Magic Medicine…. Round 5, Day 1

Ronan’s counts came back and thankfully, they were high enough for us to start Round 5! Big sigh of relief for us. Now, we are just waiting on hearing back from Sloan Kettering to see what our surgery date will be changed to. We will be now be leaving later than we had originally planned for New York. I am staying positive…. everything happens for a reason. We are very grateful to get round 5 started today. Woody talked to Dr. Eshun today, our main Oncologist here, and they are working with Sloan, to get us rescheduled for Ronan’s surgery. We were scheduled for Dec.20th, but that has changed due to starting Round 5 a week late. The problem is now, that Dr. La Quaila is totally booked up until January 7th. We don’t want to let too much time to pass between this last round of chemo, and surgery. Woody has been calling the doctors in New York everyday to get them to somehow squeeze us in earlier. A few days ago, they said they could do it January 14th… which was way too late. Now, they are saying January 7th. Woody asked Dr. Eshun if we should just stay here and do the surgery in order to have it earlier. He said no, he really wants to Dr. La Qualia to do it because he is going to do the best job of getting all of the tumor. I am so thankful Dr. Eshun has no ego or agenda involved except for what is best for Ronan.

We are still waiting to start Ronan’s chemo. It won’t get started until after midnight tonight. They are still pre-hydrating him, and then they will have to pre-med him before we can start it. We have the best roommate EVER! He is a little 9 year old boy and he has been playing with Ronan all day. Ronan loves him and they are having the best time. Ronan is even sharing his Star Wars guys with him if you can believe that one! And he likes the little boy so much that I even got to run down to the cafeteria to grab something and Ro just sat in his room and played with Dawson and his mom. NICE! He never lets me leave him, but this time, it was no big deal. This little boy will be here all week which will be great for us. A good roommate makes such a big difference.

I am so happy we are on the way to being done with Round 5. NYC or bust!! Ronan is in great spirits and has been so happy and sweet. Goodnight to all of our angels out there! Sweetest dreams and blessings to you all!

Beautiful weekend, beautiful friends

What a great, long weekend. We spent it pretty low key. We really just hung out at home, watching movies, playing outside, and getting ready for the upcoming week. On Saturday, Charisma, and her family, who had been in Tucson for Thanksgiving, drove up for the day to see us. We spent the day watching the boys play, Charisma and I went and got pedicures while the Woody held down the fort, and then we went to Chelsea’s Kitchen for dinner with some of the girls. I can’t tell you how nice it was to spend some time with my friend. I miss her so much and will never let so much time pass again before seeing her again. The boys really get along with her son. He is such a sweet soul like his mama. Ronan was very playful with her and had no problem warming up. I was surprised considering the way he usually is around people. I am happy CC got to see how “healthy” he looks. He was running around, happy as a clam the entire day and night. It was a great day and night. I was sad to see her go… wish I could keep her with me here forever;) Ronan’s favorite soon to be doctor, Katie, also came by the house for a visit. At the beginning of all of this, when everyone was poking and prodding at Ronan, because they didn’t know what was wrong yet…. Dr. Katie is the only one Ronan would let come near him. She sat in on the surgery when they removed the tumor out of the left orbit of his eye. She is family to us now and it was so good to see her. Ronan is still talking about it this morning. He keeps telling me he loves Dr. Katie and wants to know why he can’t see her at the hospital. So cute and sweet. Thanks Katie for the visit. It meant so much to us to be able to see you. Your being there for us during the hardest time in our life is something we will always be grateful for. You were the only one who put my mind at ease.

Tomorrow, we go into the clinic and we will have Ronan’s platelets checked. We need them to be above 75,000 in order to start his chemo week. Praying that they are. I’m stressing that this is now going to throw off our whole New York plan. We will know more tomorrow depending on if we get to start this round or not. It’s not good to let more than 6 weeks pass in between chemo treatments. I just cannot imagine that he will not be good to go….. he looks and is acting like he is feeling great. He’s been so loving to me lately. I know a lot of it has to do with being home and with Liam, Quinn, and Woody. Today, I sat on the couch with Quinn and Ronan and watched all of the new version of “Alice in Wonderland.” Quinn and Ronan loved it. I couldn’t believe Ro sat through the entire movie. About every 20 minutes he would wrap his arms around me, smile up at me and give me the biggest kiss. It was so sweet. Liam and Woody spent the day watching football and playing some G.I. Joe PS3 game.

Everyone is tired tonight and we all need a good nights sleep to get ready for the week ahead. Last night, I made the mistake of coming home from my evening out and I didn’t take my medication that helps me sleep. I was trying to prove to myself that I was so tired, that I didn’t need it. Big mistake. It was the worst night of sleep. I tossed and turned all night long and had the most horrific dreams. I won’t be making that mistake again. It’s not worth it at this point in my life.

Good morning! I fell asleep soon after writing that last night. Ronan was way too cuddly for me to stay awake. A good night sleep makes such a difference. Boys are off to school and Ro playing Star Wars in his room. I’m ready to check in to the hospital. Fingers crossed. I’ve had our bags packed and in the car for a week now. I have Ronan all prepped and he knows that we have to go in today. He seems fine with it. I’ve come to learn that if I prepare him for things, he adjusts better to the situation. I hope you all have a beautiful Monday. I will keep you posted on if we are admitted today or not. Love to you all!!