Ava. No words would be good enough.



I am going to take my anger out on my surfboard with some very mean looking waves. I will surf for Ronan and Ava, and all the other kids, who will never get the chance to.

F U Cancer.


Ava Ann Holder



Ava Ann Holder
7/20/2007 ~ 5/28/2012

Ronan. I am mad. Angry. Sad. This is an epidemic. This has to change. I am not going to sit here and scream the hundreds of swear words that I want to scream. I will leave that for another post because I will be respectful of Ava and her family. I’m sorry to them, Ava, and you.

I am done walking Ronan. There is no time to walk with this disease. I am going to take everything that is coming my way and run like I’ve never run before. Nobody is going to stop me.

I love you. Take care of Ava, please. I miss you. I hope you are safe. I promise to make you proud.