“The voice of beauty speaks softly; it creeps only into the most fully awakened souls” ― Friedrich Nietzsche





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  1. catherine

     /  September 9, 2013

    BEAUTIFUL, on every level….

  2. What a beautifully written message by Kassie, another inspiring soul. College should be a time of awakening, discovery, and gathering of both knowledge and wisdom. I am sorry that Kassie’s had to simultaneously be so devastating, and grateful that you were able to find each other during such tragedies. She sounds like a young woman who would have found her way to you, Ronan and the cancer-fighting ninjas of the world, no matter what.

  3. Carolina

     /  September 11, 2013

    Hi! First, sorry for my english, that it is not the best. I am Brazilian. My name is Carolina and I’m twelve. About to complete thirteen. I heard about the song “Ronan” through social networks but had never heard it, it happened yesterday. I looked for the song on YouTube, and before you even get one minute of music, I realized that I was crying. I tried to sing along and cried even more. I got very emotional with the history of music and I find out who it was Ronan. Moved me even more with this … My mother is anemic and the treatments are not working. She almost died in 2008 and I’m afraid that this is happening now. I think I suffer with the anticipated loss, but I feel and I know how losing someone to an illness. I feel that every day I lose her a tiny bit more for anemia … I know a little how you felt and how you been, and continues to be strong … Are you a lesson of life for many people …. Thank you for not giving up.


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    Having a conversation with crazy from across the street. #poppy #ronan #poppydoesntdropthefbombsthough #fucancer @knjoy I think I found the person that's been eating all of our Nutella. #poppy #ronan #busted #weneedanewjar #nofoodjustnutella My favorite Poky Little Puppy. #poppy #ronan #bookobsessed #pokylittlepuppy #ilovehervoice Must be a book writing night. #ronan #fucancer #ronanbook #bestofficeever #handstandqueen Somebody get this kid an agent. #ronan #fucancer #omg #hes10 #basketball #littleballer #madskills Brother pick up time! #poppy#ronan #fucancer Working on my skin cancer. #ronan #fucancer #justkidding #coveredinsunscreen #camelbackmountain #hotasballsuphere #mommytimeout She had to stay up past her bedtime to wait for her sissy to get home. #poppy #ronan #fucancer #soulsisters @knjoy Watching that pretty Arizona sunset. #poppy #ronan #fucancer #poppyrooiloveyou Fuzzy besties. #poppy #ronan #poppyandmama #fucancer #love For the past two weeks all Poppy has been doing is carrying around Ronan's picture, kissing it, saying "Ro Ro" and trying to open the frame up because I think she thinks if she does, he will come out and play with her. It's heartbreaking and so very sweet. I'm amazed that one of her first words was Ro Ro and that she walks around saying it all day long as if he is her very best friend. #poppy #ronan #fucancer Sorry to wake you sister, but we have to get your brothers from school. #poppy #ronan #sleepysister #fucancer

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