4 weeks after being admitted inpatient, Ronan was discharged this afternoon. Finallly!!! It felt so good to get my baby outside in the sunshine and it was the most gorgeous New York City day. Woody came and picked us up to help with all of our things. We had so much stuff to carry out of the hospital. Ronan also insisted on bringing home his huge balloons that Dr. Maze sent him. I’m pretty sure a bunch of people on the streets of New York were assaulted by those balloons today. I could hardly see as I pushed the stroller with Ronan carrying all of his balloons. He was so happy to be free and unhooked and he was so excited to get back to the RMH to see Liam and Quinn. Woody left the boys there under the supervision of some volunteers who were conducting a Mad Science class. The volunteers are all so nice here and Liam and Quinn were having a blast when we returned. We also had a special surprise as Macy came right from the airport and to the RMH. Talk about the best day ever! Ronan is finally out of the hospital, Macy is here, and we are all together.

We spent the next couple of hours playing around the RMH and then all went out for dinner. It felt so nice to be out, even though we had a couple of meltdowns due to a couple of grumpy boys. After dinner, we came back home and up to our room where it looked like a bomb went off. I went into straight drill sargent mode and told Woody to hold down the fort so Mace and I could run to Ace Hardware for some organizational supplies. We were both so tired but I was on a mission. I knew there was no way I would sleep well tonight or be able to enjoy our weekend if things were left the way they were. Macy watched the boys while I tackled our room with Woody. Thank you, Mace.  3 hours later, and we are finally done. We not only put everything away, but we rearranged all of the furniture in the place. It feels so much better now.

We don’t have scans tomorrow. The Team has decided that they would like to wait until next week so that Ronan has more of a chance to recover from this last round of chemo. Woody and the boys are still flying out on Sunday and I will have Fernanda here with me for scan week. I have learned my lesson as far as trying to do those days alone as it is just too much. I am so thankful my friend will be here with me as Woody cannot due to the scan schedule getting changed. He has too many court dates set and clients to see. Thank god for Fernanda. We have a visit to the clinic tomorrow at 11, and then we are free the rest of the weekend. Cannot wait to enjoy New York with my boys and Macy.

This is all the update for tonight as I we are all so very tired. Sweet dreams to you all and thank you for thinking of us!!!!