Voting doesn’t end until February 24th and you can vote once a day! Thank you! xoxo


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  1. Chelsea

     /  February 20, 2013

    Hell yeah!!! Voting every day :)

  2. Peyton

     /  February 20, 2013

    Life sucks, doesn’t it?🚀
    I mean it’s just not fair… It isn’t fair that Ro got cancer and that other kids have diseases and infections and scoliosis and that there are perfect looking teens that prance around like they are sooo great and snicker behind our backs. the people that are mean get perfect lives but the ones that are the kindness get The painful lives. I have scoliosis and I think it’s hard but look what Ro had to go through… He went through way worse
    Someday this disease will end… All because of an amazing little boy… Ro

    “carry on , carry on, cause nothing really matters, as anyone can see, nothing really matters to me”
    – Queen

    Ro deserved the best life…. I hope with all my heart that someday this disease will be beaten

    ” everybody hurts, and everybody cries, sometime, so hold on hold on”- R.E.M
    Sometimes it’s okay to let it out, to cry with all your heart

    Ro’s biggest fan

  3. Count me in! You’ve got my vote! :D

  4. voting and sharing!!!

  5. Just voted again – you definitely inspire me to make the world better. And, FU CANCER!!

  6. Rachael Rudock

     /  February 21, 2013



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