The Journey Begins . . .

Two weeks ago, we were still in Washington state enjoying our time with my family and friends. Ronan resembled nothing short of his loving, active, happy, playful self. As I was taking the boys’ Christmas card picture, I noticed Ronan’s left eye looked a little off. It was so minor that no-one else except my neurotic picture taking eye would have noticed. The days went by, and nothing changed. His behavior, activity levels, appetite, etc. remained unchanged. Still happy Ronan.

About a week ago, right after we got home, Woody noticed. We thought perhaps some dust, a leaf, bug bite, infection . . . could have been the culprit? Here is how the rest of our week unraveled:

Monday (8/9) Saw Dr. Campbell (Pediatrician) – she was not concerned and thought it was a chalazion; got referred to a Pediatric Opthamologist.

Tuesday (8/10) Saw Pediatric Opthamologist – walked out due to MOTHER’S INTUITION (horrible experience).

Wednesdsay (8/11- early afternoon) Saw Pediatric Opthamolgist #2, Dr. Brendan Cassidy. Mother’s intuition was positive with him and his team. Sent us to Phoenix Childrens Hospital immediately for an MRI.

and so our journey begins . . . . .

Ronan has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a rare, but most common, childhood cancer. Findings from an MRI and CT Scan show two masses. One in his abdomen (adrenal gland) which is the primary source, the other on his left orbital bone (causing his eye to push forward). Neuroblastoma is very treatable and even curable. We have our plan in place, and the Thompson Family Combat Boots are on!

We are so blessed to be surrounded by the most amazing family and friends on this planet. We know that Ronan is a fighter and the strongest little boy out there, and we know we are going to beat this. Please continue to pray and keep our family in your thoughts at this time.    Love,  Maya

58 thoughts on “The Journey Begins . . .”

  1. We are praying for you all and sending our love. That little guy of yours is a fighter. He will kick this cancer, even if he has to enlist all of his Storm Troopers to do it. We love you guys and are here for you. You’re a strong, wonderful family and are in our thoughts always. Kiss Ronan for us.

  2. I am so sorry to hear this, Maya. I’m definitely keeping your family in my mind and sending lots of positive healing thoughts Ronan’s way.

  3. You have such an amazing family and I know you can pull through anything, including cancer!!! We are behind you every step of the way. LOVE YOU ALL!!

  4. I know the Thompson family are fighters and are ready to meet this monster head on. Bootstraps pulled up and heals dug in!
    The whole family is praying for you… Leroux’s and Beller’s.

  5. Maya, Woody, Liam, Quinn and Ronan-
    We just learned of the fight you have begun. Add 4 more soldiers to your army…we are behind you with thoughts and prayers that this battle will be fought, WON, and over. Love to you all-
    Sarah, Bill, Will and Charlie Slessman

  6. We love you Thompson family. We are thinking of you every day. We second the Slessman Family!! You have us in the army…FRONT LINE the whole way! xoxoxo Max and Tricia

  7. Maya and family…I am Jennifer Wood’s aunt. My prayers are with you and yours. I know lots of people and will get a prayer chain started. God bless you all…Aunt Susie

  8. Our helmets and our hearts are geared up and ready to take this bull by the horns with all of you. Ronan is a STRONG, STRONG, SWEET ANGEL that can and will get through anything put in his way. Love and light your way – every single second of every single day.

    Lauren and Winston

  9. Sending our prayers and love to your family. Ronan’s in great hands with Dr. Adelson and his team. And we know how you Thompson’s are – fighters, through and through. There is a huge army of support here for you all!

  10. Maya – I have only met you once but know Woody as a colleague and friend (Mark Beller is my partner at work). One of my best friends is also in a battle w/ cancer (her 7 year old son). My heart aches for you both tonight. However, I believe in the power of faith and prayer. Please know that even folks who have never laid eyes on Ronan will be sending you love and strength through prayer. Be strong!

    Statia Hendrix

  11. Hey Maya. I’m sorry about what’s going on. But know that I am praying for u…and helping ur mom 😉 let me know if there’s anything I can do

  12. The Thompsons
    Thinking nothing short of enormous love and his big bright beautiful future! Always here for you and with you. xoxo DD

  13. Dear Family, it’s been a day filled with prayer and tonight, calm knowing surgery went well. We love you all with all our strength – one day after the other – Ronan will be stronger & stronger. Have great 1st grade Liam & Quinn!

  14. Please know that you all are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. We love you all very much. Pam, Mark, Mitchell and Megan.

  15. We are praying for all of you as you begin your fight. Stay strong, we are all here for you. Sending lots of love and prayers,
    The Goods

  16. Continued prayers for your family and all providing Ronan’s care. I know you spoke with Joanie tonight and know she will be a great resource and support. Hope to get to Phx in next few weeks to give you all a hug in person! xo Mary

  17. Maya.
    You really are a super Mom! I have not stopped thinking of your Ronan since Todd told me. From the first photo I saw of your angel, I too thought he is one special kid! He will beat this and continue to light up your life! Much love to you and your family.

  18. We at facebook will be praying for your family.Best wishes in all u do.Gods peace is there just ask him and put your trust in Him

  19. Ronan and all of the Thompson army, the Lindsay Family (Candyce, Tyrone, Terrance and Carter) send our sincerest prayers for complete healing for you. Precious little one, your grandpa and grandma, mom and dad and big brothers love ya dearly and we all look forward to hearing your miracle story shared at your high school graduation. We have added you to our church prayer list and will keep you and your family there! Smooches!

  20. My family prays for yours. I once had a cancer tumor in my hip. they did cat scans x-rays ect. and the docs decided to go in and cut it out. My mom sent out prayer requests to everyone she knew but I kept quiet (as if I had a reason to be imbarassed about it). Anyways the day of surgery i went in and they took another x-ray. then they wanted another, and another. Finally a doc came in to tell us that there was nothing to remove. he held up x-rays from b4 and the x-rays they had just taken and said he had no explanation. He said it was just one of those miracles that docs cant explain. My point to u is that even if it lasts a long time, DO NOT give up hope. Faith is a powerful thing. my family will be praying 4 yours! : )

  21. We are thinking of all of you and sending you lots of love, positive thoughts, and prayers! Ronan will kick this neuroblastoma in the booty!!!!! He is so strong and so are all of you!!! Big hugs to all of you.

    Love-Andy, Jenny, and Lia

  22. Maya and Woody: May God bless your little angel!! Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers through out your journey and beyond! Take care and keep looking up! His name is suiting for this little warrior!!!!

  23. Maya, Woody, and sweet boys,

    We (the Thompson and Snell families) are praying for you. We pray peace, hope and an unimaginable strength for you all, especially Ronan. I SO wish I wasn’t on bed rest because I would do anything to help you. But I will be praying and thinking of you constantly. Our love to you. – Emily

  24. Thompson Family, Our thoughts and prayers are with you through this tough journey. Precious Ronan will fight this! Love, Kurt & Ryan xoxo

  25. Thompsom family, sending our prayers and positive wishes your way. He is a beautiful precious little boy, and will win this fight with those strong Thompson combat boots so snuggly placed on his feet! Tight hugs… Giannonatti family

  26. You are all in my thoughts and prayers! Everything I’ve heard about Ronan solidifies my belief that this will have a positive outcome for your family. Best wishes to you.

  27. Dear Woody and Maya,
    We love you so much and are HERE for you physically and spiritually. Please rely and count on our help with Liam and Quinn. You are both unbelievably STRONG. May God hold Ronan in his hands during all that lies ahead.

  28. My family will be thinking and praying for yours and your little rockstar! May God be with you and pull you through this! Love, Liliana

  29. Dear; Rockstar Family
    I bilieve in the power of faith,preyer and love..Ronan will be stronger and healty soon!
    my prayer are with all of you.
    Stephany Connor ,(Giangi Townsend Mother)

  30. DREAMS

    I look to the sky and what do I see?
    A castle, a rainbow, and dreams for me,
    An end to this battle that I must fight,
    To rid my feelings of depression and fright,
    An end to cancer is not far away,
    It will be here someday… someday.

    -We are all here to support you and your family….not just for today and tomorrow, but until his body heals. I’m so happy to hear he is doing well and is looking forward to more good news in the future.

  31. mayay and wood-
    myself and many others are praying fervently for your sson. it may not seem like much, but it is the only thing that will work. i know the Lord can easily restore your son for his glory, and i believe that he will. i believe it will be obvious to all a miracle took place for the glory of God. in the meantime for the 2 of you i will pray you both have as much peace as possible in this time.

  32. I know we do not know each other, but my friend Matt Marriott called me and asked me to pray for you and your precious son. I called everyone I knew to do the same. As a mother, my heart broke for you…as a believer in the Almighty Physician, my heart trusted and had faith for his healing and recovery. What a beautiful little boy and what a pleasure it is to have you and yours in our prayers…praise God for a successful surgery and we will continue to stand strong in knowing that he is under the ever watchful eye of the One who loves him the most…. 😉

  33. I have added Ronan to the prayer chain at North Hills Church and our thoughts and prayers are with him and your entire family…..God will prevail!!!

  34. Wood & Maya-
    My family and I send nothing but love, positive thoughts, and healing vibes to gorgeous Ronan and your amazing family. I have no doubt that Ronan has the tenacity and fortitude to conquer this Neuroblastoma and make it say uncle!!! He has a legion of fighters and supporters in his corner that will see him through this, but most of all…I know how the Thompson family “rolls” and have complete faith that he has two of the most incredible, lionhearted, and resolute champions I’ve set eyes on to call Mom & Dad!

  35. Woody and Maya,
    We just heard about Ronan this morning. Know that we lift him, you, Quinn and Liam, and your entire family up in our prayers. We will pray the Lord’s healing for your precious Ronan. We will pray for the wisdom, the skill, and the discernment of the physicians you have entrusted with his care(our son went to Dr. Cassidy as well).
    2 Kings 20:5 “I have heard your prayers and seen your tears. I will heal you.”

  36. What a sweet wonderful little boy and he is blessed to have you as a family. I will be praying for a full recovery and peace for all of you! May the Lord bless you with strength and hope during this time!

    With love and prayers,
    Laura (Roberts) Coursey

  37. I am praying for your entire family and will get the word out for prayers and positive thoughts. You are an amazing family and I absolutely have no doubt that you are equipped to be the “warrior mom and dad”, as you said. I have never been anything but impressed by your inner strength to handle twin boys and your precious Ronan. I know you have a ton of love and support, but please know I am available if you need anything!
    Behold, God, my salvation! I will trust and not be afraid, for the Lord God is my strength and song; yes, He has become my salvation. Isaiah 12:2

  38. Maya, Woody and your precious boys,
    We just wanted to let you know we are following along on your journey and thinking about you, praying for you, wishing happy thoughts every day! We believe you WILL all make it through this stronger than ever….let the magic begin! We visited Yachats last weekend and Aunt Shari shared stories with us about what wonderful parents you both are….ESPECIALLY you Maya!
    Todd, Kara, Addie and Sadie Schierscher

  39. I first became aware of Ronan thru following Charisma Carpenter’s tweets. She is obviously a great champion for your family and esp. Ronan. I immediately came to read your story and was immediately struck by the pictures of Ronan. He reflects a strength and energy that belie his affliction. It is heartening that this handsome little boy possesses the determination to meet this condition with the strength he reflects and the obvious love of his family.

    My goals are to get the word out and extend his support network.

    Prayers are with you and Ronan, and I know he will prevail. Look at his face and say otherwise.

    God bless you all.

  40. My grandson had this! My daughter Desiree found it on his adrenal gland at one year old. They did not chemo or anything, They just kept scanning him. His name is Cameron Donaldson he will be eight in December12,2011. He has also Neurofibromatosis, now has a tumor in his spine that goes all the way to his right knee. He also has a tumor on his right ankle. Cameron is a fighter and really my hero. He goes to Barnes Hosp. in St. Louis, MO. He also flies out to the National Insitute of Health in Maryland every four Months. I just wanted to say God Bless you and your family video , they made me just cry. I am sorry you lost Ronan, he looked like a baby doll.

  41. Maya,
    FYI: Our 20-yr.-old daughter has your identical name.
    You won’t answer this, I’m sure, nor do I expect you to do so, because you are too busy. That’s fine. Just wanted you to know that I’ve said prayers for you and your family.
    We understand your pain. I was part of our family business with my parents, and brother Dick. Dick was killed instantly in a freak accident on Feb.10th, 1997; my folks and I had to carry on. Doing so was absurdly hard without Dick!
    We finally sold the business in 2003. I’m 55, on SSDI retirement, (cerebral palsy, arthritis, and chronic pain). We live a few miles away from my parents, who, at 84, also struggle mightily with chronic pain.
    We do know, and share in, your uniquely cruel pain. May Our Lord richly bless you with His Mercy!
    The Florida Gorman Families

  42. Just starting to read your blog now. You are amazing. and so is Ronan. He is most defiantly watching down on you and your family from heaven.I admire your strength and courage. Those beautiful blue eyes of his… ❤ Thank you for sharing your story. and remember that Ronan is safe in heaven, nothing less for such a wonderful boy like him!

  43. I watched you and your husband on Katie today. This was the first time I heard your story. It was very moving. My prayers are with you and your family. Congratulations on your new baby that is coming.

  44. Hello, I wanted to see the first blog and I just wanted to say, my brother had to take a CT scan and a MRI. I just wish Ronan came back fine like my brother did. If anything I wish I would of switched him to where I died and he stay alive, he was little, I was 12 when he died.I would rather it be him so he could live

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