Sometimes I have a really hard day and then I come home to see something like this…



And I can’t stop smiling and crying because of all the beautiful souls out there who have come my way because of you, Ronan.

This was one of the songs we used to always sing to Ronan. It is so special to our entire family. Holly, you are amazingly talented and DARLING. Thank you for making my night.


Current Obsession? This song. Which is from my other current obsession, the HBO show, GIRLS.


Your song for the night, Ro. It’s been a while and this was one of your favs.


Ronan. Your song for the night. You were the best kind of trouble. I miss you.



My favorite line that is not even in this song, but at the end of it. “I don’t know if you know who you are, until you lose who you are.”-Taylor Swift

Wise girl. Wise soul. Forever grateful.

Ronan. Our song for the night. From one of my most favorite badasses out there.


Your song for the night. Because Quinn told me so.

Your song for the night, Ro baby. Because your daddy told me it reminded him, of me.

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    Do you guys think Pearl or Asshole Teddy ate my couch? #ronan #fucancer #uhoh #assholeteddy #imnottellingwoody #hecanseeitoninstagramfirst #imblamingpearl Happy Birthday Kassie candy cart kind of day. #ronan #fucancer #pch #candycartfun #eatmorecandy #kidsloveus #doctorsdonot #missyouro @knjoy #thanksforbeingmysidekickinlife #ohhiyouhavetobeoncameratoday HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE PEOPLE ON THE PLANET!!! I am so blessed to have this little gem in my life. She is my sidekick, soulmate, spirit animal, and leaves a trail of gold glitter wherever she goes. This world is no doubt a better place because she is in it and I am always so thankful to Ronan for bringing us together. I love you @knjoy. I can't wait to move to Washington or Switzerland with you and open up our organic farmers market while living in a tree house. In the words of the great Neil young, "24 and so much more..." #ronan #fucancer #happybirthdaymyfavoriteadultspicymonkey #iloveyoutothemoonsndback #rideordie #beautifulsoul #mysunshineonalwayscloudydays

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