Talia Love

I’ve followed Talia’s story for a very long time. I don’t follow a ton of childhood cancer stories, due to just being overwhelmed by how many there actually are out there. This is a girl that I check in on, on a regular basis. When I first starting watching her YouTube videos, I was amazed by her beauty, strength, and her infectious love for life… even though she had fought Neuroblastoma for 5 years. That didn’t damper her spirit, if anything it seemed to make her shine more. Her spicy ways reminded me a lot of Ro.

Talia’s disease has recently gotten worse and she is having to make a very hard decision. I don’t know what it is going to take for this world to wake up and make childhood cancer a priority in life. None of these kids or parents deserve this. How is it that childhood cancer is the number one disease killer, in children, yet everyone just looks away. These kids deserve so much better. They deserve the chance to grow up into adults and get fucking prostate cancer or breast cancer. Why are we not putting them, before everyone else??

Who can ignore the facts that come along with childhood cancer and decide that it is o.k. to look the other way?

  • Cancer is the number one cause of non-accidental death in children
  • At present childhood cancer cannot be prevented and occurs regularly and randomly, sparing no ethnic group, socioeconomic or geographic class
  • Approximately 46 U.S. children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer every single day 
  • For every six research dollars per patient with AIDS and every one research dollar per patient with breast cancer, a child with cancer receives only 30 cents. 


My Ronan deserves to be here. This beautiful, brave girl should not have to make the decision to go forward with a very harsh treatment or just stop everything all together and enjoy the time she has left. It is all so very wrong. Today, 2.4 billion dollars to explore Mars can go and get fucked. It’s just one of the many examples I’ll use to show how wrong this is. You are telling me Mars is more important then this girls life? Then Ronan’s life? Then all of these other kids out there who will be diagnosed and die from childhood cancer? I don’t fucking think so.

I miss my son. I miss my son and the only thing I can do is continue to fight for him like I know he would want me to do.

Please watch this little brave souls video and be thankful for all that you have. Just not today, but every single day you are alive.