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I will never get used to that word. It will never just roll off my tongue. Today is Ronan’s first treatment and he needs it. He now cries that his legs are hurting and I know the cancer is spreading there. We are up early today because they needed him to pee for me. He is mad and already fighting with me about everything. It took me 15 minutes to talk him into peeing in his little bucket so they can measure it. He has told me he hates me and kicked me out of his bed. I just don’t understand anything anymore. How did this happen? Isn’t this the same child I just spent the entire summer with playing, laughing, and loving? And now we are in a hospital where his entire body is becoming infected with this awful disease. He has to have anesthesia today around noon which also means no eating or drinking. These days are the worst too because he doesn’t understand why he can’t eat or drink when he is hungry. He thinks I am just being mean. I will pray that we get through today quickly and painlessly. I will pray that he will cooperate and not  unhook one of his lines that go to his broviac like he did last night. He is so fast and tricky. It has always been Ronan’s way, or the highway. I really hope today he will give in just a little bit and listen to me. It will make things so much easier.

18 thoughts on “Chemotherapy”

  1. Sending positive prayers and sweet wishes to you today for your first treatment. May God protect Ronan and continue to keep him FIGHTING.
    Hugs & Kisses little blue eyes……..xoxo

  2. All signs of the competitive fighting spirit that he needs to conquer this!

    Someday would love the contact info of the mom who’s son is at the UofA who is a survivor.

    All the best thoughts coming your way today especially. He’ll be so happy to get home and get back into life and a new normal in the days ahead.

  3. I can only imagine how you are feeling this morning. I know that you are terrified and yet relieved to begin Ronan’s course of treatment. You and Woody chose the best plan for Ronan.

    When my friend’s mom went through chemo last year, she decided that she was NOT going to be afraid of the chemo. She decided to call chemo “MAGIC”…every time the word chemo needed to be used in a sentence, it was replaced with “magic”. Every time she had an infusion, she was excited. She knew that the “magic” was doing it’s job and it did. Let’s get that magic flowing!

    Ronan is still fiesty and is acting like a typical toddler; that makes Auntie Karen’s heart sing! Sorry Momma 🙂

    The army of thousands are with you today and always. Feel the love and know that the prayers are working.
    My love always and forever,

  4. Thank you for taking time time to share your thoughts and days with us.
    Sending extraaaaaa positive vibes to Ronan today. Love you rockstar.

  5. Hi there. We don’t know each other but I am a friend of John and Rita (Lawless). I was going through our church prayer chain today and prayed for your Ronan. I remembered that John had posted the link to this site and wanted to see how things are going. I will continue to pray for Ronan and for you, Woody and your twins as well.

  6. I will join you in all your prayers today! I pray for heavenly strength and wisdom for the medical staff and the family. May every procedure and every moment be God’s way….I pray for the Lords peace over Ronan today as he starts chemo and may the Lord’s comfort and shelter be with Ronan and your family….In Jesus name I pray!!! My heart goes out to you!!!

  7. His fighting is your sign of the fight in him. I pray for peace and calm for you all as he takes his warrior medicine so he can feel better in the days ahead.

  8. I agree with Karen. Lets call it “Magic Potion”. Today is a day of work, emotions, and a new beginning. He has the warrior attitude and will conquer this ugly disease. When Chet was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes I got the same anger, mean words said to me. The bottom line is the medicine heals him and allows him to live and the same goes for Ronan. So, take in that “Magic Potion” and watch it take affect and bring back that happy warm attitude. May God give you all strength in this new beginning.

    Keep The Faith
    xoxo Gay and Family

  9. My heart aches for the suffering you both are enduring right now….but I’m also thanking God for giving Ronan that fighting spirit! I will say all the same prayers you mentioned–and more– for you today and every day!

  10. We are thinking happy thoughts today. We love you all so much! Ronan is one in a million and he WILL make it! xoxo

  11. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Thompsons today. Since my family found out about little Ronan, we have had nothing but positive thoughts and prayers for you. Keep your head up mama. I only know of little Ronan from listening to you talk about him and he sounds like such a little fighter. You guys will get through this.
    Love, Morgan, April and Rob Lillibridge

  12. I love Karen and Gay’s thoughts on calling it “Magic Potion”. So much more positive than the other. It sounds like Ronan is good and strong today for his first Magic potion treatment.

    Much Love
    Alexia and Family

  13. I Awoke several times last night and each time i said a different prayer for Ronan. I love when God does that making sure every hour is covered by someone praying for his little children. My mom “aunt Joan” told me she was awoken last night as well. So many are surrounding his body with positive prayers adding to his angel list. The enemy will not win this. We love you and will continue those prayers you have requested morning, noon, and night!!

  14. Maya Mom, here you go into a world you never dreamed you would have to learn about – learning your strengths and weaknesses, Woody’s, Ronan’s, Liam & Quinn, parents. I know you all have untapped resources – goody bags, so to speak, and what is in there will amaze you & grace you until the storm passes.
    I’m driving to Montana – will send care package ASAP! God be with you all from all of us: Love, Connie, John, Toria

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