing a comment about a song called “Ronan”. Well, 6 hours later, I’m here still bawling my eyes out. I know how much I love my mom and so I KNOW how much Ronan loved you—and I know how much you loved him. I also know that love can’t be destroyed. Even though Ronan isn’t here on this physical plane any longer, you are still his mother and he is still your son. Always. When I first came to your site, it was through another link and I was somehow on an old blog entry. i started reading and crying and reading more and crying and finally left the site—until I felt compelled to come back. I HAD to leave a comment, I just had to—and that’s when the page reloaded and saw that you were pregnant! I can’t tell you how happy I am for you. I know this may be crazy, but I instantly thought that Ronan was giving you a gift. I’m so happy to hear that life is indeed going on for you and that you’re creating new life. You are a WONDERFUL mother and the child you’re carrying is SO extremely lucky to be coming to a mother like you. I am so incredibly sorry for what you and your family and little Ronan had to go through. My love is with you although I’ve never met or talked to you. That’s the power of your little boy. What a brave, beautiful boy–the most gorgeous boy I’ve ever seen. I know that he is with you and is so happy for you to be having a new child. And I know that wherever he is, he is thrilled to know that his life and story mean so much to so many people. What an impact he has made. He must be so proud. And he must be so proud of you. You two ARE a team, working together to help save lives. i have nothing but total respect and admiration for you. These past 6 hours have changed my life. Thank you, Maya. And thank you, Ronan. I hope he feels all of the incredible amount of love people send to him. I can’t express how much I hope and pray that you and your family have the most amazing life. You absolutely deserve it. All my love.

    And oh yeah….FUCK CANCER!

  50. Kenzi

    I HATE CANCER! Cancer has ruined to many people! Ro deserved better! Ro is better than cancer will ever be! Cancer I hope you know you are not cool at all! There are very many people to get you cancer so watchout cause here we come! WE will get you someday! All of these beautiful kids deserved better!

  51. Kristin Hicks

    I read your blog every day. I think I may have commented once or twice. I wanted tell you that I didn’t realize the logo was a seal. To me, it looks like Ronan in a beautiful purple cape with a hat. His arm is bent up with his head buried in it and the cape is flowing. Hopefully with my description, you can see what I see when I look at it. Isn’t that strange that is what I saw when all along, it’s been a seal?!?

  52. Bluegrass Blogger

    Each one of your posts leave me in tears, but I will never stop reading. I am so honored to read about precious Ronan and to witness his legacy. I’m honored and humbled to witness the acts of a such a strong Momma Bear. I know you may not feel strong sometimes, but I can feel your ferocity through your words. You can move mountains. You will move mountains.

    I don’t know how I can help, but I will do what I can. For Ronan. For all of the other children who are being ravaged by this monster called cancer. Nothing is stronger than a mother’s love. You’ll move mountains. You’re doing it already.

  53. isabella

    i love your blog and i love to see all the love that you write to ronan everytime i see the blog and see his face he was so beautiful and his big blue eyes is the most beautiful baby boy i have seen iΒ΄m 16 and im so proud of what you have been doing and the foundation that you made and keep growing i hope that you and your family are fine and i send you hugs and alsoo to ronan i know that he is know a little angel that is protecting you and your family and he is gonna help alot of childrens know i will pray for you and for ronan. youΒ΄re doing a great job.


    i am a mother o 3 children, all grown. my younget daughter is 21 and heard about your story because of the song by taylor s. she told me about your story and we have done alot of crying because of this…i agree no parent should have to go through this & i think the world of your family for not only going through it but for moving on, i know Ronan will always be with you and your family & watching over you all. i wish you all the best and congrats on the new baby….From a friend in Tucson, AZ. I AM SO SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS!!!!

  55. Mary Caroff

    Hello Maya… I just finished reading your entire blog… I just wanted you to know how touched I was by your journey.. I am so so so sorry for your loss…I just wanted to let you know that I think your are the most incredible woman but most of all the most incredible mother!!! I am the mother of two wonderful handsome and loving boys and I am grateful everyday for them…

    Thank you so much for allowing me the privilege of getting to know you and your family but most of all your amazing little rock star Ronan!!!

  56. Stacy carlucci

    I received a thank you letter for a donation I made to the Ronan Thompson foundation. High five for the logo! I love the fedora on the seal. I can’t believe all the wonderful things you have been doing have been from a dining room, kitchen, Starbucks, or bed. Congratulations on the office. I look forward to seeing all the awesome work that will come out of that office.
    I think a gold party in NYC would be perfect and your foundation would benefit from it. I might call the white house and let them know, September it should be in gold. Shit, after reading your story I might paint my house gold in September.
    I think of you and your family daily. Hugs to you and yours.

  57. Anna

    Hi Maya!!!! πŸ™‚ I read your Blog from when I heard Taylor’s song Ronan couse I’m a swiftie and I need to tell you that Ronan was an amazing and so awesome boy gosh he was so beautiful and I’ll never forget him or your story!!!! πŸ™‚ I love your little baby so so much!!!!! πŸ™‚ And I love you so much for what you’re doing!!!!! πŸ™‚ Thank you for everything you do!!!!! :0 When I learned your love story I just cried so much!!!! 😦 I’m so sure that all together we’ll kill childhood cancer!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  58. Darcy

    Hi Maya, I have been following your blog ever since I saw Taylor Swift sing Ronan at the Stand Up to Cancer function. I hear that song in my sleep and and throughout the day I find myself singing “Come on baby with me we’re gonna fly away”… I know you get notes like this all of the time, but I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to tell you that you and Ronan have changed my perspetive on LIFE. I have three children 11, 7, and 2. Jackson is my two year old…my monkey boy. And my most “challenging” child. I have got walls that have orange crayon swirls all over it, a leather couch colored in purple sharpie, and sticky monkey boy hand prints everywhere. All truly insignificant shit. I feel like I spend the day saying No! and Stop that! Jax throws the most amazing tantrums and I have resisted taking him out to dinner with us, or anywhere for that matter, as he is so unpredictible… Until I read your entire blog. Your love story opened my heart as I grieved for you, Ronan, and your family. It also made me stop and look at my “now” in this life with my family and particularly with Jax. I now drink in his spicy-ness and every single time I feel like he’s too challenging, I begin to sing Ronan, and I am moved to love on him and embrace his personality. Your strength and love for Ronan and your family blows. my. mind. You and Ronan have moved me to action in supporting research in and a cure for childhood cancer. So, a huge congratulations on your new office space! Even though it is October and ‘pink’ is everywhere – I see GOLD everywhere: I see the NFL players wearing GOLD cleats next September, I see GOLD grocery bags sold in every store, I see GOLD labels on yogurt tops and Starbucks cups, I see GOLD nail polish and make up lines sponsoring and supporting childhood cancer! And yes! The White House better be lit up in GOLD! It feels weird to say thank you for changing my perspective in life because the circumstance of which is so unfair and fucked. But I want you to know that I hold you and yours close to my heart and prayers. With much love to you – D’arcy

  59. Jonathan Buckles

    Maya, I heard Taylor Swift’s song last week and googled it, finding out about you, your beautiful family and, of course, the amazing blue-eyed boy, Ronan, who’s life and death has left such a void in this world. I keep coming back to read your blog. My 15 year old daughter couldn’t figure out why I was crying the other day and I couldn’t get the words out. We have an 8 year old daughter who was diagnosed a year ago with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (a far cry from what took you handsome boy from you) but her blood markers for it put her into a category of the disease that affects less than 8% of the total population affected, so as with childhood cancer, since less than 8% are affected, her Rheumatologist says that there just hasn’t been enough research to know what will happen to her or how it will progress. She hates getting her blood drawn and has to take methotrexate and couldn’t take the flu mist like her older sisters and had to take a shot in her leg because her arms are too small…. I have up days and down days wondering if she will be crippled, or have it attack her body and kill her, and finding your blog has been an inspiration. Her name is Libby and I can’t wait to tell her all about Ronan. And just so you l kw- pink makes me want to puke too- I just want my Libby and her 3 sisters to be old enough to get there, just as you mentioned the other day. You are an amazing woman. Keep up the fight! Sincerely, from Baton Rouge, Jonathan

  60. Merissa

    I’m so sorry for u loosing your little boy I never knew Taylor’s song was about a actual little boy but I’m glad she made the song so I am sorry for you loosing your little boy and also congratulate you on your new addition to your family

  61. Nadja

    Hello πŸ™‚
    I’m Nadja. I’m 15 years old and I live in Finland. I’ve never had cancer but I’ve lost my grandmothers brother, because he had some sort of cancer in his brain. I was very little back then, so I don’t remember a lot of it. I’ve been struggling with depression and eating disorders sice 5 years ago, but now I’m recovering.
    I know this is actually a little off topic, but I wanted to say that I stopped thinking of death. I stopped thinking of me wanting to get away from here, because of Ronan. I started thinking about how stupid I am for even thinking about dying.
    I’m living for Ronan now, I’m living for all those people who didn’t have the opportunity to experience life. When I’m 18, I’m planning on donating blood. I’m the one who is healthy here, and I don’t see the reason why I should do something stupid with my life.
    With this I wanted to say, your son is beautiful. He saved my life, and I thank him by helping others. I’m only fifteen years old, and still, I’ve been through a lot.
    Ronan is an angel to me, because he saved my life πŸ™‚
    Stay strong.

    Love, Nadja

  62. Christine B.

    Hi Maya,
    I found your blog last night after seeing Taylor Swift’s song for Ronan. I stayed up late reading your posts…with tears just streaming down my face. I am the mommy to four little ones, 3 boys and a baby girl. My kids were sound asleep last night but I crawled into each of their beds and just held them and kissed them and cried, whispering in their ears how much I loved them. I was crying not just thinking about losing one of them to something so evil and unfair, but more thinking about how you can’t crawl in bed and hold Ronan. I am sad and so angry…it just isn’t fair. I know you know this all too well, but I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you and sweet Ronan. Still today as I got up and got my big boys off to school. I just can’t get you off my mind. So just know that someone that doesn’t even know you in far away Missouri is praying for you. I will continue to read your blog. I can’t wait to read if you are having your baby girl Ireland πŸ™‚ I had my girl after 3 boys…I think its in your cards. I hope you have one of those good days…its bright and sunny here in MO. Those big, beautiful blue eyes are shining down from heaven through that blue sky. Lots of love and prayers! XOXO p.s. cancer sucks!!

  63. Jessica Dicus


    I don’t really know how to start this comment…or really what I need to say. But I have to say something because your beautiful family and your story of Ronan has been consuming me the last several days. I lost my mother August 7, 2011 at 2:30 am. She and I shared a very special bond and she was taken much too early at 55. She was a spit-fire just like you and maybe that is part of the reason this whole thing has taken hold of me…you remind me so much of her. My friend said just last night that she could see my mother still loving me through all of this…that I had stumbled upon you and Ronan by her hand. Maybe she is right but really I don’t know what you believe anymore. Oh boy, I could write a whole book about this…maybe I should…but I know now after this week that I have to do SOMETHING with this experience. Because there is not enough awareness and reasearch about finding a cure. No one should suffer through fucking cancer…ever. Neither the moms nor the babies should ever go through it…and leave us behind asking why.

    I don’t know you but I hope you can feel me over here loving you and loving Ronan.

    All the best, Jessica D.

  64. Terra Hull Campbell

    Hi Maya, I’m just another pediatric cancer advocate who was originally introduced to this f’d up situation of pediatric cancer about 2 1/2 years ago when my dear friend’s six month old daughter died of cancer. It was awful – everything about it. She’s an amazingly strong woman just like you and I’m so proud of her and what she’s started with her foundation…Evelyn Grace Foundation. I just wanted to tell you that you inspire me INTO ACTION and action is what we need. Sure we need all the prayers we can get in this battle, but we need people to set up and take action like you have, like my dear friend has and like I try to as well — humbly inspired by you and others that have walked your path. Two quick things cause i know you can’t possibly get through all the comments you receive from this amazingly, raw, honest blog that I check in on almost every day.
    1) I live right outside of washington, DC in Bethesda, MD. My company, BLR Holding’s which owns The BOSS Group, a creative & interactive staffing company would be honored if you ever needed an office or space when visiting or in the DC area. My door is OPEN TO YOU. Plus I could get you any graphic or web help you might need πŸ™‚ NIH (National INstitutes of Health), National Childrens Medical Center, Johns Hopkins, the freaking federal gov’t, etc….they are all here on my door step and if you ever find yourself in these parts, seriously take me up on it. An office, a space, even a warm bed at my home while you’re in town. My husband and I and our two daughters would be honored to spend some time with you.
    2) Like you and many others, on that first Thursday night of the NFL season in October, I wanted to puke from all the pink crap…sneakers, arm bands, head bands, coach’s hats, etc. What the F…Where was the gold in September. Well….I don’t know if i can help with or not, but i know i can sure as hell try. I know some folks at Under Armour Headquarters in Baltimore, MD…i bet i could get them in a room. NFL headquarters is in DC, don’t know anyone there…but I do know a previous Redskin player and his wife??? πŸ™‚ Also, a former Major League Baseball hall of famer from Baltimore O’s is in my family and works for the Yankees now…Maybe we can start w/ MLB next September and then go after the NFL. Anyway…just wanted to say that you inspire me. I’ve cried with you, for you…laughed with you, at you πŸ™‚ THANK YOU for everything you’re doing and for having shared your beautiful son Ronan with us.
    Sincerely, Terra Hull Campbell

  65. Gabriela

    Hey Maya! I’m from Brazil and I love your story. I love you and Ronan, i swear i do. I feel like i knew him, you and your twins, after (since i find your blog) i’ve been reading every single post. Ro’s so sweet I know that i can’t understand how it was and i can’t say anything cuz there wasn’t me in your shoes. But i just wanna to say that i believe in you, and you’ll make the diference. And your beautiful baby doll is touching hearts all around the world, look, i’m here in Brazil, and i just love him so much that sometimes i just want to cry all the time. I just wanted to tell you that you’re not alone. And that i will tell Ro’s story for every single person here that i know. And i will buy bracelets and use every day with proud of his name (i will figure out a way to buy it with delivery to Brazil). I love you both, you’re angels. Good bye

  66. Kristine Hall

    You and Ro’s story has engraved a place in my heart and mind…just today I was in hobby lobby getting supplies and I saw the sparkly gems and thought of Ronan. You haven’t posted in a few days…I’m sure you’ve just been busy with your new move (congrats)!! I hope you are doing well and your lil poppy, the twins and Woody are all healthy as well.

  67. Natalia

    I just recently learned of Ronan and his courageous fight. I have read your blog obsessively from the beginning until now. Your family, Ronan, have been on my mind and heart non-stop. I’ve been praying nightly for you. I feel compelled to spread his story– get the word out about Childhood cancer & how ugly it is. I am a local radio personality in Virginia Beach and I am trying to think of ways that I can bring awareness to my listeners. I’ve lost family members to cancer…and I agree- cancer SUCKS!!!! You are an incredibly strong woman. Keep fighting the fight. The story is spreading. Both you and Ronan are doing HUGE things. He will be the change for Childhood cancer. My heart and soul tell me so. Sending you all my love, hugs and prayers. Day by day, Maya…you are moving mountains!

  68. Steve

    The current issue of Rolling Stone with Swift on the cover talks about the Ronan song in the last few paragraphs, pg80.

  69. Minerva

    I have faith that you will certainly find a cure. I put this poem together for you to let you know that we believe that you are going to do all it takes to find a cure.

    I miss your blues eyes starring into mine
    I miss the days when everything was fine
    I wanna hold you just one more time
    Kiss and hug you just one more time
    Cancer took you away from me
    Oh baby boy you only three
    You fought it hard, you are a soldier
    But the weight was too much on your little shoulders
    Your biggest worry should have been scrapped knees and boo boos
    I’ll fight for you and Ty and others like you, you didn’t lose

    I remember your laughter, little guy
    So full of happiness and sweet as pie
    I can still hear your little voice through your bedroom door
    Playing with your dinosaurs saying rawr
    Oh how I’d wish to see you grow
    I wish you didn’t have to go

    I can still feel your kisses on my cheek
    I remember us playing hide and seek
    I still hear your footsteps running down the hall
    Oh my little angel you were so small
    It’s as if you never left, I wish you didn’t have to go
    You’re in my heart, I love you Ro
    You’ll see a golden light, shining through
    We’ll find a cure and name it after you

  70. Sami Sophia

    Maya, I keep reading and rereading your blog entries. You don’t know me, in fact it was Taylor who brought me here, but I’ve lost two classmates to childhood cancer. I believe in your mission so much only two words can express how I feel: FUCK CANCER. I’m currently an undergrad hopefully on my way to becoming a pediatric doctor – please know that Ro, you, and the love you share will always inspire me.

  71. Jessica

    Hi Maya!

    I was watching the Long Island Medium today and immediately thought of you and Ronan….would you consider going to see her when you’re in NY? I’m really not one to believe in mediums but she is downright amazing…..maybe you can connect with Ronan and bring a little peace to the wondering (if he’s safe, happy, watching over you….). In ny case, I love following your fight. FUCK cancer! Xo

  72. Brenna

    You are just so amazing. My prayers at night are to all of your family and Ronan. I have bought myself so many of the bracelets and given them to friends and family. The thought of the foundation is fabulous. You will be receiving many donations from me over time. Lots of love<3 xx

  73. krista key


    I first found your blog when your “Rockstar Ronan” was here with us. My sweet Baby girl (ok 6) was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. I was broken. Struggling every day to make her alive. At the time I though all was lost. I found your blog, and felt so connected. At the time we lived in Colorado. I lost track of many blogs I was following, because the job of keeping my daughter alive became so overwhelming.

    Flash forward. We moved to Anthem AZ. I lost track. When I re-discovered your blog…I cried for days. I won’t say more. More doesn’t help. I am in the area now, so please…please…let me know of any and all fundraising opportunities there are.

    I want to help you. Ronan touched my heart, as obviously so many others. Type 1 Diabetes sucks ass! Seriously…sucks ass.

    There is only one thing I think sucks ass more…childhood cancer (from your blog, I learned this).

    I want to kick the shit out of both. Your Ronan is so amazing!!!! I know it sucks and doesn’t help. But I want my family to support you and Ronan is any way possible. Please let me know the best way.

    Here is my fledgling blog: I only have one entry. I hope t get where you are with your blog.

    You are my inspiration. Why do kids have to suffer? Sucks shit… I love that you curse…because what the fuck else can we say? Our kids are suffering and deserve more. Waaay the fuck more!

    Love, laughter, and madness. Krista Key

  74. texasmommy

    Hey Maya, I don’t think you will even ever see this post cause there are so many! Anyway. I will write and tell you my thoughts and feelings. First…I am so very sorry about your beautiful Ronan, holy shitballs…he was and still is a dollbaby sparkle firecracker. I lost my brother to neuroblastoma….want to know what is so weird is that he was 29, very rare. And we had an asshole looser doctor that told us he would save him, and guess what??? Asshole doctor was out of the fucking country after he informed us that my bro was “the sickest person at Shands”….he loved us and our family, right… And he walked away like a fucking coward. And even better, they burned my brothers lungs in radiation in order for his BMT…but we were too “grief stricken” for any attorney to take us seriously. Get this, it has been 21 fucking years since that happened. I was only 20, now I am a almost 42 year old girl that is still so fucking angry. For my Mom, who had to kiss her dead son goodbye, for his wife of 6 years who hoped they would get preggo soon, for all 5 of us siblings who feel the absence at every single fucking holiday…even after this long. It gets easier to live that “new normal”, but it never goes away. Love is forever. Your sweet boy loves you forever. I lam just a Mommy in Dallas-suburbs, where everything is all sweet and pretty….wrong. When my bro was sick, and needing treatment, he always said “no way will i go for treatment before any little kid.” he loved kids and wanted them so much. At clinic, always , he said no way till the sweet babies went. I have wanted to do something for so long since he died, I finished college, got married…had 2 kiddos, now it’s time. If you read this, let me know. I want to do anything and everything for your sweet Robaby and the cause. I am always thinking and praying for you, sweetie.

  75. Jezka

    Hello, Maya! I’m from the Philippines and i just want to thank you for sharing your story with us. I’m really sorry for your loss. If I could, I’d go there right now just to give you a hug and tell you personally that I admire your strength. I wish I could’ve gotten the chance to meet Ronan. I bet he’s the most amazing kid in the world. And those big, blue eyes… wow. Pierces right through my soul. Sending you some love all the way from Asia! I’m really glad that you finally have your own office, by the way. I’m sure Little Ronan is smiling up there πŸ™‚ xx

  76. Felicia

    ‘Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.’ -Jimi Hendrix

    Miss Swift’s got the right idea;)

  77. feliciaortega

    ‘Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.’ -Jimi Hendrix

    Seems Miss Swift’s got the right idea;)

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