Tricia’s visit

Tonight I got to go and visit Ronan. Maya asked if I would write a little and tell you how it was. When I got there, Mom and Ronan were snuggly in bed and Dad was on a hunt for vanilla ice cream at Ronan’s request. Mom is busy keeping Ronan comfortable, he loves her to read to him, scratch his head, rub his feet and he especially loves to hear both mom and dad take turns singing to him. But as Mom mentioned before, he’s mad. He’s mad and doesn’t want to say much…and that cuts mom like a knife. But being mad is just what we like to see because this angry boy has already started the fight and couldn’t be braver and stronger. So strong, that he didn’t take any pain medication all day and was refusing to take his tylenol. I want to tell you all what else I saw tonight, and that is two parents who are like nothing I’ve ever seen. An unbreakable team stronger than any words can describe, committed to fighting through whatever it takes. Dedicated to their precious son and to supporting each other. Maya and Woody we all love you, you are not alone, we are all here to join the fight. RONAN, just like his name sounds, is a WARRIOR and is going to win against this evil cancer! Mom said it right, you picked the wrong kid to mess with, Cancer!!!!

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  1. Karen

     /  August 16, 2010

    Maya and Woody, you have both been outstanding parents from the day Liam and Quinn were born. When Ronan arrived on the Thompson scene, the picture was complete…a beautiful, happy family. That picture may look different right now, but the people, the love and the devotion are still the same if not better. The worst situations in life bring out the very best; I’ve seen it time and time again.

    Our little guy is going to get through this unforseen and certainly unchosen ordeal…he will still be sweet, funny, stubborn and yes, gorgeous! The rest of your family will grow in more ways than ever expected. It will all be good.

    When the times are tough, we will all rally around you to keep your spirits up. We will be the warriors and cheerleaders. We’re all in this for the long haul. You don’t have family or friends who are lightweights! We are mighty mights (as Papa Charlie likes to say!)

    It has been such a priviledge to spend time with Ronan over these past days. Even though he and I could have figured out much nicer ways to spend time together, I have loved every minute that I am able to make him laugh, smile, rub his tummy and scratch his head. The very basis things are quite enjoyable for our little rockstar.

    You know that I will be there in a hearbeat. In the meantime, Ronan is on my mind and in my heart and prayers continuously.

    Love you with all of my heart,
    Auntie Karen

  2. Thank you Trish for being such a good friend to Maya….you are in our prayers…

  3. Danielle

     /  August 16, 2010

    Thanks Tricia are a strong, amazing friend and we love you!

  4. Randy Barnes

     /  August 16, 2010

    Maya, You probably don’t remember me, I’m Tara (Barnes) Knudsen’s Dad and I just wanted you and your husband to know that my wife and I are praying for your handsome baby to be cancer free. Also, for you and your husband to remain strong in your faith to get you through this trial.

    God will carry you through this:

    Randy Barnes

  5. Julie Barton

     /  August 16, 2010

    Thompson Family,

    Tricia and Juliet told me about Ronan’s battle. I have no doubt that he will show that cancer who’s boss! You are all in my prayers and I look forward to hearing some great news from your corner very soon. Thinking of you and sending you good thoughts, strength and love.

    Julie Barton

  6. Lynn Woodard

     /  August 16, 2010

    Maya, Woody, Ronan and family,

    As I read the notes people have left and what you, Woody, and your family have been going through this last week I can’t help but cry because of the strength all of you have. One can never understand why something of this magnitude happens to people, especially children like Ronan.

    I’m not a church-goer, but in my own way I pray often for Ronan’s complete recovery and for you and family to stay strong. I am so happy that you have family and friends that are there for you and available to help you when you need them.


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