Update One…. kind of a generic one

One of the nurses that comes out into the waiting room to give everyone updates, came to see us. She said Ronan went to sleep beautifully, they have started, and he is going great. I think she saw what a wreck I was so she put us back in a private room to wait.

I just listened to my 15 voicemails from today and you all made me cry…. Niki, Charisma, Lindsey, Gay, Stacy, Marisa, Susie…. I love you all so much. All of your words are were beautiful. I am so thankful for my dear friends and all the strength you all have. Also, my text messaging, blog, and FB friends…. thank you for letting us know you are here with us today. We know you are, Ronan knows you are, and we think of you ALL as angels surrounding him. I never knew so much love existed in the world. Thank you all for showing it to me.

Here’s to Ronan and our Surgeon of the Angels

I carried Ronan all the way to Sloan this morning. He held on to me tightly and we talked all about what was going to go on today and how he has an angel for a doctor who is going to get the tumor out of his tummy. He seemed excited and I told him how strong and brave he was, and how he was going to grow up to be a healthy amazing boy, and I would always be by his side. He listened and smiled a lot. And then asked about going to Atlantis after all of this is said and done. It’s his make a wish dream that he wants to come true. I promised him we would take him there and swim with the dolphins after he gets his broviac out. That is going to be the best day ever.

Here we go. Ronan is back in surgery. It took 3 doses of the “sleepy meds” to even calm him down. Woody’s exact words to me were, “How do you like how they had to give him 3 doses of that medicine… he’s a little fucker, just like you.” LMAO. Oh, he makes me laugh at the worst possible times in my life. They let me put on scrubs and carry him to the operating room and place him on the table. He was laughing at how funny I looked in my “bunny suit.” He was pretty out of it, but still thought I was funny. I hated leaving him and I wish I could stay by his side the entire time. Leaving him there was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I left him, tears pouring down my cheeks and Woody was waiting for me on the other side. Somehow, we made it down to the floor where we are supposed to wait. I left Woody and made a couple of phone calls and ended up locking myself in a bathroom to call Auntie Karen. She talked to me and let me cry to her. She was my saving grace; as always.

So now we wait. They said they would come and update us every hour or so… I will keep you posted. Lots of prayers and love today. We are so lucky to have the best doctor in the world operating on our child. After this is all done, I am going to give that man the biggest hug in the world.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Wesley Tarbell. We love you little man and just know it is a good sign that Ronan is having his surgery on your birthday. Miss you!!!!!!

Ronan’s Day Out

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Ronan’s Day Out

Today was a blur! Ronan
and I headed out around 1:00. Our first stop was Dylan’s Candy
Shop. He was in heaven! I let him pick out all of his goodies and
then we headed out to hit the city. We walked for about 5 hours and
ended up meeting up with Woody. To say that the city was busy is an
understatement. This city is still packed full of people. Ronan was
such a trooper and we had such fun exploring the city. I feel like
I know it like the back of my hand now. We got back to the RMH
around 6 and then I headed out for my run. I ran for about an hour
and a half, in Central Park and it was glorious. People everywhere,
I had my headphones blaring and every chunk of snow that came my
way, I kicked it as hard as I could and imagined it was Ronan’s
tumor I was stepping on and killing. I must have done this about 50
times tonight… it felt so good. After my run, I came back here
and fixed Ronan dinner. He ate so much and has gained so much
weight. He is back to being my chubby little monkey. Well, not
really chubby, but he is back to his normal weight. The nurses at
PCH would be so proud. He weighs more than he has since we started
this whole thing. It must be all the pizza;) He seems to be doing
fine without Liam and Quinn which is great. I was really worried he
was going to go into some deep depression without them. Woody and I
have really been enjoying spending some one on one time with him.
He has been keeping us very busy. Right now, he is on the ground
doing his push-ups. He cracks me up like not other! His energy is
never ending; and I am so enjoying him and how great he is feeling.
I’m soaking it all up while I can because I know these next couple of
weeks are going to be hard. That’s all for tonight; we are beat
around here. Sweetest dreams to you all. xoxo I took this picture
on my run tonight. Oh, how I love this city.

Adios 2010… worst year of my life

I could
not be happier to see this year end. I told you what I was going to
say to 2010…. Adios Mother Fucker!!!! It started off great… and
I made some amazing friends whom have proved to me that they are
worthy of being in my life. For that, I will be forever grateful to
2010. But that is about the only good thing to come out of this
year. August 12, 2010 will forever be etched into my brain as the
absolute worst day of my life, and 2010 will forever be the worst
year of my life. I have never been so happy to put a year in the
past. 2011 is going to be Ronan’s year. His year of healing and
getting all better. We still have a long way to go to get him to
this point… but nothing will ever be as awful as having a doctor
tell you that your son has Stage 4 cancer. Things can only get
better from here. Bring on 2011! We cannot wait to see what it has
in store for us. Today, Liam, Quinn, Mimi, and Papa all returned to
PHX. It was a brutal day. I begged Woody to let the boys’ stay with
us and miss a few days of school. He wasn’t having it and I know it
really wasn’t a good idea due to what Ronan is about to go through;
but I am going to miss them so much. I cried all morning and was
bawling as we put them in the car to go to the airport. I had my
big sunglasses on so I don’t think they noticed. Well, Liam
didn’t.. Quinn of course did. Ronan didn’t really understand what
was going on, he just kept looking at me and saying, “But I’m going
to miss them so much.” I told him we would be home with them soon.
We spent the day spoiling Ronan rotten. We took him to our favorite
pizza place, right around the corner from the RMH and he ate a huge
lunch. We then came back here and played for most of the day. Ronan
and I curled up together and took a big nap. We were both tired.
Woody snuck out to go record shopping. As soon as he got back I
headed out for my dark Central Park run. It was a little scary
tonight… not a lot of people out. I only ran about 6 miles but it
felt good. Wasn’t too cold and it was fun to see all the people out
and about all dressed up going to their New Year’s parties. I tried
to think a lot about Monday and am trying my best to prepare for
what we are about to go through. I am trying to gather all of the
strength I have because I am going to need every ounce of it.
Tonight, Woody, Ronan and I had our own little party in our room. I
covered Ronan’s head in glitter and he put it all over my eyes and
face for me. I wore my silly feather headband and Ronan told me I
looked pretty. We ate cheese and crackers, Woody had his
beer and bought Sangria across the street for us as well. We
watched a Pearl Jam concert and Ronan was dancing and laughing the
entire night and has now decided he would like to be a rockstar
when he grows up. He is obsessed with Neil Young and “Rocking in
the Free World” is his favorite song. We did a lot of chasing him
around the RMH, going up and down the elevators. After we wore him
out, Woody and I put in “Easy A.” It was in my stocking from Woody
for Christmas. Love that movie;) Woody liked it too; it was the
first time he had seen it. He’s a tough sell too so I was
pleasantly surprised. Ronan is asleep, Woody is asleep, and I am
wishing I was asleep. Kind of want to stay up until Midnight, West
Coast time so I can make another New Year’s wish. No resolutions,
just wishes this year. I think you all know what I’ll be wishing
for. Cheers to 2011! I hope this year is filled with health,
happiness, and love. G’nite sweet angels. xoxo