Sunday Funday

Today was a great day. Our morning started off with a visit from my friend, Jocelyn. She stopped by and brought me my Hava Java coffee, but more importantly she brought great hugs and heartfelt words. Ronan was a little skeptical of her being here, as he is with everyone. He ran into my room and slammed the door. I had to pry it open after a while as he was using his body to barricade the door. I finally got him to open it and carried him out to see Jocelyn. After seeing that she came with a bag full of goodies, he quickly warmed up. I tell ya, all it takes is a Star Wars action figure and you are in around here. Joss sat and played with Ronan and we talked for a long time. It was good to see her, I haven’t seen her since all this has happened. I know she’s been waiting patiently and giving me my space. Ronan loved having her here and even told her she could come back:) After she left we hung around the house, made lunch and just did normal Sunday things. I made plans to go to a movie with Danielle and Marisa. At the last-minute I invited Joss, Sarah, and Lindsey. They all said yes in a heartbeat and a date was in the works. We went to see “The American” with George Clooney. I told them I was in desperate need of a good distraction and George Clooney was just the answer. Or so we thought. The movie was AWFUL. Horrible. And for me to say that about George Clooney, is a big deal. I LOVE HIM. He is one of my favorites. It was slow and boring. Those who believe they’d be happy watching George Clooney do nothing for two hours can now test that theory. But even with that said, I felt a wave of happiness wash over me in the middle of the movie knowing that I was surrounded by such an amazing group of girls who love me and my family so much. In that moment, I felt so blessed, grateful, and happy. I came home to a sleeping sweet Ronan and Woody sitting on the couch going over his fantasy football league. We sat on the couch together for a bit and enjoyed the peace and quiet. Soon, Ronan woke up and we spent the rest of the early evening playing, cooking, cleaning, and loving him. Auntie Karen came over around 6:30 so Wood and I could go out for a bite to eat. We are so thankful for her. We went and grabbed Sushi at Stingray and as always, Woody sat on the same side as the booth as me. That’s always been our thing. No matter what, if we go to a restaurant and there is booth seeing, we always sit on the same side. We didn’t talk a ton tonight. But that is o.k. It was just nice to be out and cozied up to my husband. After dinner, we decided to get really crazy and go to the grocery store;) We went and checked out the new Fry’s on Tatum and Shea. It was like sensory overload in there. Too much going on and I felt myself start to panic over all the people/lights/noises, etc…. I felt like I was in a daze the entire time we were grocery shopping. Pretty store, but I was glad when we were out of there. We came home to a happy Ronan snuggled up on the couch with Karen. They looked so sweet together. After Karen left Ronan got a burst of energy and was running all around throwing some ball up in the air and catching it. Even after all he has been through, he is still so coordinated and athletic. His little legs look like chicken legs and he is still not perfectly steady on his feet; but he can still throw and catch a ball. Perfectly. We sat and played catch with him for a good hour. He loves anything that has to do with a sports. It was good for him; I want him to get stronger and stronger. He has a lot of fighting to do and any strength he has is going to help. Little guy is out cold now, sleeping right beside me. His head was itching tonight so I rubbed lotion all over it for him for about 20 minutes and bam, he was out. So, all in all, today was a good day. Not a good day, a great day. We can’t wait for the twins to be home tomorrow.

Good night to all of our angels out there. Sweet dreams.