No eating/drinking makes Ronan a grumpy boy…

I broke down in the playroom today. Ronan wanted to go there this morning so I carried him and off we went. When we got there he didn’t want to play. He just wanted me to hold him. I sat in a chair with him and cradled him in my arms like I used to do with him when he was a newborn. We sat there for about 20 minutes and he just let me hold him while he looked at the dragonflies hanging on the ceiling. Looking at his little face made the tears come pouring out. And once again, the feelings of, I can’t believe this is happening, washed over me. I immediately felt like throwing up. Since this guy was born, he has been my sidekick pretty much 24/7. He goes everywhere with me, we do everything together. He is my best friend. I just don’t understand any of this……I would have never imagined something like this could happen to us.

Ronan has another scan today. Which means no eating or drinking after 10 and that always makes for a grumpy Ronan. We have to wait until 4:00 and he will have to have anesthesia, again. This will be the 7th time that he’s had it since we’ve been here. Poor guy. He is laying beside me watching Star Wars and he’s mad because I won’t go and get him any otter pops. I hate these days and I hope 4:00 gets here really soon. I just want to take my baby home. Tomorrow can’t get here soon enough.

15 thoughts on “No eating/drinking makes Ronan a grumpy boy…”

  1. Again, thank you for being so honest and vulnerable in sharing your feelings with all of us. We are all here to support you through this very difficult time. It just isn’t fair, and we may never know why your family had to experience this. God bless you all.

  2. ….and again I am praying for you. I couldn’t imagine going through what you are going through, so thanks for sharing and being honest. Tomorrow you will be home!! May God’s grace and peace surround you through this difficult day.

  3. That would be great if Ronan went home tomorrow. Please text me, I would love to visit the trooper. I can sit with him well you blow some stream and go for a hike or to the Village. MIss you guys. Ronan is always on our minds. xoxoxo

  4. When you don’t think you are strong enough to go thru these times, remember that God is carrying you and Ronan in His arms. It’s what got me thru my cancer. I’m amazed at the fiercness that you have towards your son and this disease. You will win, Ronan will win, be sure of that. When you get home tomorrow then you will find some peace and happiness as all your family will be there to support. You are so strong and I admired you for that.

  5. What a heartbreaking and helpless feeling for a strong mom like you. The toughest armor still has it’s weak point, and you’re allowed that too. I hope the day passes quickly for you and before you know it, you’ll be packing up for home. By the way, my car is HUGE so if you need me to come by and drive a load of stuff home tomorrow, let me know!

  6. Maya, I pray for your strength throught this hard as heck time! You are amazing and I know you will be warrior for Ronan as well. I know you all will be glad to be home in your comfortable beds. God Bless!

  7. This sucks so bad. I hate it so much for you. I am praying the treatments will work quickly and easier than the doctors every thought they would. I am praying that Ronan will keep on fighting, but will also know when to be a good warrior and give in to the doctors and nurses. I am praying that you and Woody will have strengh beyond measure. I am praying that the twins will keep such good attitudes during this whole war.

  8. You don’t know me, but I am a friend of Cindy Good. I have been following your story and praying for your precious Ronan warrior! My heart hurts thinking of you looking at him and holding him in your arms, thinking of the battle you are facing. I have an “almost 3 year old” daughter and I thank God each day that I get to share with her. She is also becoming “my best friend and sidekick” (she is my only child)… so that mother-child relationship is so well understood at a deep level. I know a little bit about neuroblastoma, because my niece was diagnosed with Stage 4 at the age of one. She was an amazing girl and we were so blessed to watch her turn 11 a couple of years ago….but she is now with Jesus. God really helped our family through life’s journey, one day at a time, and I am praying He will give you the strength you need for each and every day. There is something extra special about your sweet boy and I just wanted to say hello and to tell you that we are praying for you here in Georgia. Much love and prayers to you and your family.
    In Christ,

  9. Always thinking of you, Ronan and all Thompsons. You are a fantastic mom, I am sorry for your fears, but am confident in your ability and confidence in facing them head on! Your journal entries stop me in my path everytime I see rockstar Ronan update. Thank you for communicating your honest pain and path. I feel like you are keeping us all close and in the fight with you as we lift Ronan in prayer. Keep on Journaling! You are awesome. Love and a huge hug, Mary

  10. thank goodness for those star wars videos 😉 Tomorrow will be such a happy day! Always embrace these emotions. It would be impossible to try to understand this because there is not rhyme or reason for it… just try to look beyond the present moment and picture what you want to see tomorrow and next week and it will happen for you. Love will make anything happen. And you are a mama filled with love.

  11. Thank you for all of these updates. I have not seen you in years but I am watching you like a hawk through this! I want you to know that i have never prayed so hard for anyone, ever! My husband and my son also are praying hard and often. These updates are seen from all over and are so appreciated because you and your family are so loved and we all want to be there with you and if this is how than this is how. I hope that someday I can give your little one a hug because I have truely fallen in love with him. Someday…. when you are all back to normal and in the PNW for a visit. All will be good, Maya, and I admire your strength so much. I even admire your weaknesses you have been so real on here and that is appreciated by all of us who are caring so deeply about you and yours. Much Love Nikki

  12. Just a note to let you know that you and Woody, Ronan and his brothers are in our hearts and in our prayers. Many Blessings today and always…Michelle Bunger and Family

  13. Every time you let yourself cry and breakdown you come back 1000 times stronger than before. So many angels are watching over you and Ronan now. Have peaceful thoughts of going home today. You and Ronan will be so much better at home. We love you and you are constantly on our minds and in our prayers.

    Much love, Alexia and Zachary and Family

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