For those of you who have been asking where to get Ronan shirts…


More stuff coming soon!

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  1. Kari dean

     /  September 15, 2013

    ok we need hear me roar tshirts for kids. This song is our friend Faith’s theme song! Faith Moore just recently checked in to Hotel Sarcoma at PCH hopefully there is more coming! Love Ronan/HATE cancer!

  2. Love love the Poppy pictures. Thank you for the Ronan t shirt info. FU CANCER!!!

  3. Roxana

     /  September 17, 2013

    Wow, Poppy looks SO MUCH like Ronan, it’s amazing! She is so beautiful(as was Ronan). A week ago I was on a cruise and on the boat there was this little boy who didn’t look older than 3 walking/playing around and he somehow reminded me of Rockstar Ro so badly! I can’t explain it but there was something about him that led my mind straight to Ro.He sort of looked like the Rockstar and was wearing clothes similar to what I’ve seen Ro wearing in pictures and he seemed like a wild child. The minute I saw him all I could think about was Ronan and the boat trip he never got to take because of the monster called cancer.FUC

  4. Serena

     /  September 17, 2013

    Love the FireDaughter shirts and the fact you had all of your friends model them. So cute, I bought one for my 2-year old goddaughter and it’s adorably huge on her lol.

    So sorry to hear about the situation with Brandy Routh and her daughter. It sucks that people are exploiting the situation for money.

  5. Micaela

     /  September 20, 2013

    Poppy looks just like you, Maya! She is so precious. Xo
    Love the thirts–I’ll have to get one!


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    My boys are away at sleep away camp for two weeks and I finally got a letter. I can't call, can only communicate through letter writing. So relived to hear from my babe today as I've been worried/missing them so much. I am so glad they are having fun, but miss them sooooo much. @quinnthompson24 Can't wait for you to be home. #ronan #fucancer #firsttimecampers #missmyboys #poppyislookingforyoueverywhere #Repost from @jentate with @repostapp
Oldies but goodies. Seeing these shirts on my RoLovies makes me sooooo happy. @palmercash #ronan #fucancer #rockstarronan #palmercash ๐Ÿ’œ came home to thissss!!!! @palmercash #awesome #ronan #rolove now my hubs can rock the #rolove !!! This is the "I want to fucking kill myself selfie." Camelback Inferno hike today is extra hot. WTF was I thinking? Oh, I know. My son died from fucking cancer so I get to live my life being insane and doing crazy shit like this because sometimes it's the only thing that makes me feel alive. Thanks, cancer. You are an asshole. #ronan #fucancer #camelbackmountain #infernohiking #iwanttofuckingkillmyselfselfie #thatwasajoke #nobodyneedstofreakout

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