May is officially here. It’s a really hard month for us. So thankful for people like this who continue to do amazing things.


It’s May. May is the month that we renew our committment to our cause. It is the month of Ronan’s birth, and the anniversary of his death. Last year, Maya, our Founder, was fundraising for to run a marathon without training. She impressed us all with her determination and success. This year, not even a month ago, the Thompsons welcomed the arrival of their baby girl, Poppy Ronan Thompson. There will be no marathons without training. Instead, to kick off our May fundraising, a wonderful man, Jim Fry, is doing a crazy thing to benefit the Foundation. He is riding in Haute Route, a 7 day bike race through mountains and many hundreds of miles in Ronan’s name. And by no coincidence, the race takes place in September, at the very beginning of Pediatric Cancer Awareness month. Follow his journey here and support him with donations.

Thank you, Jim. You are truly inspiring.

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  1. mandy

     /  May 1, 2013

    Yay thats cool theres going to be a race! A few days ago or maybe a week, i had~ a dream of you (maya) doing a marathon and i think i saw poppy but im not really sure. Turns out there isnt going to be a marathon :(. I hope this month wont be as hard

    Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox ~ mandy

  2. Go Jim go!! FU Cancer!

  3. Eve

     /  May 1, 2013

    Thank you, Jim. What a selfless soul you have. If only we had more folks out there who had the time, strength and commitment you have to help beat childhood cancer!! It is beautiful to see a person fighting for what’s right within there soul. Prayers of health and safety!


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  • Instagram is my BFF

    This is the "I want to fucking kill myself selfie." Camelback Inferno hike today is extra hot. WTF was I thinking? Oh, I know. My son died from fucking cancer so I get to live my life being insane and doing crazy shit like this because sometimes it's the only thing that makes me feel alive. Thanks, cancer. You are an asshole. #ronan #fucancer #camelbackmountain #infernohiking #iwanttofuckingkillmyselfselfie #thatwasajoke #nobodyneedstofreakout Battle of the Blogs ends at 11:59PM MST TONIGHT! Those last few hours are invaluable, so please continue to vote as often as you can. 💜

Thank you for your love, your support, your kindness, and your belief in Maya & Ronan, and how they're changing the world. Link is on FB & Twitter! Read this little gem thanks to @rainesfordalexandra today. Amazing on so many levels. George Saunder's graduation speech. Google it. Read it. Absorb it. Grow from it. Live it. Love it. Strive to be better. Don't become a sociopath. #ronan #fucancer #bestgraduationspeechever #georgesaunders #beautifulwords #kindness #braveness #love

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