The Gold Party

Gold is the ribbon color for childhood cancer awareness. September is the month for childhood cancer awareness. I wanted to do something special, to represent both of these things during the month of September. I want to make the whole world know and understand what the Gold Ribbon means and I want to turn the month of September into making the whole world aware of how important this month is to all these kids fighting for their lives.

I played around with a lot of ideas for what we could do for this event that we have slowly been planning. I came back to my first idea after getting a great response when it was brought up at a board meeting.

Let’s have a Gold Party! Let’s invite the whole wide world and have them rock the color gold, for a very special reason. Thanks to the hard work of my board members, and the generosity of The W Hotel, the pieces are falling into place and I am so excited!

My very special dear friend, (who I sometimes think hung the moon) Charisma Carpenter, offered to fly in and host the event. We will have Danny Masterson (Hyde from That’s 70’s show) as our celebrity D.J.! D.J. Mom Jeans is sure to bring the house down with his mad skills. I’ve been watching his beats on YouTube and I can’t stop dancing.

Tickets are not on sale, yet, but I will let you know when they are. I just wanted to get the word out as early as possible, especially for any of you that may want to come from out-of-town for this great event. Tickets are super affordable, 25 bucks a pop. I love that:)

I hope to see you all there, rocking your crazy gold ensembles! Thank you for all you are continuing to do in this fight for childhood cancer. I love your hearts.



6 responses to “The Gold Party”

  1. Sounds amazing! I wish I lived closer so I could come! (I live outside of Philadelphia) You are going to have a great turn out, I know it! Keep on fighting Maya…you are moving mountains!

  2. I hope to be able to go to this event. I went to the first Ronan event with my hubby to the Brightest Star in June 2011. Always RoLove! xo

  3. I would love to be there, but like Jenn commented, I am also just outside of Philadelphia. But I will be rocking the gold all of September and sharing RoLove all over NJ and PA am always sharing the RoLove!! AlwaysRo!

  4. is there anything we can do if we’re not able to come? Can we bid on items or anything? Always wanting to help!

  5. We are Alexandria Misthos’ grandparents, and we will be there!!!!!

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    On Aug 13, 2012,

  6. Will there be an online auction for those of us too far away?

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