Voting is still going on…. So do it<3

If you are still able to vote, DO IT:) I don’t really care if I win peeps… I am up against another Neuroblastoma mom which just makes me feel yucky. I wish the person that had nominated her, had put her in a different category. Come to find out, the person that did nominate her, tried to put her in a different category, but Babble said she needed to be in the Charity one. The bottom line is, we both lose because our child has been taken away from us. But AWARENESS is being gained. That is truly what is going to make a difference. I hope to meet this mom someday, hug her, and tell her Thank You for all of the amazing things she is doing in her daughter, Layla Grace’s name. I know Layla and Ro are working together, “to get shit done!” They will be a force to be reckoned with.

I am happy about the awareness that this will bring to Neuroblastoma, either way. I am thankful for all of you who have spread the word and gotten Ro’s story out there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart<3

9 responses to “Voting is still going on…. So do it<3”

  1. According to the website, the leading mom has a son with EB – a horrible, horrible skin condition – he cannot speak and his eyes have become shut due to the skin blistering over them – Courtney Roth.
    Is this correct – if not, I am not sure I am voting at the right place!

  2. Maya,
    I live in Cypress,TX not far from Shanna Marsh, Layla Grace’s mom. I followed her and it was their website that led me to you. Her baby, Layla reminded me soo much of your Ronan! They both had the most stunning eyes!!Her passing was devastating to all in the Houston area. She touched the world..just like your baby! I’ve never known 2 more deserving women of an award!!! You both have changed my life in so many ways!! I hope that thru your words, something will change!! I believe Layla and Ronan will one day be the face for this disease…they will not die in vain!! Thank you for your strength(even though u don’t see it!), for your honesty and for being you!!
    Much love from Cypress, Tx

  3. Nevermind – I just realized there are different categories – I voted in the right place!! 🙂

  4. It is so sad that you are running against each other, but this is a glimmer of hope to how many people are becoming aware of Neuroblastoma. I have been covering my FB with your love story. I’m still voting! Let’s win this for little Nate!

  5. Together I think you can become a force to be Reckon with!!!! You two, along with so many other parents have the bond, the bond I would never wish on my worst enemy of losing a precious child; but if more attention and awareness comes from it, then that bond expands to something in good ways! Either way, all the beautiful children should be given the rewards of more options and research for peds cancer. FUCK CANCER!

  6. Layla is the reason I know about NB. She is the most beautiful child I’ve ever seen. Her story is as touching as Ronan’s. And she is as beautiful as he is. Maya and Shanna… both remarkable parents.. I fucking hate this world

  7. Dear Cancer,
    There is a contest going on and one of two Mama’s that you robbed is going to be the winner. You can’t win them all & pretty soon you will never win again! HAHAHA you ugly, nasty pile of crap. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you… FUCK YOU CANCER! Watch your back, were comin for ya…..

    Maya’s Mafia

    1. K.M…that was awesome! Well spoken!
      Maya Mafia all the way!

  8. Hi Maya
    How does this work? If it was just up to the number of votes you get, why is there a panel of judges? Maybe since you are neck and neck with Shanna, they could judge you to both win ? 🙂

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