My song for the night… I heart Johnny.

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  1. insertwittytitleheremomstired

     /  March 21, 2011

    This is completely freaking me out. I’ve been reading your blog on and off since the beginning. WordPress, for some brilliant reason, linked one of my horrible blog posts as a suggestion at the bottom of one of your first posts about R. This entire weekend I’ve been feeling in my soul this Johnny Cash song. I just love it. I couldn’t figure out why I had a yearning to listen to this song, but it must have been for you guys. I know we don’t know one another, but I’m pulling for you and Ronan. You both, and your entire family, are such amazingly strong people and I admire you for your courage.

  2. pablo

     /  March 21, 2011

    I dig the classic nin version.

  3. Taylor

     /  September 21, 2012

    This is by far the most real song one could ever listen to. I feel like I have so much in common with you and I don’t even know you. Although I wish I did. You are amazing. Tears consume me.


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