Tomorrow is a big day. Huge.  I should be sleeping….but I am so nervous I can’t. We check in to Sloan at 9:30 and Ronan will his anesthesia, they will do bone aspirations on the front and back of him, and then the CT Scan. Please continue to pray and send great thoughts his way. I KNOW the scans are going to come back with amazing results. I have faith that what we are doing is working and Ronan is so strong; he is going to beat this disease and we will never look back.

Tonight, I took a look at my family and stepped back a bit. I know this is my blog and I sit here and talk about how hard this is on me….. but I hope you all know that I know this is hard on our entire family. Sometimes I feel selfish for going on and on about me…. but to talk about how badly this is hurting everyone is too much for me. It is evident that everyone is hurting and suffering from this. It breaks my heart to watch my family have to go through this and see how scared and sad they are. Everyone puts on such a brave face but as I sit back and watch certain situations and observe… it’s like a slap in the face. I wish I could take away everyone’s pain and sadness. I would give anything to just have my 3 boys, home with Woody and I, under the same roof with everyone healthy. I am hurting; but there are so many other people who are hurting too. I am trying my best to be a good wife, mom, daughter, friend, etc….. Sometimes I don’t know which direction to turn and it is all overwhelming. I’ve been doing a lot of talking to Quinn; I miss Liam who has been staying with Mimi and Papa. I HATE that because of this disease, my 3 little guys can’t be together like they used to be. Tonight, I am just sad. But tomorrow, I will be brave.


I love you all. A special I love you tonight to one of my favorites, Liz. You know why; and you are the truest of the true. Please pray extra hard tonight and tomorrow for our little Rockstar. I will update you when I know something. Thank you all.