Ronan. Can you even believe the sweet pictures, below? Some little girl, whom we don’t know had her 7th Birthday party today. She wanted to share the RoLove so she did her whole birthday party with you, everywhere. Thank you, sweet dolly Kate and her mommy, Nicole. I feel like I’ve been kissed on my lips by my Robaby himself.

People’s kinds hearts are amazing. And these little girls will grow up to be even more amazing, because of our love baby doll. I am so thankful for the parent’s who are grateful for the lessons they are learning. I am so grateful for parents like this, who understand how lucky they are to have their babes to tuck in and kiss goodnight. I am so thankful for the beauty that WILL come out of this. Your death will not be in vain, Ronan. I will keep spreading our love, everywhere. I am thankful for the beautiful people who are listening. Thank you so much. To ALL of you.