23 responses to “Ronan big jet plane”

  1. Rock on Rockstar Ronan!!!

    Thinking of you!

  2. Such a gorgeous little boy!! We miss you little fella!

  3. Beautiful! Great looking family! Once again, your a GREAT mom, you packed a ton of fun things into the time you got to spend with Ronan.

  4. Linda O'Connell Avatar
    Linda O’Connell

    Came upon your blog via a friends facebook post – friend lost a granddaughter to neuroblastoma. Have been following for the last several weeks. I can’t fathom the pain you’re feeling but I check in on you every day. I look at the photos and Ronan’s blue eyes are mesmerizing. Have no words other than I’m praying for you and your family – oh – and FUCK is sometimes the only word that is appropriate – please continue to use as needed!!

  5. precious photos, he is so loved!!

  6. What a precious slide presentation of such a sweet little boy full of life, joy and happiness he has brought to the Thompson Family…

  7. Just BEAUTIFUL Maya!

  8. God Bless this beautiful, beautiful baby boy. I love you to the moon and back Ronan. Thank You Maya.

  9. I came across your blog yesterday and have been thinking of you ever since. My heart breaks for you. Thank you for sharing this story with so many people. You, your family and Ronan are in my prayers.

  10. Wish he was here with you. I love his smile. Will keep fighting for him and won’t ever forget. Always believing…

  11. Like many others I came accross this website through a friend of mine. I read your beautiful writing everyday, and cry every time. I have a two year old boy at home and you have tought me SO much about how to love him and to never take a minute for granted. You and Ronan have both made a huge difference in my life and we have never met, I will forever be grateful. My boy and I pray for you and your family every night in hopes that some peace and comfort can be brougt to you. You are a remarkable mother and woman and an inspiration to all of us.

  12. that sweet smile of his brought a smile to my face. he is so special. thanks for sharing.

  13. i saw your blog from a tomkat studio posting. my heart breaks for you and your family. i read one of your postings about not being able to take your 3 year old grocery shopping anymore….honestly a chore that i dread with my own 3 year old. but honestly, not anymore. i squeezed him a bit tighter this afternoon. your writing/posts are nothing but raw & heartfelt. please know, i will keep you and your family in my prayers. peace & love….

  14. Hi Maya,

    A friend of mine bought Ben a fedora to wear on Easter. I thought, Ronan always wears those, and it is so cute. Well, it just didn’t work on Ben, so we went with the flatcap. I’m glad. That is Ronan’s look… his little plaid Fedora. I will always think of him when I see one.

    We were in the clinic the other day and I couldn’t stop thinking of you sitting there with Ronan right by your side. Even though I hardly know you guys, it just doesn’t seem real that he’s gone.

    I told my husband, Mark, about your comment about how you were going to punch anyone in the face who said something like “he’s in a better place…” We always share twisted laughter over dumb/weird things people say to you when your kid has cancer. So Mark said, “Well, it looks like she’s going to be punching a lot of people in the face today!”

    So, just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you and your family. Ronan is alive in my heart.

  15. Maya- Thanks for sharing! I am so truly touched and inspired…Ronan has the biggest smile in nearly all of those pics, despite the horrible battle he was in. He is remarkable and courageous.

  16. second 10 really broke my heart

  17. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Ronan with the world, His life has profoundly changed me.

  18. Pictures truly are worth a 1,000 words, these are wonderful. You will treasure them always.

    We continue to pray for your family daily.

  19. Maya, I don’t know you but my husband went to KHS with you. Not so long ago I walked into our family room after putting our kids to bed & my husband Phil looked up from his ipad with tears streaming down his face (not a normal occurance for him). I asked what was wrong and that was when he told me your story…your story of love, motherhood, pain, beauty & family. Your son Ronan, a beautiful “PERFECT” child has touched my soul. I have three children (Brady, Hope & Hadley) and my daughter Hope is a month older than Ronan. I get what you meant when you talked about life being perfect and I agree with you that having a loving husband, beautiful children and a roof over your head is perfection…atleast that is my definition of perfect. All I can say is that my daughter Hope (who has eyes that could light up the world like your amazing son) is thinking of you just like I am. She sat next to me as I read your blog and I told her about Ronan & his courage. Like you I love running…sometimes I think it is the most natural form of therapy & I have had some of the most spiritual moments of my life looking up at that blue sky above me. Like others have said I hope someday you can run again in the sunshine but totally understand why you run at night right now. You are an amazing writer & someday I think your blog could be turned into a book. You have shared your family’s story in such a beautiful & raw way that could help so many. Cancer sucks & I have learned that doctors are human…I used to think they were superman!!!

  20. Brought tears to my eyes. As the mother of two girls the thought of your loss is unimagineable. Wishing you peace in your heart.

  21. I cannot separate this sing from Ronan…………all my thoughts and love to Ro…

  22. FUCK CANCER! How dare they take such a perfect person! Maya you & Ronan are on my mind daily & everyday I make it my business to tell someone about him & that nasty Neuroblastoma! My 12 year old daughter was asked at school today where she saw herself in 15 years…her reply ” on my way to being the BEST pediatric oncologist in the world & playing basketball!” I guess if anything my message got across to one if the most important people it could have gotten to! I love you all & ill be shaking your hand one day when my baby finds a cure for the evil that took your sweet baby! Xoxo

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