Julien – The Julien Collot Foundation

Julien – The Julien Collot Foundation.

I don’t have words tonight. Only tears. Macy, you know why. Mace and I saw this little boy while we were at Sloan. We couldn’t figure out what he had, but we knew it was something serious. I told Macy it had to be cancer, since that is what everyone on our floor had. I was right. I stumbled across this on Facebook tonight. This is Julien. He has the most gorgeous mother. I saw her a dozen times pushing her son around in a wheelchair while we were at Sloan. I was always too scared to talk to her. Julien had Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a cancer that is normally found in adults. I learned tonight, that Julien passed away. I am beyond sad, mad, angry, and scared. Tonight my tears are for him and ┬áhis family alone. I am so sorry for them and the loss of their little boy. Please take the time to read his story and think about how lucky you all are, and how something has to be done about childhood cancer. The funding for childhood cancer is embarrassing, as there is nothing there.

As I said before…. no words tonight, just tears. I will pray for this little boys’ family and friends and shout a big FUCK YOU!!!!!! to cancer for them. Whoever said life is just not fair, sure was right. No mother or father should have to endure this kind of pain and sadness. Something has to be done, awareness has to be raised.

Every 3 1/2 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer. Every 4 hours a child dies from cancer. 40,000 kids worldwide are being treated for cancer right now. Childhood cancer is the #1 disease killer in children. Even so, it gets almost no funding, no research, and no awareness. Most people don’t even know what a gold ribbon represents. The National Cancer Institutes’s budget is 4.6 billon dollars. Breast cancer research receives 12%, prostate cancer receives 7% and all major pediatric cancers combined receive less than 3%. This is a tragedy. Something has to change. For all of the beautiful Julien’s in the world.

G’nite my friends. Please say a prayer for Julien and his family and never forget how lucky you are. I forgot at one time, and will never do so again.