In my spare time, I might have started up a little jewelry company called, “Spicy Monkey.” But it’s not official yet or anything.

I started making these bracelets for fun, as a way to occupy my mind on the nights I cannot sleep. I ended up going a little overboard and making hundreds. My friend Katie, at The Garage Boutique for Kids in Scottsdale, offered to let me do a little trunk show at her store. It’s this Thursday night from 7-9. Bring the girls and come on down! We’ll have cupcakes and a few other surprises. Cash or checks only please. Proceeds will go to The Ronan Thompson Foundation. The address is below. Hope to see you all there!! xxoo

7144 E Stetson Dr
Ste 255
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

34 responses to “In my spare time, I might have started up a little jewelry company called, “Spicy Monkey.” But it’s not official yet or anything.”

  1. Maya! I want to order a handful for up here. I have a girlfriend who would love one and I will give them as gifts. How can I order? I will send ya a check ASAP. All my love, Tara

    1. I should clarify, Portland and Kelso peeps!!!

  2. Anyway we can order some? Would love to buy a bunch for such a meaningful cause 🙂

  3. Would you consider selling them via Paypal, if I paid for shipping to CT? I saw them in another photo, and loved that they look incredibly bad ass.

  4. OMG these are so cute I hope You get to SELL them online I would Love to buy some. ❤

  5. I’m interested in the bracelets but I’m in Florida. Would you be willing to mail them? I could pay with Paypal or mail you a check? I was truly touched when I heard Ronan’s song and would like to do what I can to help the foundation. Thanks.

  6. Romama,
    I hope I can make it there on Thursday and if so I’ll be rocking my Rockstar Ronan tee and my bracelets! Always Rolove! xo

  7. love this! I’m a new follower and will try to come to this from chandler. I also just bought 2 f*ck you shirts for my brother who is fighting. Texted him a picture saying would you wear this? He said f*ck yeah!

  8. Maya I’d buy one.. Or 4 🙂 but im in Orlando! Can I just send you a check?

  9. Another follower here who is too far away from Scottsdale, but who must absolutely have some of those! You HAVE TO put these on Etsy!!!!

  10. Please can I order some? I will send a check first and you can send back – would that work at all?

  11. Maya ~ I can’t make it there on Thursday, but would you please hold back 2 for me? I would love a one with purple beads & my daughter loves the white one….I could pick them up from The Garage on Friday & I’ll bring a check! Those are AWESOME!!!

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  13. Maya im in ireland and would love to buy some if possible online xx

  14. Please offer them online! We would love to rock those here in Chicago!

    XOXO Liz

  15. Hi Maya…
    My name is Ashley I’m from Erie pa. I own a tattoo shop/ and a store. We sell tons of clothing, jewelry, skateboards, etc…I seen your bracelets that you have been making. I would love to sell those for you out of my store. I won’t take a percentage or anything. I would love to do that for you and Ronan. I have a little guy that is my world. I could never imagine what you are going through, I would love to help out for you, Ronan, and all the many children out there. I wouldnt even mine putting them in my online store.

  16. I would love to purchase a handful…but I live in Maryland. Please keep us posted if there is a way to do that…….

  17. Ummmmmm MAYA!! Can I buy a gazillion?!?!?!? If I could get to arizona by thursday I’d buy all of em up!!

    paypal for us international peeps xxooxxoo

  18. I would LOVE to order some! but i also live in different state!

  19. Please let us all know when we can order online! LOVE THEM!

  20. Would love to buy one offline!

  21. See you Thurs. night. Girls need bracelets for Gold Party! Pat Foullois (Alexandria Misthos’ grandma 🙂

  22. You should make an account on Etsy!

  23. I would dearly love to order some bracelets. Do you take orders from abroad, I live in South Africa. Please let me know. Best regards Kim van Niekerk

  24. super cute! did I see these at the village on camelback??

  25. Wish I could fly to Arizona to bring my daughter to this !!! You and Ronan, as well as your entire family, are inspiring =)

  26. Maya, I’ve been reading your blog for the last year and I must say that I admire you and the work you’re doing in Ronan’s name. I have a little boy who is 6 months younger than your sweet Ro so when I read your blog for the first time it deeply touched me. I pray for you and your family every night and that God will help you achieve all of the great things you’re trying to accomplish. I’m ordering some of the Fuck You Cancer bracelets for myself and some of the Fight Like a Rockstar bracelets for my son and I would love to buy several of these. I live in Alabama, is there any way I could send you a check/money order/etc? Please let me know 🙂

  27. Love the bracelets! I have a feeling there won’t be a single one left after tomorrow night! But hopefully at some point we out of staters can buy some!


  28. Hi Maya – I love these. Please get them on your website so my teenage daughter and I can wear them with our Rockstar Ronan tees. I get my hair done at They sell this fabulous jewelry – something like Arm Candy – and it is somewhat similar. I just spoke with Tori, the fabulous manager there, and she will send me a link which I will post here in case you want to team up with her. If you need help with anything, please know I (along with the rest of the people who are in love with you and your family), will do all I can. I am doing all I can to bring the much needed attention to Ronan and your love story.

  29. Hi Maya! I would love to order one of these to go with my Fuck You Cancer Bracelet- (I am still waiting on that and the shirt. She said they were on backorder) I can pay through pay pal!

    PS- thinking of you always!

    Shannon Marshall

  30. Maya (and Poppy), so I got ONE of these bracelets in the beginning when Rissy was making them AND it was a bead or two too small. 😦 So I decided to give it to my sister for her birthday BUT I CANNOT part with it! Her birthday was MONDAY and I’m refusing to give it to her, today I will hand it over to her but I will be cringing when I do it! I’m especially in love with the black bracelet with turquoise skulls and would love if I could buy another one, or two or three.

  31. HI Maya…just like everyone else I would love to buy one of your bracelets…any chance you might put them up for sale on ronan’s foundation website so that the proceeds go right to his foundation? Would love to help out – and have a great bracelet to boot!

  32. In a heartbeat I would buy as many as I could and send a check out as well.. Just tell us all when.. This Indiana girl would love some..

  33. Love, LOVE the skull bracelets! I would like to buy a few to help the Foundation. Is there an address or store where I can get them? Thanks!! I have been following your story. Stay strong. Rock Star Ronan is inspiring the world and making a difference! Hugs

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