Sometimes it takes a really good fall to know where you stand

Where have I been the past 24 hours? Dead. Or the closest I’ve ever felt like dying. Yesterday, Dr. Kushner came to see us and we got the news that Ronan’s bone marrow is now longer clear of Neuroblastoma. All 4 sights from his scans a couple of weeks ago here are positive which explains all of the activity on his MIBG scan. The scans at PCH came back as clear… but that was 6 weeks ago. The most recent scans here show that his bone marrow is positive again which means that his cancer is spreading and we have to get it under control. So, I spent all of yesterday in a thick fog with my head spinning. I made it though the day while Woody worked but by the time he returned to the hospital, I was a complete mess. I spent much of the evening sneaking out of the room while Ronan slept…, throwing up. At one point, I found myself huddled up on the floor rocking back and fourth with my head spinning so quickly I felt like I was going to pass out. It was the first time in my life that I could not get myself back under control. I was sweating, crying, and could not even form a thought. My sense of smell was so heightened, that I couldn’t deal with any of the smells in the hospital. The smell of food and cleaning products combined were enough to make me want to check myself into the loony bin. When Woody returned for the night I told him I had to leave, that I needed some air. I somehow managed to get myself back to the RMH and passed out on the spot. I woke up around 11 p.m. with my raging headache that refused to go away. I got in the shower, dressed and walked down the street to the store to get some Coconut Water to try to rehydrate myself and take my Advil. I returned to the RMH still a wreck but forced myself to take my Ambien(which is the only way I sleep now) and fell asleep with my head still pounding and the thoughts consuming me that I cannot do this anymore, I cannot survive this, I cannot go on.

I woke up this morning, eyes bloodshot and red, still feeling defeated and as if I wanted to die. I cannot pick up my phone at this point to talk to anyone… but this morning when my friend, Ed called, I instantly knew I had to answer it. I was crying, I was still a mess and I didn’t hide it. I was on the floor of my bathroom as I listened to him tell me how he had pulled some strings and that the New York Knicks would like to host us at a basketball game. Did I forget to mention that my in-laws are flying out here on a whim with Liam and Quinn today? They are. We need them. Through my tears, I told Ed how excited the boys’ would be, how happy that was going to make them. My life now is all about squeezing every ounce of happiness for Liam, Quinn and Ronan, that we can from it. After I listened to Ed tell me how everything was going to be o.k., how I was a tough bad ass chick and I could do this it suddenly became very clear to me. I can do this and I will do this… this is not the end. Not even close. I can’t give up no matter how badly cancer is trying to win. I will keep fighting for my family, for my friends, and most importantly, for Ronan.

I picked myself up off the bathroom floor, showered, and headed to Starbucks before I returned to Sloan. On my walk there, I found myself getting stronger again. I texted my Mr. Sparkly eyes who is so amazingly helping me through all of this, even through all of his worry and pain for us. I told him about my breakdown, and how I took all of this morning to think about things as clearly as I can. How I have decided that I can do this because if I don’t, everybody loses and I am too strong to let that happen. How I won’t let cancer take my baby, my family, my friends or me. I refuse to give in but sometimes I have to breakdown in order to get my strength back. He texted me back something about my unbelievable insight, bravery and compassion. I thanked him for loving me and never giving up on me. I have so many people that believe in me and who know I can get Ronan through this. Last night, I got a taste of cancer winning and it was the most awful thing I have ever tasted in my life. I almost let it win. Today is a different story. Today, I walked the streets of New York throwing fists in the air and refusing to give up. I have too many people counting on me to let that happen. I am a mother and that makes me the toughest person in the world; next to Ronan.

We will be discharged from the hospital this evening and Ronan seems to be feeling better. We have taken him off the morphine drip and he is now wearing a little pain patch on his skin. I know the radiation is working just like this round of chemo is. I know we will get his bone marrow clear again. We will scan Ronan in 2 weeks to see how this chemo has worked. Depending on the results, we will either do another round of the same thing or go on to the NK-Cell trial like we had originally planned. I have come to learn that plans cannot be made when your child has cancer. All I can do is pray to God that Ronan remains pain free, he is happy, and we will take everything day by day. As much as I love a plan and how hard it is for me to let everything go, I have no choice. Every second of the day I have with Ronan is a gift and I have to make every second count. He has no idea his brothers are coming tonight and he is going to be so happy. We have decided that Liam will stay until Tuesday and then fly back to Phoenix with Mimi and Papa. We will keep Quinn here with us until April 3rd, and he will fly back to Phoenix with Woody. Ronan needs his brothers and if it means we have to pull them out of school for a bit, so be it. Our as a time as a family together, getting Ronan healthy is the most important thing in the world. Everything else can wait.

To all of my family and friends calling and texting. I’m sorry if I don’t respond. I listen to your every word but the one thing I cannot handle right now is talking, listening, and reading your words as you all cry and fall apart. It scares me to see you all so scared. I need you all to be strong for me right now and I can’t handle your tears. It hurts me to see you all hurting which is why I promise to be stronger for you. I need your words of encouragement… I cannot hear how your hearts are breaking and I know it is unfair of me to ask that all of you hide your pain, but that is what I need right now. There will come a time when I will be able to cry with you and you’d better believe that it will be because of tears of joy. I refuse to think any other way.

Thank you so much for all of your love that surrounds us and please continue to pray for us, for Ronan. We need all the positive love, light, and strength that we can get.


93 thoughts on “Sometimes it takes a really good fall to know where you stand

  1. Julie

    GOd Please shine your healing light on this family who is trying so hard to FIGHT for their beautiful family. Surround them with your LOVE. We are praying for you guys!!!

  2. Laura

    You all are so strong. I know Team Thompson is not going to let anything stop them from getting precious Ronan well. I am so happy the the family is going to be together. You all are always in our thoughts and prayers.

    1. Laura

      Grandma Mimi has already be in combat with cancer and help bring The awareness to Phoenix. Ronan’s Mimi is the original Phoenix warrior! Take that cancer! Don’t ever give up that Team Thompson spirit!

  3. Glenda

    Praying for you and your family but especially for Ronan during this difficult time. I’m a native NYer and we root for the NY Knicks as well 😀 I think that will be such a wonderful surprise for Ronan…a game and his brothers there with him to take it all in. Stay strong! fight on!

  4. Nichole

    This evil cancer may knock you down but you are MAYA THOMPSON the amazing mother of ROCKSTAR RONAN and you have the strongest most beautiful, amazingly courageous little boy in New York!!!! You have so much strength, courage, endurance and most importantly LOVE. Not to mention all of us who are here ready to help you, beat this. You will get up again and again until in the end…Ronan wins!!!! 🙂

    “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog”~ Mark Twain

    You all have so much “fight” that YOU WILL WIN!! So strap on some tape and put on the gloves because it’s time to kick some ASS!!

    Lots of love, From So. CA.

  5. Amber H

    Cancer should be scared because Momma Maya and Rockstar Ronan is going to kick its ass!!! Thoughts, prayers, love and hugs sent your way all the way from Califronia to New York!!!

  6. Donna

    What is wrong with you??! The Thompsons should NEVER give up. What kind of parents would they be if they just stopped fighting? Of course they know all of the possible outcomes, good and bad, they’re not morons. If you’ve paid attention, they have pretty much educated themselves and continue to do so with the help of doctors across the country. They have met parents/patients that have beat this disease, and are living great lives cancer free. Miracles happen everyday, and they are NOT immune to those. So as the saying goes, if you can’t say anything nice, then keep your idiotic comments to yourself…or something like that. Fight on little Rockstar, we’ve got your back!!

  7. Kristen

    We love and miss our strong and resiliant Team Thompson! You have an army of soldiers – family, friends and strangers – in your corner and we all know that you WILL come out the other side of this. You are all loved immensely.

  8. Marquita Ward

    Adonai Nissi [Adonai is my banner/miracle]…found in Exodus 17:15…with the faith of Jesus I know the Lord will prevail in getting you all through this. God’s Word is power and victories come with His Word.

  9. Patrice Metzler

    Ronan WILL beat this. God has a plan for Ronan on this Earth that will help others. Others have won the NB fight, and so will you and your family.
    Only listen to the positive…
    Lots of love and prayers from the world to you!

  10. Emily

    Maya – Your Las Palomas sisters are praying and sending fighting, ROCKSTAR vibes to you and the family. Be proud of yourself for kicking it in gear, getting back up, shaking the yuck off, and continuing on. Remember, God dosen’t give you anything you can’t handle – you’ve got this!!!!!

  11. Alyssa Crews

    You rock! Keep it up. I know you hear this all the time, but Ronan is so amazing. He’s such a fighter with the strongest spirit. So glad his brothers are coming! I can’t imagine how much he (and you) miss them. Keeping him in my prayers.

    My favorite quote:
    If children have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages, then maybe we can all learn from them. When you think about it, what other choice is there but to hope? We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up, or fight like hell. -Lance Armstrong

    Ronan will ignore all odds and percentages. He’ll beat this. I definately know I’m learning from him. I know you’ll never give up hope and you will fight like hell along with your beautiful boy 🙂

  12. Mary D

    Fight on and NEVER lose hope!!! So many people are pulling for you and praying! So glad the fam is going to be together – you mentioned Liam and Quinn were good basketball players – perhaps the Knicks will let them suit up – they Could use the help!

  13. Megan

    @ Christine…have some compassion for god’s sake.
    To Maya and family…DO NOT ever give up the fight. It may not seem like it right now but things will get better. Just keep up the faith and hope and good things will come your way.

  14. Trevor

    Your strength, immeasurable.
    Your courage, undeniable.
    Your love, unbreakable.

    You don’t know me.
    You inspire me.

    1. Trevor

      Going to wreck my original sentiment…

      “You don’t know me” comment came across wrong on the re-read. It was not meant to be. Let me elaborate on that statement:

      I find myself having read a moment of your life and have been moved. I cannot understand what you’re going through, I can however say that you, a complete stranger have done something rare; made me understand your hope and your pain through words with laser-like clarity.

      Thank you for sharing this part of your life. I truly believe you will succeed, your family are in my prayers.

  15. Emily

    Oh, and Trevor, I think your original words were beautiful just as they were, no need to explain but sweet that you did 🙂

  16. Faith

    Keep fighting! You are an amazing mother and I admire your strength. Thank you for allowing us to walk along side on this journey.

  17. Maureen

    I am going to steal this comment from you as it is just simply perfect…

    All I can do is pray to God that Ronan remains pain free, he is happy, and we will take everything day by day.

    This is EXACTLY what I pray for. Ronan to remain pain free, happy and you to take one day at a time. I rest my head on my pillow each night and close my eyes thinking of you all.

    May God bless you. This is what I pray for.

    I hope you have a great visit with your family.

    And Christine. Fuck you.

    Sorry Maya but I had to say that.

    All my love too you.

  18. Nico

    Alright Rock Star Ronan and his Kick Ass strong hearted momma! I chant for you every day to win! I envision you winning. I send you Buddhist prayers called Daimoku when I chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Science is catching up to spirituality because the heart is the strongest vibration and can heal. The vibration the heart emits is stronger than the brain. So every time I chant I send my heart waves to you. I envision you and I surround you with healing and love. You ARE winning, you will will, you must defeat this dis-ease. A dear friend said cancer reminds her of can’t answer. Ronan’s body is strong and can answer to anything . . . he is rising to this occasion. I am strong for you and you can crumble because I chant for you and I have never even met you in person. My heart knows love and you are that. You and Ronan are love!!! Endless Love.

  19. Rosemary S.

    Thompson family…I am so glad that you are all getting together to see a pro-game and to have some laughs! Laughter also cures many things! Such fun!

    I am glad that you were able to have your “cleansing” cry…or what my mother had always told me was my “ugly cry”. Get it all out and then be strong for the next step forward. You are strong. Ronan is strong. This beast is NOT going to win…not now, not ever. You know this.

    Keep positive and know that things will be ok. Prayers constantly flow.

    As for “christine”…WTF planet do you live on that has no hope, no love, no strength!?! I pity you.

  20. Candyce Lindsay

    Maya you are the mom and the rock your rock star needs. Continue to have faith and pray yourselves through this. and enjoy your awesome family all the way. The Lindsay Family is praying continuously for you all.

  21. Danielle Kalafat

    An extra FUCK YOU to cancer tonight. Sending prayers to get you through this bump in the road. Thank you for allowing us to walk beside you even on the crazy and impossibly hard days.

  22. Michelle

    Seriously Christine what the hell is wrong with you!!!! Keep your ugly comments to yourself they are not welcome here. Thompson family keep fighting the fight you WILL win. I don’t know you personally but through this blog I can see what super-heroes you really are!!!!
    My thoughts and prayers are with you everyday!

  23. Megan

    I read this blog daily, but never know the right thing to say. We lost my MIL to cancer 2 years ago and up until her last day, she never gave up hope and always hoped for a miracle.

    It DISGUSTS me that someone(Christine) would come to this site and have the nerve to post comments like that. I am grateful that this family want to share their life and fight with the world. Maya and Ronan are both rockstars who don’t deserve to suffer like this. However, Christine needs to rot in hell.

  24. Katrina has a big FU to Christine

    Christine – you cold hearted bitch! How dare you? You either don’t have children or have a sick, twisted way of sharing your heartache in a way that is so cruel and heartless it makes me question your ability to have compassion for the struggle the Thompsons are going through.

    Maya and those that love and care about her, Ronan and her family would never give up hope that the fight in them is greater than his cancer. Newsflash sweetheart, children beat cancer, adults beat cancer, and Ronan is going to beat cancer. Is your purpose behind such a statement to get people to respond to you? You need that much attention that making a mother feel even worse than she does is worth a comment like that? I pity you.

    You’re lucky Maya doesn’t meet you in Central Park on one of her jogs and take out her aggression, anger and pain on you. My guess is you wouldn’t have the balls to say that to her face and you’d walk away with only a few teeth left in your head.

    We live for our children and if they can’t have the faith in us as parents to take away their fear, give them hope, love and the encouragement to take on any challenge, then we don’t deserve the title. It’s obvious that you don’t know Maya, if you did, your life would be fuller, inspired and motivated to take on any fight and know that your heart and determination fuels the army that is standing beside you ready to do battle.

    Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even ones as ignorant as yours. Maybe in some sick way you feel you are doing the family a favor…newsflash….they don’t need your negative attitude, comments or delusional ideas about how this is going to end. We have faith and I’m sorry if your prayers already have Ronan losing this battle. If you have any heart, you would delete your sick, demented comment. We’re all about lifting this family up, not bringing them down.

    Maya, there is one in every bunch. Stay strong and in the words of Lance Armstrong, “pain is temporary, quitting is forever.” Don’t give cancer forever!

  25. kawri

    First of all I must say Christine if your an oncology nurse you really need to learn some bedside manners. Because no fucking nurse that I know would say such a harsh thing to a family that is going thru so much right now. My sister is an oncology nurse so I know. Iam also in the medical field. You need to keep your mouth shut.

    Maya stay strong girl. Your an amazing mother, you can do this. Iam praying for you. And that handsome little boy of yours.

  26. Allison Borg

    Hi Maya, you don’t know me, but Kay is my Godmother and I have been following Ronan’s journey for several months now. Ronan is so lucky to have a family that will NEVER give up on him! I believe that God chooses who our parents will be, and I know that he chose you and Woody for a reason. Your family is so strong and I admire your courage and resilience! Keep on fighting the good fight!

    ‘It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog’ ~ Mark Twain

  27. Rosemary S.

    I got this one Maya…

    Wow christine…you really had to come back and spread your BS “expertise” here? I have to agree with the others…just because you are an oncology nurse does NOT give you license to tell this family what you said. Wow. You really have no idea how to wish someone well now, do you!? You are a NURSE? My God…may I never be YOUR patient…I wouldn’t make it. I really strongly suggest that you do not spew your thoughts here at all, ever. Also…maybe nursing isn’t the wisest career choice for you either. (Yes christine…personal thoughts from me to you. Deal. )

    I think if someone had some info about how to help cure this disease, or had heard of something that would help medically…that would be different. We all want to help. But what you said is just hurtful and unnecessary.

    Thompson Family…you just keep on fighting the good fight, and don’t listen to the negative crap out there. I am so honored that you let us peek into your world, and allow me to care for you and send healing prayers your direction. (hugs)

  28. Sally

    In Christine’s recent posts at 10:08 and 10:10 pm, she reveals herself completely.
    Let’s all go back to writing support and encouragement for Ronan in his fight.

  29. K

    it’s becoming clear that the “negative nurse” has a rather strange need for attention and she’s very likely enjoying the reaction she is getting… she’s a sad case.
    so let’s say we ignore her and maybe she’ll go troll some place else..

  30. megan

    if you are really an oncology nurse, wouldnt you know that this little boy is being treated by one of the BEST cancer drs in the world?

  31. Rosemary S.

    christine…messages of hope are wonderful things. It’s really too bad that you don’t know that. What you have been saying are hurtful and unproductive. STOP.

    Also….I don’t think that the Thompson family needs YOU to tell them to cherish moments. To be honest…we all should cherish moments whether we have ill family members or not.

    Sally…I agree. Sending love and encouragement to Ronan and his family. ‘Nuf said.

  32. Katrina has a big FU to Christine

    Are you serious Christine? Jealous much? If you have been reading this blog since August you’ve sure got a funny way of showing you’re “honestly hoping and praying for Maya and her family’s peace with what is happening.” What a crock of shit! You then comment on her having a rich husband and used to getting what she wants, taking time for herself by going to lunch, having drinks and…gasp girls night out. First, don’t be bitter that she has a husband that takes care of her, loves their boys and has a good job. Second, you should be so lucky to have friends that cared enough about your well being, regardless whether it’s over a meal, drinks or in a hospital room, just to see how your holding up. Oh, you know what, she probably shouldn’t take time to talk to a therapist about her son’s cancer either….you forgot to mention that. That’s just more time she is taking for herself..right…did I hit the nail on the head Christine? Don’t mind my realism. You’re a joke!

    I think you should reconsider the job you do. I think you’d be better equipt to work in a morgue with your bedside manner. After 7 months you interpret her blog as being a spoiled rich wife who gets what she wants? Yes Christine, we are all aware of what the percentages are for Ronan. The difference between you and all the “ra-ra” individuals on this blog are we’re human, you on the other hand are a cold-hearted bitch who seems to think having a nursing degree entitles you to make brash comments about a mother who wants nothing more than to see her child live.

    What is the right thing to do Ms. Oncology nurse? Since Maya has a lot of questionable things she does…like be absent from her twins…what would you suggest she do? Uproot them from their school, have them be in a hospital all day watching their baby brother suffer from the pain? FU and your psycho-babble bullshit…Maya is doing exactly what she, the mother, in case you didn’t realize that, feels is the right thing to do. If you’re an oncology nurse I feel sorry for your patients.

    Do you give all mother’s who are watching their child fight cancer the encouraging, insightful advise you’ve so kindly given tonight? In case you didn’t get the hint, bitch (that’d be you) keep her mouth shut, find a heart, a job where your opinion matters and stop following Maya’s blog if you are so bothered by her time to herself, her lawyer husband and all her ra-ra fans!

    Oh, and one more thing. Publicity? Damn right! If Maya is able to bring awareness to Neuroblastoma than who are you to stand in judgment? Oh, that’s right, you’re an oncology nurse…the next closest thing to God right?

    1. sonia

      i never saw christine’s original post but i must say i love your comments in reply! you go girl! you’re exactly who maya needs in her corner, not that douche of a nurse christine!

  33. Susant

    As a parent myself I heard about this situation from a friend and never commented but WOW due to the insensitive “NURSE” I am feeling it now. I hope the education and strength Maya has shown has benefitted many others. This is an incredible journey and I have an upmost respect for her strength. I hope she does not get discouraged by one ugly person and stop sharing. The thought of a self proclaimed “realist” which is viewed by others as negative finding it okay to post such nastiness is nothing short of disgusting!! Christine, you keep feeling misunderstood and proceed to get on a blog and comment on spelling and punctuation only shows your ugliness. Please make sure you show your employer your comments and make them proud!! Please find it in your heart to leave these people alone and the people supporting them. No one has a place to judge or tell someone in Maya’s position how to handle this. She is a loving mother trying to get through a difficult time. I am shocked at your behavior to say the least. How do you go to bed at night feeling like a GOOD person. No need to respond you should no longer have a voice, and it is apparent no one is interested!!

  34. Dana

    Keep fighting the fight Thompsons! There will be a day when Ronan is cancer free & cancer will eventually look up at Ronan & be terrified to rear its ugly face to your family again! Your family has a very very strong backing (as seen in this post) don’t let the misery (christine) have company!

  35. Trish

    Ronan! Ronan! Ronan! You be the warrior that you are, baby! I’m totally rooting for you!!! Let’s hit the reset button this week, dust ourselves off and get back to the important work at hand, kicking cancer’s sorry fucking ass. In fact I hate cancer so much I think we should give it a name, perhaps Christine. If cancer was a person, it would be Christine. Let’s kick Christine’s ass. Thank you Maya for your honesty and please don’t let sad people ruin your spirit.
    Praying for you all. xoxox

  36. KT

    THIS TOO SHALL PASS!!!! You have almost
    300,000 people that are cheering the Thompson
    family on. Lots of bigs hugs and kisses to all
    of you in New York. Not a day goes by that
    I don’t think of sweet Ronan. I hope you have
    so much fun with the boys this weekend.
    XOXO 

  37. Johnny

    I’m not siding with Christine 100% but maybe 10%. I would be Christine had a family member or friend that had cancer and didn’t receive the attention that the Thompson family has received. Doesn’t make her comments right but may her reasoning to stating this family is not above cancer etc. No one is above cancer. It does has a goal and the doctors do what they can to stop it.
    I will say that Maya, you need to FOCUS on your son 100%. Enough with the b.s about raising awareness, printing t-shirts, getting Oprah to notice, talking about fancy 30 day vacations, what your wearing. That crap in the grand scheme of things doesn’t matter. Ronan does, right? FOCUS on him. As someone who’s lost a relative to cancer, I know how one minute everything is great, and the next thing you know they’re gone. One moment they’re alive and talking and the next day they slip in a coma, never to return. Maya, please FOCUS your attention on him. Stop the other side business, that crap can wait until this is resolved. you need to be selfish with him and work on him. Any awareness you bring to childhood cancer will do zero for Ronan now. It may help for future children but then again I’ve been walking and raising money for things such as breast cancer etc, and really how has that gone? Last I heard we’re still walking. How much more money, more walks, etc do we have to do to beat cancer? Only god know. I wish Ronan the best, I wish you and Wood Dog and the rest of your family the best. Remain calm and focused.

    1. rockstarronan

      Just FYI…. Before you judge me and decide to 10 percent side with “Nurse Christine,” maybe you should give me the benefit of the doubt. This person has been writing really mean things on my blog for months now. I’ve just always caught them before anybody else saw them and sent them right to spam before anybody could read them. I did this for this reason alone. I didn’t want anybody to waste their time or energy on something like this. There are a lot of bad people in the world, and she is one of them. I’m not going to share what else she has been writing, but no normal person would say the things she has. Moving on…….
      The 30 day “fancy” vacation that you are referring to was actually the vacation to Europe where Woody and I went while on Christmas break from college. If it makes you feel any better, we were so broke that we stayed in the dumpiest of the dumpiest hotels, hardly had enough money to eat, and one hotel was so bad that we were robbed while we were sleeping. Does that give you peace of mind?? And did it ever occur to you that when I am doing things like putting my time and energy into trying to raise awareness for Ronan and Childhood Cancer that I do all of this while Ronan is asleep in the middle of the night and I am not?? It gives me peace of mind to be productive and if I take the time to do this whom is it harming? Anybody that knows me, knows that I am 110% focused on Ronan, my twins, and my husband. I’m sorry that if in your very small mind, I came off in any other way. The bottom line is, you have no right to judge me and if you or anybody else is going to sit here and critique what I’m sharing, then you are reading the wrong blog.

      1. K.M

        I really enjoy reading about EVERYTHING that you do! I’m sure you spend enough time crying, throwing up and wanting to die about what is happening to your prcious baby. You more than anyone deserve to take the tiny bit of time you do for yourself. I just can’t believe who these people are that seem like they ate actually jealous of your situation. Bringing attention to this dreadful disease is so very important I can’t even believe what’s his dumb-ass face would not understand that. Keep doing EXACTLY what you are doing and keep saying EXACTLY what you are saying/writing. No one is forced to read this blog. I think you are wonderful! When Ronan is a big strappin bad ass like his Daddy maybe he should make a little visit to these jack-asses just to say “Ha! Told you I was different, I’m Ronan Thompson & I kicked Cancer’s ass”! Your family rocks & I know 99.99999% of the people on this blog agree!
        XO to you & Ro

      2. Amy Jo

        don’t you DARE defend your thoughts & feelings to anyone! what is wrong with people???

    2. Pamela White

      How dare you judge how Maya is spending her time. She is 100% focused on Ronan and is the most dedicated mom that I have ever met. I am going to assume by your insensitive comments that you have never had a child with cancer. Well my daughter had cancer and I appreciate all that Maya is doing to raise awareness to this horrible disease. Did you ever think that Maya’s advocacy could be her form of therapy and a coping mechanism to help her figure out why her child is living this nightmare? I applaud Maya and all that she is doing. To all of you that are judging her, please stop and just support her. It could be your child one day.

  38. julie

    Everyone needs to stop responding to Christine now. the mother is reading this and it is very negative energy. We are losing the meaning of this site. Prayers for the family.

    God bless you and your family.

  39. Lisa

    I am appalled by all of the comments that have been directed towards Christine. As a mother whose son had Stage IV Neuroblastoma and went through all of the treatments including bone marrow transplant, I read her post as being one of reality and not mean spirited at all. The problem is that she was been open and candid, and said things that we and other parents that we went through this with heard from doctors. Unfortunately those comments make people uncomfortable and are not the types of comments you want to hear.

    Just because you don’t like or agree with what someone says gives none of you the right to swear at that person and hope that she has no one with her when she dies. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. By doing that and acting in an unbecoming way, you are not supporting the Thompson’s but are being amazingly mean spirited.

    When we wrote emails to people about our journey, we kept them in the hopes that we could someday share them with our son. With all of the swearing that you people are doing, these posts and updates are not something I would be proud to share with my child.

    Being strong and staying positive throughout this horrendous ordeal is something that helped get us through our journey. We are very blessed that our outcome was positive, but even people who were not fortunate enough to have our outcome continued to stay positive and strong, but in an entirely different way once their reality changed. I believe that was what Christine was trying to convey.

    I just pray for all of you and the Thompson’s that instead of reducing yourselves to name calling and swearing, that you instead direct your prayers and energy to where they belong – with Ronan.

    1. Johnny

      Sorry I re-read what I wrote. I didn’t mean to sound mean spirited, if it comes across that way. Moving on, I think 99.9% are reading this blog, hoping Ronan beats this and lives a long long life. God bless this innocent little boy. He’s been dealt a bad hand but, there’s still time, which means there’s still hope.

      1. Pamela White

        Thank you for your apology. We are all so sad about the ordeal that Ronan is going through and this is the time for all of us to pull together and support Maya and Woody.

  40. Lisa

    I was referring to the people who want to beat Christine up, who continue to use the f word – which is appalling to me in itself in posts where people are trying to save a young child, “if cancer were a person it would be named Christine”, “You’re lucky Maya doesn’t meet you in Central Park on one of her jogs and take out her aggression, anger and pain on you. My guess is you wouldn’t have the balls to say that to her face and you’d walk away with only a few teeth left in your head”.

    I am totally appalled by some of your posts and lack of class. I read these posts to find out how Ronan is, not to be continually deluged by swearing and name calling.

    I have lived this, and know exactly what the Thompson’s are going through. Johnny is right, their energy right now should be totally spent saving their child, which is where I believe they are right now spending their time.

  41. Willits family

    Hey Thompsons

    We love you and look forward to time playing together soon. Do I need to rent another golf cart and drive you all around. Lol. Stay strong and keep faith. Hugs to my boys.


    Gay and Her Crew

  42. Dana Johnson

    Maya… you are handling this the best any mom could hope to handle going through what you are going through… I can’t imagine… NO one can, unless they have been through the exact same thing. No one can tell you what is the correct way to deal with your fears and your life as it has turned upside down in front of your eyes… Stay strong! Stay positive! Keep believing! And keep being the best mommy to that sweet, beautiful little boy! And if blogging, or running, or having a girls night out makes you feel even 1% better during this nightmare… there is NOTHING wrong with taking time for yourself! You need to keep your sanity in order to stay strong for Ronan. Keep on keepin on!!
    Prayers and love from my family!


  43. CC

    I have been following your journey and challenges and you are an amazing woman of strength, courage. All prayers are with you and your family, I have been spreading the word for many people who don’t know are praying for you all and especially Ronan. You will come through from the darkness to the light. Angels surround you. Love and prayers, CC from Bootcamp

  44. CC from Boot Camp

    Thought for today:
    Don’t Quit

    When things go wrong as they sometimes will,
    when the road you’re trudging seems all uphill,
    When the funds are low and the debts are high,
    and you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
    When care is pressing you down a bit,
    rest, if you must, but don’t you quit.

    Life is queer with it’s twists and turns,
    as every one of us sometimes learns.
    And many a failure turns about,
    when he might have won had he stuck it out.
    Don’t give up though the pace seems slow,
    you may succeed with another blow.

    Success is failure turned inside out,
    the silver tint of the clouds of doubt.
    And you never can tell how close you are,
    it may be near when it seems so far.
    So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit,
    it’s when things seem worst, you must not quit.
    ~ Helen Steiner Rice ~

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